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Topic 1 Tectonic Processes and Hazards,Enquiry Questions. 1 Why are some locations more at risk from tectonic hazards. 2 Why do some tectonic hazards develop into disasters. 3 How successful is the management of tectonic hazards and disasters. This topic develops your knowledge from GCSE, Use the information below your own knowledge AND additional research to complete the tasks. Plate Boundaries, 1 For each plate boundary identify the different tectonic hazards and the key features. Plate Earthquakes Key features direction of plate margin type of plate. boundary and or volcanoes,Destructive,Constructive. Conservative, 2 Explain the cause of earthquakes at constructive plate margins 4.
3 Explain the cause of volcanoes at destructive plate margins 4. 4 Explain why,earthquakes and,volcanoes are,often located in. similar locations,5 Case Study Research, Complete research into one of the following hazards and produce a comprehensive. case study with photographs and maps to support your research. Volcanic Eruption Eyjafjallajokull Iceland 2011,Earthquake Christchurch New Zealand 2010 and 2011. For either hazard identify the cause impacts Social Economic and Environmental and. Management of the hazard,Topic 2 Coastal landscape and change. Enquiry Questions, 1 Why are coastal landscapes different and what processes cause these.
differences, 2 How do characteristic coastal landforms contribute to coastal. landscapes, 3 How do coastal erosion and sea level change alter the physical. characteristics of coastlines and increase risks, 4 How can coastlines be managed to meet the needs of all players. This topic also develops your knowledge from GCSE Use the information below your. own knowledge AND additional research to complete the tasks below. Coastal landscapes, The Jurassic Coastline in Dorset is one of the most famous stretches of coastline in. terms of landforms and features, 1 Your task is to research this stretch of coastline to create a case study You will need.
to include photos and annotated maps to identify the different features along this stretch. of coastline and start to explain how and why the different landforms are created. 2 Explain the relationship between geology and coastal form along the Dorset. Coastline 6 marks, 3 Explain the location of depositional landforms along the Dorset Coastline 6 marks. Topic 3 Globalisation,Enquiry questions, 1 What are the causes of globalisation and why has it accelerated in recent. 2 What are the impacts of globalisation for different countries different groups of. people and cultures and the physical environment, 3 What are the consequences of globalisation for global development and the. physical environment and how should different players respond to its. challenges, Globalisation is the process by which people culture finance goods and information. transfer between countries with few barriers, Your task is to research the numerous players attitudes and actions that have been.
responsible for promoting globalisation and to assess the winners and losers in. increased globalisation, 1 Who are these Organisations and what role do they play in globalisation. 2 How do global trading blocs affect globalisation how many blocs are these and how. important are they in global trade, 3 What role do TNCs play in the globalisation process. 4 Why are the benefits of globalisation not equal What are the barriers to globalisation. 5 What are the main arguments against globalisation. 6 To what extent was the spread of this caused by globalisation and to what extent is the. cure reliant on globalisation,Exam style questions. 1 Explain two ways that national government have contributed to globalisation 4. 2 Explain why some locations remain switched off from globalisation 6. Topic 4 REGENERATING PLACES,Enquiry questions,1 How and why do places vary. 2 Why might regeneration be needed,3 How is regeneration managed.
4 How successful is regeneration, This topic also develops your knowledge from GCSE Use the information below your. own knowledge AND additional research to complete the tasks below. 1 HOW AND WHY DO PLACES VARY,What is the geography of Kent. How has the geology and landscape of Kent created a distinct county. How have humans sculpted this landscape to create a Kentish Identity. How has the industrial history of Sittingbourne shaped its current and future economic. 2 WHY MIGHT REGENERATION BE NEEDED,Why did Sittingbourne need to be regenerated. Use the internet local libraries the Records Office and your own knowledge to find out. why Sittingbourne needed to be regenerated You need to consider a wide range of. questions and find out if they applied or apply to Sittingbourne such as. Has the town experienced deindustrialisation,Have industries closed down and for what reasons. What was is the level of unemployment,Are there skills shortages.
Has the area experienced outward migration,What has happened to property prices. Does the area suffer from social deprivation health education crime and access. to services, Is there any evidence of sink estates commuter villages or declining rural. settlements, Are local communities engaged in the area consider election turnout and local. community groups,What is the ethnic mix make up of the area. What is the population structure of the area,Are there many new residents students in migrants.
Is there evidence of conflict between different groups within communities. What were the original aims of The Spirit of Sittingbourne regeneration scheme. To what extent have these aims been met,3 HOW IS REGENRATION MANAGED. Has national government made any policy decisions that have had an impact on. Sittingbourne s regeneration,Have they improved transport infrastructure. Have they passed new planning laws,Have they set house building targets. Have they made decisions about international migration. Has local government taken decisions to make the area look more attractive to inward. Have they created science parks industrial estates to attract new firms to the. Are local interest groups Chamber of Commerce preservation societies. involved in the key decision making process in the area. Have they been involved in any leisure and tourism retail or sport strategies to. regenerate the area,Have they encouraged rural diversification. Edexcel A Level Geography Name In Year 12 you will study four topics Tectonic processes and hazards Coastal landscapes and change Globalisation and Regenerating places The aim of this booklet is to give you an idea of what we will be studying and allow you to prepare for the skills and exam style questions you will be expected complete Edexcel Geography A Level Specification can

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