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TR s Square Deal for Labor,Theodore Roosevelt influenced by. progressives decided to protect the,public interest. Demanded Square Deal for capital labor,Three C s control of corporations. consumer protection conservation of,natural resources. TR s Square Deal for Labor,Department of Commerce and Labor.
Created at urging of Roosevelt because of,antagonism between capital and labor. Bureau of Corporations inside the,department authorized to investigate. businesses in interstate commerce,Strengthened government s power against big. business and trusts,TR Corrals the Corporations,Roosevelt s good and bad trusts. Realized large trusts like railroads were not,going to be eliminated.
Good trusts had a public conscience bad,trusts were greedy for money and power. Only fought bad trusts not all large,corporations,TR Corrals the Corporations. Roosevelt used trust busting to show that the,government not business was in charge of. the country, Did not believe that haphazardly breaking up large. corporations was economically wise, Used the threat of breakup to force corporations to.
accept government regulation,Caring for the Consumer. State of meat production in early 1900s,US meat blocked from Europe because it was. The Jungle published in 1906 by Upton Sinclair, described disgusting practices in meatpacking plants. Roosevelt after reading The Jungle appointed,special investigative commission. Caring for the Consumer,Meat Inspection Act 1906, Meat shipped over state lines subject to federal inspection.
throughout entire process from corral to can, Used by large packing houses to drive smaller competitors. out of business, Large packing houses got US government s approval for. their meat allowing them to increase shipments to Europe. Pure Food and Drug Act 1906, Prevented the adulteration and mislabeling of food and. Earth Control,American exploitation of the,environment. Americans had assumed natural resources,were inexhaustible and had wasted them.
for hundreds of years,Western ranchers and timber men were. especially eager to use resources,Earth Control,Even before end of 19th century leaders. saw that natural resources must be,protected or they would be impossible. to replace,Forest Reserve Act of 1891,Authorized president to set aside public. forests as national parks and other,1890s 46 million acres protected.
Earth Control,Roosevelt greatly energized,conservation movement at federal level. He was a lover of the outdoors hunter,naturalist rancher. Waste and greed of those using up natural,resources appalled him. Used his power as president and energy to,work for conservation. Earth Control,Roosevelt saving the forests,1900 only about 1 4 of US s forests were still.
Most of the forests in the east Maine to Michigan were. Lumber companies now moving into West,Set aside 125 million acres 3 times what his. predecessors had done, Also set aside millions of acres of coal and water. Wilsonian Progressivism the,World at War,The Election of 1912. The Republicans were split between two,candidates William H Taft the. incumbent president and Theodore,Roosevelt the former president.
During the campaign Taft and Roosevelt bitterly,attacked each other demonstrating the deep. divisions in the Republican Party,The Election of 1912. William H Taft,Represented the interests of older non. progressive Republicans who wanted to,protect big businesses and were not. concerned about equality and social injustices,Theodore Roosevelt.
Supported strengthening of labor unions and,stronger regulatory agencies in Washington. Also supported women s suffrage and social,welfare including minimum wage and social. insurance laws,The Election of 1912,Democrats nominated Woodrow Wilson. Favored small businesses entrepreneurship and,free functioning of markets that weren t overly. regulated by the government, Rejected social welfare and instead believed in the.
power of competition and individualism,The key was to break up the monopolistic trusts. Do Now Grab a Reading Quiz from the front table and get started Please make sure phones are out of sight during the quiz TR s Square Deal for Labor Theodore Roosevelt influenced by progressives decided to protect the public interest Demanded Square Deal for capital labor public Three C s control of corporations consumer protection conservation of natural

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