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FROM THE DEAN, DEAN S MESSAGE For all of its alumni astronauts 23 to date Purdue. has many more working engineers who have helped,put those men and women into space Among those. Advanced manufacturing has been called the New,experts on the ground during NASA s successful. Industrial Revolution While the earlier movement,Orion spacecraft launch last December were three. brought a change from hand labor to machines that,Boilermakers with degrees from the School of.
enabled mass production advanced manufacturing, Aeronautics and Astronautics Their work could help. allows a rapid transfer of science and technology into. spur a future Orion flight eventually leading to the first. the manufacturing process,astronauts on Mars in the 2030s. In 2011 the President s Council of Advisors on, And in preparation for human habitation on the Red. Science and Technology recommended an advanced,Plant Jocelyn Dunn an industrial engineering PhD. manufacturing initiative The initiative is driving. candidate had the opportunity to simulate living on. innovation through applied research programs,for promising new technologies public private.
Mars through the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog,and Simulation HI SEAS program She spent eight. LEAH H JAMIESON partnerships and shared technology infrastructure. months in isolation working as chief science officer. to support advances in existing manufacturing,The John A Edwardson. Dean of Engineering industries Purdue Engineering has heeded the call. for innovation in advanced manufacturing through On Oct 9 the University announced Ever True The. Ransburg Distinguished, Professor of Electrical and industry partnerships a multidisciplinary range of Campaign for Purdue University with a record setting. Computer Engineering specialized research and centers of excellence that 2 019 billion goal As a College we have benefited. promise to transform manufacturing technology immensely from loyal alumni ae and friends whose. contributions have helped us achieve our strategic. growth goals and those of the Purdue Moves initiative. ON THE COVER The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing. With this campaign the College of Engineering looks. This rendering depicts a new,Innovation will offer modeling and simulation. ahead to doing more by increasing our scholarships. plasmonic oxide material that could tools to develop composites more quickly and at a. make possible devices for optical for deserving students hiring and retaining. communications that are at least, lower cost while allowing more time for innovation.
premier faculty through endowed professorships, 10 times faster than conventional throughout the entire supply chain The Flexible Hybrid. technologies The research team is led and modernizing and maximizing our space to. by Alexandra Boltasseva associate, Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute will. accommodate our growth in both size and innovative. professor of electrical and computer focus on the design manufacturing and integration. engineering and Vladimir M Shalaev teaching and research. scientific director of nanophotonics,of electronics and sensors and examine assembly. at Purdue s Birck Nanotechnology and test automation for using complex flexible hybrid. Center and a distinguished professor These are just a few of the exciting stories in this. of electrical and computer engi,electronics, neering Purdue University image edition of Engineering Impact. Nathaniel Kinsey, The Four Stories of Purdue Engineering s Strategy for Impact frame everything we do in the College As we grow.
the spirit captured by the four stories continues to serve as the guiding vision for the College and for this maga. zine as we use these icons to connect to our Four Stories Read the Four Stories at https engineering purdue. edu Eng AboutUs StrategicGrowthInitiative pdf strategy for impact pdf. Always PurdueEngineering OurPeopleOurCulture Purdue Innovate PurdueEngineering ChangeTheWorld Purdue. Create and sustain the Engineering Engage our people Build an innovation ecosystem Engineering Reshape our. human intellectual and to transform our culture and nurture a culture of research universe and bring. information infrastructures because empowered people creativity that takes us far solutions to the globe. that connect people and radiate passion that energizes beyond where we are today. Purdue for life them to change the world,M A N U F A C T U R I N G. ADVANCING 26 30 36,MANUFACTURING BEYOND THE,LABORATORY. SCALING THE,SOLAR SYSTEM,ENGINEERING A,Purdue Engineering is driving. Three Purdue Student led team Purdue researchers, innovation that moves discovery researchers find designs interactive finally figure out. to delivery success with exhibit that honors how much heat hair. startup companies Purdue alumna can withstand,Janice Voss.
REPLACING THE GOLD,New materials bring plasmonics,technology out of the lab and into. nanophotonic devices for harsh,environments,SPACE HUNTERS. Purdue Aeronautics and,Astronautics graduates play. critical roles in the historic,Orion space launch,STUDENT FEATURE. LIFE ON MARS,Doctoral student,spent eight months in.
simulated Red Planet environment,COLLABORATORY,ALUMNAE PROFILE. Grads create non profit to inspire,the youngest future engineers. STRATEGIC GROWTH,Getting bigger is not enough,AT YOUR SERVICE. Concierge program provides,resources to recruit and retain. The Campaign for Purdue,SPOTLIGHT NEWS,AS OF FALL 2015 THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING HAS.
ADMINISTRATION,Leah Jamieson Dean,Klod Kokini Associate Dean Academic Affairs. Audeen Fentiman Associate Dean Graduate Education,443 FACULTY. and Interdisciplinary Programs,Melba Crawford Associate Dean Research. Robert Frosch Associate Dean Resource Planning and Management. OF WHICH 77 ARE WOMEN STUDENTS Michael Harris Associate Dean Undergraduate Education. Arvind Raman Associate Dean Global Engineering, A HIGH FOR THE COLLEGE Elizabeth Holloway Assistant Dean Undergraduate Education. Kathleen Howell Acting Associate Dean Academic Affairs. A RECORD HIGH William Sondgerath Administrative Director. Christine Babick Director of Communications, Alyssa Wilcox Associate Vice President Advancement.
Jason Dietz Director Financial Affairs, Carolyn Percifield Director Strategic Planning and Assessment. MORE THAN 1 IN 4,David Carmichael Director Information Technology. UNDERGRAD ENROLLMENT David Robledo Director of Data Analytics and Information. UP 14 PURDUE UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS PRODUCTION MEDIA. Mark Craft Assistant Vice President Marketing,AND 1 IN 3 GRADUATE STUDENTS. IN THE COLLEGE Della Pacheco Editor, OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS Kate Walker Marketing Strategist. ARE STUDYING ENGINEERING Katie Joseph Senior Graphic Designer. Dan Howell Copy Editor, Contributing Writers Eric Bender Phillip Fiorini William Meiners.
Angela Petrie Paige Pope Amy Raley Cynthia Sequin Jamison. Stoike Linda Thomas Terhune Emil Venere, Photographers Jeff Goecker Charles Jischke Mark Simons John. Underwood Vincent Walter Rebecca Wilcox,SCHOOL DEPARTMENT AND DIVISION HEADS. YEARLY RESEARCH EXPENDITURES UP GRADUATE ENROLLMENT UP Tom Shih Aeronautics and Astronautics. Bernard Engel Agricultural and Biological Engineering. George Wodicka Biomedical Engineering,IN THE COLLEGE Arvind Varma Chemical Engineering. SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE STRATEGIC PLAN IN 2007 OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS Rao Govindaraju Civil Engineering. Makarand Hastak Construction Engineering and Management. Venkataramanan Balakrishnan Electrical and Computer Engineering. David Radcliffe Engineering Education,Dale Harris Engineering Professional Education. John Sutherland Environmental and Ecological Engineering. Abhijit Deshmukh Industrial Engineering,David Bahr Materials Engineering.
Anil Bajaj Mechanical Engineering,Ahmed Hassanein Nuclear Engineering. MOVING Alumni should send change of address notices. to Development and Alumni Information Services Purdue. WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU University 401 South Grant St West Lafayette IN 47907. Include your name and address and send to Other readers may send address changes to Engineering. Engineering Impact Office of Marketing and Media Purdue University 401 South Grant St Impact see contact information at left. West Lafayette IN 47907 2025 e mail peimpact purdue edu. We may edit letters for length and clarity EA EOU, Produced by Purdue Marketing and Media ENG 15 5659. M A N U F A C T U R I N G, Purdue Engineering is driving innovation that moves discovery to delivery. BY PHILLIP FIORINI AND EMIL VENERE, PURDUE ENGINEERING IS heeding a national a share of GDP and employment according technologies public private. call for innovation in advanced manufactur to a 2011 report from the President s Council partnerships the creation and. ing through industry partnerships a multi of Advisors on Science and Technology dissemination of design methodologies. disciplinary range of specialized research which has recommended an advanced for manufacturing and shared technology. and centers of excellence that promise to manufacturing initiative infrastructure to support advances in. transform manufacturing technology existing manufacturing industries. The initiative is driving innovation in, While an economic mainstay manufacturing advanced manufacturing through applied.
in the USA has for decades been declining as research programs for promising new. A FEW FACTS ABOUT,MANUFACTURING, Although manufacturing has become a smaller share of the nation s economy over time it. remains a crucial engine for job creation and economic growth. MANUFACTURING IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MANUFACTURING IS THE. LARGEST SECTOR,OF INDIANA S ECONOMY,ACCOUNTING FOR APPROXIMATELY. EMPLOYMENT,12 OF GROSS,DOMESTIC PRODUCT,60 OF EXPORTS 69 OF PRIVATE R D. OF INDIANA S JOBS,PURDUE UNIVERSITY CENTER FOR, Exports data from 2010 R D data from 2009 the latest year available all other data from 2011. ADVANCED MANUFACTURING,MONTHLY NET JOB,GROWTH IN THE.
MANUFACTURING,SECTOR THOUSANDS,485 000 JOBS,in manufacturing added since February 2010. RECENT TRENDS IN,MANUFACTURING, MANUFACTURING HAS MADE UP OF TOTAL ECONOMIC GROWTH. 19 PROFESSIONAL,26 SINCE 2009,BUSINESS SERVICES,10 EDUCATION. AND HEALTHCARE,14 RETAIL AND,WHOLESALE TRADE, Growth in manufacturing sector nominal GDP since 2009 as a percentage of growth in total nominal GDP since 2009. SOURCE BLS BEA Census National Science Foundation U S Department of Commerce U S Department of the Treasury Purdue University Center for Advanced Manufacturing. FEATURE ADVANCING MANUFACTURING,EQUIPPING A PARTNERING.
SKILLED WORKFORCE WITH GE ON BRILLIANT,OF THE FUTURE FACTORIES. At the heart of Purdue s research and edu Purdue is working with GE on several. cation efforts is the role the University plays projects related to advanced manufactur. in equipping the future leaders and skilled ing They are partners in the federal Digital. workforce in advanced manufacturing Manufacturing Design Innovation Institute. DMDII one of five manufacturing innova, If you want to have a significant impact as tion institutes that have been established. a land grant university you need a vision by the Obama administration to date to. to translate the discoveries in the research bolster America s leadership and competi. laboratory to the marketplace particularly tiveness in manufacturing. in manufacturing says R Byron Pipes, the John Leighton Bray Distinguished The focus of DMDII is to develop technolo. Professor of Engineering He will lead gies to build a digital thread that connects. Purdue s Institute for Advanced Composites Modeling and simulation tools on the Composites all parts of the manufacturing supply chain. Manufacturing Innovation IACMI which Virtual Factory HUB cvfHUB will help address the from product design to operations on the. need to shorten the development cycle and decrease. includes the Design Modeling Simulation the cost of composites manufacturing while allowing. factory floor Such a thread will enable, Enabling Technology Center The center more time for innovation throughout the entire supply faster more real time decision making. will offer modeling and simulation tools chain Purdue image provided and provide feedback loops that allow for. to help address the need to shorten the continuous improvements in manufacturing. development cycle and decrease the cost of processes and product designs. composites manufacturing while allowing centers of excellence The Indiana center. more time for innovation throughout the will develop streams of valued added Purdue and GE in 2014 announced a. entire supply chain Pipes says products that can be manufactured from GE Purdue Partnership in Research and. fibers and prepreg materials reclaimed Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing. The USA s success in being competitive in from the factory floor. the global economy forces research univer, sities to impact value added labor efficient In partnership with Oak Ridge National.
processes that lead to higher paying jobs Laboratory Purdue will develop simulation. and a stronger manufacturing economy of composites additive manufacturing. Pipes says stand up additive manufacturing facilities. to support advances in existing manufacturing industries Purdue Engineering has heeded the call for innovation in advanced manufacturing through industry partnerships a multidisciplinary range of specialized research and centers of excellence that promise to transform manufacturing technology The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation will offer modeling and simulation

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