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Disease Management,Second edition,Disease Management. A guide to clinical pharmacology,Michael D Randall. Associate Professor and Reader in Cardiovascular Pharmacology. University of Nottingham Medical School,Nottingham UK. Karen E Neil,BPharm Hons PhD MRPharmS,Pharmacist,Nottingham UK. London Chicago,Published by the Pharmaceutical Press.
An imprint of RPS Publishing,1 Lambeth High Street London SE1 7JN UK. 100 South Atkinson Road Suite 200 Grayslake IL 60030 7820 USA. Michael D Randall and Karen E Neil 2009,is a trade mark of RPS Publishing. RPS Publishing is the publishing organisation of the. Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain,First edition published 2003. Second edition published 2009,Typeset by Type Study Scarborough North Yorkshire. Printed in Great Britain by Cambridge University Press Cambridge. ISBN 978 0 85369 767 1, All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced.
stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any. means without the prior written permission of the copyright holder. The publisher makes no representation express or implied with. regard to the accuracy of the information contained in this book and. cannot accept any legal responsibility or liability for any errors or. omissions that may be made, The right of Michael D Randall and Karen E Neil to be identified as. the authors of this work has been asserted by them in accordance. with the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. Cert no SA COC 1527, This book is dedicated to our other halves Clare and Geoff. and to Thomas and Tamsin Randall and Jenna Neil,Preface xi. General reading xiii,Note to the reader xv,Acknowledgements xvi.
About the authors xvii,Abbreviations xviii,The patient 1. 1 Signs and symptoms 3,2 Clinical laboratory tests 15. 3 Lifestyle 21,4 Herbal medicine and alternative remedies 37. Treatment 47,5 Adverse drug reactions and interactions 49. 6 Clinical pharmacokinetics 73,Gastrointestinal diseases 83.
7 Dyspepsia and peptic ulcer disease 85,8 Nausea and vomiting 97. viii Contents,9 Lower gastrointestinal problems 103. 10 The liver patient 113,Cardiovascular diseases 117. 11 Hypertension 119,12 Hyperlipidaemia 133,13 Obesity 147. 14 Ischaemic heart disease 157,15 Heart failure 169.
16 Thromboembolic prophylaxis 185,17 Anaemias 193,18 The renal patient 199. Respiratory diseases 207,19 Coughs and colds 209,20 Allergy 217. 21 Respiratory diseases asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 225. Central nervous system disorders 239,22 Migraine 241. 23 Epilepsy 249,Contents ix,24 Affective disorders 259. 25 Anxiety disorders 285,26 Insomnia 295,27 Schizophrenia 303.
28 Parkinson s disease 317,Pain and palliation 325. 29 Pain management 327,30 Musculoskeletal pain 347. 31 The cancer patient cancer and palliative care 361. Infections 375,32 Bacterial infections 377,33 Non bacterial infections 397. Dermatology 405,34 Dermatology 407,Endocrine disorders 425. 35 Diabetes mellitus 427,36 Thyroid disorders 441,x Contents.
Feedback on self assessments 449,Appendices, 1 Formulary of some important classes of drugs commonly used examples. mechanisms of action and uses 455, 2 Some important clinical measurements and therapeutic drug monitoring 463. O U R A I M I S T O P U T P H A R M A C O L O G Y which more detailed guidance available and should also. is being learnt or was learnt some time ago into recognize that there are currently a wealth of. the context of clinical practice We believe that resources that provide clinical guidance such as. this book will be of use to later year pharmacy the National Institute for Health and Clinical. students who are encountering clinical pharm Excellence NICE. acy and pharmacology for the first time and to We have focused on drug choice and taken a. pre registration pharmacists who are putting holistic approach to recognize that a patient may. their training into practice and will be of general have several related or unrelated conditions e g. interest to pharmacists in practice However the rational drug choice in hypertension should be. prescribing role of other healthcare professions is based on managing the hypertension without. likely to expand and we believe that Disease affecting other concurrent conditions such as. Management will also prove a useful resource for asthma Similarly drug interactions represent an. introducing and dealing with important issues important therapeutic challenge and here we. associated with medicines management have attempted to highlight important examples. Disease Management has grown from a course of interactions and how they may be dealt with. in clinical pharmacy and pharmacology Disease Given the plethora of information on drug. and the Goals of Treatment with which we have interactions we have largely drawn on Stockley s. been involved in the Master of Pharmacy course Drug Interactions Baxter 2008 for information. at the University of Nottingham In that course because this provides an evidence based. we have used a case study based approach approach with considered advice. coupled to summary lectures to introduce im The topics of drug choice are intended to. portant therapeutic areas In doing this we have enable the reader to appreciate the rationale. become aware of the value of a disease based behind logical prescribing and advice in medi. approach to learning In Disease Management we cines management We have also considered the. have sought to build on the course by taking patient rather than the disease and here we have. common diseases such as diabetes hypertension produced some points in which patients should. asthma depression and peptic ulceration and be counselled about their disease and their drug. dealing with the therapeutic issues The structure treatment. that we have adopted is to provide a brief outline Our initial concept was to produce a short. of the disease characteristics and clinical features textbook focused on primary care but we now. We have generally worked on the basis that believe that we have produced an introduction to. diagnosis is beyond the scope of this book but the management of diseases that are commonly. have provided clinical features particularly in encountered in but not exclusive to primary. the context of alerting symptoms for referral care As such we believe that Disease Management. These are followed by brief accounts of the will provide a useful generalist introduction to. pharmacology of the agents used to manage the medicines management. conditions Where guidelines exist and are, in widespread use we have incorporated brief Michael D Randall and Karen E Neil. summaries The reader is of course referred to the September 2008. xii Preface to second edition,Baxter K ed 2008 Stockley s Drug Interactions 8th. edn London Pharmaceutical Press,General reading, In producing this book we have used an exten Waller DG Renwick AG Hillier K 2005 Medical.
sive range of excellent standard textbooks and Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2nd edn Edinburgh. reference sources These are listed here both as WB Saunders. acknowledgement and to enable the reader to,carry out further reading More specific refer. ences further reading and resources are provided,Clinical pharmacy. in each chapter,Baxter K ed 2008 Stockley s Drug Interactions 8th. edn London Pharmaceutical Press,General medicine,Blenkinsopp A Paxton P 2002 Symptoms in the. Pharmacy 4th edn Oxford Blackwell Science,Boon NA Colledge NR Walker BR et al 2006.
Davidson s Principles and Practice of Medicine 20th Edwards C Stillman P 2006 Minor Illness or Major. edn Edinburgh Churchill Livingstone Disease The clinical pharmacist in the community 4th. edn London Pharmaceutical Press,Longmore M Wilkinson I Turmezei T et al 2007. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine 7th edn Greene RJ Harris ND 2008 Pathology and Therapeutics. Oxford Oxford University Press for Pharmacists 3rd edn London Pharmaceutical. Kumar P Clark M 2005 Clinical Medicine 6th edn, Edinburgh WB Saunders Harman RJ ed 2001 Handbook of Pharmacy Health. Education 2nd edn London Pharmaceutical Press,Harman RJ ed 2002 Handbook of Pharmacy Health. Care 2nd edn London Pharmaceutical Press,Basic and clinical pharmacology. Lee A ed 2005 Adverse Drug Reactions 2nd edn,London Pharmaceutical Press.
Bennett PN Brown MJ 2003 Clinical Pharmacology, 9th edn Edinburgh Churchill Livingstone Lee A Inch S Finnigan D 2000 Therapeutics in. Pregnancy and Lactation Oxford Radcliffe Medical,Grahame Smith DG Aronson JK 2002 Oxford. Textbook of Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Therapy. 3rd edn Oxford Oxford University Press McGhee M 2000 A Guide to Laboratory Investigations. 3rd edn Oxford Radcliffe Medical Press,Hardman JG Limbird LE Goodman Gilman A eds. 2001 Goodman Gilman s The Pharmacological Rutter P 2004 Community Pharmacy Edinburgh. Basis of Therapeutics 10th edn New York McGraw Churchill Livingstone. Walker R Edwards C 2003 Clinical Pharmacy and, Page C Curtis M Sutter M et al 2002 Integrated Therapeutics 3rd edn Edinburgh Churchill Living. Pharmacology 2nd edn Edinburgh Mosby stone, Rang HP Dale M Ritter JM et al 2003 Pharmacology Wills S 2005 Drugs of Abuse 2nd edn London.
5th edn Edinburgh Churchill Livingstone Pharmaceutical Press. xiv General reading,Dietary supplements and clinical Online resources. Bandolier is an excellent site with extensive summaries. Barnes J Anderson LA Phillipson JD 2007 Herbal of recent clinical trials and experiments and is at. Medicines 3rd edn London Pharmaceutical Press www jr2 ox ac uk bandolier accessed May 2008. Kayne SB 2008 Complementary and Alternative British National Formulary may be accessed and inter. Medicine 2nd edn London Pharmaceutical Press acted with at www BNF org uk accessed May 2008. Mason P 2000 Nutrition and Dietary Advice in the Clinical Knowledge Summaries formerly known as. Pharmacy 2nd edn Oxford Blackwell Science PRODIGY is at www cks library nhs uk which is an. excellent site accessed May 2008,Mason P 2007 Dietary Supplements 3rd edn London. Pharmaceutical Press Cochrane Collaboration for access to systematic reviews. of healthcare interventions at www cochrane org, Morrison G Hark L 1999 Medical Nutrition and accessed May 2008. Disease 2nd edn Blackwell Science, Department of Health is at www doh gov uk accessed. Webster Gandy J Madden A Holdsworth M 2006 May 2008. Oxford Handbook of Nutrition and Dietetics Oxford, Oxford University Press Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.
MHRA is at www mhra gov uk and provides infor,mation on drug safety accessed May 2008. NICE is at www nice org uk which is the site of the. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excel,lence providing guidance on prescribing policies. accessed May 2008, SIGN for access to Scottish evidence based clinical. Clinical Medicine 6th edn Edinburgh WB Saunders Basic and clinical pharmacology Bennett PN Brown MJ 2003 Clinical Pharmacology 9th edn Edinburgh Churchill Livingstone Grahame Smith DG Aronson JK 2002 Oxford Textbook of Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Therapy 3rd edn Oxford Oxford University Press Hardman JG Limbird LE

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