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4 All of the above, 8 Personal characteristics to be a successful entrepreneur includes. 1 Understanding environment,2 Creating management options. 3 Encourage open discussion,4 All of the above,9 International entrepreneurship is. 1 Licensing,2 Exporting,3 Both of the mentioned options. 4 None of the two mentioned, Which of the following is not a characteristic that is helpful for an entrepreneur to have.
a Self esteem,d Optimism, 10 Hindrance for going in the international business is known as. 2 Turn key point,3 Trade barrier,4 Minority interest. ENTREPRENEURSHIP MGT 602,From chapter No 13 to 22,Assignment No 2 Quiz. 1 A set of reasons for engaging in a particular behavior especially human behavior is. c Entrepreneurship,d Motivation, 2 Which of the following techniques is an excellent method for initially screening ideas. and concepts in addition to generating new ideas,a Focus group.
b Brain storming,c Problem inventory analysis,d Reverse brainstorming. 3 The creative process for problem solving that involves making the strange familiar in. first step and then making the familiar strange through personal direct or symbolic. analogy is called,a Synectics,b Gordon method,c Checklist method. d Scientific method, 4 When the multiplicity of environments become too complex to handle the. international entrepreneurs often,a Go for mergers. b Diversify,c Decentralize operations,d Sale out the foreign business.
5 An entrepreneur into the hosiery business found out the reason his hosiery was not. selling was due to its color What could be the best source of this information. a Supplier,b Retailer,c Competition,d Government bureau. 6 In some countries point of purchase displays are not allowed in retail stores Such. differences are studied by international entrepreneurs under. environment,a Economic,b Political,c Cultural,d Technological. 7 Entrepreneurial success has been significant because of the culture and the political. and economic systems in,a European countries,b Asian countries. c Transition economies,d Middle east, 8 Having more than 50 ownership position that provides the entrepreneur with. managerial control is called,a Joint venture,b Majority interest.
c Horizontal merger,d Diversified activity merger, 9 The under developed or lesser developed countries need manufacturing technology. and infrastructure and yet do not want to turn over substantial portion of their. economy to foreign ownership Which of the following is a solution to this dilemma. a Management contract,b Indirect exporting,c Licensing. d Turn key project, 10 The development of a new venture based on an inventor s work often requires. a Expertise of an entrepreneur,b Heavy investment from financers. c Skilled human resources,d Highly educated staff,Entrepreneurship MGT602.
1 is the process in marketing of dividing a market into. distinct subsets segments that behave in the same way or have similar. a Target Market,b Market Analysis,c Market Segmentation. d All of the Above, 2 A business where an individual is both the owner and conductor of the. business affairs is called,a Sole Proprietorship,b Partnership. c Corporation,d None of the above, 3 In the entrepreneur has the right to sell any assets. a Proprietorship,b Partnership,c Limited Liability Company.
d None of the given options,4 are lists of the general tasks or functions and. responsibilities of a position,a Job Specifications. b Job descriptions,c Job Requirements,d Jobholder, 5 A can be a budget a plan for spending and saving future. a Marketing Plan,b Financial Plan,c Production Plan. d Organizational Plan, 6 involves an interest bearing instrument usually a loan the.
payment of which is only indirectly related to sales and profits. a Equity Financing,b Internal or External Funds,c Banking Funds. d Debt Financing, 7 The idea and actions that explain how a firm will make its profits refers to. c Strategy,d Objective,8 SBIR stands for,a Small Business Information Research. b Small Business Innovation Research,c Small Business Intelligent Research. d Small Business Inventory Research,9 is what the W in the SWOT analysis stands for.
b Work life,c Worth of Business,d Weakness,10 Benefits can focus on which of these. a Value and Cost,b Imitation and Innovation,c Internal and External aspects. d None of the given options,Entrepreneurship MGT602. 1 An entrepreneur s primary motivation for starting a business is. 1 To make money,2 To be independent,3 To be famous. 4 To be powerful, 2 To be successful in an entrepreneurial venture you need.
3 Hard work,4 A good idea,3 Entrepreneurs are best as. 1 Managers,2 Venture capitalists,3 Planners, 4 A successful entrepreneur relies on which of the following for critical management. 1 Internal management team,2 External management professionals. 3 Financial sources,5 Entrepreneurs are,1 High risk takers. 2 Moderate risk takers,3 Small risk takers,4 Doesn t matter.
6 Entrepreneurs typically form,1 Service businesses. 2 Manufacturing companies,3 Constructive companies. 4 A variety of ventures,7 Entrepreneurs,1 Are the life of the party. 2 Are bores at a cocktail party,3 Will never go to parties. 4 Just fit into the crowd at a party,8 Entrepreneurs and ventures capitalists.
1 Get along well,2 Are the best friends,3 Are cordial friends. 4 Are in conflict, 9 An entrepreneur s primary motivation for high ego and need for achievement is based. upon a relationship with,4 Children, 10 An individual usually begins his or her first significant entrepreneurial business enterprise at what age. 2 Twenties,Entrepreneurship MGT602,1 NAFTA stands for. a North American Free Trade Agreements,b North Asian Free Trade Agreements.
c National Asian Free Trade Agreements,d National American Free Trade Agreements. 2 The factor is probably the most prevalent reason for. a Taxation,b Economies of scale,c Inflation, 3 A merger is a combination of two firms producing the same. products but selling them in different geographic markets. a Diversified Activity Merger,b Product Extension Merger. c Vertical Merger,d Market Extension Merger, 4 One of the most frequent reasons an entrepreneur forms a joint venture is. to share the,a Resources,c Cost and risk of a project.
5 involves having a foreign purchaser in the local market or. using an export management firm,a Direct Exporting. b Indirect Exporting,c Management Contracts,d Turn Key Projects. 6 The measures the payments that flow between any,individual country and all other countries. a International Business,b Economies of Scales,c Balance of Payment. d None of the given options, 7 is an entrepreneurial type who quickly identifies new.
promising business opportunities but rarely if ever follows through on the. opportunity to create a successful new venture,a Simplicity Sue. b Shotgun Sam,c Hidden Agenda Harry,d Inventor Irving. 8 One study found that the typical minority business owner was the. a Oldest child in a blue collar family and married. b Oldest child in a white collar family and married. c Youngest child in a blue collar family and married. d Youngest child in a white collar family and married. 9 Traditional managers are,a Deals with mistakes and failures. b Tries to avoid mistakes and surprises, c Attempts to hide risky projects from view until ready. d None of the given Options,10 Entrepreneurs are,a Moderate risk taker.
b High risk taker,c Avoidance,d Both b and c,11 Risk decisions are often postponed until. a Hard facts can be gathered or a consultant hired to illuminate the unknown. b Hard facts can be gathered or an auditor hired to illuminate the unknown. c There is no need to gather facts and hired a consultant auditor. d None of the given options, 12 is one method of stimulating and then capitalizing on. individuals in an organization who think that something can be done. differently and better,a Strategic Orientation,b Capitalization. c Intrapreneurship,d Management, 13 The typical has a climate and reward system that. favor conservative decision making,a Entrepreneurship culture.
b Corporate culture,c Intrapreneurial culture,d None of the given options. 14 Female entrepreneurs normally start their venture at the age of. 15 Male entrepreneurs normally start their venture at the age of. d After the age of retirement, 16 The is the process through which innovation develops. and commercializes through entrepreneurial activity which in turn stimulates. economic growth,a Product evolution process,b Technological innovations. c Breakthrough innovations,d None of the given options. 17 A is a type of company formed from research and. development that usually does not go public,a Foundation.
b Life Style Firm,c High Potential Venture,d Both b and c. 18 involve such things as writing listening oral,presentations coaching and technical know how. a Business Management skills,b Personal entrepreneurial skills. c Technical skills,d None of the given options, 19 The means to do things in his or her own way and. a Need per independence,b Need for achievement,c Personal values.
20 is a reason or set of reasons for engaging in a. particular behavior especially human behavior,a Moral value. c Motivation,d None of the options, 1 The plan shows whether the business is economically feasible or not. a Financial,b Business,c Economic,d Marketing, 2 In which of the following the ownership of venture is reflected by ownership of. shares of stock,a Partnership,b Limited partnership. c Corporation,d Proprietorship, 3 Bankers say that most businesses fail because of the inability to plan.
a Investor s,b Marketer s,c Entrepreneur s,d Consultant s. 4 The of a venture could be that the company has experience in related. a Strength,b Weakness,c Opportunity, 5 The marketing plan should focus on strategies and for the first year goals and. strategies should be projected,d Quarterly, 6 Which of the following is not a characteristic of marketing plan. a It should provide a strategy to accomplish the company mission. b It should provide for the use of existing resources. c It should be simple and short,d It should be rigid. 7 Secondary data can be obtained from all of the following sources except. a Internet,b Magazine,c Bureau of statistics,d Focus group.
8 Which of the following is one of the simplest form and lowest in entry costs. a Direct mail marketing,b Online marketing,c Sales promotion. d Export marketing, 9 In the death of entrepreneur results in the termination of venture. a Proprietorship,b Limited company,c Limited partnership. d Corporation, 10 In partnership the ability to raise capital depends on the of the. a Expansion,Entrepreneurship MGT 602, 1 Which of the following is NOT recognized an important.
component to organizational vision, a The vision should be built on a foundation of the organization s. core values and beliefs, b The vision should elaborate a purpose for the organization. c The vision should include a brief summary of what the. organization does, d The vision should specify detailed and short term goals. 2 Which of the following components of organizational vision. and mission statements tells how the organizational unit is. responsive to societal community and environmental issues. a Customer,c Self Concept,d Concern for public image. 3 Which of the following dimensions of organizational culture. describes the degree to which employees are expected to do. their jobs with precision thorough analysis and attention to. a Innovation and risk taking,b Team orientation,c Aggressiveness.
d Attention to detail, 4 Which of the following does NOT represent a method through. which organizational culture is learned,b Conflict. d Material symbols, 5 Which of the following is NOT recognized as an important purpose. of a business plan,a Development tool for organizational founders. b Vision and mission clarification,c Planning and evaluation guidelines.
d All of the selections are recognized as important purposes of a. business plan, 6 All of the following are recognized as criticisms of planning. a Planning may create rigidity, b Planning focuses entrepreneurs attention on tomorrow s. survival but not today s competition, c Plans can t be developed for a dynamic environment. d Formal planning reinforces success which may lead to failure. 7 Which of the following is NOT recognized as a major area that. should be included in a business plan,a Executive summary. b Corporate culture differences,c Analysis of the opportunity.
d Analysis of the context, 8 Which of the following does NOT relate to the analysis of. opportunity section of a business plan, a Sizing up the market by describing the demographics of the. target market, b Analyzing current and proposed and governmental rules and. regulations that might potentially have an impact on the. ENTREPRENEURSHIP MGT 602 From chapter No 13 to 22 Assignment No 2 Quiz Questions 1 A set of reasons for engaging in a particular behavior especially human behavior is known as a Values b Vision c Entrepreneurship d Motivation 2 Which of the following techniques is an excellent method for initially screening ideas and concepts in addition to generating new ideas a Focus

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