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Department of Anatomy, 1 Ilavenil K Nalinakumari SD Kalavathy Ponniraivan Effect of increases prepregnancy body. mass index on placental morphologic features in gestational diabetes Journal of Clinical and. Diagnostic Research 2018 12 7 AC13 AC17, 2 Ilavenil K Nalinakumari SD Kalavathy Ponniraivan Altered placental histological features. in lean and obsess gestational diabetic pregnancies Research Journal of Pharmacuetical. Biological and Chemical Sciences 2018 9 4 1459 1467. Department of Physiology, 1 Jeyavishnupriya G Rajajeyakumar M Gnanavel Raja C Puhalenthi K Introduction of a Pre. Medical Course Study Programme to Undergraduate Medical Curriculum Students. Perspective Trichy India International Journal of Physiology 2018 6 4 58 61. 2 Karthikeyan M Soundararajan L Srinivasan M Prabhakaran R Srinivasan UP Naganathbabu. OL Rajajeyakumar M Mirizzi syndrome with type F bile duct anomaly. a rare case report Medical Journal of Clinical Trials and Case studies 2018 2 000165. 3 Bijli N Manasa B Omna C Rajajeyakumar M Rajkapoor Incorporating e learning as a tool. for medical education in India Investigating student perspectives Journal of Education. Technology in Health Sciences 2018 5 25 30, 4 Rajajeyakumar M Alternative and Integrative Medicine Alternative and Integrative. Medicine 2018 7 2, 5 Jeyakeerthi S Subbulakshmi M Niranjana D Rajajeyakumar M Jenitha Barriers to.
perform early screening and practice of breast self examination among high risk young adults. Biochemistry and Physiology 2018 7 DOI 10 4172 2168 9652. 6 Sharma VK Dinesh T Rajajeyakumar M Grrishma B Bhavanani AB Impact of fast and. slow pranayam on cardiovascular autonomic function among healthy young colunteers. randomized controlled study Alternative and Inegrative Medicine 2018 7 DOI 10 4172 2327. 7 Muhil M Priyanka D Umapathy S Thirumalaikolundusubramanian P Association of rate. pressure product and cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetes mellitus ISR Journal of Dental and. Medical Sciences 2018 17 12 13 16, 8 Hemalatha K Sivakumaran N Rajajeyakumar M Human machine interfacing technique for. diagnosis of ventricular arrhythmia using supervisory machine learning algorithms. Concurrency Computational Practice and Experiments 2018 e5001 1 14. 9 Dinesh T Rajajeyakumar M Sasikala S Effect of 12 weeks of slow breating exercise practice. on anthropometric parameters in healthy volunteers National Journal of Physiology Pharmacy. and Pharmacology 2018 8 12 1650 1653, 10 Dinesh T Dineshkumar E Rajajeyakumar M Charumathi V Effect of short term breating. exercise training on perceived stress and stroop effect in chronic smartphone users. International Archienves of Integrated Medicine 2018 5 11 1 7. 11 Rajajeyakumar M Problem in medical students and academicians a proposed solution for. current and future medical education International Journal of Health Sciences and Research. 2018 8 4 1 2, 12 Karthickraja V Velmurugan D Muralimagesh V Srivardhini GR Karishma P. Rajajeyakumar M Anesthetic challenges for laparoscopic bilateral adrenalectomy in a rare. case of Cushing s syndrome a case report Medical Journal of Clinical Trials and Case studies. 2018 2 11 000189, 13 Muhil M Umapathy S Priyanka D Guru T Arun Correlation of ultra sonographic screening. of umbilical cord parameters and adverse birth outcome in gestational diabetes mellitus IOSR. Journal of Dental and medical Sciences 2018 17 6 1 6. 14 Rajajeyakumar M Why basic research interest is reduced among undergraduate medical. students short review International Journal on Innovative Studeis in Medical Sciences 2018. 15 Sonia A Rajajeyakumar M Early diagnosis and prevention of repetitive strain injury induced. carpaltunnel syndrome among computer users Clinical and Experimental Psychology 2018. Department of Biochemistry, 1 Velayutharaj A Muthumani L Senthilnathan R Rajendran SM Shivakumar R Saraswathi R.
Significance of secreted frizzled related protein 4 SFRP4 in type 2 diabeteic and non diabetic. subjects in the rural agricultural population who are exposed to pesticides for the prediuction of. diabetes mellitus International Journal of Current Research and Review 2018 10 6 7 9. 2 Thathiya M Thamarai R Sivakumar K Evaluation of serum cholinesterase levels in patients. with chronic liver diseases International Journal of Scientific Research 2018 7 7 24 26. 3 Gowarthan S Kalavathy P Thamarai R Umbilical cord blodd gas analysis in preterm infants. and its comparision with Apsar score Scholarly Journal of Applied Medical Sciences 2018. 6 4 1548 1552, 4 Thamarai R Kalavathy P Hemalatha K Kalavathy S Sivakumar K Assessment of degree of. awareness about diet physical exercise and lifestyle modifications among diabetic patients. International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health 2018 7 6 481 486. Department of Pathology, 1 Jayashr ee GP Suganya R Gurudatta SP Rajaejyakumar M Case study ectopic molar. pregnancy is it an iceberg phenomenon Clinical and Expermental Pathology 2018 8 4 1 3. 2 Priya Banthavi S Suganya R The change in the trend of thyroid cytopathology a. retrospective observational study IP Archives of Cytology and Histopathology Research 2018. 3 Pramila R Sridharan K Akila R Solitary duodenal somatostatinoma glandular endocrine. tumour a case study International Journal of Pharma Research and Health Sciences 2018 6. 4 Priya Banthavi S Suganya R Manimegalai S Sarada S Balasubramanian N A clinic. pathological correlation study of the spectrum of non infectious scaly skin lesions Journal of. Medical Science and Clinical Research 2018 6 652 655. Department of Microbiology, 1 Pramila M Prabhusaran N Meenakshisundaram M Lalithambigai R Karthik P Antibacterial. analysis of Ocimum sanctum mediated silver and copper nanoparticles International Journal of. Allied Medical Sciences and Clinical Research 2018 6 827 837 ISSN 2347 6567. 2 Radhakrishna L Prabhusaran N Antibiotic residues in waste water of rural and urban. hospitals from South India Australian Journal of Applied Biology and Medical Sciences 2018. 3 Prabhus aran N Pramila M Anupriya A Think before use sterility checking of culture. plates GSC biological and Pharmacuetical Sciences 2018 5 82 86. 4 Pramila M Prabhusaran N Meenakshisundaram M Lalithambigai R Karthik P. Characterization of Azadirachta indica Mediated Copper and Silver Nanoparticles A. Comparative Approach Ann Int Med Den Res 2018 4 6 MB01 MB06. 5 Prabhusaran N Sampath G Sridharan M Uma A Pramila R Prevalence and rosk factors of. Helicobacter pylori infection among gastric biopsies in Tiruchirapalli one year hospital based. study European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research 2018 5 9 311 317. 6 Prabhusaran N Prabhakar YK Pramila M Natarajaseenivasan K Jospeh PID Comparative. analysis of immunological markers of leptospirosis and other bacterial infections among. normal high risk and unclassified categories of human flow in hospitals The Journal of. Medical Research 2019 4 3 140145, 7 Prabhusaran N Ganeshkumar A Pramila M Revathi R Rajaram R Old wine in a new bottle. focus on candidial vaccine Investigation in Gynecology Research and Womens Health 2018. 8 Pramila M Meenakshisundaram M Prabhusaran N Lalithambigai J Karthik P Evaluation. of antibacterial potential of silver nitrate an in vitro approach Saudi Journal of Pathology and. Microbiology 2018 3 7 211 214, 9 Pramila M Meenakshisundaram M Prabhusaran N Lalithambigai J Karthik P Evaluation.
of wound biofilm forming bacterial pathogens by crystal violet binding assay Asian Journal of. Multidimensional Research 2018 7 200 207, 10 Pramila M Meenakshisundaram M Prabhusaran N Lalithambigai J Karthik P In vitro. antibacterial analysis of copper solution microparticle a novel anti infective molecule for. wound management IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences 2018 17 22 26. 11 Pramila M Meenakshisundaram M Prabhusaran N Lalithambigai J Karthik P Post. operative wound infection isolation characterization and in vitro antibiotic susceptibility. analysis The Pharma Innovation 2018 7 169 175, 12 Prabhusaran N Pramila M Prabhakar YK Isolation and identification of Salmonella from. poultry meat samples a major food borne zoonotic disease Indian Journal of Applied. Research 2018 8 95 97, 13 Prabhusaran N Manivannan L Pramila M Prabhakar YK Knowledge attitude and practice. of personal hygiene cleaning and sanitation during food processing European Journal of. Pharmaceutical and Medical Research 2018 5 455 461. 14 Aninditha G Prabhusaran N Lakshmi K Uma A Analysis of bacteriological profile of street. vended foods and understand the practice of food handling hygiene among vendors. International Journal of Recent Scientific Research 2018 9 27394 27399. 15 Anupriya A Priya Banthavi S Vasudevan Pramila Uma A Seroprevalence of transfusion. transmitted infections among healhthy blood donors a five year tertiary care hospital. experience Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences 2018 6 3 1223 1226. 16 Anupriya A Puhalenthi K Jeya Keerthi S Prethi R Hemasri V Microbial contamination of. mobile phones in a tertiary care hospital International Journal of Community Medicine and. Public Health 2018 5 6 2313 2316, 17 Shiva S Prabhusaran N Jeyaseelan TS Revathi P Natarajaseenivasan K Joseph PID Serum. levels of copper in human leptospirosis cases Annals of International Medical and Dental. Research 2018 4 4 8, 18 Mani M Revathi P Prabhusaran N Pramila M In vitro antitoxin activity of aqueous extracts.
of selective medicinal herbs against Naja naja venom The Pharma Innovation Journal 2018 7. 19 Pramila M Prabhusaran N Karthik P Lalithambigai J Meenakshisundaram M. Ganeshkumar A An overview of factors influencing the occurrence of post operative wound. infection World Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research 2018 4 57 66. 20 Prabhusaran N Ganeshkumar A Pramila M Natarajseenivasan K Joseph PID Comparative. analysis of in vitro antimicrobial activity of 5 Fluorouracil and 5 Bromouracil European. Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2018 5 451 455. Department of Community Medi cine, 1 Murugaprakash B Prabha T Lesson learn from a missed case of srub typhus an interesting. care report Journal of NTR Univeristy Health Sciences 2018 7 298 300. 2 Raghuram V World Breastfeeding week Genesis and progress Annals of Community. Health 2018 6 2 1, 3 Shankar S Raghuram V Krishnakumar M Elango S A study on assessing the knowledge. attitude and practice among the victims of animal bites in Trichy Tamilnadu National Journal. of Research in Community Medicine 2018 7 1 47 51, 4 Prabha T Nandhini K Nanthagopal D Naveena R Niranjan PS Assessment of. cardiovascular risk among adults attending a rural health centre using WHO ISH risk prediction. chart National Journal of Research in Community Medicine 2018 7 2 73 76. 5 Elango S Prabha T Gayathri KG Gopinath K Haresharan S Preferred mode of drug. administration among patients visiting primary health centres attached to medical college. Trichy International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research 2018 4 1 37 43. 6 Prabha T Falls among elderly and its relation with their health problems and surrounding. environmental factors in Riyadh Journal of Family and Community Medicine 2018 25 3. 7 Prabha T Thomas VC Process audit on quality of out patient records using WHO chart audit. as a tool or training interns and improving quality of service delivery in an urban health training. centre Journal of Education Technology in Health Sciences 2018 5 1 15 19. 8 Hemalatha K Parthiban E Parthiban K Parkavi S Elango S Practices towards prevention of. food borne diseases among females in rural area of Trichy India International Journal of. Research in Medical Sciences 2018 6 6 2032 2035, 9 Elango S Ramya AB Renita A Ramana M Revathy S Rajajeyakumar M An analysis of road. traffic injuries in India from 2013 2018 a review article Journal of Community Medicine and. Health Education 2018 8 601 608, 10 Shankar S Raghuram V Abivignesh PG Aashika C Ponsaranya P Manojkumar R Elango.
S A study to assess the knowledge attitudes and practices regarding dengue transmission in the. field practice areas of a medical college in Trichy National Journal of Research in Community. Medicine 2018 7 1 10 14,Department of Forensic Med icine. 1 Dominic Infant Raj A Senthilkumar V Venkatesha VT Gurudatta SP Bala Maddileti. Pattern of injuries in homicidal victims in South Bangalore Journal of Indian Academy of. Forensic Medicine 2018 40 392 5, 2 Dominic Infant Raj A Naveenkumar T Senthilkumar V Venkatesha VT Ashutosh BP. Socio demographic study of victims of homicide in South Bangalore Medicolegal Update. 2018 18 1 7,Department of Medicine, 1 Senthilkumaran S Balamurugan N Jena NN Thirumalaikolundusubramanian P Locked in. syndrome in post snake bite can it be unlocked Tropical Doctor 2018 48 257. 2 Bazila BA Thirumalaikolundusubramanian Comparison of Bayes classifiers for breast. cancer classification Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 2018 19 2917 2920. 3 Senthilkumaran S Menezes RG Hussain SA Luis SA Thirumalaikolundusubramanian P. Russell s viper envenomation associated Addisonian crisis Wilderness and Environmental. Medicine 2018 132 1 4, 4 Nallathambi N Sivakumar K Jibin Joshua Ambedkar Raj K Thamarai R Mean platelet. volume MPV in non alcoholic fatty liver disease NAFLD patients Global Journal for. Research Analysis 2018 7 11 71 73, 5 Ramakrishnan K Shenbagarathai R Thiyagarjan V Kavitha K Uma A.
1 Anatomy 2 2 Anaesthesia amp Critical care 1 3 Biochemistry 4 4 Community Medicine 10 5 ENT 3 6 Forensic Medicine 2 7 Medicine 13 8 Microbiology 20 9 Obstetrics amp Gynaecology 2 10 Orthopaedics 1 11 Pathology 4 12 Physiology 15 Psychiatry 1 14 Skin and STD 1 15 Surgery 9 Total 88 Department of Anatomy 1 Ilavenil K Nalinakumari SD Kalavathy Ponniraivan Effect of increases prepregnancy b

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