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Message from the President,Message from,the President. Korea is in the process of transforming itself into an information society by implementing. successful e government projects Having realized that e government is essential to national. competitiveness Korea is constantly working to create innovative and reliable e government. solutions through the use of information and communications technology ICT to exchange. information and services with citizens businesses and other arms of government. Starting in the year 2000 work has begun to connect and integrate major government business. processes that had previously been dispersed and duplicated throughout government ministries and. agencies Continuing to move forward we expect that government business be completely put into a. database together with the hope that citizens can more actively participate in policy decision making. The National Information Society Agency NIA has played a significant role in performing. national informatization and e government projects In the years to come as Korea will start to move. towards becoming a ubiquitous society the NIA will continue to use ICT to improve Korea s national. competitiveness Now we are pleased to share Korea s experiences and practices in e government. through this publication Towards a Ubiquitous Society. Kim Chang Kon, President of the National Information Society Agency. www nia or kr,e Government in Korea,e Government Vision and Structure. 2001 High priority Projects,Innovating Civil Services. Innovating the Way Government Works,Innovating Information Resource.
Management,Groundwork for Informatization,Present e Government in a Global Context. Global Collaboration and Activities,Global Standing in e Government. 1987 1996 National Basic Information System Project. e Government Good Practices,administrative data i e resident vehicle. and land registers digitized, 1987 Establishment of National Computerization Agency The Road Ahead for e Government in. Currently NIA a Ubiquitous Society,Informatization of Government Agencies.
1995 Act on Informatization Promotion,1995 2000 Information Superhighway. 1996 Master Plan for Informatization Promotion by 2000. Construction of a Foundation for e Government,2001 e Government Act. 2001 2002 11 key Initiatives for e Government, G4C e Procurement Home Tax Service and National Financial. Information System selected as priority tasks, Integration and Advancement of e Government Services. 2003 2007 e Government Roadmap,2006 u Korea Master Plan by 2015.
e Government Vision and Structure,e Government Vision and Structure. e Government Vision e Government Structure, Consistent efforts to digitalize the nation since 1987 when national informatization initiatives began The e Government Roadmap is being implemented under the auspice of the Ministry of Government. have enabled Korea to stand firmly with other e government leaders Administration and Home Affairs MOGAHA in cooperation with other ministries and organizations. With experience in e government behind them the Korean government established an e MOGAHA takes overall responsibility to implement e government initiatives under the 31 projects It. Government Roadmap as a tool for government innovation with the ambitious task of becoming the establishes annual e government strategies with implementing plans and formulates other policies. World s Best Open e Government regarding security standardization and regulations. The Presidential Committee on Government Innovation and Decentralization PCGID plans. It is now necessary to improve the way the government works and to innovate its business. coordinates and assesses the e Government Roadmap as an advisory committee. processes to lead smooth transformation of government functions and organizations Moreover. we must put our utmost efforts into achieving clear and transparent administration through e. The National Information Society Agency NIA provides technical support and policy advice along. government President Roh Moo hyun at the First National Agenda meeting on April 17 2003. with carrying out project management for e government initiatives. 31 e Government Roadmap Projects to be carried out by 2007. Areas Projects President,11 Projects including, Innovating the Way Electronic Document Processing Informatization Promotion. Government Works Real time System for National Policy Management. Consolidated Financial Information System for Central Local Governments Presidential Committee on. Local e Government Government Innovation and,Decentralization. 14 Projects including, Enhanced Online Civil Services Special Committee on.
Innovating e Government,Integrated National Disaster Management Services. Civil Services, Consolidated National Logistics Information Services. Expansion of Online Citizen Participation, Ministry of Administration Ministry Ministry Ministry. 5 Projects including National Home Affairs, Innovating Information Government wide Consolidated Information Resources Administration System Information Society. Agency e Government Headquarters, Resource Management National Computing Information Resources Administration Center Local Governments.
Establishment of Government wide Information Technology Architecture ITA Public Offices. Reforming the Legal System Reform of e Government Legal System. www nia or kr,e Government in Korea,e Government in Korea. High priority Projects,High priority Projects, One Stop Portal for Government Services G4C www egov go kr. This service enables citizens to obtain necessary certificate documents and information. online along with online applications without visiting any government offices. Innovating, Since its launch in 2002 this central government portal has provided general information via the. Internet for an estimated 4 900 civil services, The number of applications and issuances that can be carried out online is now limited but will. gradually increase to 592 applications and 34 issuances by 2007 Also multiple agency related. services will continue to be integrated and provided at this single point of contact. Online applications and issuances Unit no of types. Service Year 2002 2005 2007,Civil Online Applications.
Online Issuances, Services Convenience to citizens will be enhanced by enabling use of diverse access channels such as. mobile phones PDAs and digital TVs Additional services including voice information and a font. size up option will also be offered,Online Service Usage. Online Applications,3 000 000 Online Issuances,Information Browsing. 199 633 652 087,7 101 38 017,2002 2003 2004 2005,www nia or kr. e Government in Korea,High priority Projects, Administrative Information Sharing www share go kr Home Tax Service HTS www hometax go kr.
Administrative information is now shared between government agencies eliminating the The Home Tax Service enables taxpayers to take all proceedings related to tax notices tax. need for citizens to visit individual agencies to submit required documents reference tax payments and tax records online. The HTS provides information related to tax enquiries and declarations made offline and online. Government agencies share 42 types of administrative information required for services related to. Out of a total of 14 types of domestic taxes 10 income tax corporation tax and VAT etc can be. matters of residence real estate vehicle business taxation and other high demand areas. declared via the Internet Information related to the entire process of domestic tax declaration will. be made available through diverse channels such as mobile phones and PDAs. Information Sharing Statistics, no of type The current in operation help desk will be improved to build up a consulting center for service. The types of information to be shared will,continue to increase with information. 40 40 relating to 70 services frequently used by Statistics on HTS. citizens to be shared by 2007, 24 More tax returns are submitted online than offline. 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007, The number of government agencies sharing information is set to expand along with the inclusion 70. of public agencies and financial institutions by 2007 following on from the completion of pilot 59 8. services 50,Withholding Tax,Administrative 20 13 7 VAT.
Registration Information sharing Information Supplier. National Tax 0, Government Request for Service 2003 2004 2005 2006. Agencies Information,Application,Ministry of,Government. Public Portal Service Administration,Agencies Home Affairs. www share go kr, Result Browsing Service Type Cases Amount USD Millions. Citizen Notification Financial Information Providing. Information Ministry of e Notice 10 839 132,Institutions Construction and.
Transportation e Payment 42 012 1 033,e Service 643 181. 10 as of June 2006 11,www nia or kr,e Government in Korea. High priority Projects, National Emergency Management System Online Civil Participation. Citizens can participate more actively and freely in policy making elections and the way. This service supports the collection dissemination and sharing of information essential to government works through services such as the Ombudsman s Portal an Administrative. preventing preparing for and effectively responding to disasters with a view of minimizing Information Disclosure System and e Voting services. damages and securing citizens safety,Ombudsman s Portal www epeople go kr. Citizens can make suggestions take part in online survey polls and submit complaints to. Since 1996 an emergency monitoring and management system has been in operation among the various agencies at this one stop portal. central government and municipalities, Complaints filed by citizens are processed within 7 days and suggestions within 30 days.
71 government agencies and other relevant organizations will build up a nationwide disaster. monitoring and management network and share information about emergency situations in. order to strengthen an immediate response system to disasters by 2007 The Ombudsman of Korea. Notification, Disaster response and prediction systems will be established by 2010 on the basis of the. emergency monitoring and management system and other various information about disasters Complaints. Civil Ombudsman,Ombudsman System,OmbudsmanSystem,Ombudsman System. System Urgent, no of people per million Application www epeople go kr. www epeople go kr,www epeople go kr Applications,www epeople go kr. Korea Suggestion Suggestion,Submission Submission Blue House.
2010 14 0 Monitoring,Reduction in casualties 32 7 Citizens. Suggestions Proposals Automatic Process,United States Management. Classification System,Korea Fatal casualties by disasters are. 2004 18 1 expected to be reduced to 11 1 from,Notification. Japan 16 5 per 1 million persons by 2010 Related Organizations. Administrative Information Disclosure System www open go kr. Administrative information along with the entire process of information request has been open. USD millions online to citizens through an administrative information disclosure system This system. 35 000 enables citizens to request and receive administrative information online. 30 000 Reduction in property damage 8 2,7 306 7 712.
The number of organizations providing administrative information will increase further among. 6 493 6 900 Property damage is expected to be, 6 087 government agencies municipalities and public agencies. 6 000 decreased to approximately USD 34 5,4 000 billion over the five year period following. the completion of the national safety, management system in 2010 An e voting system provides a voting environment where citizens can vote conveniently at any. 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Total time and from anywhere The entire voting procedure preparation of voters list casting. 12 counting ballots and voters verification will be digitized which enhances citizens access 13. www nia or kr,e Government in Korea, channels to voting and announce voting results with greater accuracy and in less time. High priority Projects, Consolidated National Logistics Information Service e Trade Service.
This service streamlines the entire process of logistics for exports and imports in an The e Trade service enables companies to handle all matters related to trade seamlessly. integrated and user friendly manner along with the establishment of an information online at anytime and from anywhere. sharing system among government agencies and businesses engaged in logistics. An estimated 33 000 trading firms electronically deal with trade and commerce activities. including foreign exchange affairs and issuance of certificates of origin. The informatization of key areas of logistics such as customs entry departure and quarantine. has been carried out since the year 1992 Major logistic points including container terminals and An e Trade platform will be established to consolidate the currently fragmented trade process. industrial complexes have been digitized since the year 1997 by 2007. Customs clearance process An electronic document repository that will allow the reuse of electronic documents in different. Electronic processing of over 10 million items per month with an annual saving of trade procedures will be established by 2007. USD 2 5 billion, e Trade networks interconnecting countries will be expanded gradually following on from pilot. e Government in Korea 7 e Government Vision and Structure www nia or kr 6 Consistent efforts to digitalize the nation since 1987 when national informatization initiatives began have enabled Korea to stand firmly with other e government leaders With experience in e government behind them the Korean government established an e Government Roadmap as a tool for government innovation with the

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