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Every 8 minutes a person in the U S I am not a bad person trying to get good. dies of a prescription drug overdose I am a sick person trying to get well. Turn the Tide Rx Campaign AS HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS WE HAVE THE. UNIQUE POWER TO END THE OPIOID CRISIS,www turnthetiderx org WE CAN PLEDGE TO. Educate ourselves to treat pain safely and,effectively. Screen our patients for opioid use disorder and,provide or connect them with evidence based. Shape how the rest of the country sees addiction, We have to stop treating addiction as a moral failing and by talking about it and treating it as a chronic. start seeing it for what it is a chronic disease that must be illness not a moral failing. treated with urgency and compassion,Dr Vivek H Murthy United States Surgeon General.
WHY Opioid Stewardship,Nursing is a, progressive art Misuse abuse and opioid use disorder addiction have. such that to stand escalated and have become major health problems. In 2014 2 million Americans abused or were dependent on. still is to go prescription opioids, backwards Every day over 1 000 people are treated in emergency. departments for misusing prescription opioids,Florence Nightingale. Prescription Opioid Overdose Data 2017 https www cdc gov. Other risks around the opioid Will YOU be a steward in the opioid. epidemic epidemic, In early 2015 the Indiana Department of Health noticed a. cluster of eleven HIV cases in a county that had historically. observed less than one new case of HIV each year The majority This is no longer an opioid crisis said Patrick Kennedy. of these cases were among persons who inject drugs PWID a former Rhode Island congressman who was a member. who had shared needles while injecting the prescription opioid. Opana of President Trump s Commission on Combating Drug. Addiction and the Opioid Crisis This is a moral crisis. Eventually the outbreak grew to more than 180 cases with we know how to answer this problem but we can t get. almost all cases co infected with HCV Hepatitis C virus It is. estimated the lifelong medical costs attributed to this outbreak around our own prejudices. will cost the state of Indiana over 80 million dollars. Washington Post December 2017, https www cdc gov hiv pdf programresources guidance cluster outbreak cdc hiv hcv pwid response plan pdf.
Categories of Commonly,You May Know Them As,Abused Drugs. Opioids Benzodiazepines,Hydrocodone Vicodin,for pain Xanax. Benzodiazepines Percocet,CNS Depressants Valium,for anxiety and sleep Nembutal. disorders Demerol,Stimulants,Stimulants Fentanyl,ADHD Heroin. medicines Concerta Adderall, So what do we know about opioids An opioid is an opioid is an opioid.
They are a class of drugs available legally by prescription or illegally. such as heroin, They are drugs that block pain signals to the brain by binding to opioid. They aren t made for long term use, They are highly addictive Regular use can lead to dependence. Opioid Opioid,Overdosing can happen accidentally, They have significant side effects such as constipation nausea. vomiting dry mouth sleepiness confusion and increased sensitivity to. https drugabuse gov v,How often are children and teens. Alarming Youth Data,exposed to opioid medication, 1 in 4 teens have taken a prescription drug for reasons other Each year opioid medication poisoning causes more than 300 deaths in.
than what it was intended drugfree org 2013 children and teens 1. 17 of 12th grade students report taking a prescription drug Every 45 minutes poison control centers get a call about children and teens. without a prescription 2015 YRBS data CDC exposed to opioid medication 2. Opioid related deaths in youth between the ages of 12 25 has. About 1 in 10 of these cases are admitted to health care facilities 3. either doubled tripled or quadrupled in 35 states TFAH report. More than 90 of adults who develop a substance use disorder 1 National Center for Health Statistics Multiple Cause of Death database 2015. 2 Naqvi J 2017 March 20 Poison control centers receive 32 calls a day about children exposed to opioids The Washington Post. began using before age 18 http health usnews com health Retrieved from https www washingtonpost com news to your health wp 2017 03 20 poison control centers receive 32 calls a. day about children exposed to opioids utm term 3838499ac1d0. 2011 3 Allen J D Casavant M J Spiller H A Chounthirath T Hodges N L Smith G A 2017 Prescription Opioid Exposures. Among Children and Adolescents in the United States 2000 2015 Pediatrics 139 4 DOI 10 1542 peds 2016 3382. What ages of children and teens are 96 of these poisonings happen at home. most at risk Medication safety is KEY, Young children ages 5 and younger account for 60 of Store medications locked up and out of sight. these calls Keep track of medications so you know if any go missing. Get rid of old unwanted medications safely, Talk to your children teens about medication abuse. Most cases 86 are unintentional like when a child,Poison Control is available 24 7 1 800 222 1222. finds pills that are within reach, Teach children teens to call 911 right away if OD suspected. Teenagers ages 13 through 19 account for 30 of the For more information. calls http childrenssafetynetwork org infographics opioid medication. Overdose is not the only risk related,to prescription opioids.
Misuse abuse and opioid use disorder addiction are also. potential dangers, In 2014 almost 2 million Americans abused or were dependent. on prescription opioids, As many as 1 in 4 people who receive prescription opioids long. term for noncancer pain in primary care settings struggles with. Every day over 1 000 people are treated in emergency. departments for misusing prescription opioids, Prescription Opioid Overdose Data 2017 https www cdc gov. Why do some people become,addicted to drugs while others don t. The physical reason,Most drugs affect the brain s reward circuit.
by flooding it with the chemical messenger, This overstimulation of the reward circuit Biology Genetics 1 2 of a person s risk for addiction. causes the intensely pleasurable high that can,lead people to take a drug again and again. As a person continues to use drugs the brain, adjusts to the excess dopamine by making less Environment family friends economic status general quality of life. of it and or reducing the ability of cells in the peer pressure physical sexual abuse early exposure to drugs stress. reward circuit to respond to it, Long term use also causes changes in other and parental guidance. brain chemical systems and circuits as well,affecting functions that include learning.
judgment decision making stress memory and, behavior Development the earlier that drug use begins the more likely it will. progress to addiction,NIH 2016 NIH 2016,Addiction IS a chronic disease. Opioid addiction is a chronic disease like heart,disease or diabetes. A chronic disease is a medical condition for life,It cannot be cured but it can be managed. SAMHSA 2011 HHS Publication No SMA 09 4443, Understanding tolerance dependence Are you and your community ready.
withdrawal for an opioid overdose,A person who takes opioids can become. tolerant meaning that more of the drug is,needed to obtain its effects. It is also possible to become dependent on,opioids to feel sick if there are no opioids in. This sickness is called withdrawal, An opioid antagonist used to reverse an opioid SAMHSA Opioid Toolkit. Works by counteracting life threatening depression of the central nervous Downloadable Digital Versions. system and respiratory system allowing an overdose victim to breathe. normally Toolkit, Naloxone is a nonscheduled i e non addictive prescription medication.
Naloxone only works if a person has opioids in their system the medication Facts for Community Members. has no effect if opioids are absent 5 Essential Steps for 1st Responders. Although traditionally administered by emergency response personnel. naloxone can be administered by minimally trained laypeople which makes Information for Prescribers. it ideal for treating overdose in people who have been prescribed opioid. pain medication and in people who use heroin and other opioids Safety Advice for Pts Families. Naloxone has no potential for abuse Recovery from an OD. Naloxone may be injected in the muscle vein or under the skin or sprayed. into the nose,harmreduction org 2016, https store samhsa gov product Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit Updated 2016 SMA16 4742. NASN Questions to Consider in Development of, National Association of School Nurses Naloxone in School Community Programs. Naloxone Workgroup Developed to State Laws, Provide school nurses with education to enable their. District Policies,discussions with school districts and other. stakeholders about what to consider in developing a Nurse Practice. stock naloxone program Education for Administration of naloxone. Support school nurses in implementing naloxone,Medication and Storage.
policies and protocols in response to the opioid,epidemic and new naloxone laws Community Need. Application of Framework for 21st,Naloxone Administration Protocol. Century School Nursing PracticeTM, Motivational Interviewing NASN Position Document on. Case Management,Standards naloxone in school setting. Critical Thinking,Care Advocacy,Coordination Students Leadership.
Change Agents,Access to Care Community Policy,Health Promotion Development. Population Based Care,Risk Reduction,Surveillance Community Quality. and Public, Social Determinants of Health Improvement Meaningful Health. Health Academic Outcomes,The Four R s Recognize, Observe individual for signs and symptoms of opioid overdose. Suspected or confirmed opioid overdose consists of. Respiratory depression evidenced by slow respirations or no breathing apnea. Deep snorting or gurgling, Unresponsiveness to stimuli such as calling name shaking sternal rub.
Recognize Respond Reverse Refer Blue lips or fingertips pinpoint pupils. Slowed heart rate pulse,Suspicion of opioid overdose can be based on. Presenting symptoms,Report from bystanders,School nurse or staff prior knowledge of person. Nearby medications illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia. Opioid High vs Opioid Overdose, Adapted from Massachusetts Department of Public Health Opioid Overdose Respond. Education and Naloxone Distribution,Immediately call for help CALL for HELP Dial 911. Request Advanced Life Support, Opioid High Opioid Overdose Assess breathing Perform rescue breathing if needed.
Place the person on their back, Relaxed muscles Pale clammy skin Tilt their chin up to open the airway. Breathing Very shallow breathing or not Check to see if there is anything in their mouth blocking their airway such as gum toothpick. breathing undissolved pills syringe cap cheeked Fentanyl patch if present remove it. Speech slowed slurred If using mask place and hold mask over mouth and nose. Appears sleepy nodding off Speech infrequent If not using mask pinch their nose with one hand and place your mouth over their mouth. Responds to stimuli Deep snorting or gurgling Give 2 even regular sized breaths. Blow enough air into their lungs to make their chest rise. Normal heart beat pulse Unresponsive to stimuli calling. If you are using a mask and don t see their chest rise out of the corner of your eye tilt the. name shaking sternal rub, Normal skin color head back more and make sure the seal around the mouth and nose is secure. Normal to small sized pupils Slowed heart beat pulse If you are not using a mask and don t see their chest rise out of the corner of your eye. make sure you re pinching their nose,Cyanotic skin coloration blue Breathe again. lips fingertips Give one breath every 5 seconds,Pinpoint pupils. Protocols and Flowsheets for each,type nasal IM in NASN toolkit.
Administer naloxone,Place person in recovery position lying on their. Stay with the person until help arrives,Seize all illegal and or non prescribed opioid. narcotics found on victim and process in,accordance with school district or facility. Spray naloxone,Narcan nasal spray 4 mg 1 mg ml 2mL Leur lock. Link to Narcan Video,https www narcan com,www harmreduction org.
Evzio auto injector IM,Naloxone Injection, The first and only intelligent take home auto injection system with voice and. visual guidance designed to help caregivers take fast confident action. administering naloxone in an opioid emergency,https evzio com hcp. Refer Naloxone Administration Reporting, Have the individual transported to nearest medical. facility even if symptoms seem to get better,Contact parent guardians per facility protocol. Complete Naloxone Administration Reporting form,Follow up with treatment referral recommendations.
Support family staff,Safeguarding Your Community,Naloxone in Schools. Legal Protections for Overdose Other Important,Responders Documents Legislation. Overdose Prevention Acts 911 and Good,Samaritan Laws June 2014 NASN Position Document. Naloxone in the school setting published, Approximately 46 states and the District of Columbia have enacted some. form of a Good Samaritan or 911 drug immunity law, Affords immunity from arrest for use simple possession offenses to the.
escalated and have become major health problems In 2014 2 million Americans abused or were dependent on prescription opioids Every day over 1 000 people are treated in emergency departments for misusing prescription opioids Prescription Opioid Overdose Data 2017 https www cdc gov WHY Opioid Stewardship In early 2015 the Indiana Department of Health noticed a cluster of eleven HIV

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