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Individuals of retirement age and who need and, want to participate in a structured and supervised. program of services in a group setting,Service options include. Career exploration assessing of interests,through volunteer experiences internships or. situational assessments,Community integration experiences to support. fuller participation in community life,Skill development and training.
Development of Activities of Daily Living and,Independent Living Skills. Socialization experiences and support to,enhance interpersonal skills. Pursuit of personal interests and hobbies,Integrating a pathway to employment is a core. component of CBDS for individuals of working age, Activities should be designed that allow an individual. Examples of Employment Driven CBDS Activities to explore and discover interests build skills and. As noted a core component of CBDS particularly for individuals develop connections that will result in employment A. not working or who are underemployed is participation in primary staff role is working with individuals on using. employment focused activities The following are examples of CBDS activities to guide and inform an individual s. the types of CBDS activities that are employment focused decisions about employment options and the types. of jobs to pursue Also remember that CBDS is not a. Career Exploration Activities substitute for employment and every effort should. Volunteering in organizations connected to potential career be made to maximize an individual s time in paid. interest employment See Examples of Employment Driven. Job tours CBDS Activities for ideas on how to integrate a. Job shadowing pathway to employment within CBDS,Situational assessments and job trials.
Internships HAVING THE RIGHT VALUES, Workplace Visits Tours The success of CBDS is going to be dependent on. Informational interviews both the agency and individual staff having the right. Job clubs set of values that underlies the development and. implementation of CBDS These include, Additional Skill Building Activities A belief that individuals with intellectual and. Travel training developmental disabilities can fully participate. Health and wellness programs in typical valued societal roles side by side with. Employment skill development for specific occupations their fellow citizens without disabilities. Vocational training and certifications One Stop Career Engaging and embracing the full diversity and. Centers and similar organizations can provide guidance and richness of potential activities in the community. connections Using a mindset of how individuals without. Classes workshops on job seeking interviewing resume disabilities typically participate in the community. writing etc as a core guide for development of CBDS. Job preparation and soft skill development dressing for Using generic typical resources in the. community available to all, work social interactions at work schedule management. time management etc Using a person centered planning process and. individual needs and preferences as the driver of,Managing public benefits and benefits issues. all activities,Maximizing opportunities for the development.
of individual relationships with community, 2 Ensuring Excellence in Community Based Day Supports A Guide For Service Providers and Staff. Viewing the role of the staff and agency as, facilitators of inclusion and full acceptance of There is no One Size Fits All approach to. individuals with disabilities,Ensuring typical adult roles for all involved. designing CBDS Many variables including the, Avoiding activities that reinforce stereotypes and size of an agency geographic location and the. stigma of individuals with disabilities i e the goals and needs of the individuals it serves will. group from the disability agency is here today,influence how CBDS is designed.
Avoiding activities that unnecessarily segregate, Along with these values one of the most important PURPOSEFUL. is creating an atmosphere that empowers individuals CBDS activities must be part of a larger plan for. Individuals participating in CBDS should be full the individual s progress toward their individually. partners in guiding day to day activities This includes decided goals Activities that are staged solely for. Individuals working with staff on development of the purpose of occupying the participants time are. their weekly schedule not satisfying to either participants or staff and they. Engaging in continuous dialogue with individuals undercut the central purpose of CBDS. regarding potential activities that can assist,them in meeting their goals COMMUNITY BASED. Providing a range of choices to individuals and Designers and implementers of CBDS must ensure. guiding them in making those choices that CBDS activities occur fully integrated within the. Avoiding a staff are in charge culture community CBDS activities job training recreation. and wellness programs volunteer activities job,Having staff avoid a pre decided here is what. exploration etc can be implemented with greater,we re doing today approach. quality and typically less expense in the community. Within such an atmosphere as with all of us it using resources that already exist For example. is important to recognize that individuals can t rather than assuming the full responsibility of. simply do whatever they want on a day to day creating a job training program an agency should. basis as much as we would all like to do that support individuals who are interested in a training. The activities chosen must fit within the goals and program to access such programs available via a One. purpose of CBDS and this should be explained to Stop Career Center community education program. individuals Development and encouragement of community college or similar entity. self determination is a critical component of CBDS. but should be conducted within a context of pursuit FACILITIES AND LOCATION. of individual goals expectations and responsibilities. Many disability day and employment programs have, large buildings and there is a temptation to simply.
Designing a CBDS Service use the space available for CBDS activities This is. contrary to the purpose of CBDS and can become an, There is no One Size Fits All approach to designing easy fallback i e if you have the space it will get. CBDS Countless variables including the size of used Core principles in terms of facilities are. an agency geographic location and the goals and, needs of the individuals it serves will influence how Design any facility you use so that it is. CBDS is designed However the following principles supportive of CBDS in terms of location size. can serve to guide in the design of a successful and set up. service and ensure that it is well suited to meet Many day and employment programs have. individual needs traditionally been located in industrial locations. and office parks Such locations are isolated, PERSON DRIVEN from the community and not conducive to CBDS. The design of a CBDS service the types of activities activities Facilities that are maintained should. it facilitates and the way individuals spend their time be in town centers or other locations in reach of. within CBDS should be based first and foremost on businesses activities and public transportation. a thoughtful person centered planning process that Keep any space you have small so it avoids. identifies an individual s preferences and interests becoming a hang out. The outcomes of this planning process regularly,updated guide how the participant spends their. time in CBDS activities, Ensuring Excellence in Community Based Day Supports A Guide For Service Providers and Staff 3.
CAREER DRIVEN can make while, While not every CBDS participant is on a stated also reducing. career track those who are should participate in the reliance on. CBDS activities that are built around their individual paid supports. employment goals While a career track CBDS One of the chief. service can include a variety of activities for purposes of CBDS. example travel training and wellness programs is relationship. combined with other kinds of planning and job development. development activities can improve an individual s which can only. competitiveness in the job market it should be occur when. clear how the various elements support and are individuals. aligned with achieving a successful outcome of paid are provided. employment for the individual For those not on opportunities. an employment track CBDS offers an opportunity to get to know. to gain exposure to the option of work in different other community. settings and of such a variety that they may members with. reconsider their interest in employment common interests. To assist with,connecting with,GENERIC NOT DISABILITY SPECIFIC. the community,CBDS activities should not be disability specific. and developing,For example wellness activities should occur in a. relationships over time schedules should include,gym or health club in the community rather than.
routine participation in activities at set locations. using exercise equipment at the disability program. rather than a string of ever changing ones,An individual could be supported in a One Stop. Career Center s resume writing workshop rather,than an in house class provided by the service. MAXIMIZING TIME IN THE COMMUNITY, provider While there will be some exceptions Social AND MINIMIZING TIME ON SITE. Security benefits planning will of course remain a As noted agency staff should be continuously. disability specific service even these can typically striving to minimize the amount of time individuals. be conducted in community based settings Also are on site To address this issue. development of artificial communities for people There should be a clear message from. with disabilities should be avoided For example management about the goal of maximizing time. instead of an art group for people with disabilities in the community. individuals interested in art can participate in art CBDS services should be designed with the core. classes in the community Likewise older people goal of maximizing time in the community. can participate in activities for all seniors in the. Minimize if not eliminate the need for individuals. community such as at the local senior center,to come to the agency building Work towards. instead of a retirement program run by the service. designing CBDS services in a manner that does,provider An exception to this use of generic.
not require people to come to the building first, activities is participation in a disability peer support. to begin their day in the community or end,group such as Mass Advocates Standing Strong. their day there and avoid having the building,becoming the default service location Design. MAXIMIZE COMMUNITY AND NATURAL services that allow individuals to meet up with. SUPPORTS staff in prescribed locations in their home. As with employment the use of community and communities and participate in activities from. natural supports should be emphasized rather than there Once agencies gain skill and develop. creating reliance on paid staff Individuals should the structures and supports to implement the. not just be physically in the community but be service in this manner it will allow them to. full participants in the community Maximizing the minimize or eliminate their need for buildings for. interaction that individuals have with community day support. members helps build the networks and relationships The amount of time individuals are spending on. of individuals It also creates an increased site at the agency building during CBDS should. understanding by the community of the competency be tracked with goals for reducing it over time. and contributions that individuals with disabilities. 4 Ensuring Excellence in Community Based Day Supports A Guide For Service Providers and Staff. Even using the strategies above one of the SCHEDULING AVOIDING THE GLOBAL. challenges of CBDS is having sufficient resources so ONE SIZE FITS ALL APPROACH. that individuals can spend virtually all of their time Successful CBDS services are very highly structured. in the community and avoiding using agency space and have firm preplanned schedules with meaningful. as a primary activity space As noted spending time activities designed to meet the desired outcomes. on site should not be the default option but when of the participants Scheduling however should not. it is necessary the activities should still fit within consist of a series of activities that individuals are. the CBDS goals of being deliberate and individually simply plugged into A core principle of schedule. driven towards specific goals development is to support the CBDS goal of. activities based on the needs and interests of the. MANAGING STAFF INDIVIDUAL RATIOS individual Scheduling in a way that aligns with this. Funding for CBDS does not typically allow for 1 1 staffing core principle can be one of the biggest challenges. for individuals needing ongoing support and staff are of CBDS due to the wide variation in individual. often providing supports to individuals in small groups needs requirements for staff support and the many. However it is important to individualize supports variables that can impact the planned schedule on a. and individualization without 1 1 supports through daily basis. Ensuring Excellence in Community Based Day Supports A uide For Service Providers and Staff ENSURING EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNITY BASED DAY SUPPORTS A GUIDE FOR SERVICE

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