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DR STEPHEN BADSEY is a Senior,Lecturer in the Department of. War Studies at the Royal Military,Academy Sandhurst He is a. specialist on the history of military,ideas and the role of the media. in warfare He has written and,published widely on military. subjects ranging from the Crimean,War to modern peacekeeping.
and the future of warfare He has,made frequent contributions as. a historian for television and other,media and for numerous tours. of battlefields including those,of the Franco Prussian War. PROFESSOR ROBERT O NEILL,AO D PHIL Oxon Hon D,Litt ANU FASSA Fr Hist S. is the Series Editor of Essential,Histories His wealth of knowledge.
and expertise shapes the series,content and provides up to the. minute research and theory Born,in 1936 an Australian citizen he. served in the Australian army,1955 68 and has held a number. of eminent positions in history,circles including the Chichele. Professorship of the History of,War at All Souls College.
University of Oxford 1987 2001,and the Chairmanship of the. Board of the Imperial War,Museum and the Council of the. International Institute for,Strategic Studies London. He is the author of many books,including works on the German. Army and the Nazi party and,the Korean and Vietnam wars.
Now based in Australia on his,retirement from Oxford he is. the Chairman of the Council,of the Australian Strategic. Policy Institute,Essential Histories,The Franco Prussian War. Essential Histories,The Franco Prussian War,Stephen Badsey PUBLISHING. Introduction, The Franco Prussian War of 1870 71 was the position in Europe This was something that.
largest and most important war fought in was never recovered although in the longer. Europe between the age of Napoleon and the term the war also established France as the. First World War Since it ended in the most important and enduring republic on the. establishment of a new German Empire continent In a wider sense both sides were. contemporaries often called it the conscious of a rivalry for dominance in. Franco German War although neither name western Europe between the French and. fits it perfectly In 1870 71 Prussian forces German peoples that went back for centuries. included those from an alliance of other chiefly for control of the lands that lie on. German states but Prussia and its interests either side of the Rhine and its tributaries. dominated just as in the Second World War from the North Sea to the Alps. German armies often included forces from Despite its apparently ancient origins. other Axis members The creation and the Franco Prussian War also marked the. continued existence of this new united beginning of the creation of modern Europe. Germany set the agenda for European in every sense It featured a mixture of. international politics and war for the next aristocratic and conservative behaviour based. century The war also marked the end of the, French Second Empire under Napoleon III Prussian Infantry at the Charge Engraving from The Graphic. and with it the end of France s dominant of London 3 September 1870 Ann Ronan Picture Library. 8 Essential Histories The Franco Prussian War,A DUEL TO THE DEATH. France Pray stand back Madam You mean well on old ideas of personal rule and the Concert. but this is an old family quarrel and we must fight of Europe see page 13 together with the. it out A cartoon by JohnTenniel from the London new realities of power politics and national. magazine Punch 23 July 1870 The figure of,bureaucracies It was the first experience of. Britannia representing Great Britain attempts to,restrain Napoleon III representing France and. what the Prussians called Millionenkrieg the, Wilhelm I representing Prussia Ann Ronan war of the millions but both sides argued.
Picture Library the formalities of international law and. Introduction 9, treated the frontiers of neutral countries as War was declared by the French over a. if the laws that protected them were minor issue although the circumstances were. unbreakable barriers Both King Wilhelm I of engineered by the minister president. Prussia and Emperor Napoleon III of France of Prussia Count Otto von Bismarck. made critical distinctions between their Prussia was supported by the other members. behaviour in the private sphere and as public of the North German Confederation and. heads of state In its conduct also the war by the states of southern Germany Contrary. mixed the weapons tactics and methods of to expectations it was the Prussians and their. an earlier era with new military science and allies who invaded France a move for which. new political attitudes Personalities decided the French were unprepared From this bad. this war but so did armaments factories start the French Army suffered a series of. public opinion military staffwork and humiliating defeats which resulted in one of. mass revolution its two field armies being trapped in Metz. The events of the Franco Prussian War fell where it surrendered in October after a siege. into three main phases Beginning in July 1870 of two months and the other army being. it opened with a short campaign lasting until forced to surrender together with Napoleon. September in which the major battles took III himself in early September at Sedan after. place after which it was largely considered to being defeated and unable to escape. be over The war continued until January 1871 As a result of these defeats in September. because both sides could not agree peace terms the Second Empire was overthrown in. Finally with peace declared and the war,officially over there was an attempted. A French popular print depicting French troops firing on. revolution and civil war in Paris known as the,Communards in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery and the. Commune This was suppressed by the French Chaumont Heights in Paris during the final suppression. in May just as the Treaty of Frankfurt formally of the Commune in Bloody Week 21 28 May 1871. ending the war came into force Ann Ronan Picture Library. 10 Essential Histories The Franco Prussian War,France and the Third Republic established. The Prussians meanwhile encircled Paris,and started a siege expecting a quick French.
surrender The war then dragged on,inconclusively for another four months. through the winter of 1870 71 with the,Prussians occupying an area of northern. France resembling a giant thumb pointing,west with its base on the frontier provinces. of Alsace and Lorraine and its tip covering,Paris The new French Third Republic. assembled armies to the south north and,south east with the intention of relieving the.
siege of Paris Finally the miseries of the,siege for the people of Paris the failure of. their armies to break through and increasing,war weariness led the French to accept. the Prussian terms for ending the war in,January 1871. The final episode of the war took place,after the new German Empire had been. created and the peace settlement had been,agreed in March Following the strain of the.
siege and the humiliation of defeat radical,revolutionaries seized power in Paris and. established the Commune in defiance of the,French government Prussian forces. continued to surround northern Paris but,were otherwise not involved In May French. troops loyal to the government recaptured,Paris from the Commune amid scenes of. great violence and destruction This finally,ended the fighting but left a legacy of.
bitterness and political division within,France The experience of the war also left. lasting hatred on both sides that resurfaced,in 1914 at the start of the First World War. Chronology,Background 9 November Battle of Coulmiers. 30 November Failure of the Great,1789 French Revolution Sortie from Paris. 1815 Creation of the German 1871 1 January Proclamation of the. Confederation German Empire, 1830 July Monarchy in France 5 January Start of bombardment.
1848 50 Revolutions across Europe of Paris, Second Republic in France 18 January Wilhelm I acclaimed. First Schleswig Holstein War emperor at Versailles. 1852 Second Empire in France 27 January Armistice agreed. 1854 56 Crimean War 1 February Bourbaki s army interned. 1859 Franco Austrian War in Switzerland, 1860 Unification of Italy 8 February Elections for French. 1861 King Wilhelm I crowned in Prussia national assembly at Bordeaux. 1864 Second Schleswig Holstein War 26 February Peace terms agreed at. 1866 Austro Prussian War Versailles, 1867 Creation of the North German 1 March German parade through. Confederation Paris, End of the French empire in Mexico 18 March Paris Commune established. 1868 Queen Isabella II of Spain deposed 2 April Second siege of Paris starts. 10 May Treaty of Frankfurt,21 May Bloody Week in Paris.
The Franco Prussian war 28 May End of the Paris Commune. 1870 19 July France declares war on Prussia,2 August French capture Saarbrucken. 4 August Battle of Wissembourg,6 August Battle of Worth. Battle of Spicheren,16 August Battle of Mars la Tour. 18 August Battle of Gravelotte,1 September Battle of Sedan. 4 September Fall of the Second,Proclamation of the Third Republic.
19 September Start of the siege of,28 September Fall of Strasbourg. 8 October Gambetta escapes from,Paris by balloon,27 October French surrender at Metz. 31 October Black Monday in Paris,Background to war. The Germans and the French, The new Germany created in 1871 called expression and a cultural idea not unlike. itself the Second Empire or Reich in German Europe in the early 21st century. just as the Nazi German state of 1938 45 Among the problems facing the rulers of. called itself the Third Reich or Greater Europe after 1815 was that another major. Germany Both laid claim to be the heirs of war might well provoke a further revolution. the original Holy Roman Empire of the giving rise to events like the Terror of the. German Peoples the last and greatest of the Paris Revolutionary Commune of 1792 94. medieval European empires the origins of France was returned to essentially its. which stretched back to the 9th century and pre Revolution borders and its monarchy. which was dominated for most of the was re installed under King Louis XVIII. medieval period by the Habsburg rulers of succeeded by King Charles X in 1824 as. Austria By the 18th century Austrian first among equals with Austria and Prussia. authority over this bewildering collection of in Europe Great Britain although concerned. more than 300 states cities and principalities about European affairs was safe from. had become increasingly notional contested invasion with the most powerful navy in the. both by the Kingdom of Prussia part of world and increasingly preoccupied with its. which lay technically outside the old empire expanding colonial and trading empire The. and by France the traditional enemy which Russian Empire also was concerned with its. at its most ambitious saw the Rhine as its own expansion into Asia European politics. natural eastern frontier including the threats or consequences of. The Holy Roman Empire s end came in wars were to be regulated by the Concert of. the upheavals of the French Revolution of Europe an informal arrangement between. 1789 the wars that began three years later these five Great Powers to ensure that each. and the efforts first of the French Republic was satisfied. and then of Napoleon Bonaparte to The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. overthrow the old order in Europe of 1792 1815 had greatly strengthened the. Bonaparte proclaimed himself Emperor powerful beliefs of nationalism or patriotism. Napoleon of France in 1804 and two years that dominated Europe for the next two. later forced the last Holy Roman Emperor to centuries The Austrian Empire which. relinquish the title and the vestiges of its encompassed many non German territories. formal authority becoming Emperor of including Hungary and parts of the Balkans. Austria a title already in common use for and northern Italy was particularly troubled. about a century In 1815 at the Congress of by these nationalist movements In contrast. Vienna part of the peace settlement ending early 19th century France was Europe s most. the Napoleonic Wars the complexities of the developed nation state as well as its most. Holy Roman Empire were simplified into powerful Revolutionary France had firmly. 39 independent states of which the largest established in Europe the idea of the. was Bavaria all together forming with patriotic citizen with rights and duties. Austria and Prussia the loose political which included fighting in what was called. association of the German Confederation People s War In 1793 under threat of. with a parliament or assembly meeting in invasion France had introduced both. different cities as required Until 1871 conscription compulsory military service. Germany was chiefly a geographical for all young men and the idea of. 14 Essential Histories The Franco Prussian War, One of the many imaginative depictions of incidents in organising the entire society of the country.
the war French artillery in action in woodland during the for the war effort Linked to nationalism the. siege of Paris Painting by Edouard Detaille 1848 1912. other main ideological forces in 19th century,AKG Berlin. First World War Since it ended in the establishment of a new German Empire contemporaries often called it the Franco German War although neither name fits it perfectly I 1870 71n Prussian forces included those from an alliance of other German states but Prussia and its interests dominated just as in the Second World War

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