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Dorchester News The nearest A E units are at the John Radcliffe Hospital in. Editorial Team Oxford 01865 741166 and the Royal Berkshire in Reading. Ian Brace Gillian Johnson 01183 225111,Distribution Co ordinator. Rosemary Day Health Centre Berinsfield, Copy Deadlines for Dorchester News Telephone number 01865 340558. Combined December January edition 14 Nov Clifton Hampden Surgery. February edition 9 January Telephone Number 01865 407888. March edition 6 February, Advert Deadlines for Dorchester News Abbey Guest House Bookings. One week before copy deadline Anyone wishing to hire the Abbey Guest House for private. Those items in electronic form may be sent via e mail attachment to functions meetings exhibitions etc should contact Hilarie. Rogers on 01865 340007, dorchesternews dorchesteronthames co uk Please name. your attached file and subject line of e mail with the title of Hire of Dorchester Village Hall. your article or organisation name not Dorchester News To hire our Village Hall please contact Brenda Edwards. Anything people would like sent to newsletter editors for other edwards dorchester virgin net or telephone 01865 343062. churches in the Team should be sent to admin dorchester Please telephone at least 24 hours in advance to arrange. abbey org uk by the 9th of the preceding month collection of the key. Magazine Advertising Costs The Communal Lounge at Belcher Court. Why not use this parish magazine to advertise your business The communal lounge at Belcher Court is now available for rent. service function etc There are ten issues per year with double Contact the Scheme Manager Caroline Major on 01865 343128. issues in July August and in Dec Jan The cost of advertising. increased from February 2014 and the new rate is now shown Street lighting fault reporting. For an eighth of a page the cost is 11 75 for a quarter page Report any problems with a street light to 0800 317802 which is. 23 50 for half page 35 25 and just 47 00 for a full page available 24 hours a day Callers will be asked for the address. of the site and the nature of the fault, All charges are put towards the cost of the paper printing and.
postage of copies being sent outside the village You may Complaints about highways and footpaths. supply your own advert or we can produce the advert and Ring Oxfordshire Highways on 0845 3101111 available five. artwork for a fee days a week with a 24 hour answering facility Complaints can. also be sent via e mail to southernarea oxfordshire gov uk. Should you wish to incorporate a logo or artwork please supply a copy. preferably via e mail dorchesternews dorchesteronthames co uk Blocked Drains. One time adverts please send a cheque payable to Dorchester Ring Thames Water for blocked drains on 0800 316 9800. Abbey PCC to Nick Forman Willoughby House 73 High Street Callers will be asked for the postcode of the address where the. Dorchester on Thames OX10 7HN drains are blocked,Editorial Refuse collection. Any residents whose household rubbish is not collected on the. The clocks have gone back all over Europe We shall not see. due date see page 27 should contact the contractor direct The. light evenings again until next year But as we enter these grey. days we should not feel low or despondent For me this a number to call is 03000 610610 and the website. magical time of year car headlights sparkling on wet roads and www morerecyling co uk. winter coats coming out to make us feel snug and warm as we Berinsfield Library. kick through the leaves I am an old fashioned romantic If we Green Furlong Berinsfield 01865 340771. need further warmth then in this issue we look back to Sara Free Internet access DVDs can be ordered. Hender s fund raising in Uganda and pictures from the wonderful Opening hours. Traditional Skills Weekend in August both of which are Mon closed Tues Wed Fri 10 00 am 12 30 pm. guaranteed to cheer us and one hundred years of our village Tues 2 00 7 00 pm Weds Thurs 2 00 5 30 pm. shop which was celebrated in October Fri 2 00 5 00 pm Sat 10 00 am 12 30 pm. There are also new things happening in the village There is Village Bus Services. excellent news from Hurst Water Meadows Trust regarding the Bus services are provided by Thames Travel two 97 services to. purchase of Overy Mead Piece that has been an ambition for a Didcot and Wallingford M S and two 114 services to Abingdon. while The new village website has been launched This should and Wallingford M F and Whites 1 service to Didcot M F. be a major means of communication both within the village and Timings are shown at the bus stops and also on line at. outside A work in progress there is a request from Webmaster www thames travel co uk and 01491 837988 and. Sue Graney for us all to look at it and suggest how we as a www whitescoaches com and 01865 340516 Information about. village would like it to develop I urge everybody to do so bus services both local and national is available from. www traveline info and 0871 200 2233 which also provides. As ever there is a lot going on in the village during November information about trains London Underground and Overground. from comedy to concerts from craft fair to quiz night Who says and ferries throughout the UK. November is a dreary month,Ian Brace Oxfordshire Dial A Ride. Door to door minibus service for shopping trips For information. Useful Information please contact 0845 310 1111,Contacting the Police. To report a non emergency crime or to give information to Shopmobility. Thames Valley Police please call 101 Alternatively call Free loan of wheelchairs and electric scooters to people who. Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 In the event of need them for shopping in Oxford For information please ring. an emergency dial 999,01865 248737,Direct Line to Urgent Local Health Services. Dial 111 to access urgent local NHS health care services The Contacting the Parish Council. NHS111 team will where possible book you an appointment or The Parish Clerk is Geoffrey Russell of The Pigeons next to. transfer you directly to the people you need to speak to or send The Fleur de Lys High Street Dorchester on Thames OX10. an ambulance if they think you need one For non urgent 7HH 01865 340759 during normal office hours please unless. health needs you should contact your GP in the usual way an emergency parishclerk dorchesteronthames co uk More. information about the village is available at,Minor Injuries www dorchesteronthames co uk.
The Minor Injuries Unit at Abingdon Hospital Marcham Road is. available every day from 10 00 am to 10 30 pm 01865 425161. Dorchester News November 2014 2,Remembrance Advent. On 9 November we play our part as a village community Sunday 30 November is Advent Sunday and we plan to. in the National Act of Remembrance We look forward to have a special celebration of Advent with communion for. welcoming members of the British Legion and the wider all the family I do hope you can join us to light the first. village community in the Abbey at 10am please note the candle on the Advent Wreath and set the Posada on its. earlier time and sharing the ceremony at the War Memo journey around the village. rial at 10 55am in time for the 11am silence,Confirmation. Memorial Service The Bishop of Dorchester will conduct a service of Confir. The Sunday closest to All Saints Day is a time to remem mation at 6pm on Sunday 7 December Confirmation is an. ber not only the famous saints like St Peter St Paul and opportunity to make a commitment to serve God and be a. St Birinus but also what I like to call the saints in ordi part of God s church in the world If you would like to talk. nary The church calls this All Souls Tide more about what is involved in confirmation and prepara. tion for it please talk to one of the clergy,There are many people who have had an enormous im. pact on our lives and shaped and moulded the people we. are Very often these are relatives or close friends in a. village like Dorchester they are also the significant per Christmas Services. sonalities who have contributed to the life of the commu The Abbey Carol Service will be on Sunday 21 December. nity In recent years we have lost from our community a at 6pm All other services follow the pattern of previous. large number of very special people years and there will be an invitation for each household. in next month s magazine, I hope that the Morning Service on 2 November will be a. good time to remember them with thanksgiving and reflect. on what we have learned from them In particular anyone. for whom a relative s funeral has been held in the Abbey. is warmly invited to attend this service It will be possible. to ask for the names of people that have been important. Christmas Tree, to you personally to be added to a list that will be read Event.
during the prayers There will be lists at the back of the Advance notice of Christmas Tree event for all ages. Abbey but you may also telephone the Rectory 340007 Dorchester Abbey. to ask for a name to be added Saturday 6 December 2014. From 9 30am setting up the tree many hands make,light work. Charity Comedy Night Update From 9 30 11 30am an all age workshop to make sim. Thank you so much to everyone who supported The Ellie ple decorations for the tree. and Mae Charity Comedy Show on 10 October, And please do you have any tree decorations in gold. An amazing 480 was raised This money will provide white or red that you would care to donate for the tree. several months of special nutrition and medical care to We have lights thank you. the children at the Musanda Medical centre in Kenya. Further details or to donate Christmas Tree decorations. For more information on the work of the Nasio Trust visit Denise Line 01865 340905. www thenasiotrust org uk,mobile Wanted,LIBRARY Abbey Gardeners. Dorchester Abbey gardeners need more volunteers to. Alternate Thursdays 10 40 11 15 am, help in keeping our beautiful Abbey surrounds neat tidy. Lay by by the War Memorial, and attractive No pay but immense job satisfaction.
13 November and 27 November Applicants should be enthusiastic rather than expert. Apply to Kathy Glass on 01865 340462,Fishmonger, The travelling fishmonger comes to Dorchester every Abbey Tearoom AGM. Tuesday and will stop at the following All Tearoom helpers please note that. the AGM will take place, 10 30 10 50am in High Street near War Memorial on Saturday 15 November at 3pm. in the Guest House, Editor s note If you like eating fish please buy from this. travelling fishmonger as the quality is excellent There Please come and meet your fellow volunteers. is a danger though that he will stop coming to and enjoy some refreshments. Dorchester if there is insufficient demand Christina Stores. 3 Dorchester News November 2014,Dorchester News November 2014 4. Dorchester on Thames Culham District Horticultural. Historical Society Club,Wednesday 26 November at 7 30pm November Meeting.
Dorchester Village Hall back room Meeting at the Abbey Guest House Dorchester on. Thames at 7 30pm this autumn,A talk by Paul Booth on. The Roman Archaeology of High Speed 1 Railway in Wednesday 19 November Mistletoe Fact Myth. Kent Legend by Michael Jones, Visitors and new members are always very welcome to There will be more talks in the new year Membership is. our talks and outings open to all those who have a keen interest in horticulture. Gail Thomas annual subscription 15 and visitors are welcome at the. Chairman meeting donation 2 For more details contact. Judy White 01235 850381 judy tiggercat me uk, Ladies of any age are very welcome to join our small but. friendly club Usually our meetings are held at 7 30pm on. the second Thursday in the month in the Village Hall un Dorchester Cricket Club. less stated otherwise Quiz night,Dorchester Cricket club will be holding a General. Thursday 13 November in the White Hart Dr Tony Mai Knowledge Quiz in the Village Hall on Saturday 29 No. sey Talking to Children This is expected to be a vember starting at 7 30pm. lively and funny talk Non members are very welcome to. join us Please remember to buy your drinks at the bar The cost will be 5 00 per person and will include hot. before coming in to the meeting food Teams of up to 8 people. Thursday 11 December Members Christmas Party in A bar will be available to purchase refreshments. the Village Hall A social evening with the Panto, Dame Richard Westcott To enter a team please contact Adrian Redhead.
President Linda Hender 01865 340032 07798 887499 or adrianredhead hotmail com. Publicity Jill Love 01865 716557,Allotment News, The Dorchester on Thames Allotment Society AGM was Seed catalogues were collected by people who attend. held in the Village Hall on Thursday 18 September 2014 ed the meeting and others are available for collection. Approximately 30 members attended and there was the from Mark Townson People were encouraged to order. opportunity to pay rents for 2014 2015 and Society sub seeds via this route as the Society made a small profit. scriptions and have a glass of wine Apologies were on each order people ordering this way should add 1. received from Conrad and Cathy Pepper Roger Sea to their order which goes to the Society The last date. brook and Karen Hadley and Alison and Jon Rosby for seed orders is 31 October. The Treasurer Mark Townson presented the accounts There were three areas of lively discussion during the. November 2014 FREE TO EVERY HOME IN THE PARISH In this issue A Dorchester Childhood Abbey Calendar Abbey GardenersOctober we have just heard the news Abbey Tearoom AGM Advent Allotment News Archaeology in Oxfordshire Autumn Wildlife Gardening Battle of the Somme Benson Choral Concert Benson Choral New Season Benson to Henley History CAB Heating Oil AdviceIn the wake of the murders by the

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