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HIGH REPRESENTATIVE,OF THE UNION FOR,EUROPEAN FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND. COMMISSION SECURITY POLICY,Brussels 25 9 2017,JOIN 2017 37 final. Joint Proposal for a Council Decision, on the conclusion on behalf of the European Union of the Comprehensive and. Enhanced Partnership Agreement between the European Union and the European. Atomic Energy Community and their Member States of the one part and the Republic. of Armenia of the other part,COMPREHENSIVE AND ENHANCED PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT. BETWEEN THE EUROPEAN UNION,AND THE EUROPEAN ATOMIC ENERGY COMMUNITY.
THE KINGDOM OF SWEDEN, THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND. AM EU en 3, Contracting Parties to the Treaty on European Union the Treaty on the Functioning of the European. Union and the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community hereinafter referred to. as the Member States,THE EUROPEAN UNION and, THE EUROPEAN ATOMIC ENERGY COMMUNITY hereinafter referred to as Euratom. of the one part and,THE REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA,of the other part. hereafter jointly referred to as the Parties, TAKING ACCOUNT OF the strong links between the Parties and the values that they share and.
their desire to strengthen links established in the past through the Partnership and Cooperation. Agreement and to promote close and intensive cooperation based on equal partnership within the. framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy ENP and the Eastern Partnership as well as. within the this Agreement, RECOGNISING the contribution of the joint EU Armenia ENP Action Plan including its. introductory provisions and the importance of the partnership priorities in strengthening relations. between the European Union and the Republic of Armenia and in helping to move forward the. reform and approximation as referred to hereinafter process in the Republic of Armenia thus. contributing to enhanced political and economic cooperation. AM EU en 4, COMMITTED to further strengthening respect for fundamental freedoms human rights including. the rights of persons belonging to minorities democratic principles the rule of law and good. governance, ACKNOWLEDGING that internal reforms towards strengthening democracy and the market. economy on the one hand and sustainable conflict settlement on the other hand are linked Hence. sustainable democratic reform processes in the Republic of Armenia will help build confidence and. stability throughout the region, COMMITTED to further promoting the political socio economic and institutional development of. the Republic of Armenia through for example the development of civil society institution. building public administration and civil service reform the fight against corruption and enhanced. trade and economic cooperation including good governance in the area of tax the reduction of. poverty and wide ranging cooperation in a broad spectrum of areas of common interest including. in the field of justice freedom and security, COMMITTED to the full implementation of the purposes principles and provisions of the United.
Nations Charter the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 the European. Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950 the European. Convention on Human Rights and the Helsinki Final Act of 1975 of the Conference on Security. and Cooperation in Europe OSCE Helsinki Final Act, RECALLING their will to promote international peace and security as well as engaging in effective. multilateralism and the peaceful settlement of disputes within agreed formats in particular by. cooperating to that end within the framework of the United Nations UN and the Organization for. Security and Co operation in Europe OSCE,AM EU en 5. COMMITTED to international obligations to fight against the proliferation of weapons of mass. destruction WMDs and their means of delivery and to cooperate on disarmament and. non proliferation as well as nuclear security and safety. RECOGNISING the importance of the active participation of the Republic of Armenia in regional. cooperation formats including those supported by the European Union recognising the importance. the Republic of Armenia attaches to its participation in international organisations and cooperation. formats and its existing obligations arising therefrom. DESIROUS to further develop regular political dialogue on bilateral and international issues of. mutual interest including regional aspects taking into account the common foreign and security. policy including the common security and defence policy of the European Union and the relevant. policies of the Republic of Armenia recognising the importance the Republic of Armenia attaches. to its participation in international organisations and cooperation formats and its existing obligations. arising therefrom, RECOGNISING the importance of the commitment of the Republic of Armenia to the peaceful and. lasting settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict and the need to achieve that settlement as. early as possible in the framework of the negotiations led by the OSCE Minsk Group co chairs. also recognising the need to achieve that settlement on the basis of the purposes and principles. enshrined in the UN Charter and the OSCE Helsinki Final Act in particular those related to. refraining from the threat or use of force the territorial integrity of States and the equal rights and. self determination of peoples and reflected in all declarations issued within the framework of the. OSCE Minsk Group co chairmanship since the 16th OSCE Ministerial Council of 2008 also noting. the stated commitment of the European Union to support this settlement process. AM EU en 6, COMMITTED to preventing and fighting corruption combating organised crime and stepping up. cooperation in the fight against terrorism, COMMITTED to stepping up their dialogue and cooperation on migration asylum and border.
management with a comprehensive approach paying attention to legal migration and to cooperation. aimed at tackling illegal migration and trafficking in human beings as well as efficiently. implementing the readmission agreement, RECONFIRMING that enhanced mobility of the citizens of the Parties in a secure and. well managed environment remains a core objective and considering in due course the opening of a. visa dialogue with the Republic of Armenia provided that conditions for well managed and secure. mobility including the effective implementation of visa facilitation and readmission agreements. between the Parties are in place, COMMITTED to the principles of free market economy and the readiness of the European Union. to contribute to the economic reforms in the Republic of Armenia. RECOGNISING the willingness of the Parties to deepen economic cooperation including in. trade related areas in compliance with the rights and obligations arising from the Parties. membership of the World Trade Organization WTO and through the transparent and non. discriminatory application of those rights and obligations. CONVINCED that this Agreement will create a new climate for economic relations between the. two Parties and above all for the development of trade and investment and will stimulate. competition which are crucial to economic restructuring and modernisation. AM EU en 7, COMMITTED to respecting the principles of sustainable development. COMMITTED to ensuring environmental protection including trans boundary cooperation and the. implementation of multilateral international agreements. COMMITTED to enhancing the security and safety of the energy supply facilitating the. development of appropriate infrastructure increasing market integration and gradual regulatory. approximation with the key elements of the EU acquis referred to hereinafter including inter alia. by promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources taking into account. commitments of the Republic of Armenia to the principles of equal treatment of. energy supplier transit and consumer countries, COMMITTED to high levels of nuclear safety and nuclear security as referred to hereinafter. ACKNOWLEDGING the need for enhanced energy cooperation and the commitment of the. Parties to fully respect the provisions of the Energy Charter Treaty. WILLING to improve the level of public health and safety and the protection of human health. respecting the principles of sustainable development environmental needs and climate change. COMMITTED to enhancing people to people contacts including through cooperation and. exchanges in the fields of science and technology education and culture youth and sport. COMMITTED to promoting cross border and inter regional cooperation. AM EU en 8, RECOGNISING the commitment of the Republic of Armenia to progressively approximate its.
legislation in the relevant sectors with that of the European Union to implement it effectively as. part of its wider reform efforts and to develop its administrative and institutional capacity to the. extent necessary to enforce this Agreement and recognising the sustained support of the European. Union in accordance with all available instruments of cooperation including technical financial. and economic assistance in connection with that commitment reflecting the pace of the reforms and. economic needs of the Republic of Armenia, NOTING that in the event that the Parties decide within the framework of this Agreement to enter. into specific agreements in the area of freedom security and justice concluded by the European. Union pursuant to Title V of Part Three of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. the provisions of such future agreements would not bind the United Kingdom and or Ireland unless. the European Union simultaneously with the United Kingdom and or Ireland as regards their. respective previous bilateral relations notifies the Republic of Armenia that the United Kingdom. and or Ireland has have become bound by such agreements as part of the European Union in. accordance with Protocol No 21 on the position of the United Kingdom and Ireland in respect of the. area of freedom security and justice annexed to the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on. the Functioning of the European Union Likewise any subsequent internal measures of the. European Union adopted pursuant to the Title V of Part Three of the Treaty on the Functioning of. the European Union to implement this Agreement would not bind the United Kingdom and or. Ireland unless they have notified their wish to take part or accept such measures in accordance with. Protocol No 21 also noting that such future agreements or such subsequent internal measures of. the European Union would fall under Protocol No 22 on the position of Denmark annexed to the. said Treaties,HAVE AGREED AS FOLLOWS,AM EU en 9,OBJECTIVES AND GENERAL PRINCIPLES. Objectives,The aims of this Agreement are, a to enhance the comprehensive political and economic partnership and cooperation between. the Parties based on common values and close links including by increasing the participation. of the Republic of Armenia in policies programmes and agencies of the European Union. b to strengthen the framework for political dialogue on all areas of mutual interest promoting. the development of close political relations between the Parties. c to contribute to the strengthening of democracy and of political economic and institutional. stability in the Republic of Armenia, d to promote preserve and strengthen peace and stability at both regional and international. level including through joining efforts to eliminate sources of tension enhancing border. security and promoting cross border cooperation and good neighbourly relations. e to enhance cooperation in the area of freedom security and justice with the aim of reinforcing. the rule of law and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. AM EU en 10, f to enhance mobility and people to people contacts.
g to support the efforts of the Republic of Armenia to develop its economic potential via. international cooperation including through the approximation of its legislation to the EU. acquis referred to hereinafter, h to establish enhanced trade cooperation allowing for sustained regulatory cooperation in. relevant areas in compliance with the rights and obligations arising from WTO membership. i to establish conditions for increasingly close cooperation in other areas of mutual interest. General Principles, 1 Respect for the democratic principles the rule of law human rights and fundamental. freedoms as enshrined in particular in the UN Charter the OSCE Helsinki Final Act and the. Charter of Paris for a New Europe of 1990 as well as other relevant human rights. 12525 17 ADD 1 CPF wd DG C 2A EN Council of the European Union Brussels 25 September 2017 OR en 12525 17 ADD 1 COEST 240 CFSP PESC 817 JAI 828 WTO 207 Interinstitutional File

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