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THE FRANKONIA GROUP,Frankonia Group, The FRANKONIA GROUP was founded in 1987 as a solution provider for. EMC laboratories to meet the increasing demand for highly specialized. testing environments for the electronic and automotive industry With. more than 25 years of experience to date FRANKONIA maintains its. leading position in EMC solutions worldwide Without limitations in. capabilities and resources FRANKONIA develops future oriented concepts. for EMC laboratories which guarantees an optimal use of resources as. well as the best possible customized solutions, FRANKONIA demonstrates a global presence in cooperation with a well. structured network of productions representations and service units. FRANKONIA strives to be the preferred partner for customized and. state of the art solutions, FRANKONIA provides fundamental knowledge to operate as a complete. solution provider, FRANKONIA implements innovative technologies to enhance the We are proud of our highly specialized team that is putting our custom. efficiency and improve the outcomes and quality along with ers demands into practice It is our philosophy to improve the prod. customers needs ucts to realize new ideas and to complete our product range within. our broad scope of business The fact that FRANKONIA is able to offer. complete solutions from the first sketch to the final handover makes. FRANKONIA a unique and trustworthy partner worldwide. Frankonia s authenticity, FRANKONIA stands for latest technologies highest quality innovative.
concepts and materials and reliable solutions Due to ist easy and. efficient usability along with ist time saving configuration Frankonia s. Anechoic Chambers set new standards for innovative and complete EMC. testing solutions and offer a real added value to our customers. Frankonia solutions, FRANKONIA as a turnkey solution provider and manufacturer offers a. complete range of anechoic chambers and RF shielded enclosures test. equipment instruments software and accessories,THE FRANKONIA GROUP. Radiated Immunity Test Systems Page,General descritpion 4 7. Test Setup schematic circuit diagrams 8 10,EMC Control Unit ECU 3 6 11 12. Relay Switching Unit RSU 13, 1 FRANKONIA GmbH Field Strength Meter EFS 10 100 300 500 14 16.
2 Frankonia EMC Test Systems GmbH Laser Powered Field Strength Meter EFS Laser 17 18. 3 FRANKONIA POLAND Sp z o o 2 4 Channel RF Power Meter PMS 1084 19. 4 FRANKONIA Huize Co Ltd,Directional Coupler 20,5 Jiashan FRANKONIA EMC Co Ltd. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF RADIATED IMMUNITY TEST SYSTEMS. Description, The setup of a radiated immunity test system can be done in the conventional way with many separate. instruments or in a more comfortable and less risky way with our new EMC control unit type ECU 3 6. In both ways the components which are needed for such a system are in principle the same. Signal Generator RF Power Amplifier s,Directional Coupler Antenna s. RF Power Meter RF Field Strength Meter,Relay switching unit Set of RF Cables. All included in ECU 3 6 Control PC and Control Software. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF RADIATED IMMUNITY TEST SYSTEMS. Control Computer Signal Generator, The controller is a standard PC with operating system Microsoft Windows Depending on the find more detailed information on page 11.
system layout GPIB IEEE488 with National Instruments interface card serial bus RS232 USB and ECU 3 6. As signal source a commercial signal generator,other bus systems are supported. or the built in signal generator of our EMC,test control unit ECU 3 6 is used It should. cover at least the required frequency range,such as 80 MHz to 6 GHz and allow amplitude. Control Software modulation with a sine wave of 1 kHz and 80. The control software is fully compliant to IEC EN 61000 4 3 IEC EN 61000 4 20 automotive as requested by the standards Besides. it should meet the requirements regarding, and MIL standards The software controls the complete test system and creates the test report. frequency step width 1 of the precending, It performs measurement of the uniform area and generates reference calibration data from it value If the equipment offers further mod.
Alternatively reference data can be measured directly Tests may be performed manually and fully ulation depth and modes as well as a higher. automatic A full automatic monitoring of the EUT s Equipment Under Test function is possible frequency range and smaller steps this might. whenever its compliance can be controlled with preset tolerance limits Up to four values can be be advatageous for future applications. monitored and recorded for example by means of multimeters. Essential data of the software are Minimum requirements. Microsoft Windows platform Frequency range 9 kHz 3 0 GHz 6 0. GHz or higher,Simple operator s guide,RF output 40 dBm to 10 dBm. Online help function,Frequency resolution 1 Hz, Presentation of the results in online graphics and reports. Level resolution 0 1 dB, Export function of the files for further processing under Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel. Amplitude modulation 0 to 99 9,Measurement of homogeneous field incl evaluation. Further modulation types frequency,Calculation of reference data.
modulation phase modulation pulse, 2dB saturation test on base of homogeneous field measurement compliant to standard modulation. Measurement of reference data with fixed test level or profile of level vs frequency Interface GPIB IEEE 488 RS232 USB. Permanent VSWR control during test and operator defined limitation as well as restriction of. max input level of amplifier and max allowed output power. Automatic multiple repetition of test,Manual test mode. Manual increase decrease of test level,Automatic test mode incl monitoring of the EUT. Handshake function to EUT via serial interface, Easy and fast graphical device set up system layout can be printed. Fully compliant to IEC EN61000 4 3 IEC EN61000 4 20. automotive and MIL standards,Control of the test system by GPIB USB interfaces.
Customized modifications possible, GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF RADIATED IMMUNITY TEST SYSTEMS. RF Relay Switching Unit RSU,more detailed information on page 13. RF Power Amplifier, see also seperate brochure In most cases two or three RF power amplifiers. and two different antennas are needed Transmitting Antenna s. see also seperate brochure, The software controls the level of the signal to cover the whole test frequency range It. generator output for each test frequency would be very time consuming to change. This signal level is amplified by the power the cabling between the different amplifiers Broadband antennas like our model ALX 4000. amplifier output in order to generate the antennas and power meters manually For which cover the whole frequency range from. required test field strength around the EUT this purpose software controlled switching 30 MHz up to 4 GHz may be used as a single. It depends on the testing setup the distance relays are used as they work much faster and antenna solution The advantage of these. between EUT and antenna 1 m 3m and without any damage to the RF cables which antennas is that they can be used for immunity. the test level test field strength might be caused by changing the connections tests as well as for emission measurements. 3 10 100 200 V m or special requirements manually Furthermore cabling mistakes In order to save amplifier power and costs it is. whether an amplifier output of 10 W 30 W cannot occur recommended to use so called double stacked. 200 W 2 kW is required Normally field log periodical antennas for immunity tests. strength of 10 V m with 1 kHz 80 AM like our model AXL 80 This antenna type offers. can be obtained with a 250 W amplifier in a a much higher gain compared to the above. testing distance of 3 m described broadband antennas For our systems. we recommend the following antenna types,Antenna types.
30 MHz 4 GHz type ALX 4000,80 MHz 4 GHz type AXL 80. RF Field Strength Meter, more detailed information on page 14 18 80 MHz 6 GHz type AXL 80 6G. RF Power Meter Directional Couplers EFS 10 100 300 500 EFS Laser. more detailed information on page 19 PMS 1 GHz 6 GHz type Max 9. A field strength meter is necessary for the, While testing the field strength probe is replaced measurement of the uniform area and the As an alternative horn antennas can be. by the EUT A power measurement during the test generated field strength It should be of used in the GHz range if a max uniform. runs assures that the EUT is actually exposed to the small size in order to avoid disturbances of the. requested test condition Thus a directional coupler field by the physical size of the field strength area of 1 0 m is sufficient. is connected with the amplifier output A power meter itself The data transfer from the anechoic Emission Immunity tests Immunity tests. measuring device determines the forward and chamber to the control room should be. reverse power up to 6 GHz or higher Both are via fibre optic link It makes sense to integrate. stored and recorded by the control software For the fibre optic converter directly into the RF Cabling. this purpose directional couplers are connected with sensor because long conductive cables could. The RF cabling is a very important part, the amplifier output or the built in directional influence the accuracy too The test frequency. of a radiated immunity test system as the, couplers of our EMC test control unit ECU 3 6 range from 80 MHz to 3 or 6 GHz should at.
cable attenuation could finally decide, are used The forward and reverse power least be covered by the field strength meter. whether you reach your test level or not, ismeasured by our RF Power Meter PMS 1084 or by We suggest the use of our field strength meter. All essential RF cables are included in our, the built in power measuring type EFS 10 100 which works in the frequency. systems and in the calculation according to, channels of the ECU 3 6 Both metering values are range from 10 or 100 kHz up to 9 25 GHz. the required amplifier output power, recorded and stored by the control software and with a max field strength from 0 14 V m.
to 500 V m As alternative and for no more,empty batteries we recommend our Laser. powered field strength meter EFS Laser, GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF RADIATED IMMUNITY TEST SYSTEMS. Syst installation in a 19 Rack,request the test systems supplied are installed. into a 19 rack The picture on the left shows an,example of a radiated immunity test system acc. IEC EN 61000 4 3 type RIS 6000,Moveable rack on big rubber wheels.
Instruments are installed into rack and cabled,Main switch. Easy mountable cover for front and rear,side of the rack included. Typical dimensions HxDxW,1 270 x 710 x 540 mm,Weight without instruments 50kg. Relay 1 Amplifier 1 DC1 Relay 2,RF Power Meter Channel 1. Signal Generator,Amplifier 2 DC2 Relay 3,CONVENTIONAL SET UP.
RF Power Meter Channel 2,Amplifier 3 DC3,GPIB USB LAN RS232. Control PC incl Software Field Strength Meter Relay 4. OF A RADIATED IMMUNITY TEST SYSTEM BY MEANS OF SEPERATE INSTRUMENTS. Anechoic Chamber,Device 1 Device 2 Device 3 Device 4. Antenna 1 Antenna2,EUT monitoring,Control PC incl Software. USB LAN GPIB,2x EUT fail,EUT monitoring,2x Analog in. GPIB USB LAN RS232,Antenna 1 SP3T SP3T,EMI Receiver.
EMI Receiver 1,EMI Receiver 2,Voltmeter in RF Power Meter. Amplifier 4 SP4T,Amplifier 3,Amplifier 2,Amplifier 1. Anechoic Chamber SP4T,Relay Switching Unit, Signal Generator 3GHz 6 GHz controls SP2T SP3T SP4T. Field Strength,Antenna 2 Antenna 1,The compact pre wired one Box solution. OF A RADIATED IMMUNITY TEST SYSTEM BY MEANS OF OUR EMC CONTROL UNIT TYPE ECU 3 6. ECU 3 6 SET UP,Control PC incl Software,USB LAN GPIB.
2x EUT fail,EUT monitoring,2x Analog in,GPIB USB LAN RS232. Antenna 1 SP3T SP3T,EMI Receiver,EMI Receiver 1,EMI Receiver 2. Voltmeter in RF Power Meter,TEST SET UP WITH A GTEM CELL. Amplifier 4 SP4T, FOR RADIATED IMMUNITY TESTS AND EMISSION MEASUREMENTS. Amplifier 3,Field Strength Meter DC3,Amplifier 2,Amplifier 1.
Relay Switching Unit,Signal Generator 3GHz 6 GHz,controls SP2T SP3T SP4T. incl options camera FMC The compact pre wired one Box solution. EMC TEST AND CONTROL UNIT ECU 3 6,ALL IN ONE UNIT ECU 3 6. Description, The ECU 3 6 is a central EMC test and control unit which combines in just one. compact box many major test components like signal generator power meter Special Features. directional couplers and relay switching unit which are needed for EMC tests Conducted immunity tests according to. That reduces the cabling work and possible cabling mistakes to a minimum IEC EN 61000 4 6 10 kHz 230 MHz. Furthermore it includes general functions like EUT monitoring and an inter. lock safety system With all the functions described above the ECU 3 6 is a BCI tests according to ISO 11452 4 and MIL STD 461 CS 114. real all rounder which can be used for many different conducted and radiat. Radiated immunity tests according to IEC EN 61000 4 3. ed immunity tests as well as control unit to switch between EMI receiver and. spectrum analyzer and different measuring antennas without time consuming ISO 11452 2 3 4 5 MIL STD 461 RS 103. cabling work It allows to control and to switch automatically between up to Automatic switching between up to four external power. Anechoic Chambers set new standards for innovative and complete EMC testing solutions and offer a real added value to our customers Frankonia solutions FRANKONIA as a turnkey solution provider and manufacturer offers a complete range of anechoic chambers and RF shielded enclosures test equipment instruments software and accessories 1 2 3 5

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