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Epicor 9 Release Overview Guide,Disclaimer, This document contains an overview of the planned capabilities of Epicor 9 It is. intended for anyone wanting a general understanding of Epicor 9 This document. includes descriptions of product functionality that is not presently available This. document is intended to communicate Epicor Software Corporation s current. intentions and is accurate as of September 2008 However Epicor reserves the. right to make modifications or changes to the functionality release dates. technology initiatives and plans described herein as business conditions dictate. and without further notice This document is not intended to obligate Epicor or any. other entity to such functionality release dates technology initiatives and plans. but merely to inform the audience of Epicor s current intentions This document is. for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice Epicor. makes no warranties express or implied in this document The contents of this. document are believed to be current and accurate as of its date of publication For. a complete description of the product features please refer to the product s user. guides reference manuals and release notes Companies names and or data. used in screens if any are fictitious unless otherwise noted. This document also includes many forward looking statements regarding. anticipated product functionality targeted release dates availability of technology. and certain company initiatives that involve risks and uncertainties and actual. results may differ materially Such forward looking statements which are not. historical fact involve risks and uncertainties and actual results might differ. materially Such risks and uncertainties include but are not limited to the. company s ability to rapidly develop and introduce new products reliance on third. party products reliance on emerging technologies and markets the timely. availability and market acceptance of new products and upgrades the impact of. competitive products and pricing and the discovery of undetected software errors. and other factors discussed in the Company s Annual and Quarterly reports. including on Form 10 Q for the period ending June 30 2008 As a result of these. factors the business or prospects expected by the company as part of this paper. may not occur The company undertakes no obligation to revise or update publicly. any forward looking statements,September 2008 i,Epicor 9 Release Overview Guide. Table of Contents,Executive Summary 1,Global Support 2. Global Engines 2,Global Capabilities 3,Global Multisite Management 3. Financial Management 5,General Ledger 5,Accounts Receivable 7.
Accounts Payable 10,Cash Management 10,Currency Management 11. Asset Management 12,Multiple Books 12,Rebate Management 13. Customer Relationship Management 14,Epicor Information Worker 15. Marketing Management 15,Contact Management 16,Lead and Opportunity Management 17. Case Management 17,Sales Management 19,Estimate and Quote Management 19.
Order Management 19,Demand Management 23,Storefront 24. Electronic Data Interchange 24,Production Management 25. Job Management 25,Lean Production 26,Manufacturing Execution System MES 27. Quality Assurance 27,Advanced Quality Management 28. Supply Chain Management 29,Inventory Management 29.
Advanced Material Management 31,September 2008 ii,Epicor 9 Release Overview Guide. Shipping Receiving 33,Purchase Management 35,Purchase Contracts 36. Supplier Relationship Management 36,Planning and Scheduling 38. Project Management 38,Forecasting Scheduling and Resource Management 39. Material Requirements Planning 42,Product Data Management 44.
Bill of Materials 44,Engineering Change and Revision Control 44. Routings 45,Product Costing 45,Product Lifecycle Management 46. Product Configuration 46,Service Management 48,Return Material Authorization 48. Field Service 48,Contract Management 49,Human Capital Management 50. Payroll 50,Human Resource Management 51,Training and Recruitment 52.
Employee Self Service 53,Epicor Enterprise Performance Management 54. Management Reporter 54,Operational Data Store and Data Warehousing 54. Epicor Replication Server 55,Scorecards and KPIs 55. Budgeting Planning and Forecasting 56,Business Activity Query Designer 56. Business Activity Query Report Designer 57,Dashboards and Trackers 57.
Tools and Technology 60,Epicor ICE 2 0 Business Architecture 60. Personalization 61,Styling and Themes 62,Epicor Portal 62. Web 2 0 63,Support for Software as a Service 63,September 2008 iii. Epicor 9 Release Overview Guide,Searches 64,Business Activity Management 64. Business Process Management 65,Epicor Service Connect 66.
Epicor Advanced Print Management 67,Customization 68. Globalization and Localization 69,System Management 69. Software Development Kit 71,Epicor Documentation and Content Delivery 72. About Epicor 74,September 2008 iv,Epicor 9 Release Overview Guide. Executive Summary, Epicor 9 is the result of more than 20 years of experience delivering high value.
low total cost of ownership TCO ERP solutions to the global midmarket and the. divisions and subsidiaries of large enterprises Epicor s extensive experience in. building solutions for the accounting distribution manufacturing and services. sectors all comes together in Epicor 9 It is the culmination of the CONVERGE. pillar of our PROTECT EXTEND CONVERGE product strategy combining. technology and functionality from all our award winning ERP solutions into a. single next generation enterprise application solution to deliver even more. business value for our customers, Epicor 9 is built using Epicor ICE 2 0 business architecture which incorporates. Epicor True SOA a unique service oriented architecture SOA that provides. unprecedented choice and flexibility in how business solutions are deployed and. used by all stakeholders inside and outside of a business. The purpose of this document is to provide you with a comprehensive introduction. to the complete Epicor 9 release allowing you to better understand how this. groundbreaking solution can be used to add value to your business improve. enterprise performance and control over your operations and enable your. organization to more easily achieve strategic and tactical business goals. Please refer to Protect Extend Converge Epicor Strategy Briefing April 2007. September 2008 1,Epicor 9 Release Overview Guide,Global Support. Global Engines, In support of the global nature of business Epicor 9 provides a number of features. that will allow users to support operations in existing and new markets The idea. behind several of the engines delivered in the base application is to provide the. ability for out of the box country specific support These global features include. the Global Posting Engine Global Tax Engine Legal Numbering and the. Rounding Engine For example these global engines within the application are all. configurable to meet the local legal fiscal country best practices or customer. specific needs, Global Posting Engine The rules based Posting Engine is central to the Epicor. financial applications which will allow for companies to use either. An out of the box set of posting rules and business transactions or. Customizable sub ledger posting rules this would define how transactions. from the sub ledgers can be posted to the general ledger for example. the same transaction can be posted to two different accounts in two. different books, Global Tax Engine Due to the diverse international requirements for country.
specific tax requirements a Global Tax Engine is leveraged to allow the system to. be configured to country specific requirements to support the tax regime for sales. tax VAT use tax etc, Legal Numbering Engine Due to the country specific international legal. numbering requirements of Epicor customers a legal numbering engine was. added as a part of the application to manage legal numbering of the printed. transactions that the company sends to a customer or supplier Specific. transactions that the legal numbering engine affects are. Sales Orders,Purchase Orders,Promissory Notes,AR Invoices. Credit Memos,Payments checks, Rounding Engine The Rounding Engine allows for the definition of currency. rounding rules that can be selected for use within each of the associated modules. The rounding engine is configurable by customer country currency and business. practice Number of decimals to use for amounts shall be specified per currency. Everywhere in the system where amounts are calculated rounding is calculated to. the number of decimals defined for the currency of the value For example when. creating sales documents amounts shall be calculated and rounded according to. the defined rules for the currency of the document the actual value printed on the. document is always rounded to the number of decimals in the currency. September 2008 2,Epicor 9 Release Overview Guide,Global Capabilities. Equally as important as the global engines to our customers are the global. capabilities of the application primarily in the areas of Multicurrency Multicompany. and Multilingual capabilities, Multicurrency Multicurrency focus on exchange rate effective dates multiple.
rate types currency overrides at the transactional level including exchange rate at. payment entry revaluation enhancements and reporting currencies which can be. used in conjunction with Multiple Books, Multicompany Multicompany functionality provides for multiple companies within. the same database as well as intercompany trade and transactions which is the. ability to work in multiple companies from a single sign on Based on a user s. security settings a user will be able to centrally process sales orders and create. transactions and journals from within the same session without having to. constantly switch companies Users will be able to see from the menu all the. companies to which they have access for transaction purposes. Language Support A single instance of the Epicor 9 software can support. multiple languages with each available language displayed based on a user s. preference,Global Multisite Management, Use the Multisite Management module to synchronize distribution of goods. across multiple sites and the synchronization of master data across sites This. single system provides visibility and consolidation of resources in multiple. facilities It also supports running business functions centralized with separate. production or distribution functions or running them separately with the ability to. consolidate financials at month or quarter end Multisite Management provides. support for centralized accounting and purchasing while allowing separation of. production or distribution facilities, Alternate Bill of Materials per Plant Define alternate BOMs per part per plant. When the same part is produced at multiple facilities each plant can generate a. BOM inclusive of their processes and configuration. Alternate Routings per Plant Define alternate routings per part per plant When. the same part is produced at multiple facilities each plant can execute a routing. inclusive of their processes and configuration You retain visibility and control as. plant specific routings are maintained as sub revisions of the base revision. Cost by Plant Hold average actual and last costs per part per plant ensuring. the same costs apply to all plants, Credit Checking Define each company with its own credit limit against a. customer or you can deploy a global credit limit consumed by all of a customer s. sales across all your companies, Deployment Deploy your companies on a single server single database or on.
multiple databases and multiple servers around the world Many enterprises. require their companies data management systems to be geographically. dispersed on different servers and different databases to protect against. communication glitches causing site downtime, Financial Consolidation Set up multicompany consolidation between any. companies within the Epicor database Financial rollups can even be done with. companies outside Epicor, Forecasts Automatically send raw material forecasts to the supply. companies Later these forecasts can be firmed up by creating. inter company purchase orders,September 2008 3,Epicor 9 Release Overview Guide. Global Customers Parts and Suppliers Define global customers parts and. suppliers Global customers suppliers and parts can now have records. transferred and maintained between companies Based on a set of user defined. rules and mappings automatically ensure that new and changed records are sent. to all companies within your enterprise, Global Supplier Price Agreements Send agreements to all companies by. setting up global price agreements for key raw materials to ensure materials are. purchased from the correct supplier at the appropriate global price. Intercompany Eliminations Map accounts between companies for smooth inter. company eliminations With frequent mergers and acquisitions the general ledger. account structure between parent and child companies may not be the same. Intercompany Trading Streamline inter company transactions with Multisite. Epicor 9 Release Overview Guide Executive Summary Epicor 9 is the result of more than 20 years of experience delivering high value low total cost of ownership TCO ERP solutions to the global midmarket and the divisions and subsidiaries of large enterprises Epicor s extensive experience in

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