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makes available both the human and fi,nancial resources necessary for their em. powerment The agreed conclusions state,very clearly that investing in women and. girls is the way forward This commitment,must be acted upon by national govern. ment Gender equality and gender main INDICATORS VIOLENCE vs. streaming are two important concepts to WOMEN,be included in policy and program design. In response to a call from the UN General,at all levels NGO s and Civil Society.
Assembly the CSW organized a workshop,have a role to play in creating this aware. to consider the development of indicators on,ness and lobbying at the local and national. violence again women Can GS people in,your Unit consider collecting data on vio. lence against women using these indicators,During the CSW NGO s were very active. Contact the Int JP office for more For the,in side events workshops caucuses and.
final report to see the indicators go to,lobbying national governments to ensure. pages 25 26 and 27 http www un org, that women s voices were heard Good womenwatch daw egm IndicatorsVAW. Shepherd was involved in the Working IndicatorsVAW EGM report pdf English only. Group on Girls trafficking and violence,against women. More on CSW http www un org womenwatch,daw csw 52sess htm. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon used the,opening day of the CSW to launch his.
campaign Unite to, end violence against The UN observed International Women s. women He said Day on March 6th 2008 The theme for the. Today we come to day was Investing in Women and Girls. gether to launch a Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said that. global campaign to investing in women was not only the right. end violence against thing to do it was the smart thing to do He. women I am count said that women are severely hampered by. ing on you advo discrimination lack of economic opportuni. cates from government civil society and ties limited access to decision making and. the UN to carry our message around the gender based violence This situation calls. world There is one universal truth ap for major investments in women and girls. plicable to all countries cultures and com including the creation of mechanisms to. munities violence against women is track gender equality investments ensure. never acceptable never excusable never good governance establish gender sensitive. tolerable Can he count on Good Shep budgets and create transparent stable invest. herd to promote this issue Website ment climates to promote women s employ. http www un org apps sg sgstats asp ment and productivity. nid 3020 English only or http View the website for International Women s. endviolence un org Day 2008 http www un org,womenwatch daw English only or. http www un org womenwatch feature, Women and Migration Today of NGO s to strengthen policies on decent. By Katherine Ward Int JPSM Coordinator working conditions and to increase gender. equity are critical,The movement of people and especially. women is not a new phenomenon but one Human Rights and Migration. that requires examination and understand Human rights is another priority theme to. ing in our global context The scale of mi come from the GFMD NGO s advocate that. human rights underpin migration policies of,gration is growing in every country every.
each nation to address socio economic dis, day every week and every year Accord crepancies especially of women Many peo. ing to the International Office on Migra ple in search of new opportunities to lifting. tion IOM there are 192 million people their families out of poverty make the choice. living outside their place of birth 1 to migrate They require social protections. that ensure human dignity,The United Nations introduced a framework of. examining migration in 2006 with a global,Good Shepherd and Migration. forum process as a way In 2008 two opportunities are coming for GS. to dialogue on themes people to speak on migrant issues The first is. such as the feminiza the International Conference on Gender Mi. tion of migration and gration and Development Seizing Opportuni. human rights stemming ties Upholding Women Workers Rights to be. from the movement of held in Manila in September This confer. people 2 The first Global from on Mi ence is deliberately scheduled prior to the 2nd. gration and Development GMFD was Global Forum on Migration and Development. held in Belgium July 2007 It allowed for GFMD to be held in The Philippines in Oc. limited NGO participation within the gath tober,ering for governments and international. The GSIJP office requested that GS Justice, organizations The delegates formally ad and Peace Contacts in the Asia Pacific region.
dressed the impact of migration and the help to select one to two persons to represent. national responses to changing demo GS We seek people in direct service who can. graphic and social structures Two themes grasp the global issues It is an excellent op. raised at the GFMD were gender and hu portunity to share GS expertise We will share. man rights Both these are affected by more after the Forums. economic globalization including social 1 http www iom int jahia Jahia lang en. political and environmental factors pid 3,2 To see more on the 2007 Forum http. Gender and Migration www gfmd fmmd org, Women and migration is a priority being 3 English only http www un org. addressed by the UN member states and News Press docs 2006. the NGO community Current migration pop945 doc htm. statistics overlook the impact of women,and girls According to the International. Research and Training Institute for the,Advancement of Women INSTRAW. women constitute 49 6 of global migra CEDAW transferred. tory flows and up to 80 in some coun to Geneva, tries 3 Migrating women are noted as By Hedwig J hl GS NGO representative Geneva.
major senders and recipients of remit, tances and are also highly represented in Over the past years GS national Units. the labor market in both informal and have increased submissions of NGO re. high skilled sectors The ongoing efforts ports to CEDAW the Convention to. Eliminate all Forms of Discrimination Against structive discussions with Good Shepherd. Women The most recent submission was staff and other NGO s I found that the grass. from GS Bolivia in January 2008 the 40th roots experiences of Good Shepherd people. session are highly valued among NGO s and Govern,ment delegates in efforts to create person. The GSIJP Office encourages all such submis,sions from GS units programs or in collabo. centered polices,ration with other national level NGO s CE. DAW can be a very good way to speak for the,voiceless women and girls we serve.
Please note however that CEDAW as a human,rights body within the UN system will now be. held primarily in Geneva which is the UN home to Sharing Good Shepherd grassroots experiences on. the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Mental Health and HIV AIDS. Rights and of the Human Rights Council This,may create some confusion as some sessions will. By attending commissions conventions fo, continue to be held in New York rums committees sub committees panel. events prayer events and social events I ex, If you are not familiar with CEDAW please con perienced how Good Shepherd lobbies on. sider learning about it and how to use it as a na issues related to women the girl child traf. tional tool as part of your ongoing formation,If your unit or program is considering a CEDAW.
ficking migration social development and, submission it must be done in conjunction with indigenous people with various government. your national government reports delegations to bring about policies and action. plans Agreed documents can be used at na, If you will be submitting a report please contact tional and grassroots level to give credibility. Hedwig GS NGO Rep in Geneva at, hedwigjoehl bluewin ch and strength when we are speaking for the. You can find the calendar for CEDAW sessions at specific needs in our direct services. the website http www un org womenwatch daw, cedaw index html During all my activities I had the opportunity. to meet and network with various people that,are important international collaborators with.
Good Shepherd peo,Good Shepherd internship,at the Int JP Office UN. by Sr Zelna Oosthuizen Good Shepherd,With much joy and exhilarating anticipa. tion I departed from South Africa for six,months to experience life at the United. Nations UN through the eyes of the Mrs Ban Soon taek at Women for Peace First. Good Shepherd Lady to the United Nations and Ambassador D Ku. malo South African Permanent Rep to the UN and, Initiation into all aspects of Good Shep Mrs Kumalo at International Women s Day. herd International Justice and Peace Of, fice meant explorative discovery orienta When I met Mrs Ban Soon taek wife of.
tion and immediate participation linked Secretary General Ban Ki Moon I experi. with in depth critical analysis and con enced a,Events and Resources. presence of peace and contemplation which For awareness and local involvement. our world desperately needs The African, delegates energized me because they ex Sexual Exploitation. pressed the cry of the poor with openness 3rd World Congress against Commercial. and determination especially for women Child Sexual Exploitation Brazil late in 2008. and children For information http www ecpat net,World Congress index html links to all lan. Thanks to the congregation my South Afri guages,can sector and Winfred Katherine and. Clare at the Int GS JP office for this experi Sexual Exploitation. ence Education Campaign launched by the NGO,UNANIMA to stop the DEMAND for human.
trafficking Materials available in English, Forum on Human Trafficking French Spanish and Portuguese include a CD. Rom posters prayer services action sugges,By Hedwig J hl GS NGO Rep to Geneva. Hedwig J hl from the Geneva GS NGO office and, Martina Ernst from Germany attended The Vienna To obtain materials go directly to the UNAMIA. Forum to Fight Human Trafficking 13 15 Febru web site www unanima international org Stop. ary sponsored by United Nations Office on Drugs the Demand for Trafficking in Women and Chil. dren link to all languages,Or contact the GS office gsijpof. fice gssweb org,and Crime in Vienna,Economic Gender Justice.
The Opening session of the Forum on Hu Finance for Development UN conference to. man Trafficking introduced the themes of be held in Doha Qatar November December. Vulnerability Impact and Action and 2008, made links between trafficking security For information http www un org esa ffd. development and human rights English only,As GS we know that Trafficking in persons. is a growing problem The forum identified, contributing factors in becoming a traf Around the World GS Notes. ficker It was pointed out that former vic, tims and women sometimes become traf From Ireland Ruhama Project. fickers Diverse social partners who have GS Geradine Rowley was a recent spokes. taken concrete steps to address issues of person for the anti trafficking anti. forced labour and trafficking were present prostitution advocacy led by Ruhama The. The forum discussed innovative practices project calls on the Government to learn. and the importance of partnership in com from laws passed in Sweden which crimi. bating human trafficking As participants nalizes those who buy sex Geradine is. GS took advantage of the Forum s Special quoted We believe that Ireland needs to. Events the Role of Women Leaders send out a clear message that the purchasing. Youth the Arts Virtual Forum the Private of women for sexual services is a crime. Sector and the Religious Community in the Ireland needs to take a stand against organ. Fight against Human Trafficking ized crime and having the correct legislation. For more information http in place is crucial to achieving this. www ungift org English only also See Ruhama http ruhama ie index php. http www unodc org unodc en human link to all languages. trafficking index html English only, From Angers GS motherhouse From US Handcrafting Justice.
International Women s Day submitted Maureen McGowan of GS economic jus. by Sr Tarcila Spirituality Center tice program Handcrafting Justice was. part of a panel sponsored by the Holy See, There is a group who regularly uses our during the UN Commission on the Status. Chapel for a Prayer Service on the Interna of Women Maureen s topic From Pov. tional Day for Women This year they are erty to Empowerment was one of four. here with us today March 7 After the Catholic social teaching political eco. prayer there is a collection taken This nomic policy and women s participation. year money will support Guyana in Fair Trade,From Kenya Catherine Mutindi JP. From Sri Lanka International Women s Contact, Day submitted by Sr Immaculate de Despite all the turmoil and violence in. Alwis Kenya we managed to celebrate Interna, On Women s Day 2008 our GS team work tional Women s Day Activities included a. ing in the Free Trade Zone planned a day seminar on trafficking various games. long celebration to entertain 400 500 sports and recreational events celebration. women workers of the zone This is an out of the Eucharist praying for women. growth of a Convention on Our Struggles throughout the world and animation of. and Dreams for Peace organized by local church women groups I gave a hom. Full Employment and Decent Work For All The Commission February 2008 was de voted to employment and decent work for all Discussions focused on the phenomenon of jobless growth economic growth which does not increase employment levels but in creases job insecurity and instability The link between poverty eradication and the Millen nium Development Goals MDG s was high lighted

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