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THE F2500 LARGE PAVER RANGE is designed with conventional electric control to combine. high paving capacity with a high quality Dynapac vario screed The pavers feature an efficient. drive concept best in class operator comfort as well as ease of service a perfect recipe for. excellent paving results,PRECISE POWER,SMART DESIGN. CONVENTIONAL WHEELED POWER CONVENTIONAL TRACKED POWER. The key benefits of F2500W and F2500WS are Qual The key benefits of the F2500C F2500CS tracked. ity Reliability and Simplicity These wheeled pavers pavers are Quality Productivity and Reliablility These. have powerful rear wheel drive and additional 2 front pavers are designed for easy operation with high qual. wheel drive for the F2500WS which allows paving ity paving results They have conventional electrics for. up to 6 6 m Choose between a gas or electric heated easy operation and maintenance Along with an. V5100 vario screed with a range of leveling systems efficient drive system that is most fuel efficient we. to achieve the best paving results on any jobsites offer enviromental friendly gas heated as well as. This paver is designed for safe operation It has electric heated screeds for perfect laying results. conventional electrics for easy operation and mainte F2500 tracked pavers are equally suited for asphalt. nance Our F series has an intuitive control panel with soil or soil cement applications. ergonomic operator platform Your robust wheeled,partner for paving up to 6 6 m. F2500W F2500WS F2500C F2500CS,Eng power at 2 200 min 1. 110 kW 129 kW Eng power at 2 200 min 1,110 kW 129 kW. Theor paving capacity 650 t h 650 t h Theor paving capacity 650 t h 750 t h. Max working width 6 6 m 6 6 m Max working width 8 1 m 9 0 m. OPTIMAL DRIVE,COMPACT DESIGN WITH,GREAT MANOEUVARABILITY.
The F2500W 2500WS wheeled,pavers compact size and inner turning. circle of 2 4m make them easy to oper,ate in narrow streets and roads They. are also easy to transport with a 17,degree ramp angle. EXCELLENT STABILITY OUTSTANDING TRACTION, The paver is well balanced with a low The pavers have ample traction due. centre of gravity The hydrostatic drive to smart rear wheel drive along with. system offers a smooth driving wide tires The new F2500WS comes. experience with good speed ramp up with additional 2 front wheel drive The. Thanks to the new hydrostatic brakes low profile tires give superior ground. the paver has a smooth but effective contact and effective traction in work. service brake In addition we offer a as well as drive modes. multi disc parking brake The paver features an asymetric. suspended axle that allows ground,contact for the front tires in uneven.
ground conditions This also improves,our drive capability at all times. POWERFUL DRIVE,ALPHA TRACK TM POWERFUL HYDRAULICS, Our Alpha TrackTM system for our tracked pavers is long and wide It has 320 The tracks are driven by powerful. mm wide rubber pads which give great ground contact The tracks are very low hydraulic motors with planetary gears. and give an optimal dumping height The high number of rollers inside the tracks for high torque to meet all traction. improve manoeuverability in curves The independent drive on each track enables demands The track motors also have. 360 turns The track pads are specially designed for paving applications and have an automatic flow control system to. a higher rubber thickness for longer life and lower costs maintain straight drive. The F2500C CS have optional rock deflectors and push rollers with central pivots. for oscillation The low profile tracks have hydraulic tensioning and optimized sus. pension for even more traction and rigidity,RELIABLE QUALITY. MATERIAL FLOW SMART MATERIAL CONTROL STRONG AUGER SYSTEM. The hopper is designed for outstanding The conveyor tunnel is shaped for an The left and right augers are revers. material transfer It is long 1953 mm and optimal flow and minimal segregation ible and have independent drives The. has a very low dumping height for fast A twin conveyor system offers smooth auger speed is adjusted steplessly by. and easy material transfer from lorries transfer A high capacity kit is available the sonic sensors to ensure smooth. Separately controlled hopper wings for laying extra thick wide layers To material flow The auger system has. with generous solid rubber flaps ensure ensure a flawless material flow we offer a high torque to suit all paving widths as. quick and easy handling of material robust paddle sensors system for propor well as thickness The auger height can. Chamfered hopper corners prevent cold tional control be adjusted by 250 mm. material being left in the hopper,Flow control with ultrasonic sensors. ensures smooth flow of material,EFFICIENT AND RELIABLE POWER.
Dynapac F pavers are powered by a Cummins QSB 6 7, water cooled diesel engine that drives an efficient hydrau. lic system with power transfer through a split gear box. The efficient engine with new cylinder block offers high. torque as well as improved fuel efficiency The increased. fuel tank capacity and low fuel consumption result in long. intervals between refills An improved larger thermostati. cally controlled cooler eliminates the risk of the hydraulic. system overheating even on extremely hot days,ADJUSTABLE RPM. The driver can set the engine rpm according to the particular. jobsite situation This results in reduced paving costs lower. noise levels and an increased lifetime of your diesel engine. PAVING QUALITY,OPERATOR S COMFORT,The operator s comfort is our priority. We focus on providing a comfortable place,to work efficiently The platform offers gen. erous head room and a flat floor with a large,storage space.
The F paver features a platform that guaran,tees a good all round view from the opera. tor s seat It has 2 adjustable comfortable,seats and a slidable operation console with. conventional toggle switches,The big storage boxes are set in to the. platform floor to improve the rear view The,roof features four integrated working lights. to the front and to the rear,DYNAPAC F2500W WS,INTEGRATED WORKING LIGHTS.
Atlas Copco offers integrated front and,rear lights as well as lights for the auger. compartment,POWERFUL ENGINE,The F pavers come with reliable. and easy to service Cummins,QSB6 7 engines which ensure. ample power even under the most,demanding conditions. DYNAPAC SCREED,Most appreciated in market with,integrated leveling functions for.
excellent quality The Flexilever,offers fast and convenient. change of screed angle for differ,ent layers and thicknesses. SMOOTH FLOW,Unmatched capacity and minimized,segregation through a perfectly. balanced fully automated,conveying system,STRONG AUGER POWERFUL UNDERCARRIAGE. Our strong auger system has an improved Drive system features powerful rear. torque to provide a perfect paving result at all drive along with excellent turning. working widths It features slim central drive radius of 2 4m inner and a wheel. for less segregation The auger height can be base of 2 240mm. adjusted manually or up to 250 mm,FEATURES BENEFITS.
CONVENTIONAL CONTROL,The conventional electrics with. toggle switches are self explanatory,and easy to learn and maintain. ERGONOMICS,High operator platform with,swingable seats as well as. adjustable dashboard for,best view and comfort,HIGH CAPACITY HOPPER. Large hopper with separately con,trolled hopper wings and chamfered.
corners The very low dumping,height makes unloading trucks easy. PUSH ROLLERS SAFE TRANSPORT, Oscillating push rollers for Manually operated locking. reduced impact from trucks cylinders for the leveling arms. Safe and easy,DYNAPAC F2500C CS,ERGONOMICS,Excellent view to the hopper. and all working areas due to the,higher seat position The two. ergonomic seats and control,console can be adjusted to any.
position you need,POWERFUL ENGINE,The F pavers come with reliable. and easy to service Cummins,QSB6 7 engines which ensure. ample power even under the most,demanding conditions. SAFE TRANSPORT,Manually operated locking,cylinders for the leveling arms. Safe and easy,STRONG AUGER,DYNAPAC SCREED Our strong auger system.
Most appreciated in market with has an improved torque to provide a perfect paving. integrated leveling functions for result at all working widths It features slim central. excellent quality The Flexilever offers drive for less segregation The auger height can be. fast and convenient change of screed adjusted manually or up to 250 mm. angle for different layers of thicknesses,FEATURES BENEFITS. INTEGRATED WORKING LIGHTS,Atlas Copco offers integrated front. and rear lights as well as lights for the,auger compartment. CONVENTIONAL CONTROL,The conventional electrics with tog. gle switches are self explanatory,and easy to learn and maintain.
THERMOSTATIC CONTROL,The large thermostatically con. trolled cooler eliminates risk of,overheating the hydraulic system. HIGH CAPACITY HOPPER,Large hopper with separately con. trolled hopper wings and chamfered,corners The very low dumping height. makes unloading trucks easy,ALPHA TRACK TM, Outstanding driving experience due to PUSH ROLLERS.
a well balanced undercarriage Dynapac Oscillating push rollers for. wide Alpha tracks gives more ground reduced impact from trucks. contact and better traction with thick track,pads specially designed for pavers. HIGH PERFORMANCE SCREEDS,4 TUBE PRINCIPLE ELECTRIC OR GAS YOUR CHOICE. Dynapac screeds are the most appreciated screeds on Our optimized electrical heating system features high. the market worldwide quality insulation and a stronger generator that signifi. The screed is extremely stable due to our well proven cantly reduces heat up times The generator is driven by a. four guiding tube principle which offers unmatched flexible shaft from the gear box that offers great reliability. sceed stability Our screeds are easy to assemble while and reduced maintenance We are able to achieve even. they don t need any supporting rods even at large work heat distribution thanks to our well designed heating coils. ing widths This allows you to fully focus on the paving for bottom plates and tampers Those opting for our gas. process and save money on set up times heating system gets a remarkably shorter heat up time. and amazing pavement quality from the first stretch. of track Dynapac supports sustainable gas heating, systems to reduce energy consumption as well as CO2. ECCENTRIC FLEXI LEVER,Dynapac s unique Flexi Lever quickly and. conveniently changes the angle of attack,This offers a visual control of screed set.
tings to adopt various layer thicknesses,during the paving process The adjust. ment is made via a simple lever,ERGONOMIC SIDE,SHIELD CONTROL. The height and the angle of the side,shield are adjustable with only one. crank The crank is placed on top of the,side shield below the remote control. creating a comfortable and central,workplace for the screed operator.
ERGONOMIC WORK PLACE,In addition to effective compaction the. Dynapac screed offers great accessibil,ity The low height gives you a superior. view into the auger compartment and,constant control over material flow. This low profile screed provides a cen,tral safe and ergonomic workplace. VARIO SCREEDS,V5100TV TVE V6000TV TVE,Basic width 2 55 m 3 00 m.
Hydraulically extendable to 5 10 m 6 00 m,Heating system LPG Electric LPG Electric. Maximum working width with extension parts,F2500W 6 6 m. F2500WS 6 6 m,F2500C 8 1 m,F2500CS 8 8 m 9 0 m,HIGH QUALITY SCREEDS. EASY TRANSPORTATION, Compact dimensions high manoeuverability and a large ramp up angle of 16 or. 17 together with large and easily accessible transport lugs mean loading and. transportation are simple to manage The mechanical screed arm lock and me. chanical lock for the hopper cylinder are safe to use and make it easy to transport. the paver quickly,MAINT ENANCE WITHOUT,We have cleared the way to make.
maintainance easy Hydraulic pumps,fuel caps chain clamping device each. component is directly accessible and,easy to find A simple visual inspection. of filters and engine parts allows you,to quickly get started It is a conveni. ent combination you ll profit from every,RAPID ACCESS. THROUGHOUT,The goal is to save you time and money,through easy access Therefore we ve.
made the service points central and,accessible The fuse box is easy to ac. cess from the cabin platform allowing,rapid replacement The sheer number. of plug and play components also,speeds up the maintenance process. SERVICE COMMITTED,TO YOUR FUTURE, Atlas Copco Road Construction division puts a lot of focus. on development of local competence within our customer. centers and dealers With many years of experience at our. production facilities in handling Road Construction Equip. ment we have developed training packages that allow our. service technicians as well as our customers to develop. competence in both equipment application and maintenance. Please check our website for suitable training programs or. ask our local representative,Find details of training at dynapac com t.
DYNAPAC LARGE PAVER RANGE Dynapac F2500W F2500WS F2500C F2500CS Conventional Electric Control

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