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Read this first For customers in the U S A and,HVR Z1U only. WARNING RECYCLING LITHIUM ION BATTERIES, To prevent fire or shock hazard do not Lithium Ion batteries are. expose the unit to rain or moisture recyclable,You can help preserve our. environment by returning your,used rechargeable batteries to the. collection and recycling location nearest you,For more information regarding recycling of.
rechargeable batteries call toll free 1 800 822,8837 or visit http www rbrc org. Caution Do not handle damaged or leaking,Lithium Ion batteries. This symbol is intended to alert the, user to the presence of uninsulated For customers in the U S A. dangerous voltage within the If you have any questions about this product you. product s enclosure that may be of may call, sufficient magnitude to constitute Sony Customer Information Center 1 800 686. a risk of electric shock to persons SONY 7669,The number below is for the FCC related matters.
This symbol is intended to alert the only, user to the presence of important Regulatory Information. operating and maintenance, servicing instructions in the Declaration of Conformity. literature accompanying the Trade Name SONY,appliance Model No HVR Z1U. Responsible Party Sony Electronics Inc,Address 16450 W Bernardo Dr San Diego. CA 92127 U S A,Telephone No 858 942 2230, This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
Operation is subject to the following two conditions. 1 This device may not cause harmful interference,and 2 this device must accept any interference. received including interference that may cause,undesired operation. Owner s Record, The model and serial numbers are located on the Notes on use. bottom Record the serial number in the space Your camcorder is capable of recording in HDV. provided below Refer to these numbers whenever DVCAM and DV formats. you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this When recording in HDV DV format it is. product recommended to use mini DV cassettes,Model No HVR When recording in DVCAM format it is. Serial No recommended to use mini DVCAM cassettes,Model No AC.
Serial No The HDV standards,Digital high definition HD video signals are. CAUTION recorded and played back on a DV format cassette. You are cautioned that any changes or HDV signals are compressed in MPEG2 format. modifications not expressly approved in this which is adopted in BS broadcast satellite digital. manual could void your authority to operate this and terrestrial digital HDTV broadcastings and in. equipment Blu ray disc recorders,b Note z Tip, This equipment has been tested and found to comply Your camcorder adopts the HDV1080i. with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant specification which utilizes 1080 effective scanning. to Part 15 of the FCC Rules lines within the HDV standards and records. These limits are designed to provide reasonable pictures at the image bit rate of about 25 Mbps The. protection against harmful interference in a i LINK Interface is adopted as the digital interface. residential installation This equipment generates enabling a digital connection with TVs and personal. uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and if computers compatible with the HDV format. not installed and used in accordance with the, instructions may cause harmful interference to radio Recording. communications However there is no guarantee Before starting to record test the recording function. that interference will not occur in a particular to make sure the picture and sound are recorded. installation If this equipment does cause harmful without any problems. interference to radio or television reception which Compensation for the contents of recordings cannot. can be determined by turning the equipment off and be provided even if recording or playback is not. on the user is encouraged to try to correct the possible due to a malfunction of the camcorder. interference by one or more of the following storage media etc. measures TV color systems differ depending on the country. Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna region To view your recordings on a TV you need. Increase the separation between the equipment and an NTSC system based TV. receiver Television programs films video tapes and other. Connect the equipment to an outlet on a circuit materials may be copyrighted Unauthorized. different from that into which the receiver is recording of such materials may be contrary to the. connected copyright laws,Consult the dealer or an experienced radio TV. technician for help The LCD panel viewfinder and lens. The interface cable supplied must be used with the. The LCD screen and the viewfinder are, equipment in order to comply with the limits for a.
manufactured using extremely high precision, digital device pursuant to Subpart B of Part 15 of technology so over 99 99 of the pixels are. FCC Rules operational for effective use,However there may be some tiny black points and. or bright points white red blue or green in color,that appear constantly on the LCD screen and the. viewfinder, These points are normal results of the manufacturing. process and do not affect the recording in any way. Exposing the LCD screen the viewfinder or the lens. to direct sunlight for long periods of time may cause. malfunctions Be careful when placing the camera Do not hold the camcorder by the following parts. near a window or outdoors,Do not aim at the sun Doing so might cause your.
camcorder to malfunction Take pictures of the sun,only in low light conditions such as at dusk. Playing back HDV tapes on other, A tape recorded in the HDV format cannot be Viewfinder. played back on a device that is not compatible with. the HDV format,Check the contents of tapes by playing them back. on this camcorder prior to playing them back on,other devices. Connecting other devices, Before connecting your camcorder to other device LCD panel.
such as a VCR or a computer with an i LINK cable, be sure to insert the connector plug in the proper. direction If you insert the connector plug forcibly. in the wrong direction the terminal may be,damaged or this may cause a malfunction of your. Using this manual, The images of the LCD screen and the viewfinder Battery pack. used on this manual are captured using a digital still. camera and thus may appear different from what, The illustrations of the screen are those of when 50i. 60i SEL on the OTHERS menu is set to 60i,Microphone.
Using the camcorder, To ensure a good grip fasten the grip belt as shown. in the following illustration,Jack holder,You can change the language to be used for screen. display on your camcorder p 19,Table of Contents,Read this first 2. Quick Start Guide,Recording movies 8,Getting started. Step 1 Checking supplied items 10,Step 2 Charging the battery pack 11.
Using an outside power source 13,Step 3 Turning the power on 14. Step 4 Adjusting the LCD panel and viewfinder 15,Adjusting the LCD panel 15. Adjusting the viewfinder 15,Step 5 Setting the date and time 16. Step 6 Inserting a cassette tape 18,Step 7 Setting the screen language 19. Recording movies 20,Usable cassettes 22,Using zoom 22.
Recording in mirror mode 24, Displaying the recording setup information Status check 24. Adjusting the exposure 25,Adjusting the exposure for backlit subjects 25. Recording the subject lit by strong light SPOTLIGHT 26. Adjusting the white balance 26,Recording using manual adjustments 28. Adjusting the iris 28,Adjusting the gain 29,Adjusting the shutter speed 30. Adjusting the volume of light ND FILTER 30, Displaying the zebra pattern to adjust the brightness 31.
Adjusting the focus 32,Adjusting the focus manually 32. Enhancing the outline to focus PEAKING 34, Customizing the picture quality PICTURE PROFILE 34. Customizing the sound 37, Adjusting the audio recording level Microphone volume level 37. Connecting external audio sources 38,Selecting the recording channel 39. Recording a picture using various features 40,Developing scenes smoothly Shot transition 40.
Revising a specific color Color Correction 42,Fading in and out of a scene FADER 44. Recording an index signal at the beginning of recording 44. Recording on a device connected via an i LINK cable. External REC Control 45, Reviewing the most recently recorded scenes Rec Review 47. Viewing movies 48,Playing back in various modes 49. Various playback functions 50, Searching for the last scene of the most recent recording END SEARCH 50. Displaying the screen indicators 50, Displaying the date time and camera settings data Data code 51.
Displaying the video information Status check 51,Playing the picture on a TV 52. Viewing the picture on a high definition TV 52,Viewing the picture on a 16 9 TV or a 4 3 TV 54. Locating a scene on a tape for playback 55, Searching for a scene by date of recording Date search 55. Searching for a recording start point Index search 56. Advanced operations,Troubleshooting,Troubleshooting 106. Using the Menu,Warning indicators and messages 111.
Selecting menu items 57,Using the CAMERA SET menu,STDYSHOT TYP FRAME REC Additional Information. etc 58 Using your camcorder abroad 113, Using the AUDIO SET menu HDV format and recording playback 114. INT MIC SET XLR SET etc 64,Compatibility of the DVCAM and DV. Using the LCD VF SET menu formats 116,LCD COLOR etc 68. About the InfoLITHIUM battery,Using the IN OUT REC menu pack 117.
REC FORMAT DOWN CONVERT,About i LINK 119,Maintenance and precautions 120. Using the TC UB SET menu,TC MAKE etc 76 Specification 123. Using the OTHERS menu,CLOCK SET WORLD TIME Quick Reference. Customizing Personal Menu 83 Identifying parts and controls 125. Assigning the functions 86 Index 133,Dubbing Editing. Dubbing to another tape 89,Recording pictures from a VCR.
Connecting to a computer 96,Note on the icons used in this manual. Dubbing sound to a recorded tape,Features available for the HDV. 98 format only, Setting time values 101 Features available for the. Connecting an analog VCR to the DVCAM format only, computer via your camcorder Features available for the DV. Signal conversion SP format only,function 104 Features available only when.
50i 60i SEL of the menu is set,Features available only when. 50i 60i SEL of the menu is set,Quick Start Guide,Recording movies. 1 Attach the charged battery pack to the camcorder. To charge the battery see page 11,Press the battery pack and slide it down. Battery Pack,2 Insert a cassette into the camcorder. a Slide the OPEN b Insert the cassette with c Press on the. EJECT lever in its window side facing cassette, the direction of the out then push the center compartment.
arrow to open the lid of the back of the Close the cassette lid after. The cassette compartment cassette the cassette compartment. comes out automatically slides back in by itself,OPEN EJECT lever Window side. 8 Quick Start Guide, 3 Start recording while checking the subject on the LCD screen. The date and time is not set up in the default setting To set the date and time see page 16. The pictures are recorded in the HDV format in the default setting To record in the DVCAM or. DV format see page 20,a Open the hood shutter,Quick Start Guide. b Open the LCD panel and,adjust the angle,c While pressing the green. button set the POWER,switch to CAMERA,d Press REC START STOP.
Recording starts To change to,standby mode press REC. START STOP again,4 View the recorded picture on the LCD screen. a While pressing the green,button set the POWER,switch to VCR. b Press m rewind,c Press N play to start the,To stop press x stop. To turn off the power set the POWER,switch to OFF,Quick Start Guide 9.
Getting started Large eyecup 1,To attach it to your camcorder see page 16. Step 1 Checking,supplied items,Make sure you have following items supplied. with your camcorder, The number in parentheses indicates the number Wireless Remote Commander 1. of that item supplied,AC Adaptor charger 1,A V connecting cable 1. Power cord 1,Component video cable 1,Connecting cord DK 415 1.
Shoe adaptor 1,To attach it to your camcorder see page 130. Lens hood 1,This is attached to your camcorder,Rechargeable battery pack NP F570 1. Size AA R6 batteries 2,To insert the batteries in the Remote. Commander see page 131,Cleaning cassette 1,Shoulder strap 1. If you attach an optical filter optional or so remove. the lens hood,To attach it to your camcorder see page 126.
Operating Instructions This manual 1,10 Getting started. Step 2 Charging the 4 While pressing the battery back down. slide it in the direction of the arrow, battery pack The charge lamp lights up and charging. You can charge the battery by attaching the, InfoLITHIUM battery pack L series to When the battery was successfully. the AC Adaptor charger charged, b Note The battery mark on the display window will. You cannot use batteries other than the light up in the shape of a full battery that. InfoLITHIUM battery pack L series p 117 indicates that the battery has been sufficiently. Getting started, Do not short circuit the DC plug of the AC Adaptor charged for use.
Digital HD Video Camera Recorder HVR Z1U Z1N Operating Instructions Before operating the unit please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference 2 Read this first WARNING To prevent fire or shock hazard do not expose the unit to rain or moisture This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the product s

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