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ambitious adj m b s Paul is really ambitious and is studying very hard at school . anxious adj k s My sister is very anxious and is always stressed . attractive adj tr kt v Darren s new girlfriend is really attractive . bad tempered adj b d temp d Our neighbour is bad tempered so I don t like talking to him . bossy adj b si My husband is very bossy and is always telling me what to do . charming adj t m Nicola s new boyfriend is charming and friendly . clever adj klev r My sister is really clever and wants to study medicine . competitive adj k m pet t v I don t like playing football with Jason he s too competitive . dishonest adj d s n st I think Jenny is being dishonest about her past . disorganized adj d s na zd Our secretary is so disorganized we never know when meetings are booked . friendly adj frendli Our new neighbour is really friendly . generous adj d en r s Diane is always buying me presents she s so generous . hard working adj h d w k Mary is a hard working person so I m sure she will pass her exams . honest adj n st Wendy is so honest she always tells the truth . imaginative adj m d n t v My daughter is really imaginative and is always writing stories . immature adj m tj r He s nearly 26 now but he s still so immature . impatient adj m pe nt Megan always wants things right now she s so impatient . independent adj nd pend nt Karen lives on her own because she likes to be independent . insecure adj ns kj r Stuart is really insecure about the way he looks . insensitive adj n sens t v She asked him about his divorce which I think was very insensitive . irresponsible adj r sp ns bl I don t want you to go out with Vanessa tonight she s too irresponsible . jealous adj d el s Louise is really jealous of Pete because he has a great job . kind adj ka nd My wife is really kind she s always doing things for other people . lazy adj le zi Ian never does any housework he s so lazy . mature adj m t r She s only twelve but she s very mature for her age . mean adj mi n My sister never shares her things she s really mean . moody adj mu di Our teenage son is always moody and bad tempered . obey v be You should obey your parents , offend v fend You should try not to offend people . opinion n p nj n What s your opinion of the new government . organized adj na zd Our administrator is really organized . outgoing adj a t James is really outgoing and has many friends . patient adj pe nt You need to be patient if you want to be a driving instructor . quiet adj kwa t Anna is so quiet it s really hard to talk to her . rebellious adj r belj s Julie is really rebellious and never does what her parents tell her to do . reliable adj r la bl Ken is not very reliable he s always late . responsible adj r sp ns bl Our son is very responsible and hard working . self confident adj self k nf d nt She s a very self confident and sociable child . selfish adj self Jane is really selfish and only ever thinks of herself . sensible adj sens bl Our teenage daughter is really sensible so we can trust her . sensitive adj sens t v Helen is always crying she s really sensitive . shy adj a I m really shy and find it hard to meet new people . sociable adj s bl Jack s really sociable and has lots of friends . spoilt adj sp lt Rachel is so spoilt her parents are always giving her money . stubborn adj st b n My dad is really stubborn and never changes his mind . stupid adj stju p d My parents think that all my friends are stupid . talkative adj t k t v Lucy is very talkative we chatted for hours . tidy adj ta di Harry is really tidy so his house always looks great . unambitious adj n m b s I was unambitious when I was young so I didn t study much . unfriendly adj n frendli I met our new boss this morning and he was really unfriendly . unimaginative adj n m d n t v The children s story was boring and unimaginative . unkind adj n ka nd Don t be unkind to your poor brother . unreliable adj nr la bl I m not going to ask Colin for help because he is really unreliable . unselfish adj n self Adam is really unselfish and always thinks of others . English File third edition Intermediate Printable Oxford University Press 2013 2. unsociable adj n s bl Chris never comes out with us he s really unsociable . untidy adj n ta di Jim is very untidy his bedroom is a real mess . USEFUL WORDS AND PHRASES, adult n d lt I think I became an adult when I left home . arrangement n re nd m nt Have you made an arrangement for tomorrow morning . attention n ten n I didn t get as much attention as my brother when we were children . bedcovers n pl bedk v r z I hid from my sister under the bedcovers . boarding school n b d sku l I was sent away to boarding school when I was eleven . carbohydrates n pl k b ha dre ts Rice is an important source of carbohydrates . childhood n t a ldh d I had a happy childhood , close family n kl s f m li Do you think you have a close family . decline n d kla n The results show a decline in traditional family structures . depressed adj d prest After he lost his job he became really depressed . emotional adj m nl She s really emotional and often cries . extended family n kstend d f m li I have a big extended family including eighteen cousins . extrovert n ekstr v t My dad is a real extrovert and loves meeting new people . fight v fa t My brother always wants to fight with me . fresh adj fre I bought some wonderful fresh fish today . frozen adj fr zn Have we got any frozen vegetables . gang n I m not comfortable with being one of a gang . gathering n r My parents have arranged a family gathering . immediate family n mi di t f m li How many people are there in your immediate family . innocent adj n snt My sister hit me but my mum thought she was innocent . intention n n ten n His intention is to study hard and go to university . low fat adj l f t Would you like a low fat yoghurt . mood n mu d Don t talk to Barry today because he s in a bad mood . newborn adj nju b n That newborn baby is so tiny , no wonder n w nd r My parents were always nicer to me so no wonder my sister hated me . only child n nli t ld I don t have any brothers or sisters I m an only child . prediction n pr d k n His prediction is that people will holiday in space in the near future . promise n pr m s I made a promise to my father that I would look after my mother when he died . protein n pr ti n Meat is a good source of protein . raw adj r I hate the taste of raw onions , relative n rel t v I m my mother s closest relative .
relaxed adj r l kst My mother is really relaxed and never gets stressed . rivalry n ra vlri There was a lot of rivalry between me and my sister when we were younger . share v e r I share a lot of hobbies with my sister . sick adj s k He s been off sick for two weeks ,spicy adj spa si I love spicy Thai curries . stressed adj strest Richard works too hard and is always stressed . suffocate v s f ke t I remember my brother trying to suffocate me under the bedcovers . tension n ten n There was always a lot of tension in our house our parents always argued . value v v lju Now that I am older I really value my parents . MORE WORDS IN FILE 1,afford v f d Can you afford to buy a new car . alternative therapy n l t n t v er pi Have you tried alternative therapy like hypnotherapy . argue v ju My parents always argue but they will never get divorced . aware adj we r Are you aware that you are your aunt s only relative . cake n ke k I made a chocolate cake for my girlfriend s birthday . carton n k tn Can you get me a carton of orange juice . charge v t d My parents charge me rent to live in their house . chef n ef My brother is a chef in an Italian restaurant . English File third edition Intermediate Printable Oxford University Press 2013 3. chocolate n t kl t They give their clients free chocolate at the end of the night . concentration n k nsn tre n Blueberries can improve concentration by up to 20 per cent . container n k n te n r This is a plastic container for pasta . creamy adj kri mi We ordered pasta in a creamy sauce . cuisine n kw zi n I love Indian cuisine , cure n kj r I want to find a cure for my headaches . cut down on v k t da n n I need to cut down on sugar and fat to lose weight . decision n d s n Have you made a decision about your holiday yet . dramatic adj dr m t k The results of the experiment were dramatic with a 60 per cent reduction in violent. crimes , efficiently adv f ntli Food that is high in protein helps your brain to work more efficiently . endorphins n pl n d f nz Your brain releases endorphins when you eat chocolate and this makes you feel good . expert n eksp t My aunt is an expert on Victorian literature . feel a bit down fi l b t da n I always feel a bit down when we come home after a holiday . focused adj f k s t After my morning coffee I feel really focused . food supplement n fu d s pl ment I take a food supplement every day . jar n d r Can you pass me that jar of strawberry jam . margarine n m d ri n Do you prefer butter or margarine . meeting n mi t I have a meeting with my boss at 10 00 a m . mushroom n m ru m I ll have a ham and mushroom pizza please . nightclub n na tkl b We went to a nightclub until 2 00 a m . prosciutto n pr u t Prosciutto is an Italian ham , public holiday n p bl k h l de It s a public holiday on Monday so we won t go to work .
salt n s lt Don t put too much salt on your dinner . sausage n s s d Would you like a sausage or a burger . steak n ste k I ordered steak and chips at the restaurant . sugar n r I always have sugar in my coffee ,takeaway adj te k we We ordered a takeaway pizza . tinned adj t nd I don t like the taste of tinned tuna . violence n va l ns Late night violence can be a problem in some towns . vitamin n v t m n There is a lot of vitamin C in oranges . weapon n wep n Chocolate could become a secret weapon in the fight against crime . File 2,Vocabulary Banks,MONEY, afford v f d I can t afford to go on holiday this year . bank account n b k ka nt How much money do you have in your bank account . bill n b l The electricity bill came through the post today . borrow v b r Can I borrow some money please , cash machine n k m i n I took 30 out of the cash machine . charge v t d How much do you charge for a haircut . coin n k n I found a 10p coin on the pavement ,cost v k st These shoes cost 70 . credit card n kred t k d The payment had been taken from my credit card . debt n det I had a lot of debt when I left university . earn v n How much do doctors earn in your country . inherit v n her t She will inherit a lot of money when her parents die . invest v n vest You should invest some money in the stock market . lend v lend Can you lend me 30 until tomorrow , live off v l v f I have to live off my parents while I m at university .
English File third edition Intermediate Printable Oxford University Press 2013 4. live on v l v n If I lose my job I ll have no money to live on . loan n l n I need a loan from the bank to start my own business . mortgage n m d The bank gave me a mortgage so that I could buy a house . note n n t I left a 20 note on my desk ,owe v You owe me 10 . pay back v pe b k I pay back 50 of the loan to the bank every month . raise v re z How much money did you raise for the school . salary n s l ri Lawyers get a good salary ,save v se v I try to save some money every month . take out v te k a t I never take out more than 50 at a cash machine . tax n t ks How much tax do you have to pay every month . waste v we st Don t waste your money on things you don t need . worth adj w How much is your house worth ,USEFUL WORDS AND PHRASES. amazed adj me zd I was amazed to hear that Bob is getting married . boiling adj b l It s boiling at the moment 34 degrees Celsius . boutique n bu ti k She works in a designer clothes boutique . broke adj br k I was always broke when I was a student . cheque n t ek I wrote a cheque for 300 , consecutive adj k n sekj t v She ran three consecutive marathons in 23 hours and 50 minutes . contract n k ntr kt We signed the contract , current n k r nt I had to paddle against the current .
delicious adj d l s The food was delicious , delighted adj d la t d My parents are delighted that I m getting married . dyslexia n d s leksi My son can t read very well because he has dyslexia . enormous adj n m s His house is enormous and has six bedrooms . exhausted adj z st d I was exhausted after the race . exhaustion n z st n I suffered from heat exhaustion . fantastic adj f n t st k I ve had a fantastic time here . figures n pl f z He calculated figures in his head . filthy adj f l i John s kitchen is filthy , freezing adj fri z The sea was freezing so we didn t swim . furious adj fj ri s Maria is furious that you didn t invite her to your birthday party . gamble n mbl Starting my own business was a bit of a gamble . go on sale n se l When will his new book go on sale . hilarious adj h le ri s The film was hilarious we laughed so much . humidity n hju m d ti The humidity here is 80 per cent in the summer . infested adj n fest d The river is infested with crocodiles . inspire v n spa r I ve been listening to power ballads to inspire me . kayak v ka k Why did you agree to kayak down the Amazon . make money me k m ni I want to make money from my paintings . millionaire n m lj ne r Jeff became a millionaire but lost most of his money . paddle n p dl We used a wooden paddle to move the boat . English File third edition Intermediate

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