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0 Introduction 1,Downloading and Installing 2,Common Issues 3. Using a Graphics Tablet 3,External Resources 4,Getting Help from the Community 5. 1 User Interface 7,Interface Basics 8,Manipulating the Canvas 10. Pop up Palette 11,Dockers 12,Toolbox 14,Tool Options 15. The Toolbar 16,Working with Multiple Documents 19,Main Menu 20.
Status Bar 21,Configuring Shortcuts 23,Undo History 24. Copy and Paste Options 25,Common Configuration Options 26. 2 Painting Fundamentals 29,Preset Brushes 30,The Power of the Eraser 32. Tagging System 33,Importing Brushes 36,Brush Smoothing and Dynamic Brush 38. Fills Gradients and Patterns 40,Gradient Tool 42,Brush Dab vs Brush Stroke 45.
Resizing the Image 46,Resizing the Canvas 46,Crop Tool 47. Trim Images 48,3 Layers 51,Layers Docker 52,Layer Actions 59. Mask Layer Types 62,Some Other Nice Layer Options 64. 4 Selections Transforms 69,Toolbox Selection Tools 70. Selection Display Mode 73,Main Menu Selection Tools 77.
Transform and Move Tools 80,Transform Types 81,5 Drawing Assistants 89. Horizontal Mirroring 90,Mirror X Y 90,Measure Tool 91. Multibrush Tool 92,Wrap Around Mode 94,Assistant Tool 96. Grid Tool 110,Rulers 111,6 Adjustments Filters Effects 113. Common Adjustments 114,Filters 118,G MIC Filters 119.
Layer Styles 123,viii Digital Painting with Krita 2 9. 7 Brush Editor Overview 127,Brush Editor User Interface 128. Pen Capabilities 135,Sharing Custom Brush Presets 140. 8 Brush Engines 143,Pixel Engine 144,Color Smudge Engine 151. Sketch Engine 154,Bristle Engine 157,Shape Engine 158.
Spray Engine 159,Hatching Engine 162,Grid Engine 163. Curve Engine 165,Dyna Engine 166,Particle Engine 167. Clone Engine 167,Deform Engine 168,Filter Engine 169. Chalk Engine 169,Tangent Normal Brush Engine 169,Learning More About Brush Engines 171. 9 Working with Color 173,Selecting Colors 174,Color Management 178.
Color Models 179,Color Profiles 182,Converting Between Color Models 183. Soft Proofing 184,Color bit Depth 185,What Is CIE 185. LUT Management HDR Painting 186,RAW Format 187,10 Vector Tools 191. Understanding Vector Objects 192,Creating Vector Objects 193. Anchor Point Tool Options 198,Calligraphy Tool 201.
Text Tool 202,Vector Gradients and Patterns 205,11 Appendix 209. Why Open Source 209,A Brief History of Krita 209,Krita Development Cycle 211. Krita on the Command Line 212,Document Metadata 213. Memory Performance 213,Finding Older Versions of Krita 215. Reset the Settings Back to the Default 215,Closing Thoughts 216.
12 Index 217,x Digital Painting with Krita 2 9,Introduction. T hank you for lending me your precious time Krita is an application. that is designed for digital artists of all kinds It has been developed for. a number of years and has some truly unique features It prides itself as being. a free open source application Unlike many other art applications Krita s. direction isn t influenced by stockholders and business people focusing on the. bottom dollar Krita is an application that has been nurtured by the artistic. community and continues to improve at a dizzying pace. There are quite a few art education books on the market about digital painting. but few about Krita While there are resources online and Wiki articles they are. written by various authors and can be difficult to wade through. This past year I have immersed myself in the Krita community forums the. Krita chat room YouTube videos and social media The goal was to educate. myself on what Krita has to offer There is a lot of helpful content on the. Internet but it is spread out and at times not accurate This makes it difficult to. find current information, This book hopes to bring all of the knowledge I have learned under one roof I. hope to share everything I know about the application After spending so much. time with Krita I believe it has the potential to disrupt the entire graphics. industry Also a portion of the profits from this book will go toward the Krita. Foundation Your purchase is making Krita better for everyone. Each chapter covers a different area in the application You can read this book. from cover to cover but it isn t designed for this type of consumption The. table of contents is a quick way to skim and find an area you are interested in. If you have never used Krita before the first few chapters will be valuable for. navigating your way around From there this book will serve as a good reference. when you need to learn more about a specific concept. Best of luck on your future artistic endeavors,Introduction 1. Downloading and Installing, The safest place to download Krita is from the project website krita org When. you visit the download page you will notice that there are different versions of. Krita that you can work with Each version has a different audience in mind. You will probably want Krita Desktop since that works with desktop and laptop. computers This book contains information up through Krita 2 9 7 3. Krita org The latest news,is presented in a blog,format You can subscribe.
to the mailing list if you re,interested in hearing. about new releases, Krita Desktop Optimized for nontouch screen devices This is the version. that most people use, Krita Gemini Optimized for devices that can switch between touch. screen and nontouch screen This is only available for purchase on the Steam. Krita Studio Commercial version that has paid support Priority will. be given for bug fixes and new features There are no extra features in this. version The primary operating system for this is CentOS. Make sure to download the correct version for your operating system If you are. on a 64 bit operating system make sure to download the 64 bit version. Warning for Mac OSX Users, If you are on Mac OSX you will find some of the features missing or not. working correctly While Krita works well on Windows and Linux it is. not fully functional on a Macintosh Even though it is not supported I. have heard good things from the community about it working. 2 Digital Painting with Krita 2 9, If you are on Windows and download an MSI file it will have an installer that.
will guide you through the process There is also a portable version of Krita that. doesn t need an installer file This means that there is no installation process. You can navigate to the bin binary folder In this case you can launch the. application by clicking on krita exe This is nice if you want to run Krita from a. USB stick or otherwise make it portable,Common Issues. There are some common issues that occasionally happen when trying to run. Krita The most common issue has to do with the canvas The pen pressure. might not work or the canvas might appear black A common solution is to. disable OpenGL This is done from the main menu Settings Configure. Krita Display tab To disable it uncheck the OpenGL checkbox OpenGL. is a graphics technology that Krita uses OpenGL is used for canvas rotation. and zooming functions This problem is more common with older computers. Updating your graphics driver fixes this issue many times. Another common problem is missing user interface elements If the interface. appears to be missing elements it is easiest to reset the workspace The icon on. the far right of the toolbar allows you to change workspaces. Using a Graphics Tablet, To get the most out of creating digital art using some type of pen digitizer. or stylus is the easiest way to work They take a little time to get use to but. are extremely helpful Krita works pretty well with most graphics tablets The. developers try hard to support various hardware and styluses If you have used. your stylus with other applications Krita will probably work with it as well. Setting Up Drivers and Configuration, One of the most common issues with tablets not working is related to drivers. In computers drivers are how the graphics tablet talks with the computer Make. sure to download the latest drivers from the manufacturer s website This will. solve a lot of the issues related to pens not working or not responding correctly. Introduction 3,Configuring Your Graphics Tablet Drivers. When you download the tablet drivers it usually comes with software to. configure it Wacom tablets come with a program called Wacom Tablet. Properties that you can find from searching the Start Menu on Windows You. can assign shortcuts to the tablet as well as modify the pressure sensitivity. Wacom Intuos settings This will look,different depending on what type of tablet.
you own You can customize shortcuts and,pressure settings from the user interface. The image above is a configuration screen for a Wacom tablet The Mac and. Linux versions should look similar You can assign and configure the stylus to. your heart s content I will explain a few common settings that you might want. to customize, Tablet Related to your drawing area The options deal with using multiple. monitors or resolving discrepancies between your monitor size and tablet. Tool Pen and external button options Most of the configuration options. will be done here with assigning shortcuts for your eraser pen tip touch. strips or other external buttons your tablet offers. Application Every application works a little different so you can specify. different shortcut arrangements for each application. Make sure your tablet is plugged in before you start Krita There are some. situations where Krita won t recognize your graphics tablet if your pen is plugged. External Resources, The Learn section on krita org has an abundance of educational videos and. training material The content ranges from DVDs and Wiki pages to videos If. a concept in the book is difficult to understand there might be outside training. 4 Digital Painting with Krita 2 9, Most of it is free You can also get in touch with the community for questions. You can press the F1 key while Krita is running to see the user guide. Getting Help from the Community, While this book will cover most of the concepts with how Krita works you will.
probably stumble on an area that might not be included The feature might be. new or something that has changed There are three main areas that people go to. when searching for help, The Chat room is the fastest place to ask your questions These can be related to. installation issues hardware issues or building steps that might be hard to find. To access the chat room you can go to the Krita website there should be a link. in the contact area on how to get connected or find the link on the Get Involved. tab Keep in mind that the chat room isn t always going to get you an immediate. answer Many of the developers and volunteers may not be at their computer If. you do not get a response in a few minutes you can take the next step. The Forum can be a little better than the chat room since the conversations. can be continued over days or weeks You can search through the Krita forum. and see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue If you cannot find your. solution you can ask a question yourself in a new forum post To access the. forum visit https forum kde org Click the Graphics Multimedia area. Then click on the Krita forum You can look at news post your artwork to. share or visit the General Help topic, The mailing list is a way to stay on top of Krita improvements via e mail There. are two main types of mailing lists that exist the mailing list on krita org and. the developer mailing list The mailing list on krita org is designed so you will be. notified when new releases come out If you don t feel like checking the website. to see if a new version has been released the mailing list is a good place to sign. up You can sign up for this mailing list on Krita s homepage It usually includes. information on what has changed and instructs you on how to download the. new version, The second mailing list kimageshop is designed for developers who want. to be involved working on the application At one point Krita was named. kimageshop so the mailing list has retained that name You can talk with the. developers in the chat room to find out if this is right for you. Introduction 5,Artwork by Kynlo,http kynlo deviantart com. User Interface, K nowing your way around an application always feels liberating.
You can stop hunting around for what you want The better you. understand the interface the more productive you can be The Krita. interface is flexible and powerful You can change where things are located. update shortcuts or hide areas that have little importance to you There are. even special modes where you can work entirely off shortcuts. This chapter might go in more detail than you need to get started If you. feel like you have had enough you can skip ahead to Chapter 2 where we. go over painting You can always come back if you want to learn more. We will begin with creating a new document and navigating around the. canvas We will then start looking at how to customize all of the dockers. and user interface UI elements Other UI elements will slowly be. introduced as we progress By the end of this chapter you will understand. 2 Digital Painting with Krita 2 9 Downloading and Installing The safest place to download Krita is from the project website krita org When you visit the download page you will notice that there are different versions of Krita that you can work with Each version has a different audience in mind

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