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Downloaded from iDATA ws, jQuery, Pocket Reference. Downloaded from iDATA ws, Downloaded from iDATA ws. jQuery, Pocket Reference, David Flanagan, Beijing Cambridge Farnham K ln Sebastopol Tokyo. Downloaded from iDATA ws, jQuery Pocket Reference,by David Flanagan. Copyright 2011 David Flanagan All rights reserved . Printed in the United States of America , Published by O Reilly Media Inc 1005 Gravenstein Highway North .
Sebastopol CA 95472 , O Reilly books may be purchased for educational business or sales promo . tional use Online editions are also available for most titles http my safari. booksonline com For more information contact our corporate institutional. sales department 800 998 9938 or corporate oreilly com . Editors Mike Loukides and Simon St Laurent,Production Editor Teresa Elsey. Proofreader Marlowe Shaeffer,Indexer Ellen Troutman Zaig. Cover Designer Karen Montgomery,Interior Designer David Futato. Printing History , December 2010 First Edition , Nutshell Handbook the Nutshell Handbook logo and the O Reilly logo are.
registered trademarks of O Reilly Media Inc The Pocket Reference series. designation jQuery Pocket Reference the image of a rufous necked weaver. bird and related trade dress are trademarks of O Reilly Media Inc . Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish. their products are claimed as trademarks Where those designations appear. in this book and O Reilly Media Inc was aware of a trademark claim the. designations have been printed in caps or initial caps . While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book the. publisher and author assume no responsibility for errors or omissions or for. damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein . ISBN 978 1 449 39722 7,1291911712, Downloaded from iDATA ws. Contents,Preface ix,Chapter 1 Introduction to jQuery 1. jQuery Basics 3, The jQuery Function 4, Queries and Query Results 8. Chapter 2 Element Getters and Setters 13, Getting and Setting HTML Attributes 14. Getting and Setting CSS Attributes 15, Getting and Setting CSS Classes 16.
Getting and Setting HTML Form Values 17, Getting and Setting Element Content 18. Getting and Setting Element Geometry 19, Getting and Setting Element Data 22. Chapter 3 Altering Document Structure 25, Inserting and Replacing Elements 25. Copying Elements 28, Wrapping Elements 29, Deleting Elements 29. Downloaded from iDATA ws, Chapter 4 Events 31, Simple Event Handler Registration 31.
jQuery Event Handlers 34, The jQuery Event Object 34. Advanced Event Handler Registration 37, Deregistering Event Handlers 39. Triggering Events 41, Custom Events 44, Live Events 45. Chapter 5 Animated Effects 49, Simple Effects 52, Custom Animations 53. Canceling Delaying and Queuing Effects 58,Chapter 6 Ajax 63.
The load Method 63, Ajax Utility Functions 66, The jQuery ajax Function 72. Ajax Events 80,Chapter 7 Utility Functions 83,Chapter 8 Selectors and Selection Methods 89. jQuery Selectors 89, Selection Methods 95,Chapter 9 Extending jQuery with Plugins 103. Chapter 10 The jQuery UI Library 109,Chapter 11 jQuery Quick Reference 113. Factory Function 113,vi Table of Contents, Downloaded from iDATA ws.
Selector Grammar 114, Basic Methods and Properties 115. Selection Methods 117, Element Methods 120, Insertion and Deletion Methods 123. Event Methods 126, Effects and Animation Methods 129. Ajax Functions 131, Utility Functions 134,Index 139. Table of Contents vii, Downloaded from iDATA ws, Downloaded from iDATA ws.
Preface, This book covers version 1 4 of the jQuery library for client . side JavaScript programming It is one chapter from my much. longer book JavaScript The Definitive Guide jQuery is such a. powerful library and so well suited to pocket reference format. that it seemed worth publishing this material on its own . This book assumes that you already know how to program. with JavaScript and that you are familiar with the basics of. client side JavaScript programming without jQuery For ex . ample you should know about DOM methods like getElement. ById getElementsByTagName and addEventListener , Thanks to Raffaele Cecco for a timely and thorough review of. the book and of the code it contains Thanks also to John Resig. and the entire jQuery team for creating such a useful library . to my editor Mike Loukides for his enthusiasm for this project . and to the O Reilly production department for getting this. book out so quickly , The examples in this book can be downloaded from the book s. web page which will also include errata if any errors are dis . covered after publication , http oreilly com catalog 0636920016182 . Downloaded from iDATA ws, In general you may use the examples in this book in your pro .
grams and documentation You do not need to contact us for. permission unless you re reproducing a significant portion of. the code We appreciate but do not require an attribution. like this From jQuery Pocket Reference by David Flanagan. O Reilly Copyright 2011 David Flanagan , 978 1 449 39722 7 If you feel your use of code examples falls. outside fair use or the permission given here feel free to contact. us at permissions oreilly com , To comment or ask technical questions about this book send. bookquestions oreilly com, This book is also available from the Safari Books Online serv . ice For full digital access to this book and others on similar. topics from O Reilly and other publishers sign up at http . my safaribooksonline com ,x Preface, Downloaded from iDATA ws. CHAPTER 1, Introduction to jQuery, JavaScript has an intentionally simple core API and an overly.
complicated client side API that is marred by major incompa . tibilities between browsers The arrival of IE9 eliminates the. worst of those incompatibilities but many programmers find. it easier to write web applications using a JavaScript framework. or utility library to simplify common tasks and hide the differ . ences between browsers At the time of this writing jQuery is. one of the most popular and widely used of these libraries . Because it has become so widely used web developers should. be familiar with the jQuery library even if you don t use it in. your own code you are likely to encounter it in code written. by others Fortunately jQuery is stable and small enough to. document in pocket reference form , jQuery makes it easy to find the elements of a document and. then manipulate those elements by adding content editing. HTML attributes and CSS properties defining event handlers . and performing animations It also has Ajax utilities for dy . namically making HTTP requests and general purpose utility. functions for working with objects and arrays , As its name implies the jQuery library is focused on queries . A typical query uses a CSS selector to identify a set of document. elements and then returns an object that represents those ele . ments This returned object provides many useful methods for. Downloaded from iDATA ws, operating on the matching elements as a group Whenever. possible these methods return the object on which they are. invoked allowing a succinct method chaining idiom to be. used These features are at the heart of jQuery s power and. An expressive syntax CSS selectors for referring to. elements in the document, An efficient query method for finding the set of document. elements that match a CSS selector, A useful set of methods for manipulating selected.
Powerful functional programming techniques for operat . ing on sets of elements as a group rather than one at a time. A succinct idiom method chaining for expressing, sequences of operations. This book begins with an introduction to jQuery that shows. how to make simple queries and work with the results The. chapters that follow explain , How to set HTML attributes CSS styles and classes . HTML form values and element content geometry and. How to alter the structure of a document by inserting . replacing wrapping and deleting elements, How to use jQuery s cross browser event model. How to produce animated visual effects with jQuery. jQuery s Ajax utilities for making scripted HTTP requests. jQuery s utility functions, The full syntax of jQuery s selectors and how to use. jQuery s advanced selection methods, How to extend jQuery by using and writing plugins.
The jQuery UI library, The end of this book is a quick reference to all of jQuery s. methods and functions ,2 Chapter 1 Introduction to jQuery. Downloaded from iDATA ws, jQuery Basics, The jQuery library defines a single global function named. jQuery This function is so frequently used that the library. also defines the global symbol as a shortcut for it These are. the only two symbols jQuery defines in the global namespace . This single global function with two names is the central query. function for jQuery Here for example is how we ask for the. set of all div tags in a document , var divs div , The value returned by this function represents a set of zero or. more DOM elements and is known as a jQuery object Note. that jQuery is a factory function rather than a constructor it. returns a newly created object but it is not used with the new. keyword jQuery objects define many methods for operating. on the sets of elements they represent and most of this book. is devoted to explaining those methods Below for example is. code that finds highlights and quickly displays all hidden. p tags that have a class of more , p more css background color gray show fast .
The css method operates on the jQuery object returned by. and returns that same object so that the show method. can be invoked next in a compact method chain This. method chaining idiom is common in jQuery programming . As another example the code below finds all elements in the. document that have the CSS class hide and registers an event. handler on each one That event handler is invoked when the. user clicks on the element making it slowly slide up and. disappear , hide click function this slideUp slow . If you use in your own code or are using another library such as. Prototype that uses you can call jQuery noConflict to restore to its. original value , jQuery Basics 3, Downloaded from iDATA ws. jQuery Basics The jQuery library defines a single global function named jQuery This function is so frequently used that the library also defines the global symbol as a shortcut for it

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