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DIY Cookie Tin Christmas Cake,Cookie Tins can use Paper Mache round boxes too. Hot Glue Gun,Dry Erase Marker,Spray Paint,Christmas Decorations. Directions, 1 If tins are not already holiday themed spray paint them Make sure no spray paint. gets on the inside of the tins, 2 Stack the tins largest to smallest and mark where each tin is placed with a dry erase. 3 Unstack tins and add hot glue on each dry erase mark and then adhere tins. 4 Wrap ribbon around each tin using hot glue,5 Add decorations where needed.
DIY Holiday Napkin Rings,For the Drum Napkin Rings. Round gold napkin rings,Glitter scrapbook paper,For the Present Napkin Rings. Square Napkin rings,Spray paint,Thin ribbon,Instructions. For the Drum Napkin Rings, 1 Take your 2 gold round napkins rings hot glue them together. 2 Once dry Take your glitter scrapbook paper wrap it around the napkin ring. glue to secure, 3 Take your thin cord cut it into little pieces of the height of your napkin ring.
4 Glue down cord pieces on angles throughout the outside of the drum other. embellishments,For the Present Napkin Rings,1 Hot glue your 2 square napkin rings together. 2 Spray paint with your choice of color, 3 Once dry take your thin ribbon thread it over the top bottom of your ring. 4 Then for the horizontal part of the ribbon just covered it over the crack where you. originally glued the 2 napkin rings together secure on with glue. Christmas Tree Napkin Fold,Instructions,1 Start with your napkin completely open. 2 Fold in half fold in half again,3 Place it in a diamond shape. 4 Take just the top layer corner fold up to the top corner but not completely. touching it yet almost to the point where you just have a border. 5 Do the same for the second layer repeat for all other layers. 6 Once that s done flip the napkin over take bottom left corner swing it over to. where the fold at the top is in a straight line Do the same for the bottom right. 7 Flip over fold up the little corners so they are facing up After the top one is folded. tuck in the corners below, 8 Paper clip the back corner to give it a nice hold.
9 Glue an ornament to a popsicle stick once dry stick it in the top. DIY Hot Chocolate Gifts,DIY Hot Chocolate Gifts Snowman Jars. Cocoa powder,Marshmallows,Peppermint cookies or other treats. Paint Pens,Instructions, 1 Fill jars with your favorite hot cocoa treats Fill one with hot chocolate powder. another with marshmallows and another with peppermint or other treat. 2 Hot glue the jars one on top of the other, 3 Paint the snowman s face on the top jar and buttons on the middle jar. 4 Wrap a ribbon around the snowman s neck for a cute scarf look. DIY Hot Chocolate Gifts Chocolate Spoons,Melting Chocolate.
Wooden Spoons, Crushed Peppermint Marshmallows Cookie Crumbs Sprinkles etc. Instructions, 1 Dip your wooden spoons into the melted chocolate and lay them out on parchment. paper to dry, 2 Before the chocolate dries sprinkle your favorite treat over them. DIY Christmas Serving Trays,Tile Serving Tray,Liquid Nails. Tile Spacers,Wooden box tray,Instructions, 1 Choose the tile you would like to use for your tray.
2 Build a base for your tray with plywood or buy a wood box tray. 3 Spread liquid nails inside base wooden box tray, 4 Lay down tiles then use tile spacers to make sure they are spread out evenly. 5 Spread grout on top of tiles,6 Clean and allow to dry for 24 hours. Wood Slice Chalkboard Serving Tray,Wood slice,Handle pulls. Screwdriver,Chalkboard paint,Mini paint roller,Painter s Tape. Black Marker,Directions, 1 Tape the area you will be painting with chalkboard paint.
2 Paint half of wood slice with chalkboard paint Allow to dry for 2 hours. 3 Once you peel the tape off use a black marker to create more natural lines. 4 Optional Draw a pattern resembling lace with your marker where the chalkboard. paint ends, 5 Place handle pulls on both sides of your wood slice Mark where the handles are. 6 Drill two holes on each side of the wood slice and attach handle pulls with a. screwdriver, 7 Write a Christmas greeting on the board serve your favorite treats on the other side. for your guests and enjoy,DIY GNOME TOPPERS,Wooden Craft ball. Fabric Glue,Needle Thread,Merino or Roving Wool,Card Stock. Directions, 1 Cut your card stock at approximately 45 degree angle.
2 Place your fabric under your card stock, 3 Using scissors cut your fabric into the outline of your card stock. 4 Wrap your fabric so that the ends connect and create a cone shape. 5 Starting at the top hot glue the ends of your fabric pieces together you can also use. fabric glue, 6 Once your fabric cone has dried hot glue your wooden craft ball to the bottom of. your cone let it dry, 7 Flip your cone over so the nose is at the bottom and glue your roving or merino. wool just under the nose Let it dry,8 Enjoy your Gnome Topper. DIY Christmas Card Tree,Wire Snips,Hallmark Cards,Directions.
1 Paint table leg red, 2 Drill holes into the side of table leg using a inch bit. 3 Twist wires using a drill Use a clamp as anchor point when twisting the wires. 4 Use pliers to form shapes of branches,5 Use hot glue to secure branches. 6 Add Hallmark cards and adornments to the tree,DIY Shadow Box Christmas Scene. Christmas scene,Copper wire mini lights,Card stock. X acto knife,Directions, 1 Select a Christmas scene photo with one main focal point and print out two copies.
on card stock, 2 Use X acto knife to cut out main image from Christmas scene cut foam core to fit. 3 Glue cut out image to foam core, 4 Glue foam core image on top of original picture making sure you have about inch. 5 Tape battery pack to back of original image, 6 Use Awl X acto knife or other sharp tool to poke holes in the desired location of the. 7 Poke lights through, 8 Place finished Christmas scene inside shadowbox and close. 9 Display and enjoy,DIY Sheet Music Christmas Tree.
Wood boards 1 large and 1 small,Paint brush,Christmas sheet music. Hot glue gun,Spray glue,Glue sticks,Wood dowel,Directions. 1 Paint plywood or small wood board with red paint or desired paint color. 3 Nail the smaller board to the larger board Make sure to put a nail in each. corner so it s secure, 4 Using the original size of your sheet music 8 x 11 roll your paper tightly. To create a tight roll place your dowel in the center on the paper and roll the. sheet Secure with hot glue, 5 Remove dowel you can use a pencil to poke it out. 6 Cut your next sheet of music inch shorter and repeat until you get down to. approximately 2 inches,7 Continue rolling and securing with hot glue.
8 Cut out a rectangle from sheet music and glue as tree trunk. 9 Begin gluing down each roll creating a tree triangle shape. 10 Glue wood dowel to top of tree,11 Cut out a star from sheet music. 12 Use spray glue and add glitter, 13 Hot glue star on top of dowel to create a 3D tree topper. DIY Cookie Tin Christmas Cake Materials Cookie Tins can use Paper Mache round boxes too Hot Glue Gun Dry Erase Marker Spray Paint Ribbon Christmas Decorations Directions 1 If tins are not already holiday themed spray paint them Make sure no spray paint gets on the inside of the tins 2 Stack the tins largest to smallest and mark where each tin is placed with a

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