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09 foreign rights spring qxp 08 7 foreign rights spring qxp 10 11 2008 9 11 Uhr Seite 2. Tomi Ungerer,Media award of the German French Journalism. Prize 2008 award ceremony 26 June 2008 in Berlin,Hans Meid Medal 2008 for his life s work as an. illustrator award ceremony 12 October 2008 in,Frankfurt am Main laudatory speech. Dr Christoph St lzl Theatre,Prix de l Acad mie de Berlin 2008 award cere. Laura de Weck,mony 28 November 2008 in Berlin The Acad mie.
de Berlin was founded in June 2006 honorary presi Peer Pleasures. dent Richard von Weizs cker patron Bernard de Laura de Weck. Euro Theater Central Bonn,Montferrand French Ambassador Secr taire. Staatsschauspiel Dresden, perp tuel Ulrich Wickert Tomi Ungerer is the first Diogenes. Theater am Sachsenring K ln, winner of the 20 000 prize for achievements in Stadttheater Bruneck. German French relations Theater Phoenix Linz,Theater Drachengasse Wien. Paul Flora SumSum, Concordia Honorary Prize for his lifework Theater Chur.
award ceremony 5 May 2008 laudatory speech Theater Melone Innsbruck. Christoph Ransmayr Landestheater T bingen,Anthony McCarten D rrenmatt. Der Besuch, Nominated for the German Youth Literature der alten. Friedrich D rrenmatt, Prize 2008 for his novel Superhero in the Books for Tragische Kom die. Young People category award ceremony 17 Octo,Nationaltheater Br nn. ber 2008 at the Frankfurt Book Fair In addition,Landesb hne Niedersachsen Nord.
Superhero was awarded the Prize for Young Peo,Wilhelmshaven. ple s Literature 2008 of the Jury of Young Readers. J zsef Attila Theater Budapest,age group 15 16 in Vienna on 19 June 2008. Habimah Theatre Tel Aviv,Powszechny Theater Radom,Theater Lubuski Zielona Gora. Mro ek Theater f r Niedersachsen,TV Emigranten,und andere St cke. Hildesheim,Hohenloher Figurentheater,Ingrid Noll Herschbach.
The German television channel ZDF will present an The Conformist. adaptation of Ladylike With Monika Bleibtreu in Theater Divadlo Na Z bradl Prag. a leading role A production of Moovie the art of Staatstheater Kosice Bratislava. entertainment Broadcast planned for 2009 Hercules and the. Augean Stables,Theater Buenos Aires,Anniversaries The Khan Theatre Jerusalem. Theater Divadlo Na Vihoradech,Bernhard Schlink Prag. 65th birthday on 6 July 2009 Traps,State Theatre Constanta City. Patrick S skind,Play Strindberg,60th birthday on 26 March 2009. Companhia de Teatro de Sintra,Theater Ungelt Prag,Proa Produ es Artisticas.
09 foreign rights spring qxp 08 7 foreign rights spring qxp 10 11 2008 9 11 Uhr Seite 3. Bernhard Schlink Patricia Highsmith, Shooting in Berlin and G rlitz In the new screen adaptation of. Director Stephen Daldry has made a The Cry of the Owl Paddy Considine. film version of the novel The Reader and Julia Stiles play the leading parts. The film stars Kate Winslet and Ralph Director and screenplay Jamie. Fiennes as well as David Kross Bruno Thraves Production BBC Films. Ganz Karoline Herfurth Volker Studio Hamburg Theatrical release. Bruch Hannah Herzsprung and planned for 2009,Alexandra Maria Lara. Screenplay David Hare,Anthony McCarten,Show of Hands the fourth novel. Production The Weinstein Company,by the New Zealander currently. Theatrical release in Germany,being prepared for publication by.
planned for spring 2009,Diogenes has been made into a film. USA 12 December 2008,by the author himself with Melanie. Movie adaptation of the short story Lynskey and Craig Hall in the leading. The Other Man from the collection roles Production Great Southern. Flights of Love Films Theatrical release Germany,The film stars Liam Neeson Laura planned for 2009. Linney and Antonio Banderas,Director Richard Eyre,Martin Suter. Daniel Br hl Hannah Herzsprung,Screenplay Charles Wood Richard.
and Henry H bchen play the leading,Eyre Production Rainmark Films. roles in the film version of Lila Lila,Gotham Films. Director Alain Gsponer Screenplay,Theatrical release spring 2009. Alexander Buresch Production Falcom,Media Group Film 1 Distribution. Falcom Media Theatrical release in,Germany planned for 2009.
Romulus the Great Serenade featured Nikolaus Paryla is the old. Theater Vychodocestke Divadlo National Theatre Constanta City est stage production still shown in. Pardubice The Contract German theatres,Theatergesellschaft Haupt Prag. S awomir Mro ek Theater Jazekszin Budapest Urs Widmer. Out at Sea Top Dogs, Nationaltheater Szeged Ingrid Noll Euro Theater Central Bonn. Salvador Cabaret Szabadka Ladylike Theater St Gallen. The Fox as a Philosopher Westf lisches Landestheater xox Theater Kleve. National Theatre Constanta City Castrop Rauxel Theater Das Spielbrett K ln. Theater Ulm,Emigrants Rakvere Theatre Estland,Theater Prazke Komorni Divadlo Patrick S skind. Prag The New Noah,The Double Bass KISTL Kom dianten in St Leonhard. Malionki Theatre Israel has constantly been a part of the. Tango repertoire of many German and for, Gardonyi G za Theater Eger eign stages for 25theatrical seasons.
Theater Bez Zabradli Prag the record being held by Volks. Academic Regional theater M nchen According to the. Dramatic Taras Shevchenko statistics on theatrical works of the. Theatre Ternopil German Stage Association the pre, Slovenske Komorne Divadlo Martin miere which was staged in 1981 and. 09 foreign rights spring qxp 08 7 foreign rights spring qxp 10 11 2008 9 11 Uhr Seite 4. Bernhard Schlink,The Reader,The Reader the movie,Director Stephen Daldry. Screenplay David Hare Bernhard Schlink,Cast Kate Winslet Ralph Fiennes Der Vorleser. David Kross Bruno Ganz Karoline Herfurth Roman Diogenes. Volker Bruch Hannah Herzsprung,Alexandra Maria Lara. Producers Anthony Minghella,Sydney Pollack and Donna Gigliotti.
Production The Weinstein Company,The film will be released in the USA. on 12 December 2008,and in Germany on 26 February 2009. Moving suggestive and ultimately, hopeful The Reader leaps national boundaries Der internationale Bestseller jetzt mit Starbesetzung verfilmt. and speaks straight to the heart Mit Kate Winslet David Kross Ralph Fiennes Bruno Ganz. The New York Times Book Review Karoline Herfurth und Hannah Herzsprung. Regie Stephen Daldry Drehbuch David Hare,A literary event Ab 26 Februar im deutschen Kino. Der Spiegel Hamburg,Bernhard Schlink s books 1995, have been published in World rights are handled by Diogenes.
43 languages, Photography 2008 The Weinstein Company All Rights Reserved. 09 foreign rights spring qxp 08 7 foreign rights spring qxp 10 11 2008 9 11 Uhr Seite 5. Martin Suter,There is charm irony and undeniable,elegance in Martin Suter s novels who is prob. ably one of the best contemporary authors,Le Nouvel Observateur. As always with Martin Suter Lila Lila is,about the loss of identity Suter s novel is grip. ping from the very first page A must read,In his novels Martin Suter reaches a huge.
audience He writes exciting good and,almost film like constructed stories he grabs. his readers with tight refined plots Martin Suter,Der Spiegel Hamburg. Martin Suter s books,have been translated into,22 languages. Roman Diogenes,World rights are handled by Diogenes. Lila Lila the movie,Director Alain Gsponer, Photography 2008 The Weinstein Company All Rights Reserved.
Screenplay Alex Buresch,Cast Daniel Br hl Hannah Herzsprung. Henry H bchen,Production Falcom Media Group Film 1. Co Production Millbrook Pictures,Distributor Germany Falcom Media. Photography Falcom Media,The film will be released. in Germany in 2009, 09 foreign rights spring qxp 08 7 foreign rights spring qxp 10 11 2008 9 12 Uhr Seite 6.
Arjouni s spotlight on the darker side of the German affluent. society is caustic witty and exciting and never moralising. Ein Jakob Jakob,Freund Arjouni Jakob,Arjouni Arjouni. Idioten F nf Hausaufgaben,Jakob M rchen Chez Max, Roman Diogenes Geschichten Diogenes Diogenes Roman Diogenes Roman Diogenes. Magic Hoffmann A Friend Idiots Homework Chez Max, Novel 1996 Stories 1998 Five Fairy Tales Novel 2004 Novel 2006. Stories 2003,Arjouni Jakob,Jakob MehrBier,Arjouni Arjouni Jakob. Happybirthday,Ein Kayankaya Roman,Ein Mann Arjouni.
T rke ein Mord Kismet, Ein Kayankaya Roman Ein Kayankaya Roman Ein Kayankaya Roman. Diogenes Diogenes Diogenes Diogenes,Happy Birthday More Beer One Man Kismet. Turk A Kayankaya One Murder A Kayankaya,A Kayankaya Novel 1987 A Kayankaya Novel 2001. Novel 1987 Novel 1991,Praise for Jakob Arjouni s Idiots. German novelist Arjouni shifts his creative talents and humor. into overdrive with results as smooth as an S Class Mercedes on the Autobahn. Are you wishing for a wry sly book about the human comedy. Photo Regine Mosimann Diogenes Verlag,Wish granted.
Kirkus Reviews, Arjouni is a master of authentic background descriptions and an original storyteller. Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung,Praise for Jakob Arjouni s Chez Max. The most inventive novel about 9 11 by far,SonntagsZeitung Zurich. Jakob Arjouni s books have been translated into 22 languages. 09 foreign rights spring qxp 08 7 foreign rights spring qxp 10 11 2008 9 12 Uhr Seite 7. Jakob Arjouni,A novel with the charm wit and pace of a Billy. Wilder comedy And an enchanting love story,What a silly coincidence Berlin s currently.
most hated man fast food millionaire Horst,K nig trips right in front of Eddy s apartment. door of all places For the last thing that Eddy,needs is the attention of the police After all he. is a likeable trickster who finances his lifestyle. by fleecing well to do people as well as a Jakob,musician complete with a bourgeois fa ade on. Berlin s Kreuzberg with its leftist community, Although Eddy initially handles the situation Der heilige. well the story soon gets out of control The Eddy,Horst K nig case develops into Berlin s major.
media event Eddy is troubled by a bad,conscience and tempted to explain all mis. understandings especially to K nig s beautiful,and eccentric daughter Romy. Roman Diogenes,Holy Eddy is a story about the disappearance. of one of Berlin s big businessmen about gossip,journalists a city going wild and about the Novel. world s most wonderful scent 256 pages,February 2009.
World rights are handled by Diogenes,Film rights are available. Photo Regine Mosimann Diogenes Verlag,Jakob Arjouni was born in Frankfurt am Main in. 1964 After his graduation he lived and worked in, the South of France for some years and finally moved. to Berlin He has published novels plays stories,and radio plays His first Kayankaya novel Happy. Birthday Turk was filmed under the directorship of. Doris D rrie in 1991 and he was awarded the,German crime novel prize in 1992 for One Man.
One Murder His work Idiots Five Fairy Tales was,on the bestseller list for several months. 09 foreign rights spring qxp 08 7 foreign rights spring qxp 10 11 2008 9 12 Uhr Seite 8. A brilliant talent,Basler Zeitung,Martin Suter Martin Suter. Der Teufel Der letzte,Martin Suter Martin Suter von Weynfeldt. Die dunkle Martin Suter Lila Lila Mailand,Martin Suter Seite des Ein perfekter. Small World Mondes Freund,Roman Diogenes, Roman Diogenes Roman Diogenes Roman Diogenes Roman Diogenes Roman Diogenes.
Small World The Dark Side A Perfect Friend Lila Lila A Deal With the Devil The Last Weynfeldt. Novel 1997 of the Moon Novel 2002 Novel 2004 Novel 2006 Novel 2008. Novel 2000,Martin Suter Martin Suter Martin Suter,Business Class Martin Suter Huber Martin Suter. Business Class Richtig leben, Geschichten aus der Welt Neue Geschichten spannt aus Unter. des Managements aus der Welt,des Managements,mit und andere Geschichten Freunden. Geri Weibel aus der Business Class und andere,Geschichten aus der. S mtliche Folgen Business Class,Diogenes Diogenes Diogenes Diogenes Diogenes.
Business Class I Business Class II Living Right With Huber Takes a Break Among Friends and. Stories 2000 Stories 2002 Geri Weibel Stories 2005 Other Stories from. Stories 2005 the Business Class,Stories 2007,Praise for Martin Suter s Business Class Stories. Suter s columns are brilliant full of laconic wit and. despite all reservations a certain fondness for the objects of his irony. Falter Vienna, Ultra short polished and deadly texts with a punch line. Suter s perspective is fresh and malicious,Photo Christian Kaufmann. his ear for dialogue is infallible and as regards their literary quality. his pieces are little masterstrokes,Die Zeit Hamburg. Martin Suter s books have been translated into 23 languages. 09 foreign rights spring qxp 08 7 foreign rights spring qxp 10 11 2008 9 12 Uhr Seite 9. Martin Suter,The Bonus Mystery and,Other Stories from the Business Class.
Top management salaries as one would expect,are an inexhaustible subject in these new and. latest Business Class Stories And the second,erogenous zone of a manager s identity the. exorbitant yearly bonus they receive,In addition it is a book about the risks and side. effects of launching an April fool prank and it,provides helpful tricks and techniques for the. Jakob Arjouni Holy Eddy Novel 256 pages February 2009 World rights are handled by Diogenes Film rights are available Jakob Arjouni Der heilige Eddy Roman

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