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Confidential and Proprietary 2 2019 2,Welcome to Alchemy. Table of Contents,Admin FAQs 4,Getting Started 5,Menu Options 6. Initial Login 7,User Language Option 9,Taking an eLearning Course 10. Export a Creator Course 12,Add a Creator Course in Manager 13. Add a SCORM Course in Manager 15,SCORM Guidance 17.
Parent Name Translations 18,Confidential and Proprietary 2 2019 3. Admin FAQs,What is eLearning, eLearning is the delivery of training or educational media that is accessed through Manger from any web. enabled PC eLearning is commonly used to promote an employee s personal development and can be utilized. utilized for off site employee training,What is Manager. Manager is a website accessed via the internet Each user will log into Manager with their own username and. password to complete courses in eLearning, What types of courses can be delivered via eLearning. eLearning Alchemy Courseware,Company Specific SCORM.
What set up do you recommend for my Manager our company eLearning website. Turn off Course Catalog use Learning Plans,Turn off Lightning Round. How can I make it easier for my employees to access eLearning. Set up Learning Plans so that employees can easily identify required courses. Ensure that your employees have the website address and log in credentials. Ensure that your employees are comfortable with the log in process. Disable the pop up blocker on the computers used for training. Which SCORM Authoring Tools are supported,Articulate 09 1 2 2004 3rd Edition. iSpring Presenter 5 7 0 build 3017,Adobe Captivate 5 3 0 0 400. Other off the shelf 3rd Party SCORM courses can be supported at an additional fee see Account Manager. for pricing,Confidential and Proprietary 03 2019 4. Getting Started, Below are some helpful tips on how to ensure you have a successful eLearning experience If you continue to.
have issues with eLearning please contact Client Support at 1 888 988 8832. Internet Browsers,Make sure you are using an approved browser. For current supported browser versions select Manager in the Product Tech Specs on our Alchemy. Product News Updates located here http blog alchemysystems com product updates. Turn Off Pop up Blockers,Properly respond to Security Information Messages. Network Connections Proxy Settings Firewalls, Ensure that your site meets the minimum network requirements for running eLearning. Check your bandwidth connection before accessing eLearning. Minimum connection speed of 350 kb s,Attempt to take training during off peak hours. Avoid using other applications while running an eLearning course. Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements use the blog link above. Confidential and Proprietary 03 2019 5,Menu Options.
Course Catalog Optional,A complete list of all available online courses. My Courses, List of Not Attempted and In Progress courses assigned via a Learning Plan. List of all In Progress courses not assigned via a Learning Plan. My Learning Plan Optional,Progress of assigned Learning Plans. My Profile, User can update personal information including password preferred course language and time zone. My Transcripts,Review and print transcript records.
Confidential and Proprietary 03 2019 6,Initial Login. Welcome to eLearning When you first login you will be asked to change your password and to identify. your language and time zone preferences These can be changed in the My Profile section at any time. Go to your Alchemy eLearning Website,www sistemlms com yourcompanyname. Enter your User Name and Password,Don t know your username password. Speak to your onsite Alchemy Contact or,click Forgot username or password. See page on User Globalization Options to,set language preferences.
A Reset your password,Needs to be at least 5 characters long. Case Sensitive,Must contain at least one letter and one. B Select Timezone,C Select Website Language,D Select Save. Confidential and Proprietary 03 2019 7,Initial Login Administrator. Note If you also have administrative rights to the Manager website you will have the ability to. alternate between your eLearning or User profile and the Admin side of Manager The default view. when you login the first time will be the Admin side of Manager. Accessing eLearning from the Admin Side,A Click on your name at the top right corner.
B Select eLEARNING,Accessing the Admin page from the eLearning Side. A Select Admin icon,Confidential and Proprietary 03 2019 8. User Language Options, eLearners have the ability to choose their preferred language in eLearning They will also be able to. filter courses by preferred language Please make these instructions available to your eLearners. Login Page,Users can translate their login page to their. preferred language on the Alchemy,Manager login page by selecting their.
choice at the bottom of the screen,Website Language. 1 Users will be automatically asked to identify their preferred website language in Manager version 7 18. 2 Users can also change their Worksite language in the My Profile section of the website. Course Language, Users can identify their preferred course language in a drop down at the top of either the My Courses or. Course Catalog pages this choice is saved until changed again. Confidential and Proprietary 03 2019 9,Taking an eLearning Course. This is a step by step guide on how to access and run an eLearning course Before you get started. take a moment to review these instructions and to fill out the My eLearning Log In Information. section You may find it helpful to print out these pages and have them with you as you log in. My eLearning Log In Information,Website www sistemlms com. Username Password,Go to your Alchemy eLearning Website.
www sistemlms com yourcompanyname,Enter your User Name and Password. Don t know your username password Speak to your,onsite Alchemy Contact. A Select appropriate Menu Option, B Choose a course listed in the Course Listing and select Play. Access Points, See the following page for Session Notes and Exit Instructions. eLearner Printout Confidential and Proprietary 03 2019 10. Taking an eLearning Course,Session Notes, eLearning sessions may consist of Courses Alchemy Creator Company Specific Stand Alone Tests or.
Stand Alone Evaluations, The session will run automatically in a pop up window. If the pop up is blocked follow the directions on the screen to disable the pop up blocker. Most courses advance automatically if not press the arrow button on the right hand side of the screen. Test Questions may be asked throughout the session or after the session. Some questions may include a Remediation do over if you ve answered incorrectly. Exit Instructions, Alchemy and Creator Courses Stand Alone Tests and Evaluations. Click on CLOSE Tests and Evaluations have an Exit button the. browser will close automatically,A verification page will appear press OK. Go to My Transcripts on the main page to view your. session results,Company Specific Courses,Upon completing the course click the Exit button. A verification page will appear press OK, Go to My Transcripts on the main page to view your.
session results, eLearner Printout Confidential and Proprietary 03 2019 11. Export a Creator Course, A course must be exported for it to be playable The exporting function will generate a self. contained file that may then be added into Player and eLearning. Exporting a Course,A Click Export from the Creator Ribbon. B Save the file,File will automatically save as sistem. Only alphanumeric characters and underscores,No special characters or spaces.
C The file will begin exporting, D Respond to Export and Warning messages if they appear. If you have a video slide you will receive an optimization message. Select Yes if you wish to compress the video for faster performance. If you have animation in your presentation or hyperlinks you will receive a warning message. Select No to have Creator ignore slide transitions animation hyperlinks. Select Yes to stop publishing and remove the slide transitions animations hyperlinks. Confidential and Proprietary 03 2019 12,Add a Creator Course in Manager. Filenames cannot contain spaces Upload the sistem file that is created after publishing the Creator course. Create Course, A Login to your Manager website with Supervisor Developer access most admins have. this level of access, B Navigate to Content Builder and click on Course Library. C Click Create New Course button,D In the Course Type dropdown select Creator.
E Fill in ALL required fields,Confidential and Proprietary 03 2019 13. Add a Creator Course in Manager,Create Course continued. F Choose your Distribution Method,Player Distribution Method. Automatically Deliver to Client Media Upload file file must be 160MB or smaller. Manually deliver to Client Media do not Upload file no file size limit. Not Available in Player,eLearning Distributions Methods. Distribution through eLearning Upload file,Not Available in eLearning.
G Select Choose File and select file or Select Filename. H Optional,Choose a Parent Course,External ID,Enter Admin Notes. I Select Create,Confidential and Proprietary 03 2019 14. Add a SCORM Course in Manager, This information will enable you to add your own SCORM content to Manager for use in eLearning Please. review the specific Alchemy tip sheet for your eLearning authoring tool for recommended settings. Once you ve created and published your content with an approved authoring tool log into your Manager. website with your User ID and Password then follow these directions. Create Course, A Navigate to www sistemlms com companyname and log in with Supervisor Developer access most admins. have this level of access, B Navigate to Content Builder and select Course Library.
C Select the Create New Course button, D In the Course Type dropdown select Company Specific eLearning. Approved eLearning Authoring tools for use with eLearning. Articulate Presenter 09,iSpring Presenter 5,Adobe Captivate 5. Alchemy and Creator Courses Stand Alone Tests and Evaluations If you have animation in your presentation or hyperlinks you will receive a warning message Select No to have Creator ignore slide transitions animation hyperlinks Select Yes to stop publishing and remove the slide transitions animations hyperlinks manually C eLearning Export a Creator Course Confidential

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