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52 Free Energy, Pursuits to make devices move perpetually or to generate energy from. nothing still occupy the attention of many people Is it truly possible to. generate free energy or are we simply deceiving ourselves and others. Here we describe a selection of interesting ideas and projects. 56 Wireless ECG, Many devices are available for recording or visualising electrocardiogram. ECG signals The circuit proposed here uses a wireless link as an elegant. solution to the problem of galvanic isolation completely eliminating any. hazard to the subject,45 E Labs Inside Here Comes the Bus. We call on our readers to assist with the development of the Elektor Bus. 48 Low cost Headphone Amplifier, Guess what it s straightforward sounds good and consists of dead. standard parts only,52 Free Energy, Is it truly possible to generate free energy or are we deceiving ourselves.
and others,56 Wireless ECG, In this project Zigbee modules are used to build a system for wireless. monitoring of cardiac signals,62 Groping in the Dark. Here we try to find out if a webcam is any good for converting into a night. vision camera,64 Design Tips,Opamp versus Comparator. These devices look very similar with their and labels at certain pins. 66 Support Board for Arduino Nano, In this article we re proposing a motherboard that was originally designed. for a robotics application but which can very well be used for other jobs. 68 Three out of Two Ain t Bad, Adding a tacho signal to a two wire fan as used in PCs.
72 Notch Filters for Intermediate Frequencies, Two simple filters one RC and one LC for suppressing noise in. communication receivers,75 Hexadoku,Our monthly puzzle with an electronics touch. 76 Retronics Tandberg Model 5,Stereo Record Amplifier ca 1959. Regular feature on electronics odd ancient Series Editor Jan. 84 Coming Attractions,Next month in Elektor magazine. 6 Colophon,Who s who at Elektor magazine,8 News New Products.
A monthly roundup of all the latest in electronics land. 14 OSI from ISO, Seven Bridges You Shall Cross before you can eat your OSI Cake and. have it the ISO way,16 Reradiating GPS Antenna, To keep you headed in the right direction here s a quick and cheap. method to overcome poor GPS signal levels in a car. 18 Gentle Awakenings, This circuit has advanced features geared to waking you up sunrise style. 24 UltimaticCWKeyer, Morse is not dead and this project is for high speed telegraphers having. mastered the Ultimatic squeeze keying method in combination with a CW. 32 Educational Expansion Board, Flexible multi talented and versatile are some descriptions that fit this.
expansion board for our popular ATMiS controller,38 Geolocalization without GPS. WiFi spots and triangulation methods can be used advantageously to. pinpoint your position with remarkable accuracy,43 E Labs Inside. Here comes the bus 2, The guys at Elektor labs delve deeper into their plans to develop. a proprietary bus, 45 E Labs inside Design tips for instrumentation amplifiers. Input noise and ADC resolution are important considerations in very. sensitive measurement systems,18 Gentle Awakenings.
The light alarm clock described here is built around a microcontroller and. can switch and dim an existing iamp or lamps fitted with an incandescent. bulb normal or halogen It has several advanced features and its purpose. is to wake you up without a startle,24 Ultimatic CW Keyer. The circuit discussed in this article was developed specially for the squeeze. paddle CW key but works great with single lever keys too It looks after. a lot of time related issues such as the pauses between dots and words. fully supporting the renowned Ultimatic mode,53 TimeClick. TimeClick controls a digital SLR camera without human intervention using. a wired connection It can take photographs at fixed or random time. intervals or in response to sensor input which makes it suitable for. various purposes from HDR photography to sound triggered pictures. 60 Linux ed,Telephone to VolP Interface, Start phoning with no fears of a massive Telco bill The powerhouse board. described here works under Linux using the renowned Asterisk IP PBX. software and at a stroke enables you to use your home telephone set. dare we say vintage to connect to the VoiP world,48 Contactless Thermometer. This thermometer employs an infrared sensor to read an object s. temperature without touching it,53 TimeClick, A controller for sensor sound or time driven photography at an advanced.
58 Ml AC Control led,Underfloor Heating System, A stunning application of Elektor s Flowcode powered super PLC. 60 Linux ed,Telephone to VolP Interface, Connect your vintage telephone set to the world of VoIP and start phoning. with no fears of a massive Telco bill,65 AphaLED Shaker. This little gadget when shaken prominently shows a letter in the air. 68 How to Get your Own USB ID, Less than one LSBof all people designing stuff to work on USB actually. manage to get their own ID in chips,70 TEXT Me From 1 PC junkyard.
An old PC and a surplus cellphone together make your very own text. messaging system,75 Hexadoku,Our monthly puzzle with an electronics touch. 76 Retronics Slide Rules,The Electronic Engineer, Regular feature on electronics odd ancient Series Editor Jan Suiting. 84 Coming Attractions,Next month in Elektor magazine. 6 Colophon,Who s who at Elektor magazine,8 News New Products. A monthly roundup of all the latest in electronics land. 14 Everything on a Single Chip, All major silicon brands seem to have one but the term SoC is poorly.
defined Time to investigate,18 PSoC Designer, A step by step guide to DIY chip design using Cypress PSoC Designer and. low cost evaluation kits,24 SatFinder, Get azimuth and elevation data for your favourite DB satellite TV channels. on the fly and everywhere within the bird s footprint of course. 30 MP3 One Two Three, The TMS32oC55i5 starter kit from Texas Instruments makes an excellent. platform for building a versatile MP3 player,34 Mini Webserver using BASCOM AVR. Here our MiniModiS microcontroller module is programmed to act as. a webserver that helps you do the shopping,40 PSoC Enables Custom Glass LCDs.
Demonstrating the incredible ease of using PSoC if only to design your. very own LCD driver,43 E Labs Inside Here Comes the Bus 3. This month the first circuit diagrams start to appear. 45 E Labs Inside Two Newcomers in the E Lab, How do the Lecroy WaveAce 224 and the Tektronix TDS2024B compare. A report from E Labs,14 Everything on a Single Chip. The term SoC can be used so narrowly as to cover only highly complex. industrial controller ICs or so broadly as to cover almost any device. capable of computing something from the humblest microcontroller to. a single chip PC We will take a wander through the world of smaller and. larger devices and try to find out what makes an 1C an SoC. 24 SatFinder, Caravan owners and campers on long journeys who crave their home TV. channels can now keep up with developments back home with the help of. the SatFinder This GPS based design includes a database containing. positional information of a number of popular TV satellites With the help. of GPS data it calculates the precise angles to find the satellite first time. 63 A String of 160 RGB LEDs, This project will let you control a string of RGB LEDs using either a touch.
screen or a colour detector In the first case you can use your finger or. a stylus the second will require pieces of red green and blue card. Sounds interesting Then to your boards ATMiS you have the green light. to start wiring,68 Solar Charger, This little project will appeal to everyone who would feel better charging. their mobile or PDA from solar sources A lithium ion cell stores the sun s. energy in between charging sessions Smart circuitry in the solar charger. monitors the battery voltage and protects the battery from overcharging. and deep discharge,48 Debugging the Sceptre using JTAC. Here we prove that using a complex powerful microcontroller does not. necessarily mean you have to invest in expensive debugging software. 56 Ultrasonic Directive Speaker, A pulsewidth modulator driving a large array of piezo transducers allows. a sound beam to be made highly directive,60 PSoC Evaluation Kits. A brief look at what s around commercially in terms of affordable PSoC. 63 A String of 160 RGB LEDs, Our celebrated ATMiS AVR module in control of a LED snake with.
chameleon aspirations,68 Solar Charger,Portable energy for people on the move. 74 Design Tips ADC for the PICi6F84A,75 Hexadoku Digest. A special edition of Elektor s puzzle with an electronics touch. 76 Retronics,The Worst TV Set Ever 1962, Regular feature on electronics odd ancient Series Editor Jan Suiting. 84 Coming Attractions,Next month in Elektor magazine. 6 Colophon,Who s who at Elektor magazine,8 News New Products.
A monthly roundup of all the latest in electronics land. 12 The Five Rules when Choosing a DSO, Factors to consider when you think it s time to move from a CRT to. a digital scope,16 Non Contact Temperature Measurement. Things to pay attention to when buying or using an infra red thermometer. As opposed to most DMMs and other C meters this low cost instrument is. totally at ease with capacitances below 10 pF,30 Wireless OBD II. Here s a car diagnostics interface with Bluetooth or Zigbee that s right. it s all cordless,36 Asteroids E Blocks, Here we look at how Microchip s 16 bit dsPIC from can be persuaded to. run the classic game of Asteroids,40 Guitar Input for Multi Effects Unit.
Showing how the Elektor Multi Effects Unit can be matched to an electric. guitar with an overdrive effect added,43 E Labs Inside Here comes the bus 4. This month we discuss some reader feedback received for the project. The level is surprisingly high,46 E Labs Inside A quick temperature measurement. Pitfalls and other things to watch out for when doing IR gun. temperature measurements,16 Non Contact Temperature Measurement. With an infrared gun thermometer you can quickly measure the. temperatures of all sorts of objects at a reasonable distance. Thermometers of this sort are available with prices starting at a few dozen. pounds What do you need to pay attention to when buying or using an. infrared thermometer Here s our critical answer and verdict. RF and radio repair fans probably do need to be told but when it comes to. measurements below 200 pF or so modern DMMs will produce coarse if. not ridiculous results Elektor s purpose designed Pico C does a far better. job Beating many DMMs hands down this little instrument easily and. accurately measures capacitances down to fractions of a picofarad. 30 Wireless OBD II, If you hate cables in connection with cars literally an interesting option is. a wireless OBD interface with a radio interface to a laptop PC The all. homebrew solution described here allows the choice of using either. Bluetooth or ZigBee,48 3 GHz Frequency and Signal Level Meter.
Here s a treat for all fans of top notch test and measurement equipment. you can build and use in the workshop or at college Keywords 50 MHz to. 3 GHz 10 ppm accuracy and a signal level range of 40 dBm to 10 dBm. Readings are displayed on a three line LCD module and the instrument is. powered by three standard AA cells,48 3 GHz Frequency and Signal Level Meter. A sophisticated instrument capable of measuring frequencies from 50 MHz. to 3 GHz with an accuracy of 10 ppm and signal levels between 40 dBm. and 10 dBm,56 Altimeter for Micro Rockets, Ultra lightweight this circuit has a data recorder logging atmospheric. pressure every 25 ms with a memory capacity of 16 Rvalues. 62 CPIB to USB Converter, Just when you thought Hewlett Packard s GPIB bus reached vintage. status watch how it gets retrofitted with a USB interface. 68 MIDI Step Sequencer, A low cost but extremely versatile back beat generator that responds to. MIDI commands from your sound processing equipment. 70 ATMiS Catches the 1 5 485 Bus, Apparently there s no end to what the Elektor ATMiS module is capable of.
doing This month it takes the RS 485 bus,75 Hexadoku. Elektor s monthly puzzle with an electronics touch. 76 Retronics 137 Years of Solid state Electronics, Regular feature on electronics odd ancient Series Editor Jan Suiting. 84 Coming Attractions,Next month in Elektor magazine. 6 Colophon,Who s who at Elektor magazine,8 News New Products. A monthly roundup of all the latest in electronics land. 14 Development Tools on the Go, The latest buzzword is apps and for sure some of these are for electronics.
20 The Nixie Tube, A must read for anyone planning to add the Nixie coolness factor to. 26 Audio DSP Course i, If digital signal processing is All Creek to you join this course which. covers hardware as well as software,32 Microphone Conferencing System. Wherever the laptop microphone fails miserably enter this simple circuit. Intelligibility guaranteed,36 Perfectly Balanced, Forever on the wish list of owners of vintage Hifi amplifiers here s a noise. free volume control,40 Elektor Proton Robot,A DIY robot design marked by an terrific degree o.
24 Nixie Tube Thermometer Nixie tubes have a special charm all of their own The guys at Elektor labs delve deeper into their plans to develop

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