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One of the portable VMSs have been installed on Our annual Fathers Day Breakfast will be held on. Jones Road outside Tyabb Primary School facing FRIDAY 31ST AUGUST in the hall We look forward. southbound traffic travelling down the hill There has to seeing many Dads and Grandpas Pops sharing. also been two installed on Boes Road outside Flinders their breakfast with their children The breakfast will. Christian Community College be held in the hall and commence at 7 30am. The VMSs will be on Jones Road and Boes Road for We do ask for a gold coin donation from each person. all of Term 3 then will be moved to another school for who attends the breakfast. Term 4 It is anticipated that the VMS will reduce There will be raffles on the day with tickets available. vehicle speeds and increase compliance with the for purchase throughout the breakfast. speed limit on Jones Road particularly at the school. crossing All of these measures are aimed at If you are wanting to attend the Fathers Day. increasing the safety of our students and drivers using Breakfast please make sure that you return the. these roads during peak times notice to the office indicating numbers so that we can. cater accordingly A notice was sent home late last. Upcoming fathers day week regarding attendance,celebrations HPV NEWS. Fathers day stall CAKE STALL, On Saturday 28th July the 2018 HPV team held a very. successful cake stall at Bunnings Hastings Thankyou. to all the families who donated ingredients for the. goodies and for the time they put into assisting on the. day Mrs Resuggan and a group of students did an, amazing job cooking all day on Friday We would like. to say a huge thankyou to Shelley Bellinger and Kylie. Fathers Day is fast approaching We will be holding. Kaddatz who came to the rescue to cook at their,our annual Fathers Day stall on TUESDAY 28TH. AUGUST Throughout the morning session all grades, will visit the stall Members of the PFA have been Well done to Mr Emmett for organizing the stall.
working tirelessly behind the scenes to organise a Sausage sizzle. range of wonderful gifts that can be purchased,This coming Sunday 5th August the HPV team will. All gifts will be available for 5 Please send the once again be at Bunnings in Hastings to run a. money in a named envelope to the school It is sausage sizzle. preferable if the money is sent prior to the day of the. Fingers crossed for good weather so that this event is. also a huge success, If you have any donations that you could send to the. Profits from both of these events go towards sending. school please do so at your earliest convenience,our 2 HPV teams to Maryborough in November This. Fathers day breakfast event is always a magnificent memory for those. involved It is a rewarding experience for all, Who doesn t love a good egg So if you would like to support the 2018 HPV team. and bacon roll pop down to Hastings Bunnings on Sunday and. purchase a sausage, Tyabb Primary School Bulletin 2ND AUGUST 2018 Page 2.
From little things big things grow,What s Happening. Please note that this page will be updated each newsletter as new events are scheduled. Monday 6th 10th August Prep Grade 2 Swimming Program. Friday 10th August Grade 4 6 House Athletics, Monday 13th 17th August Grade 2 4 Swimming Program. Tuesday 14th August NSW ICAS Mathematics Test Selected Students. Wednesday 15th August Instrumental Music Concert, Monday 20th August Book Week Parade 9 15am in the Hall. Monday 20th Thurs 23rd August Scholastic Book Fair. Monday 20th August School Council Meeting,Tuesday 21st August IMAX Museum Grade 4 Excursion. Thursday 23rd August Grade 5 WPSC Grease Production. Tuesday 28th August Father s Day Stall, Thursday 30th August Crib Point District Athletics.
Friday 31st August Father s Day Breakfast 7 30am,Tuesday 4th September Grade 6 Sexuality Education. Thursday 6th September Prep 2019 Introductory Interviews. Tuesday 11th September Grade 6 Sexuality Education. Monday 17th September School Council Meeting, Tuesday 18th September Grade 6 Sexuality Education. Friday 21st September End of Term 3 Dismissal time 2 30pm. PARENT REMINDER, When children arrive at school after the bell has gone at 9 00am they. must be signed in at the office by a parent or guardian before going to. class This is important so as the office staff are not following up. children that are actually at school as rolls are marked at 9 00am. Student Absence Reminder, Please ensure that if your child is going to be absent please call the. office and leave a message on the absence line or you can also use the. Flexibuzz app to save further follow up from the office. Tyabb Primary School Bulletin 2ND AUGUST 2018 Page 3. From little things big things grow, Books books books Come and fill We just love a parade and what.
your shelves with lots of fabulous new better way to celebrate our love of. books The Scholastic book fair will books than dressing up as our most. be held in the BER from 20th 23rd treasured book characters The. August before school 8 30 9am parade will be held in the hall on. and after school 3 30 4 00pm on,Monday 20th August. Monday Tuesday Wednesday and,Thursday The more you buy the 9 15 10 45. more money we get donated to the,Lets fill our hall with Harry Potters. school so spend up and stock up ready,Cats in Hats and lots of other. for Christmas birthdays and just be,wonderful characters.
cause we love books, Our goal this year is to add to our Another fantastic thing that is. classroom libraries so that your children happening is that all of the teachers. have lots of books to choose from to will be bringing in their favourite book. encourage their love of reading To do to share with the children We would. this we need lots of books We would love,like to encourage the children to bring. you to sort through your bookshelves at,and share their favourite too. home and donate any comics kids, magazines and non fiction books in good We know these books are very special. condition There will be a collection tub in to you and your children so please be. each classroom during book week We careful to keep them separate from. appreciate your donations any book drive donations. Tyabb Primary School Bulletin 2ND AUGUST 2018 Page 4. From little things big things grow,Curriculum Corner.
Nights Of Reading Competition major disappointment strewn with weak characters. environmental platitudes and anti progress clich s. a magnificent photo realistic landscape of multi coloured. It has been very pleasing to see the increased effort in daily home dinosaurs waterfalls and floating mountains Review 1. reading across the school Mrs Howden and Ms Grinsted have been Review 1 uses this description to. very impressed by the number of children receiving their 100 nights. of reading certificates Some children are well and truly on the way ridicule the visual spectacle of the film. towards 200 nights having already read up to 175 nights. draw attention to the perceived weaknesses of the film. Our Nights of Reading competition has concluded for this half of. emphasise the complex visual spectacle of the film. the year with the average number of nights in each of the following. grades reaching above 90 Congratulations to the children in 1B establish a basis for the criticisms of the film. 3 4 A and 5B for their fabulous efforts The competition will. As you can see the complexity in the text increases significantly. continue in the second half of the year so keep reading every night. Not only do the children need to work harder to actually decode the. What Do Good Readers Do text but they also need to understand what they have read in order. to answer the question, Have you ever considered what makes a good reader For too long. we have thought that a child who can decode a text read fluently What are the implications for our. and move through the reading levels is a good reader This is simply. not the case, Our declining results in international tests of literacy show us that Prep Grade 2. 15 year olds can decode but they can t comprehend Adoniou Build vocabularies. We need to build the children s vocabularies by talking and reading. Take for example the following text and question which has been to them so that they encounter words in all of their many and. taken from the Grade 3 NAPLAN test varied guises, Koalas Words have multiple meanings depending on their context For. Koalas eat leaves from some gum trees The young leaves are the example did you know that the word run has 365 different. best for them to eat Koalas do not move very much and they meanings A run in a stocking run for office run amok run late. spend most of the day asleep how many more can you think of you could play this game with. your children,Which sentence is true,Grammar matters. Koalas eat gum leaves, Teach reading through real books with real language so that.
Koalas are awake most of the time, children learn the rhythm and patterns of English grammar. Koalas spend a lot of time in the water,Experience counts. Koalas like to eat lots of different foods, Life experience helps us read too We need to give lots of real life. As you can see this does not require a whole lot of thinking In experiences and talk to children about what they hear smell and. fact many children would be able to find the words gum and see Trips out and about things beyond their everyday environment. leaves to find the answer This is a very literal question are important. Now lets look at a year 7 question Grades 3 6, There s no argument that as a showcase for the immersive As a parent I was always under the impression that once my own. potential of 3D visual effects technology James Cameron s children were fluent readers and could easily decode most texts my. long awaited 300 million sci fi epic Avatar is an unqualified job was done However after having read many articles seeing. triumph But as a story designed to engage enthral and many speakers and video clips I am sad to say that I was wrong I. entertain adult audiences for almost three hours it is a wish now that I had possession of that knowledge so that I could do. what I am suggesting to you now, Tyabb Primary School Bulletin 2ND AUGUST 2018 Page 5.
From little things big things grow,Curriculum Corner. Read with your children Provide them with good quality texts. Recently I asked a number of children in the senior school if they read to Title Author Level. their parents All answered no Most said that at around grade 3 they. The Big Fat Cow that goes Kapow Andy Griffith M, stopped reading to their parents because they could read well This is not a. criticism of your parenting I did exactly the same thing with my children Big. Tom Gates L Pichon S,mistake and this is why,Wonder L Pilacio V. Around year 4 students must make the shift from learning to read to. reading to learn Not only does the grammar of the texts they read become Harry Potter J K Rowling V. more complex but so does the vocabulary Those easy and predictable texts. they have been exposed to up until now with their controlled grammar and. Rainbow Magic Daisy Meadows L, vocabulary essentially starve our children of the skills they need to do the Dread Mountain Emily Rodda T. authentic reading that is now expected of them Adoniou 2016. The Lightning Thief Rick Riordan W, This is where the hard work really begins For our children it s usually when.
your child reaches a take home book of level N and I know that for many Charlie and the chocolate Facto Roald Dahl R. children they are reaching this level much earlier than grade 4. It is really important that children continue to read to you regularly to give James and the Giant Peach Roal Dahl Q. them a chance to discuss unfamiliar vocabulary so that you can ask them. deeper level questions and so that they can explain their thinking to you. Clarice Bean Spells Trouble Lauren Child R,Read to your children. Hitler s Daughter Jackie French W, Sadly we think that once our children are past reading picture story books. Once Morris Glietzman Y, that there is no longer any need for us to read to them Wrong The research Diary of a Wimpy Kid Jeff Kinney T. has shown that children need to be exposed to a variety of rich texts with. higher level language When you read to your child you can provide this for The Golden Compass Phillip Pullman Z. them Discussing the vocabulary that they don t understand is so important Over the years many parents have asked if their child can read books that. Many children at this age think they know the words but in fact are reading they like reading as they find the take home books boring It s important. them incorrectly which naturally affects the meaning of what they have that the books they are reading are of interest to them but also provide. read them with a challenge, Share your enthusiasm for books with them and talk about ones you have Here are some favourite stories and their levels for your interest Many will. read together challenge your child but there are some that may interest them but won t. challenge them at all so just be mindful of this Some series tend to stick to. Provide a good role model, repetitive formulas and therefore offer little in the way of making your child.
Okay I can safely say that I did do this one My children had the benefit of think about what the. day Mrs Resuggan and a group of students did an amazing job cooking all day on Friday We would like to say a huge thankyou to Shelley Bellinger and Kylie Kaddatz who came to the rescue to cook at their homes too Well done to Mr Emmett for organizing the stall Sausage sizzle This coming Sunday 5th August the HPV team will

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