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Empowerment,strategies for families, EMPOWERMENT is a process where people work together to accomplish changes in their. communities and exert more power and influence over the issues that matter to them. EMPOWERING FAMILIES is the key to health promotion It enables families to act effectively reduce. the risks that affect them,Prevention must reach the. social spaces where the, Family Prevention must adopt conditions for these risks to. Prevention means working to, interactive strategies Parents take place are created Parents. avoid potential problems If we, actively involved in prevention should be the ones leading.
want to prevent the risks that, are able to develop strategies prevention To do so they need. affect young people we must, for networking and explore new accurate information strategies. act in time before the problems, and more effective strategies and motivations that give them. adapted to the real word the power to construct healthier. and safer environments for their, We parents need tools We need knowledge but above all we need practical and feasible tools It is true that. the parents that come here school parents association are the ones more involved the ones having more. information Other parents lack the time or do not really know what we do and come rarely or when they come. they feel we pose things that are not useful to them When a parent has a problem you cannot overwhelm him. her with theories on adolescence What the parent needs is a talk he she can understand practical tools to. allow him her to act It is not that there aren t tools but they don t get to parents Parent ES. European Family Empowerment EFE is a project developed in six Member State countries of the EU. The aim is to give support to families to encourage them to play an active role in substance use prevention. and related risks that affect their children Experts from these countries have explored the social reality of. families and their adolescent children A total of 8265 adolescents and 3878 parents have been surveyed. Focus groups with parents and professionals on prevention have also been carried out and a mapping of. family organisations has been undertaken to explore how they organize across Europe The results of this. research can be found on the websites,www prevencionfamiliar net.
www irefrea org, This guide intended for parents presents some of the project s main results as well as conclusions and. recommendations Although we prepared it using a straightforward language and an informal style each. and every idea behind this report is firmly grounded on scientific evidence Those parents interested in. getting more in depth information on research can visit the websites above. Families should lead the prevention,of risks that affect young people. Why is it important to prevent young people s substance alcohol tobacco cannabis and other. Early use of these substances has been associated with a wide range of problems including academic failure antisocial. behaviours risky sex driving under the influence substance addiction and other violent and or criminal practices. What has so far prevented parents from being more active in risk prevention. Identifying the problem Substance use in our society constitutes part of the. recreational activities young people participate in The fact that consumption Many families across Europe already. is located within youth orientated recreational situations often means that participate in prevention through. problems go unseen school associations neighbourhood. associations or citizens associations, It s not an easy task Young people today are able to participate in a wide range. But still many parents do not realize, of recreational activities and are able to organise their leisure through social. that these organizations can be used, networking Modern and intelligent prevention requires family organisations.
to deliver prevention of the risks that, to take a similar approach learning to use the tools that can help them to. affect their children,become an important and influential group. Knowing what works and what doesn t Good intentions are not enough It. is important to have access to accurate information on what is going on young. A majority of parents with, people s lives and what are the most effective responses. adolescent children attending, Some parents feel there is nothing they can do about risk They feel the school participate in the prevention. issue is very complex and feel afraid or unable to understand and face the social activities carried out in their children. changes that have occurred By not facing them they lose the opportunity schools. to better understand the world their children experience Therefore they. don t develop the effective supervisory skills to protect their children and. consequently their influence as parents deteriorates. Some myths keep parents from participating in risk prevention For Barriers to participation in. example thinking that prevention is just a matter for families with problems prevention. or that their own children will not be affected by the problems that affect other Isolation. families or that their input into prevention is constrained within their house Passivity. and family Misinformation,Substance use,What do parents know about it.
Parents of teenage children have inaccurate information about their children s consumption of. alcohol and tobacco,Adolescents consumption Adolescents consumption. according to parents according to adolescents,61 of children 19 have. think their child believe their child has,currently drink gotten drunk. currently drinks gotten drunk,alcohol during last month. alcohol during the last month,know that their children have used.
have used or currently use tobacco,or uses tobacco. know that their children have used have used or currently uses. or currently uses Illegal drugs cannabis, Parents underestimate the different types of places where their teenage children obtain alcohol. Where do children get alcohol,Recreational,venues Public places Relatives. I don t know Friends house Home,bars pubs streets parks houses. According to parents,15 5 9 4 4 9 7 9 3 7 7,According to adolescents.
5 2 30 8 17 24 6 16 7 8, The most popular places for drinking are recreational venues public spaces and friends houses. What can parents do to be more active in those spaces. Effective parenting styles and,parent child communication. Amongst most effective preventive, strategies are child supervision and Discussing drugs with children is an. setting family rules that parents insufficient strategy. have to stick to,How to supervise Why, Knowing where your children go and with Friends exert a great influence on their. whom when outside home behaviour peer pressure, Managing schedules and controlling their Nightlife and other activities influence their.
economy behaviour, Monitoring their activities Advertising and informal norms influence their. Being familiar with their friends,Teens already have access to all the. Being in contact with their friends parents,information they need but usually disregard it. Participating with other parents in prevention as outdated or not relevant to them. activities, The time parents dedicate to children is essential as a preventive measure. Parental permissiveness is the main risk factor for substance use. Simply talking to children about drug issues has no impact on their. They children must learn to drug consumption,accept little frustrations They.
Parental control works as a preventive factor if exercised. have to accept that their parents, effectively especially when supervising access to substance and. tell them they are not allowed,children s activities outside the home. to drink alcohol The problem is, that at home you are in control To prevent substance use it is essential to give clear and effective. but not outside home What is rules about what is not allowed. going on outside home Outside Gender differences are significant in both parents and children but. home we do not know what they it is difficult to generalize Parental control may be more effective in. do Parent ES preventing drug use in girls than in boys Analysing the influence of. fathers and mothers separately mother s control on children may be. more effective than the father s,Activities carried out by children that can. play a preventive non preventive role, Parents should know that some activities carried out by their children might have a positive or.
negative effect on their children s substance use There will be inter individual differences but in. general parents should control the activities related to drug use and promote those that have a. positive effect in preventing drug consumption,School bonding Leisure and entertainment. School bonding is a preventive factor on drug use Activities played by adolescents might be associated. to substance use,Main activities played regularly daily. Most of the teenagers we surveyed are happy weekly by adolescents in their leisure time. to be at their school, Problems in keeping up with school activities and Activities. homework might indicate a greater likelihood of, substance use Use the internet for leisure activities. chats music games,Adolescents, Parents should address Participating in sport or athletic activities 72 7.
affected by the,problems such as,Going around with friends 50. Paying attention in class 21 1,Other hobbies play an instrument sing. draw write,Forgetting things 19 5,Play computer games 51 7. Keeping up with schoolwork 13,Read books for enjoyment 33. According to research findings some leisure, activities are associated to substance use while Go out in the evening club caf party.
others are not This does not mean that these activities etc. might work as risk or protective factors but parents. should be aware of it and control those activities Play on slot machines 3. associated with substance use while promoting the,activities not associated with drug use. Leisure activities associated with substance use Leisure activities not associated with substance use. Use of the internet for leisure activities chats Participating in sports or athletic activities. music games Other hobbies play an instrument sing draw. Going around with friends write, Go out in the evening club caf party etc Read books for enjoyment. Play on slot machines,External supervision, Failure to supervise children when they go to friends houses is associated to child drunkenness and cannabis. Parents should communicate with their children s friends parents to find out if they are going to supervise the youngsters activities. According to parents responses, 90 of them are acquainted with their children s friends but only 55 2 are touch with the parents of their. children s friends,According to children responses.
80 stated their parents know their friends 38 6 reported that their parents are their friends parents. keep in touch, We opened a facebook account not to control our children but to learn about it A group of parents thought that if. our daughter wanted to be there we should anticipate and explore what was going on So we created an account. for the group We did it to learn about it to explore what it was about because in other issues such as alcohol and. drugs we more or less know things but on new technologies we were forced to learn about them Parent ES. Parents allies on prevention,Other parents,Professional working in the prevention field. Access to evidence base information and knowledge,Information technologies IT. Websites with factual and evidence based In which ways can professionals collaborate with. information parents, Prevenci n Familiar La plataforma de IREFREA para las Through scientific research providing updated and. familias reliable information, www prevencionfamiliar net Contributing to critical thought.
IREFREA European Institute of Studies on prevention Elaborating projects. www irefrea org Giving techical and scientific Support on pedagogical. Centre for Public Health LJMU dynamics,http www cph org uk Evaluating programmes. STAD Stockholm Prevents Alcohol and Drug Problems, http stad org Linking prevention professionals to work. Centre for Addictology CUNI collaboratively with family organisations might help in. http www adiktologie cz en the development of efficient programmes. UTRIP Institute Parents associations should consider. http www institut utrip si There are professionals who specialize in risk. Prevenci n basada en la evidencia Socidrogalcohol prevention that keep up to date on scientific findings. http www prevencionbasadaenlaevidencia net and might help to elaborate prevention strategies. These professionals work out of institutions such, EMCDDA European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and as the ones listed in this programme and or in. Drug Adiction universities, http www emcdda europa eu Other key professionals closely related to families. are school teaching staff technical staff in social. services and children s sport coaches and leisure time. facilitators, Parents should also realise that some of professionals.
who work closely with their children are also not aware. of the importance of working together with parents. associations towards common goals Therefore there is. Empowerment strategies for parents RESEARCH AUGUST 2015 DOI 10 13140 RG 2 1 5142 0005 18 AUTHORS INCLUDING Elisardo Becona University of Santiago de Compostela 199 PUBLICATIONS 972 CITATIONS SEE PROFILE Amador Calafat European Institute Of Studies On Prevention 85 PUBLICATIONS 569 CITATIONS SEE PROFILE Roman Gabrhel k Charles University in Prague 20 PUBLICATIONS 22 CITATIONS SEE PROFILE

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