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78 of people say slow,broadband would put them off. renting or buying a property, Having an ultrafast connection makes properties more. appealing when it comes to selling buying attracting. new tenants or retaining existing ones, Studies have also shown that having a faster connection. increases the overall value of a property,broadbandgenie poll. The internet shows,no signs of slowing, Just three years ago we used less than half the data we do.
now on our home broadband And average speeds were a. third of what they are today, But the internet touches virtually every aspect of our lives and. its empowering influence is growing and evolving at pace. The future is full fibre broadband and we re delivering this. through Fibre to the Premises FTTP technology This is where. pure fibre optic cables connect homes and businesses straight. to the exchange providing a more reliable and resilient service. meaning the connection is less likely to drop out or slow down. at peak times or in extreme weather, Our network needs to be future proof so it s fit for the massive. increase of data usage and new technologies we ll see over the. coming years,An FTTP connection also brings speeds of up to 1. gigabit per second Gbps enough to stream 200,HD movies at the same time 1Gbps is about 24. times faster than the current UK average broadband. speed of 46 megabits per second Mbps, at the time of publishing this brochure in February 2019.
Get access to a future proof consistent,Full fibre at work. Reach new customers and delight the ones you already have. A faster and more reliable internet connection means you can do more and sell. more You can serve your customers better and attract new ones more easily. Having FTTP for your small or medium sized business enables you to work. more efficiently reach new markets be more competitive and improve. productivity all of which saves time and money,Increase productivity Be more agile. With a more reliable Enjoy more flexible,connection your working and cut. employees won t business travel and,be twiddling their commuting Your people. thumbs waiting on can get improved access,unresponsive applications to online training and.
to launch and for files to video conferencing too,load saving your business. time and money,Access the Cloud Transfer data fast. Fully utilise Cloud With a gigabit you ll,computing technology transfer data over the. with no limits on your internet faster than,ability to access data you can write data to a. and with an ultrafast thumb drive And you can,connection you can download data as fast as.
upload more faster many computers can save,the data to a hard drive. and dependable broadband service,Full fibre at home. Everything all at once without any delays, FTTP can easily handle the multiple connections you need now and in. the future Use as many devices as you like all at the same time. Stream films watch catch up TV play games online and enjoy new. technologies such as VR as they become widespread,Download times with 300Mbps FTTP. Ultrafast broadband is perfect for streaming 4K movies and live events. and will download content in the blink of an eye,A two hour An entire.
HD film music album,seconds seconds,A nine hour A forty five minute. audio book HD TV show,seconds seconds,What makes FTTP so good. It s a pure fibre connection all the way from the telephone. exchange right into your home or business,It can deliver speeds of up to 1Gbps. It s always on, There s no go slow with FTTP full fibre technology. just better performance impressive speeds,zero buffering and fewer drop outs.
Never lets you down,Fibre optic cables are so powerful and resilient. they ll never degrade like copper so you can,always rely on being connected to big bandwidth. wherever you are,Ready for anything,Be unstoppable online on everything from phones. tablets smart appliances laptops desktops VR,headsets smart glasses and even the heating. button in your home,Hundreds of thousands of,homes and businesses have.
already benefited from,a faster more reliable,connection through our. FTTP network,The future is Fibre,to the Premises,FTTP where pure. fibre optic cables,connect you straight,to the exchange with. no interruptions in,service reliability or,performance. Our network is open so you,can choose who to buy an.
ultrafast service from and,shop around for the best deal. Find out if you can get,Fibre to the Premises,Check online at openreach co uk. The telecommunications services described in this publication are subject to availability and may be modified. from time to time Products and services are provided subject to British Telecommunications plc s respective. standard conditions of contract Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract Openreach and. the Openreach logo are trademarks of British Telecommunications plc. British Telecommunications plc 2019, Registered office Kelvin House 123 Judd Street London WCIH 9NP. Registered in England No 1800000,Produced by Openreach. 78 of people say slow broadband would put them off renting or buying a property Having an ultrafast connection makes properties more appealing when it comes to selling buying attracting new tenants or retaining existing ones Studies have also shown that having a faster connection increases the overall value of a property broadbandgenie poll 3 The internet shows no signs of slowing

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