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Instruction Manual,Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer,Specifications 3. Mechanical Description 4,Typical Installation 5,Equipment Installation 6. Electrical Schematics 9,Equipment Operation 10,Equipment Operation DO Set Up 13. Equipment Operation DO Calibration 21,Equipment Operation DO Read 22. Maintenance 23,Cell Maintenance 24,Protocol Communication 29.
2 Specificatons,Analyzer Tansmiter Dissolved Oxygen. Application Controler Micro processed,Case Cast Aluminum SAE 323. Finishing Electrostatic Epoxy Paint, Electrical Connection Connector Barr Conexell Type. Cable Inlet Cable Knockout 1 2 2 x,Assembly 2 Tube or Flat Surface. Identification TAG SS Tag,Enclosure IP 68,Power Consumption 3 5 VA.
Weight 1 9 Kg,Electrical Power 90 to 240 VAC 50 60 Hz. Working Temperature 5 to 40 C,Relative Humidity 20 to 80. Analyzer Transmiter,Display Alphanumeric 2 lines x 16 characters. Range 0 to 60 mgO2 L,Resolution 0 1 or 0 01,Relative Precision 0 02 full scale. Working Temperature 50 C,Auto Temperature Compensation 50 C.
Measuring Princ ple Clark Polarographic Cell,Response Time 20 s Programmable. Barometric Pressure Compensation Up to 10 000 m,Analogic 4 to 20 mA w programmable output range. Signal Output,for all Reading range,Galvanic Isolation 2000 VAC by opto coupler. Line Resistance 1K3 Ohms,Controller,Actuation Type Frequency Modulation P Di. Set Points 2 independent from 0 to 100 of scale, Outputs 2 control ON OFF programmable for Alarm or.
Actuation P Di, Control for Automatic Cleaning Timer ON OFF for periods up to 99 seconds and. in intervals up to 99 hours,Cell Model DOE 441,Type Immersion. Body Material Polypropylene PP or SS 316 others upon request. Maximum Temperature Atm Press 50 C,Body Length 1500 mm standard others upon request. Auto Cleaning System Activated by a solenoid valve. Accessories,Instruction Manual on a CD,SS 304 clamps with nuts and bolds. 3 Mechanical Description, The equipment is offered in compact case in cast aluminum SAE 323 with low oxidation grade with anti.
corrosion treatment and finished with electrostatic epoxy paint Reduced dimensions and very light weight it is. build under IP 68 protection, User will find under the same case the local indicator Analyzer Transmitter Controller and the Register making. the equipment compact rough and of ease operation, The case installation can be done in 2 tube or Flat Surface. Electrical connection is done by a terminal barr located in the case s back housing of the instrument with cable. Entrance thru 2 cable press of BSP, In one the instrument sides user will find an identification tag in SS 316 which covers the external controls sealed in. Order to guarantee the case protection,2 x BSP 14 tpi. Dimensions in millimeters,Items Description, 1 Display Alphanumeric back lighted 2 Lines x 16 characters.
2 Keyboard 3 keys, key SEL Select the desired function flashing option. key ENT Confirms the selection chosen by Select key. key ESC returns to prior menu, 3 Insterconnection Board located inside the back lid. Slots Connections,1 Dissolved Oxygen Cell Shield,2 3 Measuring Sensor. 4 5 Thermocompensator,F4 F3 F2 F1,6 7 Transmission Output mA 1. DOTX441 8 9 Transmission Output mA 2,10 11 Digital Output Communication RS 485.
Gre 5 10 C 16,12 13 Set Point 3 S3 Contacts Auto Cleaning. Yel 4 9 No 15,Black 3 8 C 14 20,14 15 Set Point 2 S2 Contacts. Red 2 7 No 13 19,Shie 1 6 C 12 18 16 17 Set Point 1 S1 Contacts. CN1 CN2 CN3 CN4,18 Grounding, 19 20 Electrical Power from 90 thru 240 VAC 50 60 Hz. F1 General Fuse 3 A,F2 Set Point 1 Fuse 1 A,F3 Set Point 2 Fuse 1 A.
F4 Set Point 3 Fuse 1 A,4 Typical Installation,2 Tube Installation. Cable Knockout,Clamp SS Support base aluminum SAE 323. Flat Surface Installation,Cable Knockout,Support base aluminum SAE 323. Flat Surface, Important Install the equipment in a strategic location that allows ease access and maintenance and avoid. exposing it direct to solar rays besides equipment s overheating causing eventual damage the Liquid Crystal. Display will also loose it s sensibility fading the display. 5 Equipment Installation, In order to achieve the best performance of OMEGA s Continuous Analyzer it is crucial to perform it s correct.
installation Follow instructions below, 1 Remove the equipment from the box verify if any damage was caused by it s transportation. 2 Install the case in a strategical location for ease access and maintenance exempt of vibrations and vapors. 3 Avoid exposing the equipment direct to solar rays If necessary use some kind of protection. 4 After connecting the cable with it s respective terminals proceed with terminal barr connection located in. the back panel of the case, 5 Inspect all electrical installation in order to certify that all connections are correct. 6 Verify power electrical source in order to make sure it s voltage value. 7 Turn on circuit breakers of the electrical box,5 1 Important Recommendations. 1 The equipment electrical power must be independent from others system components Being so the cable. that will power the Control Valves Solenoids Alarms and others MUST BE CONNECTED DIRECT TO. DISTRIBUTION BOX and never to the equipment slots,Distribution Box. F4 F3 F2 F1,11 No 17 To Contacts NO 13 15 17,Gre 5 10 C 16.
Yel 4 9 No 15,Controls or Alarms,Black 3 8 C 14 20. Red 2 7 No 13 19,Shie 1 6 C 12 18,CN1 CN2 CN3 CN4, 2 Verify if the cable knockouts of the equipment and probes are firmly attached to its respective. interconnection cable This proceeding is necessary in order to preserve IP 68 protection. 3 Be careful with humidity It will diminish the impedance generating measurement errors Verify the. cable knockouts and if necessary dry them using a hair dryer. 4 Replace periodically the sealing O Rings in order to guarantee a good sealing of the enclosure. 5 Do not cut or mend the interconnection cables Under the cable shield there is a semiconductor coating. material used to eliminate electrostatic interference at the cable. Semiconductor,Cap Conductor,Shield Isolation polypropylene dmin 5 mm. 6 ON OFF outputs are thyristor type offering innumerous advantages for the equipment such as no. sparks presence faster commutation noise practically inexistent no presence of RF interference and many. The outputs can commute any charge since they are powered by alternate tension VAC. 5 Equipment Installation cont, 5 2 Dissolved Oxygen Industrial probe Characteristics DOE 441. Dissolved Oxygen Immersion Probes for industrial application consists typically in an adequate installation. hardware whose function is to hold and protect the Dissolved Oxygen industrial cell model DOE 441 R and ti s. respective connections, In order to choose the adequate material to it s body construction will depend on work s chemical aggressiveness.
and temperature of the process Find below some materials available. a PP Polypropylene Model DOE 441 Standard, b Stainless Steel 316 Model DOE 441 S Special Order and others upon request. All connections offer guaranteed sealing by Nitrilic Rubber O Rings FKM or others The electrical connection is. done thru a terminal barr in an IP 68 case protection with cables going thru a NPT hole or cable pres and the. interconnection of the Probe s terminal barr to the cell being done by PA type connector It is recommended that the. connection cable from the probe to the equipment offers the shortest length possible in order to avoid RF. interference and noise problems, The installation of the Probe can be done by a pole or flange and the insertion length is defined based on the need of. measure to be taken being supplied with standard of h 1500 mm. Quick Connect,Analyzer 8,Distribution Box T,Cleaning Injector Tip. NTC Yellow,Cathode Black,Interconnection Barr,Located internally. at the Electrical,Connection Box,5 Equipment Installation cont.
5 3 Automatic Cleaning System hose installation, Probes DOE 441 are supplied with Automatic Cleaning System whose function is to remove any clogging at the. membrane of the Dissolved Oxygen s Cell Typically the cleaning is done by pressurized air jet 3 bar maximum. The cleaning is executed a solenoid valve activation controlled by the equipment The time and duration of the. cleaning can be programmed by accessing the Set Up operation of the equipment s program. At slots 12 13 there is a thyristor contact S3 that commands the Solenoid for the cleaning system. Automatic Timer,Cleaning Solution,Solenoid Valve,Injector Tip DO Cell. 1 4 x 1 8 Parker U 42 Hose Installation, Insert the hose at the connection quick connect all the way down Metal holdings located inside of the ring will. attach and hold the hose push the ring following the same direction as arrow L shown on below illustration. Never pull the hose as it will damage the metal clips. Quick Connect,Analyzer 8,Distribution Box T,Cleaning Injector Tip. When noticed a drop in sensibility during calibration frequently deviations of calibrated value or even reading. oscillations it is necessary to proceed with a cell maintenance The steps in order to perform this operation you will. find on chapter 12 Cell Maintenance page 22,Note ELECTRICAL.
DISTRIBUTION,It is important to use phase and cables BOX. different for the equipment and,control valves or alarms. F4 F3 F2 F1,Gr 5 10 C 16,Yel 4 9 No 15,Pbla 3 8 C 14 20. Red 2 7 No 13 19,Shield 1 6 C 12 18 16 Or,CN1 CN2 CN3 CN4 CABLE 15. 6 Electrical Installation,9 GR PHIC REGISTER,8 PC OR PLC OR SDLC.
INTERCONNECTION,5 CABLE Green,Black Yellow,Red Red PUMP PUMP. Shield CABLE Anode,EQUIPMENT CELL,7 Equipment Operation. Important Information, 1 Never forget that if the instrument is turned off it is necessary to wait for the cell polarization aprox 12 min. 2 While at READ mode is possible to obtain other information such as. By pressing SEL key user can obtain the Temperature value or the Set Points programmed during SET UP. By pressing ENT key it moves the equipment to STAND BY mode While in STAND BY the outputs will be turned. off that means the current output goes to 4 mA and the contacts to NO The outputs must be programmed by the. 3 ESC key is only recognized when pressed and hold for about 5seconds This time is necessary in order to certify. that the user desires to exit the selected option, 4 During certain program steps it is allowed to adjust such values as Span salinity barometric pressure set points. hystereses and others The adjust is done by indication of arrows decrease and increase Press SEL key in. order to choose the correct option increase or decrease then confirm by pressing ENT key. Press SEL key again until user reaches the desired value then press ENT key to confirm. 5 When power failure occurs when the equipment turns back on the initial pre programmed conditions will remain as. prior to the power failure Wait for the Cell Polarization If the equipment is under READ mode it will return to. Reading and no further action will be necessary, While at Stand By if a power failure occurs the instrument will not return to reading mode after the polarization is.
completed it will go to the main menu select Function. 6 Syntonizing P Di Contol, The Period Value Di must be established in relation to the retention time of the process. Example Retention Time is equal 30 minutes establish a period of 1 minute. The Proportional Band BP must be equally established in relation to the reagent concentration and of the process. homogenizing power Start with 50 of PB and increase or decrease it in relation to its variable response. 7 Equipment Operation cont,Set Up Procedures, The Equipment offers a non volatil memory E2PROM in order to store operation s functions Resolution. Reading Mode Calibration etc Even when turned off from power all functions chosen during set up will. remain stored Before you start any work with the equipment it is recommended to verify the SET UP. conditions to certify that you have chosen the correct options fro your work and to avoid operation errors. Press and hold ESCAPE key until reached the Select Function Menu When at the SELECT FUNCTION. menu press SELECT key in order to select the function desired flashing option then press ENTER In. order to access the SET UP menu press SELECT key until SET UP flashes then press ENTER key to. confirm the option A Password will be requested press in sequence SELECT ENTER ESCAPE. and follow step by step the options shown at the display In case the user desires to switch the flashing. option press SELECT key and change as needed following the display commands then ENTER key. to confirm the option chosen, When a mistake is made and the user needs to go back to change it press ESCAPE The display will. move back one screen at a time for every option, At the flow chart the flashing option will be displayed in Blue Color. Check Operation, The option Sensor CHECK is very useful as it allows the user to verify the cell condition This option is self.
explanatory just press SELECT key until Check flashes then press ENTER key to confirm the option. Then follow the display instructions as it sel explanatory. Read Operation, At this operation user will have options to CALIBRATE or READ In case the desire is to CALIBRATE the Cell press. 5 3 Automatic Cleaning System hose installation 1 4 x 1 8 Parker U 42 Hose Installation 8 Cleaning Solution or Air Solenoid Valve DO Signal Injector Tip DO Cell Automatic Timer DOTX441 Probes DOE 441 are supplied with Automatic Cleaning System whose function is to remove any clogging at the membrane of the Dissolved Oxygen s Cell

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