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Eclipse Project,200303331 3,Eclipse Project Aims,Provide open platform for application development. Run on a wide range of operating systems,GUI and non GUI. Language neutral,Permit unrestricted content types. HTML Java C JSP EJB XML GIF,Facilitate seamless tool integration. At UI and deeper,Add new tools to existing installed products.
Attract community of tool developers,Including independent software vendors ISVs. Capitalize on popularity of Java for writing tools. 200303331 4,Eclipse Overview,Eclipse Platform,Java Workbench Help. Development,Tools JFace,Plug in Workspace,Development Debug. Environment,Platform Runtime Tool,200303331 Eclipse Project 5. Eclipse Origins,Eclipse created by OTI and IBM teams responsible.
for IDE products,IBM VisualAge Smalltalk Smalltalk IDE. IBM VisualAge Java Java IDE,IBM VisualAge Micro Edition Java IDE. Initially staffed with 40 full time developers,Geographically dispersed development teams. OTI Ottawa OTI Minneapolis OTI Zurich IBM,Toronto OTI Raleigh IBM RTP IBM St Nazaire. Effort transitioned into open source project,IBM donated initial Eclipse code base.
Platform JDT PDE,200303331 7,Brief History of Eclipse. April Work begins on Eclipse inside OTI IBM,June Eclipse Tech Preview ships. March http www eclipsecorner org opens,June Eclipse 0 9 ships. October Eclipse 1 0 ships,November IBM donates Eclipse source base. eclipse org board announced,http www eclipse org opens.
June Eclipse 2 0 ships,September Eclipse 2 0 1 ships. November Eclipse 2 0 2 ships,March Eclipse 2 1 ships. 200303331 8,What is Eclipse,Eclipse is a universal platform. for integrating development tools,Open extensible architecture based on plug ins. Plug in development PDE,environment,Java development JDT.
Eclipse Platform Platform,Standard Java2,200303331 Virtual Machine 10. Eclipse Plug in Architecture,Plug in smallest unit of Eclipse function. Big example HTML editor,Small example Action to create zip files. Extension point named entity for collecting,contributions. Example extension point for workbench preference UI. Extension a contribution,Example specific HTML editor preferences.
200303331 11,Eclipse Plug in Architecture,Each plug in. Contributes to 1 or more extension points,Optionally declares new extension points. Depends on a set of other plug ins,Contains Java code libraries and other files. May export Java based APIs for downstream plug ins. Lives in its own plug in subdirectory,Details spelled out in the plug in manifest. Manifest declares contributions,Code implements contributions and provides API.
plugin xml file in root of plug in subdirectory,200303331 12. Plug in Manifest,plugin xml,id com example tool Plug in identification. name Example Plug in Tool,class com example tool ToolPlugin. requires Other plug ins needed,import plugin org eclipse core resources. import plugin org eclipse ui,runtime Location of plug in s code.
library name tool jar,point org eclipse ui preferencepages Declare. page id com example tool preferences contribution,icon icons knob gif this plug in makes. title Tool Knobs,class com example tool ToolPreferenceWizard. extension Declare new extension,extension point point open to contributions. name Frob Providers,id com example tool frobProvider.
from other plug ins,Eclipse Plug in Architecture,Typical arrangement. plug in A plug in B,extension contributes,implements. interface I class C,Plug in A creates calls,Declares extension point P. Declares interface I to go with P,Implements interface I with its own class C. Contributes class C to extension point P, 200303331 Plug in A instantiates C and calls its I methods 14.
Eclipse Platform Architecture,Eclipse Platform Runtime is micro kernel. All functionality supplied by plug ins,Eclipse Platform Runtime handles start up. Discovers plug ins installed on disk,Matches up extensions with extension points. Builds global plug in registry,Caches registry on disk for next time. 200303331 15,Plug in Activation,Each plug in gets its own Java class loader.
Delegates to required plug ins,Restricts class visibility to exported APIs. Contributions processed without plug in activation. Example Menu constructed from manifest info for,contributed items. Plug ins are activated only as needed, Example Plug in activated only when user selects its. Scalable for large base of installed plug ins,Helps avoid long start up times. 200303331 16,Plug in Fragments,Plug in fragments holds some of plug in s files.
Separately installable,Each fragment has separate subdirectory. Separate manifest file,Logical plug in Base plug in fragments. Plug in fragments used for,Isolation of OS dependencies. Internalization fragments hold translations,200303331 17. Plug in Install,Features group plug ins into installable chunks.
Feature manifest file,Plug ins and features bear version identifiers. major minor service,Multiple versions may co exist on disk. Features downloadable from web site,Using Eclipse Platform update manager. Obtain and install new plug ins,Obtain and install updates to existing plug ins. Eclipse Project Aims Provide open platform for application development tools Run on a wide range of operating systems GUI and non GUI Language neutral Permit unrestricted content types HTML Java C JSP EJB XML GIF Facilitate seamless tool integration At UI and deeper Add new tools to existing installed products

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