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A class Australian vessel survey class unlimited offshore. A class division Divisions made of steel or equivalent material suitably stiffened. and capable of preventing the passage of smoke and flame up to. the end of the first 1 hour of the standard fire test. Accommodation The living quarters of a vessel, Accommodation Portable steps providing access from the vessel s entry deck to the. ladder waterline, Accumulator A tank that smooths out pressure variability in a fresh water system. A trap to remove water within a refrigeration system. A cock bill A term used to indicate that the anchor is clear of the hawse pipe. and suspended above the water ready for letting go. A C current Alternating current is a form of pulsing electricity supplied by. alternators The voltage cycles between positive and negative at a. regulated frequency cycles per second measured in Hertz. Accretion The process of deposition of material at the bottom of the oceans. Build up of matter over a surface e g ice on rigging fouling on. Aces Hooks for the chains,Acorn Decorative finial for a post. Adams Joe Australian prolific fast cruising yacht designer tragically murdered in. his late years of life in New Guinea,ADCOM Address commission. Added mass An effective increase in hull mass caused by the dragged water. flow during motion, Added weight A method used to determine a ship s damaged stability by.
method calculating a partial flooding as added weight rather than as lost. Adiabatic Occurring without heat,Adj Adjust adjustment. Admiral First or highest commander, Admiralty brass Alloy of approximately 70 copper 29 zinc See Naval brass. Adrift A vessel not attached to the wharf or an anchor. Ad valorum A term from Latin meaning according to value. Advance The twin vectors of advance headway headreach and transfer are. the distance forward and the distance to the left or right that a. vessel will make while negotiating a turn its tactical diameter or. going full astern to avoid a collision its stopping distance. Advection The horizontal air movement in the lower atmosphere due to. difference in atmospheric pressure wind, Advection fog Fog resulting from warm air over relatively colder water. Admiralty Pertaining to the United Kingdom Naval Command. Admiralty pattern An older style anchor with crown twin flukes and a stock. anchor perpendicular to its shank, Adze Shipwrights tool used to face timber cut surface to shape. Aerial A length of conducting wire that detects and or over a band of. similarly proportional radio wavelengths,Aero lights Aids to navigation for aircraft.
Aeronautical drift Drift caused by bailout trajectory or aircraft gliding distance. Aeronautical position Initial position of a distressed aircraft at the time of re entry engine. failure aircrew ejection or bailout,A F F F Aqueous Film Forming Foam. Affreightment An agreement by an ocean carrier to provide cargo space on a. contract vessel at a specified time and for a specified price to accommodate. an exporter or importer,Afloat Supported by the surface of the water. Aframax The largest dry bulk carriers, Afromosia African fine straight grained hardwood timber Dark coloured easily. hand worked and acceptable for marine use,Aft after The stern end of a vessel. After body A vessel s sections aft of amidships, Aft peak A compartment immediately forward of the stern post usually below.
the load water line, Aft peak bulkhead The transverse bulkhead forward of the stern post being the. forward boundary of the after peak tank that is required to be. maintained as watertight, Aft peak tank The furthest aft tank compartment used for fresh water or ballast. After Perpendicular A line which is perpendicular to the intersection of the after edge of. AP the rudder post with the designed load water line This is the case. for both single and twin screw merchant ships For some classes. of warships and for merchant ships having no rudder post the after. perpendicular is taken as the centre line of the rudder stock. After rake The angle beyond vertical of the vessel s overhanging stern. Aftermost Extreme aft end of a vessel, Agba African straight grained hardwood timber durable for marine use. A G D Australian geodetic datum, A G D 66 Australian Geodetic Datum 1966 the datum used by the Australian. Hydrographical Office on Australian Charts which is a different. datum used by the GPS See also WGS84, Age of the moon The interval since the last new moon.
Age of the tide The interval since the last full new moon and the next spring tide. Agonic line A line joining points with no magnetic variation. Aground Touching the sea bottom, Agulhas Current A warm Indian Ocean current running southward along the East. African Coastline,A G W All going well, A H D Australian Height Datum adopted by the National Mapping Council. for vertical control for mapping mean sea level 1966 68. Ahead Towards the vessel s bow, A hoy Used to attract the attention of another vessel. A H L Australian hold ladders,A H O Australian Hydrographical Office. A hull When a vessel lies perpendicular to the wave fronts A method of. heaving to,A I O Admiralty information overlay, Air A mixture of mainly nitrogen with oxygen and carbon dioxide.
constituting the atmosphere with races of inert gasses. Air casing An upper deck combing surrounding the funnel stack to protect the. deck from heat and assist fireroom ventilation, Aircraft carrier A warship designed to carry planes. Aircraft coordinator A person who coordinates the involvement of multiple aircraft in. A C O SAR operations,Air draught Height clearance of a vessel. Aircraft glide Maximum ground distance an aircraft could cover during descent. Air hammer Compressed air nail or rattle gun used to remove surface rust. Air port A window to provide light and ventilation. Air purifying A respirator with an air purifying filter cartridge or canister that. respirator removes specific air contaminants by passing ambient air through. the air purifying element, Air tank A tank that provides additional vessel floatation. A tank of breathable air for underwater scuba divers. Air tight door A fully sealed door that will exclude air from passing. A I S Automatic Identification System,A L A R P As low as reasonably practical. Alaska current A warm North Pacific Ocean current running firstly Northward along. the Alaskan Coastline then West into the Pacific, Albatross Large wing spanned ocean wandering seabird featured in the epic.
poem the Ancient Mariner, Alden John American early 20th century classic yacht designer associated with. N G Herreshoff, A lee Away from the direction from where the wind comes from. Alertfa See alert phase, Alert phase A situation wherein apprehension exists as to the safety of an. aircraft or marine vessel and of the persons on board. Alerting post Any facility intended to serve as an intermediary between a person. reporting an emergency and a rescue coordination centre or rescue. sub centre, Alignment To assemble a shaft in line with its bearing to minimise wear and. Alive A command to be quicker with the task,Aliz The trade winds.
Alkaline A compound that is chemically opposite to acid. The electrolyte in Ni Cad batteries of dilute potassium hydroxide. All fours mooring Anchoring a vessel with two chain cables ahead and two chain. cables astern,All hands All the crew, Allison The act of striking or collision of a moving vessel against a. stationary object American,A L M Alarm,All standing To come to a sudden stop. Aloft Up the mast or In the rigging,Alongside Berthed against a wharf or jetty. Allotment note Traditional payment option for a seaman to dispose of some of his. pay to relatives, A L P Articulated loading platform a partially buoyant tower rising from a. universal joint on the sea floor and used for berthing and loading at. oil platforms,A L T Altitude,Altar A step in a graving dock.
Alternator A device consisting of a spinning magnet within a series of coils. that produces AC electrical current subsequently rectified to DC. when used for charging vessels batteries, Aluminium Lightweight corrosion resistant metal used for fittings and hull. Aluminium bronze Alloy of approximately 90 copper and 10 aluminium. A M Amplitude modulation,Amas The outboard hulls of a trimaran. A M C Australian Maritime College, American bureau of American ship classification society. Amidships The centre of the vessel with reference to her length or breadth. Ammeter An instrument that measures the amount of current in amperes in. an electrical circuit, Amp A unit of electrical power and abbreviation of ampere. Ampere Ampere or amps are the unit of electric current Amps can be. compared to the volume of water flowing through a water pipe. Amps Volts Ohms, Amphitrite Ancient Greek consort of Poseidon God of the sea.
Amphora An ancient earthenware vessel used to transport liquids. Amplification As in making sound louder or a radio wave stronger. Amp meter See Ammeter,Amplitude The maximum power of a radio wave. The bearing of a heavenly body expressed in the degrees towards. the North or South Pole from East or West sighted at its rising or. setting For example amplitude E20 N 90 20 70 W20 N. 270 20 290 See azimuth, Amplitude The varying of amplitude to the radio carrier wave to enable. modulation encoding for the simulation of audio messages. A M S A Australian Maritime Safety Authority, A M V E R Automated mutual assistance vessel rescue system. Analogue Analogue display one that uses physical quantities e g length or. deflection to represent numbers, Anchor A device that holds the vessel to the sea bottom. Anchorage A place to anchor, Anchor bar A lever used to work an anchor windlass.
Anchor billboard A deck housing to stow an anchor, Anchor buoy A small buoy used to mark the position of the deployed anchor. Anchor chain Secures the anchor to the ship and ensures that the pull on the. anchor is horizontal thus embedding the flukes under tension. Hence the phrase a vessel anchors by its chain, Anchors in tandem Use of two anchors in a line to improve holding power. Anchor light A white light hoisted while anchored also known as a riding light. Anchor rode A length of anchor line, Anchors aweigh Announced when the anchor just clears the bottom at retrieval. Anchor stopper A device to lock off an anchor chain. Anchor watch A lookout posted to safeguard the vessel while at anchor. Ancient Greece Northerly Boreas,winds Easterly Eurus. Southerly Notos,Westerly Zephyrus,Anemometer An instrument that measures wind speed.
Angle See angle bar,Angle bar Steel section of L shaped profile. Angle clip A short length of angle bar, Angle collar A ring in angle bar section used to seal a pipe passing through a. deck or bulkhead, Angle of cut The lesser angle between two position lines. Angle of dip The angle that the north end of a compass needle is inclined from. the horizontal being downward in the Northern Hemisphere. positive and upward in the Southern Hemisphere negative. Angle of incidence The angle that a wave or electromagnetic radiation strikes a. Angle of indraft The angle at which the wind crosses the isobars It results from a. balance of pressure gradient force coriolis force and friction The. angle of indraft varies from approximately 45 at the edge of a. storm to 0 in the eye of a cyclone, Angle of reflection A deflection of direction of a wave or electromagnetic radiation. directly opposite to its angle of incidence, Angle of refraction A deflection of direction of a wave or electromagnetic radiation due.
to its encountering a changed density of material, Angle of repose The natural slope that a loose pile of grain sand coal etc will rest. Anhydrous Chemicals without crystalline water, Anode A less noble metal of an electrolytic cell where corrosion occurs It. may be on the surface of a metal or alloy The more active metal in. a cell composed of two dissimilar metals or the positive electrode. of an impressed current system Sacrificial anodes of zinc or. aluminium are fitted to vessels to reduce corrosion from more. valued components,Anomaly An occurrence that is not typical. Anneal The opposite to temper When metal bends it becomes brittle work. hardened The annealing process is one of heating the metal to. cherry red then plunging it into lime and allowing it to cool slowly to. remove brittleness, Anode The positive terminal of an electrical circuit. A sacrificial anode is a consumable zinc bar used to. electrochemically corrode in preference to any nearby more. galvanic noble metals of a vessel s underwater structures. A N T Australian National Tide Tables, Antarctic circum An Easterly setting current situated North of the Antarctic sub polar.
polar current current, Antarctic sub polar A Westerly setting current along the continental edge of Antarctica. Antenna See aerial, Antenna gain A measure of the effectiveness of an aerial. Anti cyclone See high pressure system, Anti freeze An additive to an engine s fresh water coolant that protects against. freezing and consequent damage resulting from expansion. Anti fouling Paint coating on the bottom of a boat to prevent marine fouling. Traditionally copper sheet was used, Anti sea clutter A radar operational control that limits the return of echoes from. A C current Alternating current is a form of pulsing electricity supplied by alternators The voltage cycles between positive and negative at a regulated frequency cycles per second measured in Hertz Accretion The process of deposition of material at the bottom of the oceans Build up of matter over a surface e g ice on rigging fouling on

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