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2 STEEL SYSTEMS EN 1090 STANDARD,EN 1090 Execution of steel. structures and aluminium structures, What does EN 1090 regulate To which construction products does. EN 1090 apply in accordance with the,Construction Products Regulation. EN 1090 regulates the execution of steel structures and. aluminium structures The standard is divided into three parts. EN 1090 only covers those products in metal fabrication. EN 1090 1 that are not already covered by another harmonised product. lays down the requirements of the conformity assessment standard The product must also be a construction product. the Factory Production Control the manufacturer certification as defined by the Construction Products Regulation EU. and the CE marking for steel and aluminium load bearing 305 2011 i e Any product or kit which is produced and. components and kits that are being brought onto the market placed on the market for incorporation in a permanent manner. as construction products in construction works or parts thereof and the performance. The conformity assessment covers the manufacturing of which has an effect on the performance of the construction. characteristics and if required the load bearing works with respect to the basic requirements for construction. characteristics works, EN 1090 1 also deals with the conformity assessment of. steel components that are used in composite steel and This content is regulated under see question 31. concrete structures http ec europa eu growth sectors construction product. Components may be used directly installed in load bearing regulation faq index en htm. structures or used as kits,EN 1090 1 applies to load bearing components that.
are manufactured in series or non series production Example. and to kits There is already a harmonised product standard for curtain. walling external doors and windows hence EN 1090 does not. EN 1090 2 apply to these construction products, covers the technical regulations requirements for the. manufacture mechanical fastening welding corrosion For roof glazing such as conservatories or skylights there. protection installation and testing of steel load bearing is no harmonised product standard which is why these. structures construction products are subject to EN 1090. specifies the technical requirements for the execution of alumi. nium load bearing structures,EN 1090 1 2009 A1 2011 D p 5. STEEL SYSTEMS EN 1090 STANDARD 3, Skylight constructions EN 1090 Curtain walling EN 13830. Windows EN 14351 1 External doors EN 14351 1,4 STEEL SYSTEMS EN 1090 STANDARD. What are the,Execution Classes EXC, Which Execution Classes are there and what is their purpose.
The Execution Class specifies how a load bearing structure The above factors are apportioned in a matrix as follows and. has to be designed in order to satisfy a particular load The each combination is allocated an Execution Class EXC. Execution Class also contains information on how the load. bearing structure has been manufactured Finally the It is then the task of the structural engineer to calculate and. Execution Class is a categorisation of the damages to be estimate the Execution Class for the load bearing structure. expected if a load bearing structure or an individual that is to be designed and built Different requirements have. component were to fail Accordingly the Execution Class to be fulfilled for each of the Execution Classes in terms of. is derived from the following three factors material selection quality management and production. control etc,Type of loading,Production category Note. Consequences Class CC refer to Table B 1 of EN 1990 for Depending on the country specific regulations legal require. the Consequences Class ments complexity of the load bearing structure and scope of. the entire project the planning tasks must be carried out by. specialist companies approved and certified, Recommended matrix for determining the Execution Classes. Consequences Classes CC 1 CC 2 CC 3,Types of loading SC 1 SC 2 SC 1 SC 2 SC 1 SC 2. Production categories PC 1 EXC 1 EXC 2 EXC 2 EXC 3 EXC 3 EXC 3. PC 2 EXC 2 EXC 2 EXC 2 EXC 3 EXC 3 EXC 4,EN 1090 2 2008 S 112 Table B 3. STEEL SYSTEMS EN 1090 STANDARD 5, The following three tables show the content of the three individual factors in detail.
Suggested criteria for types of loading KlConsequences Classes. Categories Characteristics Conse Characteristics Examples of buildings and. quences civil engineering works,SC 1 Load bearing structures and components. Static designed for quasi static actions only, example buildings CC 3 High consequences for loss of Grandstands high rises. human life or economic social public buildings where. Load bearing structures and components with, or environmental consequences consequences of failure. their connections designed for seismic actions in,very are high e g a concert. regions with low seismic activity and in DCL,Load bearing structures and components.
CC 2 Medium consequences for loss Residential and office. designed for fatigue actions from cranes class S 0. of human life economic social buildings public buildings. SC 2 Load bearing structures and components or environmental consequences where consequences of. Dynamic designed for fatigue actions in accordance with considerable failure are medium e g an. EN 1993 examples road and railway bridges office building. cranes class S1 to S9 load bearing structures, CC 1 Low consequences for loss of Agricultural buildings. susceptible to vibrations induced by wind, human life and economic social where people do not nor. crowds or rotating machinery, or environmental consequences mally enter e g storage. Load bearing structures and components with small or negligible buildings greenhouses. their connections designed for seismic actions in, regions with medium or high seismic activity and EN 1990 2010 S 82 Table B 1. in DCM and DCH,EN 1090 2 2008 S 111 Table B 2, Suggested criteria for production categories Example.
If a conservatory was to be built with a welded construction. Categories Characteristics for a family home then the assessment would probably be. PC 1 Non welded components manufactured from any similar to the following. steel grade products,Welded components manufactured from any. Service category SC 1,steel grade products below S355. because in general construction products made from. PC 2 Welded components manufactured from any, steel grade products from S355 and above Jansen articles are load bearing structures or building. Components essential for structural integrity that. components that take up static actions,are assembled by welding on the construction. site Production category PC 1, Components with hot forming manufacturing because Jansen profiles are below S355.
or receiving thermic treatment during,manufacturing. Consequences Class CC 1,Components of circular hollow section lattice. girders requiring end profile cuts because the consequences of failure are very low. EN 1090 2 2008 S 111 Table B 2,6 STEEL SYSTEMS EN 1090 STANDARD. Impact of the Execution Classes,on the building costs. Can a construction have multiple Which articles from Jansen may be. Execution Classes and what does this subject to EN 1090. have to do with costs, Yes For large scale roof glazing there is usually a primary and As remarked at the beginning there is no harmonised product.
a secondary load bearing structure which generally do not standard for roof glazing which is why EN 1090 applies to roof. have the same Execution Class for both technical and econo glazing. mic reasons The primary load bearing structure as the name In accordance with our documentation roof glazing can only be. indicates has the task of stabilising the entire construction constructed using VISS system profiles which is why these are. while the secondary load bearing structure is only responsible subject to EN 1090 provided that they are used to construct. for the stability of individual fields roof glazing and not a curtain wall. The Execution Class therefore has a direct impact on the pri Seeing as for roof glazing a joint using universal T cleats may. cing of the products Execution Classes that are too high lead to be present in addition to a welded mullion transom joint the. components that are excessively expensive as the expenditure universal T cleats are also subject to EN 1090. for implementation in accordance with EN 1090 is increased The corresponding certificates and documents are available. for these articles, As we as a systems provider do not always know whether. our profiles are going to be used to construct a curtain wall. or roof glazing the necessary documents for EN 1090 can be. downloaded at any time from our extranet page,Primary load bearing structure EXC3. Secondary load bearing structure EXC2,STEEL SYSTEMS EN 1090 STANDARD 7. Which documents are made available, Jansen provides the requisite Declaration of Performance. and the CE marking for the abovementioned VISS profiles and. connecting spigots,Where can I download these documents.
The Declaration of Performance the CE marking and the test. report can be downloaded from our extranet page,Declaration of Performance and CE marking. http extranet jansen com en architecture catalogue extranet. intern ce documentation jansen articles,Test report. http extranet jansen com en architecture catalogue extranet. intern data sheets reports, Download the relevant Declaration of Performance CE marking. and test report The CE marking must be included with the. accompanying documentation e g delivery note The Decla 10 years. ration of Performance and test report remain with the manu. facturer i e the metal fabricator who must retain this with. the technical documentation and the FPC Factory Production. Control for at least 10 years from the date the product was. placed on the market, Jansen only provides documents for specific profiles. and articles The complete construction product e g. the entire roof glazing construction must be certified by. the metal or steel fabricator themselves Welded joints Note. and welding work e g welding of a top plate This information only provides indications in a simplified. also require certification This means that the manu form Precise knowledge of the requirements with regard. facturer metal or steel fabricator themselves must be to the Construction Products Regulation and EN 1090 as. certified in accordance with EN 1090 well as other standards is essential. 598 949 I Steel Systems I 07 2017 I Subject to change. Steel Systems,Industriestrasse 34,9463 Oberriet,jansen com.
2 SEE YSE EN 1090 STANDARD Curtain walling EN 13830 Windows EN 14351 1 External doors EN 14351 1 Skylight constructions EN 1090 STEE SYSTES EN 1090 STANDARD 3 What are the Execution Classes EXC The Execution Class specifies how a load bearing structure has to be designed in order to satisfy a particular load The Execution Class also contains information on how the load bearing structure

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