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Meet Shari Levine MA,Executive Director of OA FS,With the agency for 23 years. Adoptive mom,Have close relationships with,childrens birthparents. Children s rights advocate,About Open Adoption Family Services. Non profit agency founded in 1985,Licensed in Oregon and. Washington,Pro choice with a reproductive,justice lens.
Not religiously affiliated,We welcome diversity,Objectives. Receive tools and resources to,assist women in their decision. making process as they explore,their pregnancy options. Learn about the open adoption,as an alternative to state. You ll receive a pdf of this,webinar afterwards that.
contains live links to the videos,hand outs and websites. Download handouts here,Bill of Rights in an Unintended Pregnancy. Have access to information about all of your options. Freely explore your options without pressure or,Receive respect compassion and acceptance. Receive unbiased non directive pregnancy options,counseling from qualified counselors. Have your choice honored regardless of what it is,Who Seeks Options Counseling.
54 of pregnancies in the US are unintended, Approximately 60 of these women choose to continue their. pregnancy 40 will choose to have an abortion, Approximately 1 of women facing unintended pregnancy. will choose adoption, 75 of women who place children for adoption each year are. between 20 and 45 years of age while 25 are teens,Who Seeks Options Counseling. Of women who have had abortions 61 already have at least. one child 58 are in their 20 s 56 are unmarried 73. report a religious affiliation, By age 45 more than half of American women will have an.
unintended pregnancy and three in 10 will have had an. Guttmacher Institute statistics on unintended pregnancy. Values Exploration on a Personal,and Professional Level. What are your values regarding,pregnancy options parenting. abortion and adoption,Do you have personal,experience with these choices. What were you raised to,believe Do you feel differently. Values Exploration on a Personal,and Professional Level.
How do you think your personal,values and beliefs may. consciously or unconsciously,influence your work with clients. What can you do to continue,exploring your own values and. Exploring All Pregnancy Options,Making an informed decision. Avoiding assumptions,The power of language in framing the.
conversation,Creating an emotionally safe place,Importance of feeling understood cared. for empowered informed and not,Letting go of any investment in her. All Options Pregnancy Counseling,An Empowerment Model. Outline for Options,Counseling,All Options Pregnancy Counseling. An Empowerment Model,How did you feel when you,found out you were pregnant.
What do you see as your,pregnancy options,Knowledge and feelings of. each pregnancy option,All Options Pregnancy Counseling. An Empowerment Model,Your Agency,All Options Pregnancy Counseling. An Empowerment Model,Values including personal,religious spiritual and cultural. Expectations from family and,Goals and future planning.
All Options Pregnancy Counseling,An Empowerment Model. Financial situation and access to resources, Who is in their support system and what support can they. Past experiences with pregnancies parenting abortion or. Relationship with the birth father current partner s. Empowering Expectant Parents Pregnancy Options Counseling and Open Adoption as an Alternative to State Adoption Meet Shari Levine MA Executive Director of OA amp FS With the agency for 23 years Adoptive mom Have close relationships with childrens birthparents Children s rights advocate About Open Adoption amp Family Services Non profit agency founded in 1985

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