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1 Getting Help 1,eMachines Web site 3,Help and Support 3. Searching for a topic 4,Online help 5,eMachines contact information 6. 2 Checking Out Your eMachines Computer 7,Desktop PC Front 8. Desktop PC Back 10,Identifying your model 13,eMachines model and serial number 13. Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity 13,3 Getting Started 15.
Working safely 16,Reducing eye strain 16,Setting up your computer desk and chair 16. Setting up your computer and computer accessories 17. Sitting at your computer 17, Avoiding discomfort and injury from repetitive strain 17. Protecting from power source problems 18,Checking the voltage selection 18. Starting your computer 19,Waking up your computer 20. Turning off your computer 20,Restarting rebooting your computer 21.
Adjusting the volume 21,Using the keyboard 22,Enhanced keyboard 22. Standard keyboard 22,Keyboard features 23,Using the mouse 24. Connecting the modem 26,Connecting to a wired Ethernet network 27. Installing a printer scanner or other peripheral device 28. 4 Using Drives and Ports 29,Using the diskette drive 30. Using the memory card reader 31,www eMachines com i.
Memory card types 31,Inserting a memory card 32,Using the CD or DVD drive 33. Identifying drive types 33,Inserting a CD or DVD 34. Playing a CD 35,Playing a DVD 35,Creating CDs or DVDs 35. 5 Maintaining Your Computer 37,Caring for your computer 38. Updating Windows 38,Protecting your computer from viruses 39.
Cleaning your computer 41,Cleaning the exterior 41. Cleaning the keyboard 42,Cleaning the computer display 42. Cleaning the mouse 42,Cleaning CDs or DVDs 44,Restoring your system 44. Preventing static electricity discharge 45,Opening the case 46. Removing the side panel 46,Removing the front bezel 47.
Closing the case 48,Replacing the side panel 48,Replacing the front bezel 49. Installing memory 50,Replacing the system battery 52. 6 Troubleshooting 55,Safety guidelines 56,First steps 56. Troubleshooting 57,Add in cards 57,Battery 57,CD or DVD drives 57. Computer 59,Diskette drive 59,DVD drives 60,File management 60.
Hard drive 61,Internet 62,Keyboard 63,ii www eMachines com. Memory card reader 64,Modem dial up 64,Monitor 68,Networks 70. Passwords 70,Printer 70,Telephone support 73,Before calling eMachines Customer Care 73. Telephone numbers 74,Self help 74,A Safety Regulatory and Legal Information 75. www eMachines com iii,iv www eMachines com,Getting Help.
Using the eMachines Web site,Using Help and Support. Using BigFix,Using online help,Contacting eMachines. Chapter 1 Getting Help,Thank you for purchasing our computer. You have made an excellent decision choosing eMachines We are sure that you will be. pleased with the outstanding quality reliability and performance of your new computer. Each and every eMachines computer uses the latest technology and passes through the. most stringent quality control tests to ensure that you are provided with the best product. Please read this manual carefully to familiarize yourself with our range of services and. support We have highlighted some basic care and safety information to help you keep. your computer in good operating condition, eMachines stands behind our value proposition to our customers to provide best of class. service and support in addition to high quality brand name components at affordable. prices If you ever have a problem our knowledgeable dedicated customer service. department will provide you with fast considerate service. We sincerely hope that you will receive the utmost satisfaction and enjoyment from your. new eMachines computer for years to come,Thanks again from all of us at eMachines.
2 www eMachines com,eMachines Web site,eMachines Web site. eMachines online support is available 24 hours per day 7 days per week and provides the. most current drivers product specifications and information about your computer Visit. the eMachines Customer Care Web site at emachines com support. Help and Support, Your computer includes Help and Support an easily accessible collection of help. information troubleshooters and automated support Use Help and Support to answer. questions about Windows and to help you quickly discover and use the many features of. your eMachines computer,To start Help and Support, Click Start then click Help and Support Help and Support opens. You can find help information by clicking a link performing a search or browsing the. www eMachines com 3,Chapter 1 Getting Help,Searching for a topic. To search for a topic in Help and Support type a word or phrase keyword in the Search. box located at the top of any Help and Support screen then click the arrow button. For each search you receive the following search result types. Suggested Topics These topics are located in Help and Support and are relevant to. your search topic, Full text Search Matches These topics are located in Help and Support and contain.
the words you entered in the Search box, Microsoft Knowledge Base These topics are located on the Microsoft Web site and. contain the words you entered in the Search box You must be connected to the. Internet to search for and access these topics, To view a list of your search results click the results header for the type of results you. want to view, To view a topic click the topic name in the Search Results list. BigFix monitors your computer for problems and conflicts It automatically gathers. information about the latest bugs security alerts and updates from BigFix sites on the. Internet Whenever BigFix detects a problem it alerts you by flashing the blue taskbar icon. To fix the problem click on that icon to open BigFix. To start BigFix, Click Start All Programs Accessories System Tools then click BigFix. To learn more about using BigFix, From the BigFix program click Help then click Tutorial.
4 www eMachines com,Online help,Online help, Many programs provide information online so you can research a topic or learn how to. perform a task while you are using the program You can access most online help. information by selecting a topic from a Help menu or by clicking a Help button. You can search for information by viewing the help contents checking the index searching. for a topic or keyword or browsing through the online help. www eMachines com 5,Chapter 1 Getting Help,eMachines contact information. To help you locate eMachines contact information you can find the eMachines Web site. Online Support and technical support contact information on the label located on the. front of your computer case,6 www eMachines com,Checking Out Your. eMachines Computer,Identifying features,Locating your computer model and. serial number,Locating the Microsoft Certificate of.
Authenticity,Locating the specifications for your,Purchasing accessories. Chapter 2 Checking Out Your eMachines Computer,Desktop PC Front. Your computer includes the following components, Your computer hardware options and port locations may vary from. Important the illustration below,DVD CD drive,DVD CD drive. Diskette drive,USB port Memory card,optional reader optional.
Power button,Power indicator,Hard drive,access indicator. ports optional Microphone jack,USB ports Headphone jack. eMachines help Model and serial,resources and number. Customer Care,information,8 www eMachines com,Desktop PC Front. Component Icon Description, DVD CD drive Use this drive to listen to audio CDs install games and programs watch.
DVDs and store large files onto recordable discs depending on drive. This drive may be a CD recordable CD DVD or recordable DVD drive. To identify your drive type and for more information about your drive see. Identifying drive types on page 33, Diskette drive Insert a standard 3 5 inch diskette into the optional diskette drive For. optional more information see Using the diskette drive on page 30. USB ports Plug a USB Universal Serial Bus device such as a USB Iomega. optional Zip drive printer scanner camera keyboard or mouse into this port. For more information see Installing a printer scanner or other. peripheral device on page 28, Hard drive access Turns on when the hard drive is accessed. IEEE 1394 ports Plug an IEEE 1394 also known as Firewire or i Link device such as. optional a digital camcorder into one of these 6 pin IEEE 1394 ports For more. information see Installing a printer scanner or other peripheral device. on page 28, Memory card reader Insert a memory card from a digital camera MP3 player PDA cellular. optional telephone or other devices into the memory card reader For more. information see Using the memory card reader on page 31. Power button Press this button to turn the power on or off You can also configure the. Power indicator power button to operate in Standby Resume mode or Hibernate mode. The button lights when the computer is turned on, Microphone jack Plug a microphone into this jack This jack is color coded red or pink. Headphone jack Plug powered analog front speakers an external amplifier or. headphones into this jack This jack is color coded orange. eMachines help Contains information about how to access eMachines Web site and. resources and eMachines Customer Care,Customer Care.
information, eMachines model Contains your model and serial number. Please read this manual carefully to familiarize yourself with our range of services and support We have highlighted some basic care and safety information to help you keep your computer in good operating condition eMachines stands behind our value proposition to our customers to provide best of class

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