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TO OUR SPONSORS,PRESENTING PARTNER,GOVERNMENT FUNDERS. SEASON SPONSORS,MAINSTAGE SERIES SPONSOR,DRACULA THE BLOODY TRUTH. SHOW SPONSORS,FOUNDATIONS,GUEST SERVICES, For Assistance and Accessibility We re here to help If you require assistance please ask the House Manager. or one of the ushers, The Sagebrush Theatre now has hearing assist listening systems And both the Pavilion and Sagebrush. theatres are wheelchair accessible and equipped with wheelchair seating locations Please see the House. Manager for details, In consideration of your fellow audience members comfort and enjoyment we ask the following.
Electronic Devices Please turn off all cellular phones and watch alarms prior to the show Due to copyright regulations. the use of cameras and other video or audio recording of this performance by any means is strictly prohibited. Late Arrival and Re admission If you arrive after a performance has begun or leave the auditorium during the. performance we will make every effort to seat you at an appropriate interval in the program Please be advised that. this may not be the seat you are ticketed for depending on its location in the theatre. Scent free Facilities Please arrive perfume cologne free and do not bring flowers into the lobby or theatre. Children WCT productions unless they are identified as family friendly are not suitable for children or babes in. arms Every patron regardless of age requires a ticket For more information please visit the FAQs on wctlive ca. As a kid growing up my late night television was, dominated by B movie versions of vampire and zombie. movies peppered with Monty Python and TV sketch, comedy shows So it is no surprise that Dracula The Bloody. Truth tickled both my love of horror and my funny bone. We can be filled with glee to see spins on our favourite. stories Dracula has found his way into a number of genres. since Bram Stoker first laid out the story of the count in. the late 1800s he s been suave silly sexy spooky vicious. and mysterious He s been onstage on screen and in our. imaginations as the ultimate night dwelling spectre He s. even been spoofed in a children s television series ONE. rubber ducky ah ah ah, There s also great fun to be had in spoofing the classics. and the monster genre is the best of all Maybe this is. based in our primal need to turn our greatest fear into. something we can mock Or maybe the supernatural, outrageousness of the plots is just something that is ripe for parody. Dracula lives in our imaginations like no other supernatural villain There is no other being. who inspires our fear fascination and obsession like the Count There is much about the. Dracula story that fires our imagination the midnight bloodsucking the charm the mysterious. voyages the gothic castle in Transylvania, I ve often wondered why we have such fascination with the vampire fantasy and Count.
Dracula in particular Is it our ancient fear of the dark The terror at the idea of being sapped. of our life giving blood His mysteriously tongue twisting accent. The most successful parodies are those that can also take themselves seriously and stay close. to the source material The success of Dracula The Bloody Truth lies in actually telling the story. of Bram Stoker s novel albeit in an off beat way Tremendous entertainment and some solid. education to boot isn t that why we come to the theatre. Enjoy and don t leave your garlic at home when you go out at night this Hallowe en. James MacDonald Artistic Director of WCT,UP NEXT on the stage other activities NOMINATIONS. ANNUAL TO THE BOARD,THE SOUND OF MUSIC,DEADLINE October 20. November 28 to GENERAL MEETING,Details on the WCT website. December 10 November 27 5 30pm,SAGEBRUSH THEATRE SAGEBRUSH THEATRE wctlive ca. We extend our appreciation for the opportunity to live create and perform on. the beautiful land located in the Tk eml ps te Secw pemc territory within the. traditional lands of the Secw pemc Nation,Enjoy the Show.
Presenting,Ron Rae Fawcett,ke lsong ro up c om,JAMES MACDONALD Artistic Director VENUE SERVICES. EVAN KLASSEN Managing Director SHEVAUN FORTUNE Venue Services Director. MICHELLE CHABASSOL Venue Services,ADMINISTRATION Coordinator. TERRI RUNNALLS Education Outreach Director ALLISON BREGOLISS Volunteer Coordinator. RON THOMPSON Finance Director MORGAN BENEDICT House Manager. LENA TEICHROEB Accounting Officer House Staff, SUSAN THOMPSON Accounting Assistant AMANDA BREUER NICOLLE DUPONT. CATRINA CROWE Marketing Communications Director MAXWELL GALLAGHER BERT KEEPER. FRANKIE KNIGHT Marketing Associate JAKOB KOPYTKO KELLY MCCALLUM. SUZAN GOGUEN Growth Engagement Director LIZ SPIVEY. ROGER DOWNIE Fund Development Manager Kamloops Live Box Office KL BO. ALI WEBSTER Special Events Manager Representatives. SARAH BLUMEL Fund Development Coordinator KORY CUDMORE MAXWELL GALLAGHER. JANE HARESTAD JAKOB KOPYTKO,PRODUCTION GRACE LABOSSIERE KELLY MCCALLUM. DAWN BERGSTROM Producer STEPHANIE MONIUK, BILL CHABASSOL Production Manager GRAYSON NORSWORTHY.
BRIAN ST AMAND Sagebrush Technical Director, PAUL CUTHBERT Sagebrush Assistant Technical Director. LIAM BEFURT Associate Technical Director,CINDY WIEBE Head of Wardrobe. RORY LYNCH Head of Scenic Carpentry,ANGELA FRYE Head of Properties. SELENA TWITCH TOBIN Intern Production Manager,Technical Director. RYAN PINETTE Production Assistant,CHARLOTTE WAGNER Wardrobe.
LAURIE HARDER Carpenter JACK GRINHAUS,HANS SAEFKOW Scenic Painter. TIM RODGERS President, GRANT CHU Past President David Ross Maureen Marshall. LORI BREGOLISS Tom Kerr Lanni Shupe,MARILYN CROSSEN Judge T W Shupe. BEVERLEY DESANTIS D Michael Dobbin Honorary Life Chairman. WESLEY ECCLESTON Peggy Gilmour Honorary Life Member. SHARON FRISSELL Francis Barnett,Honorary Life Artistic Producer. GORDON MILLER Mike Latta,Founding Artistic Director.
CHRYSTIE STEWART Anne Manson,We Welcome Nominations. for Election as a BOARD DIRECTOR,DEADLINE OCTOBER 20 2019. Persons wishing to be considered by the governance committee of the board of directors for. nomination for election as a director of Western Canada Theatre Company Society WCT at the annual. general meeting to be held in November 2019 must apply to the governance committee on or before. October 20 2019 at the office of WCT or by email to gm bestwesternkamloops com and must. submit with such application a letter expressing the reason for such person s application and a brief. r sum Receipt by WCT of an application does not guarantee that the applicant will be nominated. BRAVO TO OUR DONORS, Western Canada Theatre gratefully acknowledges the following government agencies. corporations foundations and individuals for their generous contributions through. sponsorships and or charitable donations We thank everyone who plays their important part. in helping us to bring the highest quality of work to the broadest possible audience. Listings based on annual contributions September 1 2018 to August 31 2019. FUNDERS DIAMOND COMPANIONS Francis Helen Barnett,The City of Kamloops 10 000 Evelyn Baziuk. Canada Council for the Arts Michael E Black and the Late R C Bidnell K Cousins. Department of Canadian Heritage Denise E L Fortier Christine Bilbey. Canada Cultural Spaces Fund In Honour of Helen Barnett s Richard Fearon Blair. Government of Canada Birthday Jack Pauline Braaksma. The Province of BC Mavis Chalmers,PLATINUM PATRONS 5 000.
British Columbia Arts Council Raymond Toshi Chatelin. Ken Brenda Christian,FOUNDATIONS Rae E Nixon,Margaret Chrumka. BC Interior Community Foundation,GOLD PATRONS 3 500 4 999 Lois Crown. RBC Emerging Artists Project, The Bostock and Fallis Families of Fred Helen Cunningham. The Hamber Foundation, Monte Creek Heritage Fund Kathy Sinclair Dalgleish. PRESENTING PARTNER Ian Dalgleish Melisa Hunter,SILVER PATRONS 2 000 3 499 Dan Denise Douglas.
Kelson Group Ron Rae Fawcett,Roland Anne Neave David Laura Farrow. SEASON SPONSORS Peter H Baron Glen Sara Farrow,CFJC TV Jim Joan Rosemary Gordon. COPPER PATRONS 750 1 999,Home Hardware Bonnie Green. Bill Adams,Kamloops This Week Rosemary Hibbard,Hugh Marilyn Fallis. Stone Hazell Company Lois K Hollstedt,Guy Jeanine Parker.
Wayside Rob Lila Jennejohn,Edith Pletzer, MAINSTAGE SERIES SPONSOR Kim Senklip Harvey Ted Maryann Kowalsky. TNRD James MacDonald Tracey Power Fred Nancy Leake. Russ Jane Reid Ray LePage, STUDIO SERIES SPONSOR Tacey Ruffner Sandy Ellen McCurrach. New Gold Bud Daphne Smith Terry Joan McQuillan, SHOW SPONSORS James Barbara Wentworth Tanya Mihura. 98 3 CIFM Vic Sally Mowbray,PATRONS 500 749 Jim Beverley Mundle. B 100 Anonymous,British Columbia Lottery Jeannine Bob Nishiguchi.
Ben Lorene Anders Richard Olthius,Corporation Patricia Don Andrews. Schoening First Memorial Funeral Colene Palmer,Ed Patti Bruzzese Mary Ann Peressini. Services Jill Calder Robert Walter,ideaLEVER Tracey Pointer. Jean Chako Dean Lauryn V Purych,Kami Countertops Grant Nancy Chu. Kamloops Airport Ginny Ratsoy,Jessie James Fedorak Tim Rodgers.
K97 5 Mirella Bob Holden,New Country 103 1 Ray Susan Sewell. Charles Izowsky Judy Moser Craig Sharlene Sharpe,Overland Press Michael Debbie Kowbel. Paul Company Marijke Al Stott,Donna Marchand Telus Communications. Radio NL Len Laurie Marchand,The Riverland Inn Suites Florence Thomson. June McClure Marg Don Waldon,Simply Computing Master Robert W McDiarmid.
Watson Engineering Ltd Dave Maryanne C Whiting,Justice Sharon Matthews. MAINSTAGE PWYC SPONSOR Thomas Sharon Moore BENEFACTORS 100 199. BEST WESTERN PLUS Kamloops Judy Moser Anonymous,Hotel Murphy Katharine Shewchuk Helen Bailey. Nancy Stewart Wendy Bainbridge,David Rosemarie Stoltze Mike Mary Elizabeth Baker. Barry Judy Brown,INVESTORS 200 499 Norm Heidi Bryson. Anonymous Patrick Jeanne Callahan, Peter Debra Allik Petersenn Michael Gerrianne Clare.
Dianne Almond Geoff Kathy Collier, Sally Cornies Hap Ryan Kirsten McDougall FRIENDS 25 99. John Jean Crowe Marilyn Kay McLean Alana Abramson,Brent Eija Cryderman Doris McNutt Karen Albiston. Jeffrey Cummings Ron Glenda Miles Ruth M Beday,Joan Cummings Dennis Maxine Mucha Colleen Bell. Roxanne Dauncey Wendy Nielsen Margaret Brown,Fay Davies Ross Outerbridge Glen Cairns. Linnea Davies Maria Paccagnella Sharon Carrell John Dittrich. Rhonda Diaper Margaret H Patten Cathie Cooper, Ross Judy Dickson Carl Penny Pentilchuk Cheryl Ann Davison.
Larry Edie Dixon Robert Lorraine Pick Donna Demarni. Vivian Edwards Cindy Piwowar Beth Dye,Bob Pat Esdale Sandra Pryce Dave Irene Edamura. Shirlee Ezowski Karl Debbie Rainer Jack Linda Fulton. Reno Marie Fabbro Niki Remesz Cathy Hall Patch, Ronald Doreen Fairhurst Terry Rogers Family Ron Judy Hatch. Ruth Michael Fane G Kelly Shirley Rowland Jon Helen Helvoigt. Dan Laura Ferguson Lynn Rutherford Ken Marylyne House. Marvyn Fitzpatrick Peter Ryan Valerie Kemp, Chet Pria Flanagan Susan Safford Rod Dawn Killough. Ali Floyd Rosemary Saint Michaels Evan Klassen, Blake Linda Fox Veronica Marie Schnell In Memory of Brian Loadman. Louella Garner Shirley Sze Peter Schwirtz Avalean Loerke. Linda Hall Ethel Sheremeta Ron Marilyn MacKenzie,Susan Hammond Karen Siggers Beverley Martin.
Coleen Hansen Manju Singh Robert Marian McLaren, Lillian Harcus George Simone Smith Dean Wendy McLean. Marianne Hardy Shannon Smyrl Carol McNeil,Helena Hasler Evelyn Smyth Stan Louise Oakes. Bill Victor Heese Don Sandy Staff Wilma Pagan,Dian Henderson S Sunder Mavis Paravantes. Lucy Heslip Peggy Swanson Joan Parker, Dave Dorothy Carl Hilton Colleen Joan Tabata Barbara Pettie. Mavis Hollman Lynne Totten Valentina Putoto,Donalda Jamrich Nicole Tougas Nancy Rigby.
Darrel Jones Nu Master Chapter of Beta Sigma Jay Rilkoff. Brenda Keay Phi Bill Beverly Roberts,Sharon Kika Judith Treherne Lorraine Romanin. Bob Pat King Bob Jennifer Trudeau Margaret Sharon,Wendy Krauza Nancy Van Wagoner Kathy Sinclair. Melissa Lowenberg Di Webb Jeff Sodowsky,Terri L MacLennan John Weller Jennie Stadnochuk. Bruce Maricle Sheryl Willis Dawne Taylor,Kathy McArthur Lois David Williams. Gillian Mary Woods,W TH E ARTIS,GET TO KNO,Can You Give an Artist a Home.
WCT is looking for local billets to host our visiting artists this season. You can rent a room out all season long to various artists or host one or two artists for a three or. six week period Any length of time would be most appreciated. Private accommodations with a separate entrance or a spare room with a private bathroom and. shared kitchen are both of interest, Being a non profit organization we can offer you modest remuneration and our sincere thanks. If you might have room to spare please contact Dawn Bergstrom at dawn wctlive ca. THANK YOU TO THE,T H A N K YOU,THOMPSON NICOLA REGIONAL DISTRICT. THOMPSON NICOLA,T H O M P S O N N I C O L A REGIONAL. R E G I O N A L DISTRICT,FOR SPONSORING,F O R SPONSORING. SPONSORING,THE WCT 2019 20 MAINSTAGE SERIES,W C T 2019 20.
2 0 1 9 2 0 MAINSTAGE,M A I N S TA G E SERIES,In association with. Theatre NorthWest Prince George,DRACULA The Bloody Truth. By LE NAVET BETE and JOHN NICHOLSON,CHRISTY BRUCE Actor. NATASCHA GIRGIS Actor,CHRISTOPHER HUNT Professor van Helsing. movies peppered with Monty Python and TV sketch comedy shows So it is no surprise that Dracula The Bloody Truth tickled both my love of horror and my funny bone We can be filled with glee to see spins on our favourite stories Dracula has found his way into a number of genres since Bram Stoker first laid out the story of the count in

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