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Praise for the First Edition of The Book of CSS3, I can honestly say I will never need another book on this subject and I doubt. anyone else will either,Devon Young writer for css3 info. One of the best technology books I ve read,Craig Buckler Optimalworks Ltd. An absolutely fantastic resource for developers and serious designers. Visual Swirl, A book you more than likely should have even if you think you already have. a pretty good handle on everything CSS,456 Berea Street.
An excellent introduction to CSS3 both what you can do with it now and. what is proposed for the future,Stephen Chapman Felgall com. There are entire sections of the CSS3 spec that I never really appreciated. until I read this book,Designorati,2nd Edition,A Developer s Guide. to the Future of Web Design,b y P e t e r Ga s s t o n. San Francisco, The Book of CSS3 2nd Edition Copyright 2015 by Peter Gasston. All rights reserved No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means. electronic or mechanical including photocopying recording or by any information storage or retrieval. system without the prior written permission of the copyright owner and the publisher. Printed in USA,First printing,18 17 16 15 14 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.
ISBN 10 1 59327 580 3,ISBN 13 978 1 59327 580 8,Publisher William Pollock. Production Editor Serena Yang, Cover Illustration Octopod Studios and Garry Booth. Interior Design Octopod Studios,Developmental Editor William Pollock. Technical Reviewer Patrick Lauke,Copyeditor LeeAnn Pickrell. Compositor Lynn L Heureux,Proofreader James Fraleigh.
Indexer Nancy Guenther, For information on distribution translations or bulk sales please contact No Starch Press Inc directly. No Starch Press Inc,245 8th Street San Francisco CA 94103. phone 415 863 9900 info nostarch com,www nostarch com. The Library of Congress has catalogued the first edition as follows. Gasston Peter, The book of CSS3 a developer s guide to the future of web design Peter Gasston. Includes index,ISBN 13 978 1 59327 286 9,ISBN 10 1 59327 286 3.
1 Web sites Design 2 Cascading style sheets I Title. TK5105 888G376 2011,006 7 dc22,2011010098, No Starch Press and the No Starch Press logo are registered trademarks of No Starch Press Inc Other. product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners Rather. than use a trademark symbol with every occurrence of a trademarked name we are using the names only. in an editorial fashion and to the benefit of the trademark owner with no intention of infringement of the. The information in this book is distributed on an As Is basis without warranty While every precaution. has been taken in the preparation of this work neither the author nor No Starch Press Inc shall have any. liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or. indirectly by the information contained in it,For Sarah my sister. Your courage is inspiring,B r i e f C o n t e n ts. Preface xvii,Introduction xix,Chapter 1 Introducing CSS3 1. Chapter 2 Media Queries 7,Chapter 3 Selectors 21,Chapter 4 Pseudo classes and Pseudo elements 31.
Chapter 5 Web Fonts 47,Chapter 6 Text Effects and Typographic Styles 63. Chapter 7 Multiple Columns 75,Chapter 8 Background Images 85. Chapter 9 Border and Box Effects 97,Chapter 10 Color and Opacity 111. Chapter 11 Gradients 121,Chapter 12 2D Transformations 135. Chapter 13 3D Transformations 149,Chapter 14 Transitions and Animations 165.
Chapter 15 Flexible Box Layout 185,Chapter 16 Values and Sizing 199. Chapter 17 Grid Layout 209, Chapter 18 Blend Modes Filter Effects and Masking 225. Chapter 19 The Future of CSS 245, Appendix A CSS3 Support in Current Major Browsers 257. Appendix B Online Resources 263,C o n t e n ts i n D e ta i l. Preface xvii,Introduction xix,The Scope of This Book xx.
Chapter by Chapter xx,The Appendices and Further Resources xxi. Introduction to the Second Edition xxi,Introducing CSS3 1. What CSS3 Is and How It Came to Be 2,A Brief History of CSS3 2. CSS3 Is Modular 2,There Is No CSS3 3,Module Status and the Recommendation Process 3. Introducing the Syntax 4,Vendor Prefixes 5,Let s Get Started 6.
Media Queries 7,The Advantages of Media Queries 8,Media Features 11. Width and Height 12,Pixel Ratio 13,Device Width and Height 15. Orientation 16,Aspect Ratio 17,Multiple Media Features 18. Mobile First Web Development 18,Summary 19,Media Queries Browser Support 20. Selectors 21,Attribute Selectors 22,New Attribute Selectors in CSS3 23.
Beginning Substring Attribute Value Selector 23,Ending Substring Attribute Value Selector 25. Arbitrary Substring Attribute Value Selector 26,Multiple Attribute Selectors 27. The General Sibling Combinator 28,Summary 29,Selectors Browser Support 30. Pseudo classes and Pseudo elements 31,Structural Pseudo classes 32. The nth Pseudo classes 33,first of type last child and last of type 37.
only child and only of type 39,Other Pseudo classes 39. UI Element States 43,Constraint Validation Pseudo classes 44. Pseudo elements 45,The selection Pseudo element 45. Summary 46,DOM and Attribute Selectors Browser Support 46. Web Fonts 47,The font face Rule 48,Defining Different Faces 49.
True vs Artificial Font Faces 50,A Bulletproof font face Syntax 51. Using Local Fonts 52,Font Formats 52,The Final Bulletproof Syntax 52. Licensing Fonts for Web Use 53,A Real World Web Fonts Example 54. Controlling Font Loading 55,More Font Properties 56. font size adjust 56,font stretch 58,OpenType Features 58.
Enabling Font Features 59,Font Feature Properties 61. Summary 62,Web Fonts Browser Support 62,Text Effects and Typographic Styles 63. Understanding Axes and Coordinates 64,Applying Dimensional Effects text shadow 65. Multiple Shadows 67,Restricting Overflow 69,x Contents in Detail. Aligning Text 70,Controlling Line Wrapping 71,Breaking Words 71.
Hyphenating Words 72,Resizing Elements 72,Summary 73. Text Effects and Typographic Styles Browser Support 74. Multiple Columns 75,Column Layout Methods 76,Prescriptive Columns column count 76. Dynamic Columns column width 77,Varying Distribution of Content Across Columns 78. Combining column count and column width 79,Column Gaps and Rules 80. Containing Elements Within Columns 81,Elements Spanning Multiple Columns 82.
Summary 83,Multiple Columns Browser Support 84,Background Images 85. Updates to Existing Background Properties 86,background position 86. background attachment 86,background repeat 87,Multiple Background Images 88. Dynamically Scaled Background Images 90,Background Clip and Origin 92. Updated Background Shortcut 94,Summary 94,Background Images Browser Support 95.
Border and Box Effects 97,Giving Your Borders Rounded Corners 97. The border radius Shorthand 99,Using Percentage Values 101. Using Images for Borders 101,border image source 102. border image slice 102,border image width 104,border image outset 105. border image repeat 106,The border image Shorthand Property 107.
Browser Support 107,Drop Shadows 107,Inset Shadows 109. Contents in Detail xi,Summary 109,Border and Box Effects Browser Support 110. Color and Opacity 111,The opacity Property 112,New and Extended Color Values 113. The Alpha Channel 113,Hue Saturation Lightness 116. The Color Variable currentColor 118,Summary 119,Color and Opacity Browser Support 119.
Gradients 121,Linear Gradients 122,Setting Gradient Direction 122. Adding Extra Color Stop Values 123,Repeating Linear Gradients 126. Radial Gradients 127,Using Radial Gradients 127,Using Multiple Color Stop Values 129. Repeating Radial Gradients 130,Multiple Gradients 132. Summary 132,Gradients Browser Support 133,2D Transformations 135.
The transform Property 136,rotate 136,translate 140. An Important Note About Transformation Functions 144. Transforming Elements with Matrices 144,Summary 147. 2D Transformations Browser Support 147,3D Transformations 149. 3D Elements in CSS 150,The Transformation Functions 151. Rotation Around an Axis 151,Perspective 154,Translation Along the Axis 155.
xii Contents in Detail,Scaling 156,The Transformation Matrix 157. The perspective and perspective origin Properties 159. The Transformation Origin 160,The transform style Property 161. Showing or Hiding the Backface 162,Summary 163,3D Transformations Browser Support 163. Transitions and Animations 165,Transitions 166,transition property 167. transition duration 167,transition timing function 168.
transition delay 172,The transition Shorthand Property 172. The Complete Transition Example 173,Multiple Transitions 174. Animations 175,Keyframes 175,animation name 177,animation duration 178. animation timing function 178,animation delay 178,animation iteration count 179. animation direction 179,animation fill mode 180,animation play state 181.
The animation Shorthand 181,The Complete Animations Example 182. Multiple Animations 183,Summary 183,Transitions and Animations Browser Support 183. Flexible Box Layout 185,Declaring the Flexible Box Model 186. Flexbox Alignment 187,Reversing the Content Order 187. Fully Reordering Content 188,Adding Flexibility 189.
The flex grow Property 189,The flex shrink Property 191. The flex basis Property 191,The flex Shorthand 192. Alignment Inside the Container 193,Horizontal Alignment with justify content 193. Vertical Alignment with align items 194,Contents in Detail xiii. Cross Axis Alignment with align self 195,Wrap and Flow 196.
The flex flow Shorthand 196,Aligning Multiple Lines with align content 196. Browser Support and Legacy Syntaxes 197,Summary 198. Flexbox Browser Support 198,Values and Sizing 199,Relative Length Units 199. Root Relative Units 200,Viewport Relative Units 200. Calculated Values 202,Sizing Elements 203,Box Sizing 203.
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Sizing 204,Summary 207,Values and Sizing Browser Support 208. Grid Layout 209,Grid Terminology 210,Declaring and Defining the Grid 211. Creating Explicit Grids by Setting Track Size 211,Placing Items in an Explicit Grid 214. Grid Placement Shorthand Properties 215,Repeating Grid Lines 216. Named Grid Areas 217,The grid template Shorthand 218.
Implicit Grids 219,Grid Items Without a Declared Place 220. Combining Explicit and Implicit Grids 221,The grid Shorthand 221. Grid Item Stacking Order 222,Internet Explorer s Grid Layout Syntax 223. Summary 224,Grid Layout Browser Support 224,Blend Modes Filter Effects and Masking 225. Blend Modes 226,background blend mode 226,mix blend mode 229.
isolation 230,Filter Effects 231,brightness and contrast 232. what CSS3 can do now of the updated syntax of gradients grids and flexible box layout fantastic resource for developers and serious designers

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