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Company Profile,Centurion Systems Pty Ltd,1986 1990 1995 1999 Today. In house Manufacture to,R D international,development quality standard. team ISO 9001 2008,After sales,100 technical support. testing of from 07h00 18h00,products Monday to Friday. Sales and technical support,to over 50 countries, Centurion Systems Pty Ltd reserves the right to make changes to the products described in this manual without notice.
and without obligation of Centurion Systems Pty Ltd to notify any persons of any such revisions or changes. Additionally Centurion Systems Pty Ltd makes no representations or warranties with respect to this manual. No part of this document may be copied stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic. mechanical optical or photographic without the express prior written consent of Centurion Systems Pty Ltd. Mechanical Setup page 1,Electrical Setup page 2,Commissioning and Handover page 2. IMPORTANT SAFETY FEATURES page 3,1 Declaration of Conformity page 6. 2 General Description page 7,3 Specifications page 8. Physical Dimensions page 8,Technical Specifications page 8. 4 Product Identification page 10,5 Required Tools and Equipment page 11.
6 Glossary page 12,7 Preparation of Site page 13,8 Cabling Requirements page 17. 9 Lubrication page 18,10 Operator Installation page 19. Foundation plate installation page 21,Cast foundation plate into concrete page 21. Bolt foundation plate onto an existing concrete plinth page 23. Retrofitting to an existing D3 foundation plate page 25. 11 Electrical Setup page 38, 12 Wiring Diagram for Closing Safety Beams page 39. 13 Wiring Diagram for Opening Safety Beams page 40. 14 Wiring Diagrams for External Radio Receiver page 41. 15 Wiring Diagrams for Other Inputs page 42, 16 Wiring Diagram for Pillar Light to the D2 Turbo Controller page 43.
17 Wiring Diagram for Pillar Light to the D2 Turbo Low Voltage. Controller page 44,18 Mains Supply and Battery Connections page 45. 19 Earthing for Effective Lightning Protections page 46. 20 Commissioning the System page 47,Setting up the gate Limits page 47. 21 Features and Functions page 49,22 Customising the Features and Functions page 60. 23 Description of Terminal Functions page 77,24 Diagnostics page 79. 25 Troubleshooting page 80,26 Manual Operation page 84.
27 Additional Features page 85,28 Basic Maintenance page 86. 29 Servicing the Operator page 87,30 Installation Handover page 88. Mechanical Setup, These abbreviated instructions are for the experienced. installer who needs a checklist to get a standard installation. up and running in the minimum of time, Detailed installation features and functions are referred to. later in this manual,Required tools and equipment page 11.
Site considerations page 12,Cabling requirements page 15. Lubrication page 17,Operator installation page 17,Foundation plate installation page 19. Route cables page 26,Mount gearbox page 27,Mount the rack page 29. Electrical Setup,10 Connect all wiring page 38 45,Commissioning. and Handover,11 Set the gate limits page 48,12 Set additional features page 87.
step Carry out professional,13 page 90,handover to client. Safety Instructions, To ensure the safety of people it is important that. you read all the following instructions, Incorrect installation or incorrect use of the product could. cause serious harm to people, The installer being either professional or DIY is the last. person on the site who can ensure that the operator is safely. installed and that the whole system can be operated safely. Warnings for the Installer,CAREFULLY READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS before.
beginning to install the product, All installation repair and service work to this product must be done. by a suitably qualified person, Do not activate your gate opener unless you can see it and can. determine that its area of travel is clear of people pets or other. obstructions, NO ONE MAY CROSS THE PATH OF A MOVING GATE Always keep. people and objects away from the gate and its area of travel. NEVER LET CHILDREN OPERATE OR PLAY WITH THE GATE, CONTROLS and do not allow children or pets near the gate area. Secure all easily accessed gate opener controls in order to prevent. unauthorised operation of the gate, Do not in any way modify the components of the automated system.
Do not install the equipment in an explosive atmosphere the. presence of flammable gas or fumes is a serious danger to safety. Before attempting any work on the system isolate electrical power. and disconnect the batteries, The mains power supply of the automated system must be fitted with. an all pole switch with contact opening distance of 3mm or greater. The use of a 5A thermal breaker with all pole circuit break is. recommended, Make sure that an earth leakage circuit breaker with a threshold of. 30mA is fitted upstream of the system, Never short circuit the battery and do not try to recharge the. batteries with power supply units other than that supplied with the. product or supplied by Centurion Systems, Make sure that the earthing system is correctly constructed and that. all metal parts of the system are suitably earthed. Safety devices such as gate safety infrared beams must be fitted to. the installation to guard against mechanical movement risks such as. crushing dragging and shearing, It is recommended that at least one warning indicator light be fitted.
to every system, Always fit the warning signs visibly to the inside and outside of the. The installer must explain and demonstrate the manual override. operation of the gate in case of an emergency and must hand the. User Guides and Safety Warning documents over to the end user. Explain these safety instructions to all persons authorised to use this. gate and be sure that they understand the hazards associated with. automated gates, Do not leave packing materials plastic polystyrene etc within. reach of children as such materials are potential sources of danger. Dispose of all waste products like packaging materials worn out. batteries etc according to local regulations, Always check the obstruction detection system and or safety devices. for correct operation prior to handover During the handover of the. system explain to the end user how to perform these checks to. confirm that all safety devices are operating correctly. Centurion Systems does not accept any liability caused by improper. use of the product or for use other than that for which the. automated system was intended, This product was designed and built strictly for the use indicated in. the documentation provided with the product Any other use not. expressly indicated within the documentation could be a source of. danger and or compromise the service life operation of the product. Everything not expressly specified in these instructions is not. MOVINCAUSE,ATE MAT ALLOW,KEEP CY TIME DO NIN AREA OR.
AT AN EN TO PLAY ATE,CHILDR OPERATE G,IMPORTANT Site Considerations. for the D2 Turbo Low Voltage, Before you attempt to use your new gate motor for the first time you. should know, At no point must 220V be supplied to the system This is a. low voltage model and connecting a voltage supply that. exceeds its maximum specifications will irreparably damage. the electronics, No earth terminal is provided for the incoming power and is. not necessary but the earthing lead must still be grounded to. the motor base plate as this serves as lightning protection. The diameter of the cable needed to supply power to the. system will depend on the distance between the transformer. and the motor as well as on the output voltage of the. transformer used The table below shows the typical cable. thicknesses for corresponding distance and assumes a 16V AC. transformer output,Distance from the transformer Minimum cable.
to the motor thickness required,Up to 20m 1mm,20m 40m 1 5mm. 40m 60m 2 5mm,Icons used in this Manual, This icon indicates tips and other information that could be. useful during the installation, This icon denotes variations and other aspects that should be. considered during installation, This icon indicates warning caution or attention Please. take special note of critical aspects that MUST be. adhered to in order to prevent injury,1 Declaration of Conformity.
Manufacturer,Centurion Systems Pty Ltd,Unit 13 Production Park. Intersection Newmarket Road Epsom Avenue,North Riding. South Africa,Declares that the product, Product name D2 Turbo D2 Turbo Low Voltage Sliding gate operator. Conforms with the following specifications,Safety SANS 60335 1 2007. IEC 60335 1 2006, Emissions CISPR 11 CLASS A Radiated and conducted Interference field.
strength emission tests 150KHz TO 6GHz,Immunity IEC 61000 4 2 Electrostatic discharge. IEC 61000 4 3 Radiated immunity 80MHz TO 1000MHz,IEC 61000 4 4 Electrical fast transients burst. IEC 61000 4 5 Surges,IEC 61000 4 6 Conducted immunity 150KHz TO 80MHz. IEC 61000 4 11 Voltage dips and interruption,Standard to which conformity is declared. IEC 60335 1 2006 Safety,IEC 61000 6 4 2006 Emissions.
IEC 61000 6 2 2005 Immunity, Signed at North Riding South Africa on April 14 2010. Ian Rozowsky,Research Development Director,2 General Description. The D2 Turbo is designed to open and close domestic sliding gates weighing up to. 250kg The gearbox moulded from a high tech engineering polymer not only looks good. but is corrosion free and guarantees that even if you live on the coast your D2 Turbo. will just keep on going A robust steel pinion ensures that your D2 Turbo can easily be. retrofitted on sites with existing steel rack and will deliver years of reliable service. The D2 Turbo Low Voltage is a cost effective domestic sliding gate motor for gates. weighing up to 250kg Its logic controller and onboard charger require only a low voltage. AC or DC input which means there is no need for costly high voltage cable runs or. expensive isolators, The integral 12V 5Ah battery charged by an internal charger comes with full battery. backup and advanced lightning protection so you can always get in even when the. power is out For increased power capacity you can install a larger 7Ah battery. your D2 Turbo was designed to cater for this or you can even use a solar panel to. power it See the section on Solar Panels for more details about solar charging. Advanced features of the D2 Turbo logic controller. The D2 Turbo has various useful features and functions all easily accessible from a. user friendly dial based setup system, Opening and closing safety beam inputs with beam circuit functional test. High security cleared beam Autoclose in conjunction with safety beam PIRAC. Multiple Modes of Operation Standard Mode Open only Mode multi user Reversing. Mode and two Pre flashing Modes, Automatic closing with adjustable time delay and pushbutton override.
Remote gate status indicator gate position power failure low battery multiple. collision detection and Pillar Light status indication. Pedestrian Opening with adjustable Autoclose time,Holiday Lockout. Courtesy Pillar Light timer fixed duration with pre delays and two. Pre flashing Modes, Selectable gate speed modes Low Speed High Speed High Speed is the default. Positive Close Mode e g ensure activation of electric fence contact switch. Onboard multichannel CENTURION code hopping receiver with the ability to learn. transmitter buttons to specific functions e g Gate trigger Pedestrian Opening. Holiday Lockout, Infrared Safety Beams or equivalent detection device must be fitted. Remote LED must be fitted, Onboard receiver must be used or external access control device such as a keypad. or keyswitch that must be fitted, Pillar Lights Pre flash warning light must be fitted.
3 Specifications,Physical dimensions,Technical specifications. D2 Turbo D2 Turbo Low Voltage,Input voltage 90V 240V AC 10V 20V AC. 10 50Hz 10V 28V DC,Voltage output 13 76V DC,10V AC 400mA. 90V AC 1A input output,input output 20V AC 1A,Battery charger amperage output input output. dependant on PSU input voltage,10V DC 200mA,240V AC 1 2A input output.
input output 20V DC 1A,input output,Motor voltage 12V DC. Motor power supply Battery driven standard capacity 12V 5Ah. Current consumption mains 70mA NA,Technical specifications. D2 Turbo D2 Turbo Low Voltage,Current consumption,motor at rated load 8A. Operator push force starting 18kgf,Operator push force rated 9kgf. Gate mass maximum 250kg,Gate length maximum 20m,Gate speed varies with load 24m min.
Manual Override Lockable with key release, Life expectancy of electric motor Ten years based on ten operations per day. Duty cycle mains present 50,Operations in standby with. 5Ah battery,Half day 30,Full day 15,Collision Sensing Electronic. Operating temperature range 15 C to 50 C,Code hopping multichannel. Onboard receiver type receiver with selective add and delete. Receiver code storage capacity 32 transmitter buttons. Receiver frequency 433MHz,Degree of protection IP54.
Mass of unit packed with,standard kit but excl rack and 4 83kg. DOMESTIC SLIDING GATE OPERATOR FOR 250KG GATES D2 Turbo and D2 Turbo Low Voltage Installation Manual e g t a V o l Low

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