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b Download using Firefox, i Click on either the Open with Different Viewer button in the top right hand. corner or the icon of the page with a down arrow Both will prompt a popup. asking you to open or save the form, ii On the popup click on Open With Adobe Acrobat default Do not choose. Save As as this will automatically save the document to your Downloads. folder instead of providing the option of choosing your designated forms. iii Once the PDF opens save it to a preferred folder see a ii. c Download using Internet Explorer IE, i When the form is opened in IE it will be fillable Once it has been filled out. the document will need to be saved to the computer. ii To save click on the floppy disk icon in the top left hand corner Select your. forms folder and click Save,Create a Digital ID,1 Open the PDF needing a signature. 2 Click the Enable All Features button in the yellow bar at the top of the screen. 3 Click on Prepare Form from the menu on the right hand side of the screen. 4 Click More and select Highlight Existing Fields All fields requiring content will be displaying in. light blue purple, 5 Close out of the Prepare Form menu by clicking the Close button in the top right hand corner.
6 Fill out the information in the highlighted fields as requested. 7 Click on the signature line in the document It has an orange arrow. 8 A popup box will appear with the option to create a digital signature identity Click on Configure. Digital ID Click Next, 9 Select the bottom option Create a new Digital ID from the menu Click Continue. 10 Next you ll select where you want to save your new digital ID Click the Save to File. option Click Continue, 11 You must enter your first and last name in the name field and your Texas State email address in the. email field The oganizational unit and organization name fields are optional Select the United States. for the country and leave the last two options as shown below they are the default options Click. 12 To store the digital ID in a specific folder again we recommend the forms folder so it s all in one. place click Browse and select the folder Next apply a password for the digital ID and confirm the. password Click Save TIP Make sure to save the password in a safe and accessible location Once a. password is created it cannot be changed without re entering the old password. 13 Congrats Your digital ID has been created, 14 To sign the form choose the digital ID that you want to use for signing Click Continue. 15 The selected digital ID will appear Enter your digital ID password in the red box in the bottom left. hand corner, 16 Once you click Sign a popup will open to save the form Select the appropriate folder for the form. and save it to your computer TIP Rename the form to document name signed e g Thesis Proposal. 17 The form is now signed You can now send it on the appropriate parties. Delete a Digital ID,1 Open a pdf that is a fillable form.
2 Click on the Edit menu on the top toolbar and select Preferences from the dropdown. 3 Once the Preferences menu is open select signatures from the categories on the left Then click on. the More button to the right of Identities Trusted Certificates Click OK. 4 A popup box will open Select the digital ID that you want to delete and click Remove ID. 5 A popup window opens to confirm your choice Click Ok. 6 Enter the password for the digital ID to confirm deletion Click Ok. Digital IDs E Signatures in Adobe Acrobat This document includes instructions for performing the following actions in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Version 2019 008 20071 download a PDF o Chrome o Firefox o Internet Explorer create a digital ID delete a digital ID Download the PDF 1 To create a digital ID the form must be downloaded to the signer s hereafter referred to as you

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