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TABLE OF CONTENTS,Tested Reliable Guaranteed,Caterpillar C15 Engine Parts. CATERPILLAR C15 ENGINE PARTS,Choosing the right Overhaul Kits. replacement part or service for Inframe Kits 7,your vehicle whether you own. one or a fleet is one of the Overhaul Parts 8,most important decisions you Overhaul 8. can make for your business,And with tested TRP parts.
it s an easy decision Air Management Components, Regardless of the engine you Turbochargers Components 9. use TRP quality replacement Bolts 10,parts are engineered to. fit Choose the parts that Air Compressors Components 10. give you the best value,for your business Check,them out at an approved Cooling System Components. TRP retailer near you Thermostats Components 11,The parts listed in this catalog are. representative of the engine parts available,Water Pumps Components 12.
but not all inclusive of current,and or future offerings. All manufacturers names numbers symbols,Crankshafts Components. and descriptions are for reference only It,is not implied that any part is the product of. Crankshafts 14,the manufacturer Caterpillar and Cat are. registered trademarks for Caterpillar Inc Crankshaft Parts 14. The cross reference information in this,catalog is based upon data provided.
by several industry sources and our Cylinder Components. partners While every attempt is made, to ensure the information presented Cylinder Packs Kits 15. is accurate we bear no liability due to,incorrect or incomplete information. Product Availability,Due to export restrictions and market. demands not all products are,TRP North America, always available in every location 750 Houser Way N. Check for availability in your area,with your local TRP Distributor Renton WA 98057.
No part of this marketing material may be,www trpparts com. reproduced in any manner without written,permission from TRP North America. TRP401EN www trpparts com,Caterpillar C15 Engine Parts. Connecting Rods Components 16 Solenoids 26,Bolts 16 Terminals 26. Pins 16 Hardware 27,Caterpillar,Liners Components 16.
Pistons Components 17 Engine Flywheels,Pins 18 Flywheels 28. Cylinder Heads Components Fuel System Components,Cylinder Heads 19 Injectors Components 29. Cylinder Head Components 20 Bolts 30,Nuts 20 Sleeves 30. Spacers 21 Fuel Pumps Components 30,Washers 21 Engine Parts. Related Parts 31,Engine Blocks Components Bolts 33.
Engine Blocks 22 Grommets 33,Camshafts Components 22 Nuts 33. Oil Coolers Components 22 Pins 33,Install Kits 22 Spacers 33. Oil Pans 23 Studs 34,Bolts 23 Washers 34,Related Parts 23. Cross Reference, Engine Brakes Components OEM MFR Cross Reference 35. Tune Up Kits 24,Exhaust Brakes 24,Indexes Tables,Part Number Index 38.
Engine Brake Parts 25,Subject Index 41,Air Cylinders 26. TRP401EN 3,Caterpillar C15 Engine Parts,TRP ENGINE PARTS. Caterpillar,TRP Aftermarket Parts for trucks trailers. and buses are available through a network,of authorized retailers that include Kenworth. Peterbilt and DAF dealerships around the,world From dump trucks to cement mixers.
delivery vans to tractor trailers school buses to,transit buses of any age TRP offers reliable. aftermarket products that are designed and,tested to not only meet OEM specifications but. to exceed customers expectations regardless of,which major manufacturer makes their vehicles. Confidence for the road ahead, Drivers and their vehicles from trucks trailers and buses are constantly being tested. Whether it s the elements the schedule or the terrain you must be prepared The. TRP line of parts and service is engineered to withstand those tests and exceed them. TRP is dedicated to providing the reliability that drivers demand out of their vehicles It s. the partnership between tough parts and the roads that test them It s a focus on extend. ing the life of your vehicle no matter the make so you can get the most out of your truck. trailer or bus, What the TRP logo means to you is confidence Confidence that you re covered no mat.
ter your make or vehicle Confidence that the job will get done And the confidence to take. on whatever test may wait around the next turn,Caterpillar C15 Engine Parts. DON T SEE A PRODUCT,Caterpillar,Be sure to check with your local TRP Kenworth. or Peterbilt dealer for additional products,pricing and availability. The TRP Engine Parts Catalog contains information from. a variety of suppliers including those listed below All. brand names logos images information that came from. our suppliers and vendors are trademarked registered and. property of that supplier,American Power Source,Center Manufacturing Inc. Federal Mogul,Illinois Auto Truck Co Inc,Interstate McBee.
Jacobs Vehicle Systems, To provide feedback on this TRP Engine Parts Catalog. please contact us at feedback TRPParts com,TRP Engine Parts Catalog 2013. All manufacturers names symbols and descriptions are for reference Caterpillar CAT are registered trademarks of Caterpillar Inc. only It is not implied that any part is the product of these manufacturers. TRP401EN 5,Caterpillar C15 Engine Parts,Caterpillar Chart. Caterpillar Model Chart and Serial Number Location. Caterpillar, Serial numbers consist of a string of alphanumeric code The serial and. model number is located on a metallic plate on the passenger side of the. valve cover If the metallic plate is missing the engine serial number is. stamped on the passenger side of the cylinder block just behind the exhaust. Prefixes for selected Caterpillar engine models,3406A 3406B 3406C 3406E C15.
3406A 3406B 3406C 3406E C15,8SB 2EK 3ZJ 1LW B5R,92U 3ZJ 4CK 1MM BXS. 4CK 5KJ 2WS JEP,4MG 5DS KRA,5KJ 5EK MHP,5YG 6TS MXS. Prefixes for selected Caterpillar Remanufactured engine models. 3406A 3406B 3406C 3406E C15,8SB 7XC 4AS C2A, Note Correct engine serial number and engine arrangement number are required for accurate parts. identification,Caterpillar C15 Engine Parts,OVERHAUL KITS. For all Inframe and Overhaul Kits and Parts be sure to have your ESN available. Caterpillar,Inframe Kits,Table 1 Inframe Kits,UOM Qty Per.
Part No OEM No Description Engine SPQ Comment,1807352C15MC1FCAT Inframe Kit EA 1 1. Kit Contains Cylinder liner,Inframe Kit Seals Ring sets Rod bear. MC1FC15E1CAT EA 1 1,Re Ring C15 ings Main bearings Thrust. plates Inframe gasket kit,Inframe Overhaul,MC1F1807352C15CAT MC1F1807352C15 EA 1 1. Table 2 Gaskets Rings Seals,OEM UOM Qty Per,Part No Description Engine SPQ Comment.
Inframe Gasket Set For C15,MCBC15212CAT EA 1 1,Acert Applications. CBC15112CAT Overhaul Inframe Gasket Set C15 EA 1 1 Contains oil pan isolator seal. TRP401EN Overhaul Kits 7,Caterpillar C15 Engine Parts. Overhaul Parts,Table 3 Gaskets Rings Seals,OEM Qty Per. Part No Description UOM SPQ,Caterpillar, MCBC15211CAT Major Overhaul Gasket Set For C15 Acert Applications EA 1 1. 8 Overhaul Kits,Caterpillar C15 Engine Parts,AIR MANAGEmENT COmPONENTS.
Quality Remanufactured Air Compressors New and Remanufactured Turbochargers. Caterpillar,Turbochargers Components,Table 4 Turbochargers Reman. UOM Qty Per,Part No OEM No Description Engine SPQ,Reman Turbocharger C15 Family GTA4294BS 12 Fins. 0R7578TRP 716269 0003 On Compressor Side 10 Fins On Turbine Side Wastegate EA 1 1. Alternate 164 9490 190 6210,Reman Turbocharger C15 Family GTA4702BS 12 Fins. 0R7923TRP 704604 0011 On Compressor Side 10 Fins On Turbine Side Wastegate EA 1 1. Alternate 167 9271 196 5951 0R7310 704604 0007,Reman Turbocharger C15 Family GTA4702BS 12 Fins. 10R2962TRP 732915 0003 On Compressor Side 10 Fins On Turbine Side Wastegate EA 1 1. Alternate 261 6857,Table 5 Gaskets Rings Seals,UOM Qty Per.
Part No OEM No Description Engine SPQ, 1978418CAT 1978418 Turbocharger Lines Gasket 0 1 lbs 0 04 kgs EA 1 1. Turbocharger Oil Gasket End Item Identification Mrap M Atv. 1978419CAT 1978419 EA 1 1,0 1 lbs 0 04 kgs,19594JCB 19594 Turbocharger Gasket EA 1 1. TRP401EN Air Management Components 9,Caterpillar C15 Engine Parts. Table 6 Hardware,Part No OEM No Description UOM SPQ. Caterpillar, 2N2765CAT 2N2765 Turbocharger Bolt High Temp EA 4 4.
Air Compressors Components,Image Courtesy of Bendix Commercial. Vehicle Systems LLC All rights reserved,Table 7 Air Compressors Reman. UOM Qty Per,Part No OEM No Description Engine SPQ, 5002984BXR 5002984 Reman Air Compressor TF 550 Rear End Cover Studs EA 1 1. 5002983BXR 5002983 Reman Air Compressor TF 750 Rear End Cover Studs EA 1 1. 10 Air Management Components,Caterpillar C15 Engine Parts. COOLING SYSTEm COmPONENTS, Quality Thermostats and Water Pumps and their related parts.
Caterpillar,Thermostats Components,Table 8 Thermostat Kits. UOM Qty Per,Part No OEM No Description Engine SPQ,7C3095KTCAT Thermostat Kit EA 1 1. Table 9 Regulators,UOM Qty Per,Part No OEM No Description Engine SPQ. 2477133CAT 2477133 Temperature Regulator 208 F EA 1. Table 10 Gaskets Rings Seals,UOM Qty Per,Part No OEM No Description Engine SPQ. 1393550CAT 1393550 Regulator Housing Gasket EA 1 1. 1359819CAT 1359819 Filler Group Gasket EA 1 1,4N1156CAT 4N1156 Thermostat Housing Gasket EA 1 1.
TRP401EN Cooling System Components 11,Caterpillar C15 Engine Parts. Water Pumps Components,Caterpillar,Table 11 Water Pumps New. UOM Qty Per,Part No OEM No Description Engine SPQ Comment. 1615719CAT 1615719 New Water Pump Fits C15 3406E EA 1 1. New Water Pump C15 Dished Gear,1615719CAT 1615719 EA 1 1. With Straight Teeth,Contains mounting seals,1615719CAT 1615719 New Water Pump C15 EA 1 1.
and gaskets,Table 12 Water Pumps Reman,UOM Qty Per. Part No OEM No Description Engine SPQ,0R4120 0R8330. RW6012XM1DRMAN Reman Water Pump EA 1 1,0R8218 10R0483. RW6014XM1DRMAN 10R0484 Reman Water Pump w Straight Teeth EA 1 1. Table 13 Pump Shafts,Part No OEM No Description UOM SPQ. 1354928CAT 135 4928 Water Pump Shaft EA 1 1,12 Cooling System Components.
Caterpillar C15 Engine Parts,Table 14 Gaskets Rings Seals. Part No OEM No Description UOM SPQ,9M3786CAT 9M 3786 Water Pump O Ring Seal EA. Caterpillar, 4W4014CAT 4W4014 Water Outlet Housing Gasket 6 Bolt EA 1 1. Table 15 Hardware,Part No OEM No Description UOM SPQ. 3E6772CAT 3E6772 Cylinder Head Water Grommet EA 24 12. 8H9204CAT 8H9204 Fuel Pump Felt Washer 7 8 OD x 19 32 ID x 5 16 Thick EA 6. TRP401EN Cooling System Components 13,Caterpillar C15 Engine Parts.
CRANkSHAFTS COmPONENTS,Quality new Crankshafts and related parts. Caterpillar,Crankshafts,Table 16 Crankshafts Reman. UOM Qty Per,Part No OEM No Description Engine SPQ, 1601799CATR 1601799 Reman Crankshaft Cat C15 EA 1 1. Crankshaft Parts,Table 17 Gaskets Rings Seals,UOM Qty Per. Part No OEM No Description Engine SPQ, Crankshaft Seal Gasket Front 0 7 lbs 0 31 kgs 1 PC.
1425867CAT 1425867 EA 1 1,Seal And Wear Sleeve Combo. Crankshaft Seal Rear 0 7 lbs 0 31 kgs 17mm Length 5. 1425868CAT 1425868 EA 1 1,Width 17mm Depth Flanged Face Sleeve. 14 Crankshafts Components,Caterpillar C15 Engine Parts. CYLINDER COmPONENTS, Quality Cylinder Components located in the Engine Block. Caterpillar,Cylinder Packs Kits,Table 18 Cylinder Packs.
UOM Qty Per,Part No OEM No Description Engine SPQ Comment. Cylinder Pack C15 1 PC,10R3304CATR 10R3304 KIT 6 1. Steel Piston 18 1 CR,Cylinder Pack C15 Low HP,10R3304CATR 10R3304 KIT 6 1. 18 1 CR 1 PC Steel,TRP401EN Cylinder Components 15. Engine Parts CATERPILLAR C15 Proven reliable and always innovative TRP offers reliable aftermarket engine products designed and tested to match both OEM parts performance and life as well as exceed customer expectations for quality and value Overhaul Kits turbOchargers cylinders engine cOmpOnents CATERPILLAR C15 ENGINE PARTS TALE OF CTETS TRP North America 750 Houser Way N

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