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RENAULT recommends ELF, Warning to ensure the engine operates optimally the use. ELF has developed a complete range of lubricants for RENAULT of a lubricant may be restricted to certain vehicles Please. refer to your maintenance document,f engine oils,f manual and automatic gearbox oils. Benefiting from the research applied to Formula 1,lubricants are very high tech products. Updated with the help of RENAULT s technical,teams this range is perfectly compatible with the. specific features of the brand s vehicles,f ELF lubricants enhance.
your vehicle s performance significantly,Photo credit Total DPPI Imacom group. RENAULT recommends approved ELF lubricants for oil changes and top ups. Contact your RENAULT Dealer or visit www lubrifiants elf com. Une marque de,Welcome to your new vehicle, This Driver s Handbook contains the information necessary. for you to familiarise yourself with your vehicle to use it to its best advantage and to benefit fully from the all the functions and. the technical developments it incorporates, to ensure that it always gives the best performance by following the simple but comprehensive advice concerning regular main. to enable you to deal quickly with minor faults not requiring specialist attention. It is well worth taking a few minutes to read this handbook to familiarise yourself with the information and guidelines it contains. about the vehicle and its functions and new features If certain points are still unclear our Network technicians will be only too. pleased to provide you with any additional information. The following symbol will help you when reading this handbook. To indicate a hazard danger or safety recommendation. The descriptions of the models given in this handbook are based on the technical specifications at the time of writing This hand. book covers all items of equipment both standard and optional available for these models but whether or not these are. fitted to the vehicle depends on the version options selected and the country where the vehicle is sold. This handbook may also contain information about items of equipment to be introduced later in the model year. Throughout the manual the approved Dealer is your RENAULT Dealer. Enjoy driving your new vehicle, Translated from French Copying or translation in part or in full is forbidden unless prior written permission has been obtained from the vehicle manu. C O N T E N T S,Getting to know your vehicle 1,Your comfort 3.
Maintenance 4,Practical advice 5,Technical specifications 6. Alphabetical index 7,Section 1 Getting to know your vehicle. RENAULT card general information use deadlocking 1 2. Engine immobiliser system 1 13,Headrests Seats 1 15. Seat belts 1 20,Additional methods of restraint 1 23. to the seat belt 1 23,side protection devices 1 27.
Child safety general information 1 29,choosing a child seat mounting 1 32. fitting a child seat 1 34, deactivating activating the front passenger airbag 1 38. Steering wheel 1 41,Driving position 1 42,Instrument panel 1 44. On board computer 1 50,Clock and exterior temperature 1 62. Door mirrors 1 63,Audible and visual signals 1 65,Exterior lighting and signals 1 66.
Headlight adjustment 1 69,Wash Wipe 1 70,Fuel tank filling with fuel 1 73. HANDS FREE RENAULT CARD general information 1 3,The RENAULT card is used Battery life. for RENAULT cards are powered by a, 1 locking unlocking the doors and lug battery which must be replaced when. 2 gage compartment doors luggage battery tell tale light 4 no longer lights. compartment and the fuel filler flap up refer to the information on the. see the following pages RENAULT card battery in Section 5. depending on the vehicle automatic Special note for some vehicles the. closing of windows and sunroof RENAULT card records the settings se. 4 refer to the information on the One lected by the card user the choice of. touch electric windows remote con settings for the automatic climate con. trol closing and Electric sunroof trol some radios electric seats if this. 3 is stored the rear view mirror position,remote control closing in Section 3. ing etc It is therefore advisable always, operation of certain devices e g to keep the same RENAULT card so.
radio electrically controlled seats that you can recall your personal set. 1 Unlocking the doors and tailgate etc tings, 2 Locking all doors and tailgate starting the engine see the infor. 3 Integrated key mation on Starting the engine in,4 Switching on the lighting remotely Section 2. 5 Locking unlocking the luggage com,switching off the See me home. lighting function refer to the infor,mation on Exterior lighting and sig. nals in Section 1,HANDS FREE RENAULT CARD general information 2 3.
RENAULT card operating,This varies according to the surround. ings It is important to make sure when Advice, handling the RENAULT card that you Avoid leaving the card in hot cold or. do not lock or unlock the doors by inad humid areas. vertently pressing the buttons Do not keep the RENAULT card in. a place where it could be bent or,damaged accidentally such as in a. back pocket of a garment,Driver s responsibility,Never leave your vehicle. with the RENAULT card,inside and never leave a,child or a pet unsupervised even.
for a short while,They may pose a risk to themselves. or to others by starting the engine,activating equipment such as the. When the battery is flat you can electric windows or by locking the. still lock unlock and start your ve doors, hicle Refer to the information on Risk of serious injury. Locking unlocking the doors in,Section 1 and Starting the engine. in Section 2,HANDS FREE RENAULT CARD general information 3 3.
Replacement need for an,additional RENAULT Card,If you lose your RENAULT card or. require another you can obtain one,from an approved dealer. If a RENAULT card is replaced it, Integrated 3 or separate 6 For instructions on how to use the will be necessary to take the vehi. emergency key emergency key refer to the information cle and all of its RENAULT cards. depending on vehicle on Locking and unlocking the doors to an approved dealer to initialise. the system, This is only used in exceptional circum Once you have entered the vehicle. stances It locks or unlocks the left using the emergency key insert the You may use up to four RENAULT. hand door if the RENAULT card does RENAULT card into the card reader cards per vehicle. not work so that the engine can be started,Faults with the RENAULT card.
if the vehicle is located in a zone of,Make sure that the batteries are. high electromagnetic radiation,always in good condition they have. use of devices using the same fre a service life of approximately two. quency as the card years, when the RENAULT card battery is Refer to the information on the. drained flat battery etc RENAULT card Batteries in. HANDS FREE RENAULT CARD use,Locking the doors Operation in manual mode. With the doors closed walk away from If you wish you can exit the hands free. 1 the vehicle carrying your RENAULT mode by pressing button 1 or 2 you will. card the doors will lock automatically then switch to manual mode and the. Note the distance at which the vehicle RENAULT card operates as described. locks depends on the surroundings in the section entitled Hands free. 3 RENAULT card general information,The hazard warning lights flash twice.
and the side indicator lights light up, 2 for approximately 10 seconds to indi Returning to hands free. cate that the doors have been locked A mode,beep also sounds Hands Free mode returns automati. This beep can be chosen from a range cally each time the vehicle ignition is. of several options or turned off Consult switched on. an approved dealer,Use Distance lighting function,It allows the vehicle to be locked un. locked without touching the RENAULT This can for example identify the ve. card when present in the detection hicle from a distance when parked in a. zone car park,The side lights dipped lights indica. tors and interior lights light up for about, Unlocking the doors 30 seconds when button 3 is pressed.
Walk up to your vehicle carrying your,RENAULT card Note pressing button 3 again during. As soon as you grip one of the handles the 30 seconds turns the lights off. doors or tailgate the locks will open,automatically. The hazard warning lights flash once,to indicate that the doors have been un. locked Never leave your vehicle,with the RENAULT card. DEADLOCKING, To activate deadlocking you can Special notes for the Hands.
press button 2 twice briefly Free mode, press and hold button 2 Activating the deadlocking function. exits hands free mode,1 The hazard warning lights flash four. times to indicate that the vehicle is To unlock the doors you must press. locked button 1 refer to the information on the,Hands free RENAULT card use. Note deadlocking is not possible if the, 2 hazard warning lights or the side lights Hands Free mode returns automati. are lit cally each time the vehicle ignition is,switched on.
If the vehicle is equipped with a dead,locking function this allows you to lock. the opening elements and to prevent,the doors from being unlocked using. the interior handles for example by,breaking the window and then trying to. open the door from the inside,Never use deadlocking if. someone is still inside the,OPENING AND CLOSING THE DOORS.
Driver s responsibility,when parking or stopping,the vehicle. 1 Never leave an animal,child or adult who is not self suffi. cient alone on your vehicle even for,a short time,They may pose a risk to themselves. Opening from the outside Opening from the inside or to others by starting the engine. Once the doors have been unlocked or Pull handle 2 activating equipment such as the. with the hands free RENAULT card on electric windows or locking the. your person pull handle 1 towards you doors,to open the door Lights on warning buzzer. Also in hot and or sunny weather, If you have left the lights on after switch please remember that the tempera.
ing off the ignition a reminder buzzer ture inside the passenger compart. will sound when a door is opened to ment increases very quickly. prevent discharge of the battery etc,RISK OF DEATH OR SERIOUS. As a safety precaution,the doors should only be,opened or closed when the. vehicle is stationary,OPENING AND CLOSING THE DOORS continued. Safety of rear occupants,The driver can authorise,operation of the rear doors. Child safety and depending on the ve,Vehicles not fitted with switch 3.
hicle the electric windows by press To make it impossible for the rear doors. Vehicles fitted with switch 3 with to be opened from the inside move. integrated indicator light ing switch 3 on the side with the. symbol lever 4 on each door and check from, Press switch 3 to lock the rear doors the inside that the doors are securely. and prevent operation of the rear elec Depending on the vehicle in the locked. tric windows event of a fault, The indicator light in the switch lights a beep sounds. up to confirm that the doors have been a message is displayed on the in. locked strument panel,the integrated indicator does not. Special note light up, This function also deactivates the rear If the battery has been discon. heating and ventilation controls refer nected press switch 3 on the side. to the information on automatic climate with the symbol to lock the rear. control in Section 3 doors,LOCKING UNLOCKING THE DOORS 1 3.
Locking unlocking the doors,from the outside,This is done using the RENAULT. card refer to the information on the,RENAULT card in Section 1. In certain cases the RENAULT card,may not work A,if the vehicle is located in a zone of. high electromagnetic radiation,use of appliances operating on the. same frequency as the card mobile 2,when the RENAULT card battery is.
drained flat battery etc,It is then possible,to use the emergency key inte. Unlocking using integrated Insert the key 2 into the lock and lock or. emergency key 2 unlock the door,grated into the card or separate de. pending on the vehicle in the front Remove cover A from the front left. left hand door hand door using the end of the emer. to lock using the emergency key in gency key in notch 1. tegrated into the card or separate, depending on the vehicle Move it upwards to remove cover A. to use the interior door locking un,locking control refer to the following. The following symbol will help you when reading this handbook Welcome to your new vehicle The descriptions of the models given in this handbook are based on the technical specifications at the time of writing This hand book covers all items of equipment both standard and optional available for these models but whether or not these are fitted to the vehicle depends on the version options

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