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ErtahLW 1, s, DEPARTMEIPT OF EOLICAT ON, PERMISSION TO REPRODUCE THU Ovet a EthrAlonal llowaich anzl Improtenwtm. MATERIAL HAS BEEN GRAFTED BY EDtCATONAL SIESOURCES stiFOLILAKttoN. r ENTER IERL1, Or A EriCs 0oCurnAl his nen ntorduc no it. nmiht k1 Korn th canon 01 otosnvattnn, Ontnalec lI. O MOf CtairirS hare bar macl Co vroun, morocluvloon pultrly. POtnlIl rain or ornOnIststr tnIhtli, TO THE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES mini c5 0 not not tOt 0 14n1 Oval.
INFORMATION CENTER IERICI OE RIIIn4Agna t 31 , Maryland Council of Teachers of 7 nglIsh Langtinge Arts. The State Affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English. Volume 2 9 Number 1 Fall 1994, BEST COPY AVAILABLE. imicITIEILI A, Maryland Council of Teachers of English Language Arts. The State Affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English. President SLATE Representative,David Nicholson Rita Karr. Pikesville Middle School Sykesville Middle School,Baltimore County Carroll County.
Vice President English Supervisors ,OpenPlease apply Liaison. Membership Chair, Sally Walsh, Coordinator of Secondary English. Montgomery County, Immediate Past President Chair of Minority Concerns. Lois Stover Cheryl Pasteur, Department of Secondary Education Carver Center for Arts and. Towson State University Technology, Baltimore County.
Treasurer MEJEditor,Jacqueline Sachs Judith J Pula. Magothy River Middle School Department of English,Anne Arundel County Frostburg State University. Secretary Maryland Showcase for, Leslie Verzi Young Writers Editor. Pikesville Middle School Mary Beth Coll, Baltimore County Sudlersville Middle School. Queen Anne s County, Executive Secretary MOTELA Newsletter Editor.
Kathleen Baker Elizabeth Fanto, Southern High School Dulaney High School. Baltimore City Baltimore County, Historian, Rose Gordy. Thomas Wootton High School, Montgomery County,BEST COPY AVAILABLE 3. Maryland,Anglish,journal,Editor,Judith J Pula PhD. Department of English,Frostburg State University, Production Editors.
Michael S Pula ilichard M Johnson,Northern Middle School Department of Humanities. Garrett County Mater Dei College New York,Editorial Assistant Editorial Intern. Linda L House Victoria Ross Everett, Department of Educational Professions Department of English. Frostburg State University Frostburg State University. Associate Editors,Dolores D Angelo Alma Nugent,Communication Arts Program Department of English. Montgomery Blair High School Villa Julie College,Montgomery County.
Judith Dobler Carmen Schmersahl, Department of Writing Media Department of Rhetoric and Writing. Loyola College Mount St Mary s College,Elyse EidmanAadahl Jack Shreve. Maryland Writing Project Department of English, Department of Secondary Education Allegany Community College. Towson State University, Rita Karr, Sykesville Middle School. Carroll County, 4, Maryland English Journal is a semi annual refereed publication of research and in .
structional practices in English Language Arts and allied fields preschool through adult. levels The editors encourage authors to submit articles pertaining to Instructional prac. tices and or research of special interest to English Language Arts educators and. scholars Appropriate subjects include literature fiction or non fiction linguistics . literacy critical theory reading theory rhetoric composition journalism technical writ . ing technology in the classroom English as a second language pedagogy assessment . and other professional issues All areas are equally welcome as long as the topic is of. general interest to the profession and the treatment is accessible to teachers whose. particular expertise Iles in other areas ,MANUSCRIPT FORMAT. Manuscripts submitted to Maryland English Journal must conform to the following. standards , 1 Manuscripts must be typed double spaced including quotations and works cited . Length should not exceed 15 to 20 pages , 2 Manuscripts must include an abstract of 75 to 150 words . 3 Manuscripts must include a cover sheet containing the title name and instructional. affiliation of the author s date of submission and other professional or biographi . cal data to be noted in the journal , 4 The first page of text must Include the title of the manuscript but not the name s . and instructional affiliation s of the author s Manuscripts should be free of inter . nal references to author identity , STYLE, The content organization and style of manuscripts must follow the current MLA citation.
system please use the month or season as well as the year In citing journals and the. NCTE Guidelines for Nonsexist Use of Language Authors using computers should avoid. special type told italic etc and use left justification only . SUBMISSION PROCEDURES, 1 Submit four copies of the manuscript on 81 2 x 11 inch white paper with at least one . inch margins on all sides Retain a file copy , 2 Include three unaddressed envelopes with sufficient postage for mailing to three. associate editor referees do not attach the stamps to the envelopes Include two. self addressed stamped envelopes for communications from the editor . 3 Submit manuscripts on computer disks if at all possible MET uses a desktop pub . lishing system which reads most popular IBM based word processors . 4 Submit only completed manuscripts , 5 Send manuscripts to the editor Maryland English Journal at the address below . The Journal welcomes submissions at any time However to facilitate our review. and publication timelines submissions are particularly Invited by March 10 and. September 10 , REVIMS PROCESS, Associate editors review blind submissions a process that can take up to three months . Accepted manuscripts may need to be edited for clarity organization language or style . Published authors will receive two complimentary copies of the issue In which their. submission appears , Mrgalead English Journal a member of the NM Information Exchange Agreement Is published b.
the Maryland council of Teachers of English Language Arts Editorial offices are located at Frostb. State University Membership in hiCIELA is 15 00 a year and Includes the Journal Subscription pri. for Institutions is 2503 a year Single copies of the Journal are MOO Send articles and othe. submissions to be considered for publication as wall as correspondence about circulation and adverbs. ins to the editor Department of English Frostburg State University Frostburg Maryland 21532 1099. Views expressed and content of articles are the responsibility of the authors and do not accessedl. reflect positions or beliefs of MCIFIA , Copyright 01994 Mt TELA All rights reserved . From the Editor s Desk, This issue includes several instances of. reflective thinking about teaching as an, avenue of professional growth The first. piece an interview study aspires to define, expertise in tutoring for the benefit of those. Involved in the training and supervision of tutors. for the classroom or writing center Two poems, by a high school English teacher reflect the trials.
111051111111E and tribulations of today s classrooms Next come. STATE UNIVERSITY companion pieces reflecting on the experiences of. student teachingfirst from the perspective of the. student teacher and then from the perspective of the cooperating teacher. at Sherwood High in Montgomery County A review of Teaching English in. Middle and Secondary Schools examines the teacher preparation. expenence from the perspective of the pre internship work of the English. methods classroom , The tenth annual report of trends and issues in English instruction by. the NCTE conunissions rounds out this issue s focus on thinking reflectively. to enhance what Donald Schon calls professional artistry . In the tradition of Foxfire in which memories of senior community. members were captured in their own words and as a counterpoint to. our regular Maryland Showcase for Young Writers section this issue of. ME features winning essays in the Allegany County Seventh Annual. Senior Citizens Creative Writing Contest Allegany County is the only. Maryland county to hold such a contest and the annual nature of the. event fosters an on going writers support network among the group. members many of whom enter each year , Each of us involved with MEJ s production hope you enjoy this is . sue I continue to Invite your input and submissions as readers of the. Journal and I thank you for your support of this process . iii, Maryland nglish Journal, Volume 29 Number 1 Fall 1994. EXPERTISE IN TUTORING I,Betirerr A RAFOTH,ERIN K MURPHY. PEOPLE S SCHOOL 1 SEATTLE 1973 10,MALINDA LLOYD, TWENTY EIGHT TIMES THREE REFLECTIONS OF AN ENGLISH.
SENIOR CITIZENS CREATIVE WRITING 34, The Tradition of the Passover Seder Florence Yankeleviti 34. Mill Island Dixie Brinkman 36, Cows and Fences Walter E Festerman 38. Life on Winchester Road George C Lease 40, Track Meet Highlights Alma G Logsdon 41. The Way It Was A Retrospective Mary 0 Straw 43, The Veil Woman Marion Winner 46. MARYLAND SHOWCASE FOR YOUNG WRITERS 49, Christopher Chamness Grade 6 Native American Spirit Poem 49.
DOCUMENT RESUME ED 381 806 CS 214 819 AUTHOR Pula Judith J Ed TITLE Maryland English Journal Volume 29 Numbers 1 2 Fall 1994 and Spring 1995 INSTITUTION Maryland Council of Teachers of English College

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