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enabling 3 d moviemaking autodesk retools maya,Image courtesy of DreamWorks Animation SKG. and Chicken Little Also absolutely working with companies including Autodesk is that we can take a. DreamWorks Animation as they DreamWorks Animation SKG to bring pipeline wide view of stereoscopy. have made a very significant premium stereoscopic entertainment Instead of just providing a point. commitment to stereoscopy to audiences through big screens in solution in a single product we ve. the movie theater and computer taken a very holistic product line. The quality of the content of screens in the home Another venue wide view toward stereoscopy. stereoscopic productions will very where 3D continues to gain We made sure that data Maya. much depend on the filmmakers said momentum is computer gaming in creates can be taken into Toxik. Sebastian Sylwan senior industry which immersive worlds acquire an our 3D compositing system. manager for film at Autodesk I extra measure of reality with the. think one of the main drivers he addition of stereoscopic depth So there s a real nice seamless. continued is giving our customers workflow if you re dealing with. what they need to make the best Strengthening Workflow with stereoscopy Tureski explained. production possible All the enabling High Performance Platforms between your 3D package your. technologies and the current Through close collaboration with compositor and even our color. resurgence of stereo filmmaking Intel Autodesk developers have grader Lustre We made sure to. are really driven by a particular tuned their product performance to add stereoscopic capability to all. alignment of knowledge knowledge the platform capabilities of multiple of those products so that again. about digital cinema single projector processing cores multi threading when you re working in stereo. stereo digital projection techniques many of the most demanding data you re not just working in 3D. So many of the technical hurdles intensive tasks of which there are You re not just composing You re. that were in the previous iterations many in the stereoscopic 3D pipeline not just color grading Being able. of projecting stereo and creating Supporting two separate streams to carry stereoscopy data between. stereo as well as obstacles with of digital image data to support the all those products is required when. digital cameras are being intrinsically stereoscopic model clearly requires you re working with that level. solved by these technologies a truckload of processing power of complexity in this medium. Intel and Autodesk found many, Efforts coordinated by industry areas where Maya s 10 million Phil McNally the global. groups including the Digital Cinema lines of code could be refined to stereoscopic FX supervisor of. Initiatives LLC www dcimovies com take advantage of parallelism DreamWorks Animation said Using. are paving the way toward wider Maya we have developed a 3D. distribution of 3D content On One of the things that has been toolset and workflow that gives. thehome front Intel is actively great now that Maya is part of our artists a highly interactive. enabling 3 d moviemaking autodesk retools maya,In the past McNally explained what you were. Stereoscopic 3D is the next big trying to do is take the idea of the storyboard and. innovation for the movie industry create an animated version of that storyboard. It is changing the way films are which supports the same compositional idea The. choices include which lens to use and what s the, created presented and ultimately actual framing of the shot going to be That s a. experienced by audiences very two dimensional workflow based on drawn. Jeffrey Katzenberg CEO DreamWorks Animation,images in a two dimensional view Even though.
we re in a 3D world it s still a two dimensional,view of that world What we re trying to encourage. now is different Although the storyboard is still, environment for working in stereo Using the various there as the basis of the idea in Maya the space. 3D display systems at DreamWorks artists are able to becomes three dimensional We re suddenly within a. view in stereo throughout the production pipeline spatial world and we can compose spatially Ultimately. audiences will see this as a spatial composition It s no. In Maya McNally continued we can interactively longer going to be seen as a flat 2D composition. control the 3D effect and see these changes happen in. real time We can quickly adjust the scene composition If you think of three dials with the lens choice framing. and even adjust a character to be in front of the screen and stereo depth McNally said those are the three things. or behind the screen all in a highly interactive we re trying to achieve a more fluid balance between. environment The example would be something like if. you re a sculptor working in clay now we have our Giving our film makers these highly interactive 3D. hands on the clay as opposed to being in some remote tools is enabling a whole new element to story telling For. room writing up parameters of what we want the clay DreamWorks Animation we couldn t be more excited. to be like about the potential for 3D said Ed Leonard CTO. DreamWorks Animation, The prevailing trend in today s animation pipelines. which are undergoing rapid evolution in the industry Monsters vs Aliens scheduled for release by. leading studios is to integrate processes throughout the DreamWorks Animation in March 2009 builds on the. pipeline for more fluid workflow and greater visualization stereoscopic techniques that have been refined over. possibilities Performing complex operations concurrently the past months including the latest capabilities in. helps speed overall workflow performance Advanced Maya 2009 for pre visualizing and previewing scenes on. multi core processing architectures as provided by Intel 3D capable display systems or projectors during editing. Core i7 processors code named Nehalem enable, the performance driven platform capabilities that are Maya can also support computer generated effects. revolutionizing digital cinema production techniques that rely on content imported from live image capture. Image courtesy of DreamWorks Animation SKG 3,enabling 3 d moviemaking autodesk retools maya.
Sebastian Sylwan senior industry showed off the 3D test sequence. The Birth of a manager for film at Autodesk of Kung Fu as a taste of future of. commented If you have a live CG film making The expertise that. Movie Image action shot made with stereoscopic DreamWorks Animation is acquiring. Brand InTru 3D cameras you could track those is being reflected in a new pipeline. The March 2009 release of the cameras and apply them inside Maya designed to better accommodate. DreamWorks Animation movie or inside a compositing package stereoscopic workflow and new. Monsters vs Aliens will signify and then composite them together tools that have been created. the commercial launch of a 3D The next step for us in the pipeline in collaboration with Autodesk. movie image brand InTru 3D is Toxik which actually has just to better explore the creative. Through acquisitions and the been introduced with stereoscopic possibilities of the medium. capabilities of the new Intel features Toxik can read the Maya. many core visual computing cameras that have been tracked Unlike traditional animation. graphics architecture Intel has or maybe been passed to identify where the workflow follows a very. created an optimal platform the camera moves and produce the serial process larger studios are. to support DreamWorks same camera moves onto the CG increasing the use of digital design. Animation s plans for large element That element can then be tools to perform pre visualization. scale stereoscopic computer brought into Toxik with the camera of scenes Pre visualization. animation projects In an moves and composited with live allows the luxury of being able. interview with action that comes from cameras to explore the effectiveness of. Reuters different approaches to a scene, Renee James These systems are designed to and decide what works and what. head of be extremely flexible Sylwan said doesn t before going deeper into. the Intel And this is one of the reasons why the animation work Reporting. Software the partnership with our clients from SIGGRAPH 2008 Anne Hall. is extremely important because notes that DreamWorks Animation. Services Group, almost every project has a specific formed a Pre vis Department for. commented on the, workflow that needs to be followed the creation of Kung Fu Panda. partnership with DreamWorks,So we need to be not only very. The two of us will be working, aware but very active in supporting The traditional 2D animation.
together to generate new, those workflows and making sure approach of hand off from Story. computer animation from the, that we are an enabler One of the Storyboard Dept to Layout Dept. main capabilities of both Maya and to Animation Dept is extremely. DreamWorks Animation Toxik is to be extremely extensible regimented This was necessary. under the guidance of chief and extremely flexible to be very when bringing a scene to life. executive Jeffrey Katzenberg adaptable tools for pipelines That s required hundreds of labor intensive. is making a major commitment why big facilities our largest clients drawings and handmade background. to 3D targeting all of their such as DreamWorks have built paintings but in a fully 3D feature. projects starting in 2009 to their pipelines around these tools where the cameras and characters. stereoscopic 3D production are comparatively easy to move. using platforms powered by Pre Visualization Adds around it seemed unnecessarily. Intel architecture components Creative Flair to Productions limiting Hall commented John. The quality and creativity of Under the direction of Stevenson the director of Kung. where Intel is headed is light DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Fu Panda seems to agree in. years ahead of what we ve Katzenberg every film produced by his insistence that the opening. seen anybody else doing the studio will be produced in 3D fight sequence of Kung Fu Panda. Katzenberg said beginning with Monsters vs Aliens benefited greatly from their ability. in 2009 At this year s SIGGRAPH use Pre visualization techniques to. DreamWorks Animation proudly choreograph that complex sequence. Source http reports siggraph org s2008 Sessions kungfupanda html. enabling 3 d moviemaking autodesk retools maya, DreamWorks did a test on Kung Fu Panda a movie that was released only in. 2D to prove the capabilities of stereoscopic film I think that they successfully. debunked many of the myths about stereo production and demonstrated the. possibilities of what can be done with stereo, Sebastian Sylwan Senior Industry Manager for Film Autodesk. More and more studios Hall continued seem I strongly suspect Dager continued that once. to be adopting previs into their animation and layout the public at large has a taste of this people will start. process changing cameras and angles to work with demanding more 3D than they already are The success of. new ideas directors and animators come up with on the the Beowulf example wasn t atypical So far every digital. fly It will be interesting to see how this new process 3D movie that has come out has done at least a factor of. will affect filmmaking in the future If Kung Fu Panda 2 5 times the box office return of the same film in 2D. is any indication it could quickly become part of a. new standard in the creation of animated films As long as the public continues to demonstrate. their interest in 3D movies voting at the box office. In stereoscopic works this type of flexibility extends through ticket purchases the studios will continue to. to determining how effective the stereo effects are improve their storytelling skills in this format Tools. providing cues to the creative director as to camera such as Autodesk Maya with integral application. movements intraocular distances and scene composition features that make it easier to design pre visualize. create and render 3D help drive down production, Gauging the Popularity of 3D costs and enhance the creative edge giving animators.
Nick Dager who produces the Digital Cinema Report and moviemakers a fresh palette of techniques to. www digitalcinemareport com and keeps a thumb in the hone their craft As interest in 3D expands into gaming. wind on new developments is unwavering in his optimism and television opportunities will likewise blossom for. for this new technology I believe stereoscopic 3D is those innovators at the peak of their game Digital. going to transform the entire movie experience from top content creators looking for a new medium to reach. to bottom Dager said and in fact it will cause a greater audiences could discover that 3D is the way to go. change than the introduction of sound The kinds of. movies that are made how they are made and the, intensity of the movie going experience are about to get. bigger and better than ever,For More Information, For details about advances in digital cinema visit the Digital Cinema Report at www digitalcinemareport com. For more information about Autodesk Maya 2009 visit www autodesk com maya. For more on the history of Maya and its 10th anniversary celebration go to http area autodesk com maya anniversary. For an excellent backgrounder on stereoscopy read the Autodesk Stereoscopic Filmmaking Whitepaper The Business and Technology of. Moviemaking Autodesk Retools Maya and Chicken Little Also absolutely DreamWorks Animation as they have made a very significant commitment to stereoscopy The quality of the content of stereoscopic productions will very much depend on the filmmakers said Sebastian Sylwan senior industry manager for film at Autodesk I think one of the main drivers he continued

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