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Presection,Before You Start, Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER or other reproductive harm Wash hands after. product handling,To ensure proper use please read through this. manual before using this product It is espe,cially important that you read and observe. USE OF CONTROL OR ADJUSTMENT OR,WARNINGs and CAUTIONs in this manual. PERFORMANCE OF PROCEDURES,Please keep the manual in a safe and accessible.
OTHER THAN THOSE SPECIFIED HEREIN,place for future reference. MAY RESULT IN HAZARDOUS RADIATION, This device complies with part 15 of the FCC CAUTION. Rules Operation is subject to the following THE USE OF OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS. two conditions WITH THIS PRODUCT WILL INCREASE, 1 This device may not cause harmful interfer EYE HAZARD. ence and 2 this device must accept any inter,ference received including interference that. may cause undesired operation CAUTION,Do not allow this unit to come into contact.
with liquids Electrical shock could result,Also damage to this unit smoke and over. Information to User heating could result from contact with liquids. Always keep the volume low enough to hear,Alteration or modifications carried out without. outside sounds,appropriate authorization may invalidate the. Avoid exposure to moisture,user s right to operate the equipment. If the battery is disconnected or discharged,any preset memory will be erased.
Important Serial number,For Canadian model,The serial number is located on the bottom of. This Class B digital apparatus complies with this unit For your own security and convenience. Canadian ICES 003 be sure to record this number on the enclosed. warranty card,About this unit,The tuner frequencies on this unit are allo. cated for use in North America Use in other,areas may result in poor reception. Handling the cord on this product or cords asso, ciated with accessories sold with the product will. expose you to chemicals listed on proposition 65,known to the State of California and other govern.
mental entities to cause cancer and birth defect,Presection. Before You Start, After sales service for purchase details in our files in the event of. loss or theft, Pioneer products Access owner s manuals spare parts infor. Please contact the dealer or distributor from mation service information and much. where you purchased this unit for after sales more. service including warranty conditions or any,other information In case the necessary infor. mation is not available please contact the Demo mode. companies listed below, Please do not ship your unit to the companies Important.
at the addresses listed below for repair without,Failure to connect the red lead ACC of this unit. advance contact,to a terminal coupled with ignition switch on off. operations may lead to battery drain,Pioneer Electronics USA Inc Demo mode. CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIVISION The demo automatically starts when the igni. P O Box 1760 tion switch is set to ACC or ON while the unit. Long Beach CA 90801 1760 is turned off Turning off the unit does not can. 800 421 1404 cel demo mode To cancel the demo mode. press DISP SCRL Press DISP SCRL, CANADA again to start Operating the demo while the. Pioneer Electronics of Canada Inc ignition switch is set to ACC may drain battery. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION DEPARTMENT power,300 Allstate Parkway.
Markham Ontario L3R 0P2,1 877 283 5901,905 479 4411. For warranty information please see the Lim,ited Warranty sheet included with this unit. In case of trouble,Should this unit fail to operate properly please. contact your dealer or nearest authorized,PIONEER Service Station. Visit our website,http www pioneerelectronics com,Learn about product updates such as firm.
ware updates for your product,Register your product to receive notices. about product updates and to safeguard,01 Operating this unit. Head unit Part Operation,Press to increase or decrease vo. Press to mute Press again to un,g AUDIO Press to select an audio function. Press to select different displays,h DISP SCRL Press and hold to scroll through.
the text information,i e Press to pause or resume,Press to select functions. AUX input jack 3 5 Press and hold to recall the initial. 1 DISP SCRL 8 j FUNCTION,mm stereo jack setting menu when the sources. 2 SRC OFF 9 USB port are off,MULTI CONTROL Press to display the disc title. 3 a list track title folder or file list de,k pending on the source. 4 Disc loading slot b 1 to 6 While in the operating menu. press to control functions,5 h eject c a b c d,6 CLOCK d BAND ESC.
Display indication,Use an optional Pioneer USB cable CD U50E to. connect the USB audio player USB memory to,the USB port Since the USB audio player USB. memory is projected forward from the unit it is,dangerous to connect directly. Do not use the unauthorized product,Indicator State. Remote control The disc album name is dis,Album search refinement on the.
iPod browsing function is in use,The disc track artist name is dis. Artist search refinement on the,iPod browsing function is in use. Main dis Tuner band and frequency,Built in CD USB and iPod. 3 play sec,elapsed playback time and,text information. Operating this unit 01, The track song name is dis Removing the front panel to protect your unit from.
played theft, A playable audio file has been se 1 Press to release the front panel. lected while operating the list 2 Grab the front panel and remove. Song search refinement on the, iPod browsing function is in use Re attaching the front panel. 1 Slide the front panel to the left until it clicks. An upper tier of folder or menu Front panel and the head unit are connected on. exists the left side Make sure that the front panel has. 6 folder The list function is operated been properly connected to the head unit. A lower tier of folder or menu ex,7 d It flashes when a song album re. lated to the song currently playing,is selected from iPod. 8 LOC The local seek tuning is on, 9 The loudness is on 2 Press the right side of the front panel until it is.
firmly seated, The selected frequency is being If you can t attach the front panel to the head unit. a 5 stereo, broadcasted in stereo successfully try again However forcing the front. b repeat Track or folder repeat is on panel into place may result in damage. ran Turning the unit on, c Random play is on 1 Press SRC OFF to turn the unit on. shuf Shuffle function is on while the Turning the unit off. d 1 Press SRC OFF and hold until the unit turns off. fle iPod source is being selected,Selecting a source. The sound retriever function is,e sound re 1 Press SRC OFF to cycle between.
triever TUNER tuner CD built in CD player USB,USB IPOD iPod AUX AUX. Adjusting the volume,1 Turn M C to adjust volume,Basic Operations. When this unit s blue white lead is connected, Handle gently when removing or attaching to the vehicle s auto antenna relay control. the front panel terminal the vehicle s antenna extends when. Avoid subjecting the front panel to excessive this unit s source is turned on To retract the. shock antenna turn the source off, Keep the front panel out of direct sunlight and In this manual iPod and iPhone will be re. high temperatures ferred to as iPod,Remove any cables and devices attached to.
this unit before detaching the front panel to,avoid damage to the device or vehicle interior. 01 Operating this unit, Use and care of the remote See www dtsc ca gov hazardouswaste. perchlorate Applicable to California U S A,Using the remote control. 1 Point the remote control in the direction of the Do not store the remote control in high tem. front panel to operate,peratures or direct sunlight. When using for the first time pull out the film,protruding from the tray.
The remote control may not function properly,in direct sunlight. Replacing the battery,Do not let the remote control fall onto the. 1 Slide the tray out on the back of the remote con. trol floor where it may become jammed under the, 2 Insert the battery with the plus and minus brake or accelerator pedal. poles aligned properly,Menu operations identical,for function settings audio. adjustments initial,settings lists,WARNING Returning to the previous display.
Keep the battery out of the reach of children Returning to the previous list category the folder ca. tegory one level higher,Should the battery be swallowed consult a. 1 Press DISP SCRL,doctor immediately, Batteries battery pack or batteries installed Returning to the main menu. Returning to the top tier of list category,must not be exposed to excessive heat such. 1 Press and hold DISP SCRL,as sunshine fire or the like. Returning to the ordinary display,Canceling the initial setting menu.
CAUTION 1 Press BAND ESC, Use one CR2025 3 V lithium battery Returning to the ordinary display from the list cate. Remove the battery if the remote control is not gory. used for a month or longer 1 Press BAND ESC,There is a danger of explosion if the battery is. incorrectly replaced Replace only with the,same or equivalent type. Do not handle the battery with metallic tools,Do not store the battery with metallic objects. If the battery leaks wipe the remote control,completely clean and install a new battery.
When disposing of used batteries comply,with governmental regulations or environmen. tal public institutions rules that apply in your,country area. Perchlorate Material special handling may,Operating this unit 01. Tuner LOCAL local seek tuning, Basic Operations Local seek tuning lets you tune in only those radio sta. tions with sufficiently strong signals for good recep. Selecting a band,1 Press M C to display the setting mode.
1 Press BAND ESC until the desired band F1 F2,2 Turn M C to select the desired setting. F3 for FM or AM is displayed,FM OFF LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 LEVEL. Manual tuning step by step 4,1 Press c or d AM OFF LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2. Larger setting number is higher level The highest, level setting allows reception of only the strongest. 1 Press and hold c or d and then release,stations while lower settings let you receive pro.
You can cancel seek tuning by briefly pressing c,gressively weaker stations. 3 Press M C to confirm the selection,While pressing and holding c or d you can skip. stations Seek tuning starts as soon as you re,lease c or d. Operation is complete even if the menu is can, Storing and recalling stations celled before being confirmed. You can easily store up to six stations for each,band as presets.
CD CD R CD RW and USB, When you find a station that you want storage devices. to store in memory press one of the preset, tuning buttons 1 to 6 and hold until the Basic Operations. preset number stops flashing, Stored radio station frequency can be recalled Playing a CD CD R CD RW. 1 Insert the disc label side up into the disc loading. by pressing the preset tuning button, You can also recall stored radio stations by 1 If a disc has already been inserted press SRC. pressing a or b during the frequency display OFF to select the built in CD player. Ejecting a CD CD R CD RW,Function settings,Playing songs on a USB storage device.
1 Press M C to display the main menu,1 Open the USB connector cover and plug in the. USB storage device using a USB cable,2 Turn M C to change the menu option. and press to select FUNCTION Stop playing a USB storage device. 1 You may disconnect the USB storage device at,3 Turn M C to select the function anytime. After selecting perform the following proce Selecting a folder. dures to set the function 1 Press a or b,BSM best stations memory Selecting a track. 1 Press c or d,BSM best stations memory automatically stores the.
six strongest stations in the order of their signal Fast forwarding or reversing. strength 1 Press and hold c or d,1 Press M C to turn BSM on. To cancel press M C again,01 Operating this unit,When playing back VBR variable bit rate re. Returning to root folder, 1 Press and hold BAND ESC corded MP3 files VBR is displayed instead of. bit rate value,Switching between compressed audio and CD DA. 1 Press BAND ESC,Selecting and playing files,tracks from the name list.
When playing compressed audio there is no,1 Press to switch to the file track. sound during fast forward or reverse,name list mode. USB portable audio players that can be, charged via USB will be recharged when 2 Use M C to select the desired file name. plugged in and the ignition switch is set to or folder name. Disconnect USB storage device from unit Changing file or folder name. when not in use 1 Turn M C, If plug and play is on and a USB storage de Playing. vice is present depending on the type of de 1 When a file or track is selected press M C. vice the source may switch to USB, Seeing a list of files or folders in the selected folder.
automatically when you turn on the engine 1 When a folder is selected press M C. Please change plug and play setting as neces,Playing a song in the selected folder. sary Refer to USB plug and play on page 12,1 When a folder is selected press and hold M C. Displaying text information Note, Selecting the desired text information Track title list will display the list of track titles on. CD RECEIVER AUTORADIO CD RADIO CD DEH 2200UB English Fran ais Espa ol Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER product To ensure proper use please read through this manual before using this product It is espe cially important that you read and observe WARNINGs and CAUTIONs in this manual Please keep the manual in a safe and accessible place for future reference This device complies with

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