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Introduction,ABB in the Textile Industry,ABB offers solutions for complete. electrification systems including the,integration of the automation and. optimization systems ABB,combines local and global. competence to satisfy your needs,ABB delivers from small systems. up to multi million turn key, Identified and implemented numerous energy efficient motor solutions.
Many of these solutions have ABB drives, Implemented control solutions in many textile plants. Many ABB Analyzers Flow Pressure Temperature are currently. being used in textile plants,Energy Efficiency in the Indian Industry. Significant Potential for improvement,Textile industry is the third largest. energy consuming industry after,chemical and engineering sector. The estimated energy saving,potential is 23 for textile industry.
Source TERI report,This graph is only indicative,Source Various studies. ABB Services,Structured standard elements of service scope. 1 Service Agreements,4 Spares 9 Extension 10 End of. 2 Installation 5 7 Engineering 8 Advanced 11,3 Training 6 Repairs Upgrades life. commissioning Maintenance Consulting Services Replacement. Consumables Retrofits Services, Installation On site Spare parts Preventive Repair services Engineering Performance Upgrades Decommissioning Replacement.
Training maintenance improvement,Replacement Workshop Planning and Services Resale. Commissioning Classroom Predictive Software,Parts repairs specification. Training maintenance Asset Disposal and,System Hardware. Pre owned parts Refurbishment optimization recycling. Simulation E Learning On site condition integration. Reconditioning,monitoring Op excellence Extensions. services Customization, Programming Parts Kits Remote condition reliability Audit Offerings.
services monitoring Process safety Retrofit Motor Drive System. On site repair Configurations,Consumables Life cycle. Environmental Assessments solutions, assessment Corrective Consulting compliance Power system Analysis. Exchange unit Inspections maintenance,diagnostics,System Power factor Harmonic. Technical Benchmarking performance,and audits,Extended support. Holistic Efficiency,Enhancement,Energy Audit covering.
Remote management Maintenance Electrical,Parts and Trouble shooting Management Thermal. management,Cyber Security Compressors,Software as a. Pumps Fans,service Captive Power Plant,Fingerprint. Data services,Control system Fingerprint,Data back up Health check of electrical. Data engineering Residual Life assessments of,major electrical equipment.
Offerings for textile industry,ABB Energy Efficiency Services. Power System Power Quality Motor Drive system assessments. Power system analysis,Power factor harmonic study,Energy audit. Electrical,Boiler FingerPrint Compressors,Pumps Fans. Boiler FingerPrint,Captive power plant FingerPrint. Health check of electrical equipment,Control system FingerPrint.
Residual Life Assessments RLA of,major electrical equipment. Offerings for textile industry,ABB s Energy Efficiency Products and Solutions. High Efficiency Motors Drives High efficiency motors IE1 IE2 IE3. Variable speed drives VSDs,Power quality solutions APFC panels. active filters,Control systems and optimization software. Compact HMI 800xA Freelance 800F,Active Filters open control system.
Instrumentation and Measurement,COMMANDER 1900R for temperature. control of slasher dryer cans pressure,transmitter 600T. Energy management software CPM plus,Renewable energy offerings solar. Solar PV solutions,Photovoltaic,One stop shop for all your PAT. commitments and RPO obligations,Industrial Energy Efficiency for Textile.
Program Overview,Industrial Energy Efficiency,Opportunity Sustaining. Master Planning Implementation,Identification Benefits. Energy Efficiency Benchmarking Master Planning for selected Project Management Continuous Improvements. opportunities, Electrical and automation systems System Implementation Performance Services. Motor Drives Control loops Feasibility Studies for selected. Improvement of behaviours and Life Cycle Services,high priority opportunities e g. Metering and reporting practices,Benefit Tracking,Analyser systems Benefit Tracking.
Energy mgt Systems,Compressed air utilization,Drives Systems. Maintenance Improvement,Detailed investment Proposals. Boiler Steam System,for selected projects,Benefits verification and. measurement methodology,Efficiency Increase,Continuous. New Systems,improvement,and practices,Quick wins,ABB s full product service portfolio.
Power Energy Efficiency Intelligent Operation Measurements. Switchyard Machines Motors SCADA systems Flow meters. HV MV LV systems DCS PLC solutions Quality analyzers. VVVF Drives Pressure level,equipment Optimization tools. Protection systems Soft starters Asset management,temperature meters. Indicators recorders,PF improvement Remote monitoring. Energy savings and controllers,harmonic filters diagnostic. ABB s full product service portfolio,Health checks condition.
monitoring,RLA LEAP for electrical,Static equipment. Machines Motors,Control systems for boiler,Retrofit Upgrades and expansions. HT breakers transformers,CT CVT PT LA,Protection systems. MV LV Switchgear,Machines Motors,Measurement monitoring. optimization,Flow pH water quality,SCADA and DCS,Asset monitoring.
management leak detection,filters pumps,Smart distribution metering. ABB s full product service portfolio,Energy management. Efficiency solutions,Power process,consultancy,PF improvement. Harmonic analysis filters,Maximum demand control,Power availability tariff. driven operations,Demand forecasting,planning scheduling.
VVVF drives,High efficiency machines,References,Energy efficient Baldor. motors in textile industry,References,Energy efficient Baldor. motors in textile industry,ABB saves energy for textile industries. Optimizing energy consumption at Century Enka Pune. Project year 2011,Customer need, Old DC motor drive installed at the Century Enka unit in Pune with old PLC. had frequent breakdowns The customer wanted highly reliable and energy. efficient motors for draw twisting applications,ABB solution.
ABB supplied super efficiency Baldor motors 22kw 4pole and 18 5kw 4 pole. for total 6 machines,Customer value,Energy savings 18 as compared with old motors. Payback time 1 5 years,Breakdowns reduced from 5 to nil. ABB saves energy for textile industries,Optimizing energy consumption at SRF Malanpur. Project year 2010 Customer need, High efficiency and reliable motors for old twisting machines. ABB solution, Supplied 40 nos of Baldor Super Efficiency 45kw motors with 95 4.
efficiency and flat curve,Customer value,Energy savings 4 5 energy savings. Payback time 18 months, Bearing life increased from 40 000 hours to 1 00 000 hours. Greasing interval increased from 4 months to 6 months. ABB saves energy for textile industries,Optimizing energy consumption at Abhishek Yarn. Project year 2009 Customer need, High efficiency and reliable motors for ring frames. ABB solution, Supplied 21 nos of 40kw 4 pole Baldor super efficiency motors with 95.
efficiency and flat curve,Customer value,Energy savings 7 energy savings. Payback time 24 months, Bearing life increased from 40 000 hours to 1 00 000 hours. ABB saves energy for textile industries,Optimizing energy consumption at Raymond Thane. Project year 2009 Customer need, High efficiency and reliable motors for chilled water pump application. ABB solution, Supplied 11 kw 4 pole Baldor standard efficiency motors with 91.
Customer value,Energy savings 12 3 energy savings,Payback time 18 months. Bearing life increased from 40 000 hours to 1 00 000 hours. Energy efficiency in textile industry Process safety System performance Environmental compliance Holistic Efficiency Enhancement Cyber Security Maintenance Management Project management Software as a service Services Preventive maintenance Predictive On site condition monitoring Life cycle assessment Workshop repairs Refurbishment Reconditioning services Remote Trouble shooting Repair

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