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YOUR COMMUNITY,www biglottery co uk,www senscot net. www therobertsontrust org uk,2 Support directory for clubs. Your Community, At the Scottish FA we recognise that increasingly clubs across. the country have aspirations of becoming key assets in their local. community and deliver major impacts both on and off the pitch. We realise that clubs are significant community assets with a remit to deliver extensive. benefit to the social capital of the people they serve As such we have created this. document to provide a support directory as we would expect you to engage with a. number of key partner organisations, Throughout this support directory you will find key partners and organisations who. will help you become strong and sustainable social enterprises operating as thriving. community assets delivering community engagement health physical activity and life. change programmes for their surrounding populations. Should you need further guidance and advice on aspects such as governance business. start up legal structures business plans social enterprise staff structures and the. development of community engagement plans please remember that help is available. 04 BUSINESS START UP PLANNING AND,DEVELOPMENT,06 GOVERNANCE.
08 EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY,10 DEVELOPMENT AND VOLUNTEERING. 12 FUNDING,MONITORING AND EVALUATION,14 FOOTBALL FAMILY. 15 CONTACT DETAILS,Business Start Up Planning and,Development. Business Start Up Planning and Development, CEIS provides a range of independent and Forth Sector Development services include. professional business support services and procurement support to the Public Private. business finance solutions for social and Sector and Third Sector support in the. community enterprises Building the capacity development of employability programmes. of communities through employability and advice training and support in Impact. engagement services CEIS also provide event Measurement and business coaching and. management and social research services mentoring in a wide range of business skills. www ceis org uk www forthsectordevelopment org uk, CEMVO aims to build the capacity of HIE is the economic and community.
Scotland s minority ethnic voluntary and development agency for the north and west. community sector They do this by building of Scotland Supporting businesses and social. capacity and mobilising skills in organisations enterprises to shape and realise their growth. and their people fostering both individual and aspirations. collective leadership working strategically to www hie co uk. raise the profile of and create opportunities, for the sector HISEZ offers Business Support to new and. www cemvoscotland org uk existing Social Enterprises throughout the. Highlands and Islands HISEZ deliver support, Community Enterprise is a social enterprise as part of the Just Enterprise Programme as. that provides personalised support to well as networking opportunities and training. individuals and groups in areas such as www hisez co uk. accounting fundraising marketing and, impact measurement They charge for large Just Enterprise is a consortium bringing. pieces of work such as business plans and together Scotland s key social enterprise. all profit generated is used to subsidise free support agencies to provide business support. support and development services to Enterprising, www communityenterprise co uk Third Sector Organisations across Scotland. Its principal role is to deliver the Scottish, Co operative Development Scotland CDS Government s contract for Business Support.
supports the development of co operative to the Third Sector. and employee owned enterprises across The Just Enterprise consortium consists of. Scotland Support includes exploring the CEIS HISEZ Firstport the Social Enterprise. options structuring the company financing Academy Forth Sector Development. the business and developing member Community Enterprise Ltd CEMVO Scotland. participation Lanarkshire Enterprise Services Ready for. www scottish enterprise com services Business and Inspiralba. develop your organisation co operative www justenterprise org. development scotland overview,Senscot Social Enterprise Networks. DTAS is the national body for development offers peer support resource sharing and. trusts in Scotland DTA Scotland assists development of markets a focal point for. interested communities explore the benefits issues specific to local social enterprises. and relevance of the development trust a collective voice and the opportunity. approach providing useful resources training to raise awareness and profile of social. and support to communities wishing to enterprise Thematic networks include Sport. establish a development trust Established Employability Cultural Creative and Health. development trusts can access a wide range Community Food. of membership benefits and useful resources www se networks net networks php. http www dtascot org uk,4 Support directory for clubs. Your Club Your Home Your Community, School for Social Entrepreneurs Scotland Social Enterprise Scotland SES represents. became an independent School in 2012 and the sector s interests to politicians policy. continues to build on the strong reputation makers opinion formers and in the media SES. and programmes delivered by SSE Fife since works in partnership with Senscot and Social. 2002 The school operates across the whole Firms Scotland. of Scotland and aims to help communities www socialenterprisescotland org uk. previously unsupported by public and third, sector programmes Social Firms Scotland is the national support. www the sse org schools scotland body for the development and promotion of. Social Firms in Scotland Its purpose is to grow, Scottish Enterprise supports the the sector in Scotland in order to increase.
development of globally competitive employment opportunities for severely. companies by offering an integrated business disadvantaged people. support model where companies with www socialfirms org uk. ambitions to grow can access the right type, of support at the right stage of their growth Scottish Community Development Centre. www scottish enterprise com SCDC supports best practice in community. development and is recognised by the, Scottish Community Alliance is a network Scottish Government as the national lead. organisation which helps the community body for community development. sector in Scotland develop its own identity www scdc org uk. and voice SCA has two main functions to,promote the work of local people in their. communities and to influence national policy,development. www scottishcommunityalliance org uk,SKS Scotland CIC is a social enterprise.
which specialises in consultancy support to,other social enterprises and Third Sector. organisations It is a paid for service which,uses its income generated to provide. employment and services for people with,long term conditions. www sksscotland co uk,Governance,Governance and Legal. Senscot Legal provides affordable support The Cranfield Trust The Cranfield Trust. in legal matters to the social enterprise purpose is to provide free business skills to. community and wider third sector in Scotland build successful charities The Cranfield Trust is. Areas of law include governance company a national charity offering free business skills. formation employment law contracts advice and guidance to voluntary community. dispute resolution and intellectual property and social enterprise organisations. issues this list is by no means exhaustive www cranfieldtrust org. www se legal net,Voluntary Action Support Voluntary Action.
Social Investment Scotland SIS is a Scotland is the network organisation for. registered Charity and Social Enterprise Scotland s Third Sector Interfaces TSIs They. which provides business loans to Third advocate for co ordinate and support the. Sector organisations SIS aims to support the work of Scotland s local third sector support. creation and growth of charities community organisations. organisations and social enterprises that www vascotland org. have the capability to make sustainable social Third Sector Interfaces Voluntary Action. impacts Voluntary Action Scotland is the umbrella, www socialinvestmentscotland com body for Scotland s network of Third Sector. Scottish Community Re Investment Trust Interfaces Each local authority area in. provides opportunities for third sector Scotland has a Third Sector Interface to. organisations to invest in and support the support promote develop and represent the. development of the wider third sector third sector Community groups Voluntary. develop sector specific financial services and organisations Social enterprises Volunteering. products promotes financial capability and The Interface is also the vital connection. increasing the financial expertise of the third between the Community Planning Partnership. sector CPP and the third sector, www scrt scot www vascotland org tsis find your tsi. Are the independent Regulator and Registrar for,Scotland s charities including community groups. religious charities schools universities grant giving. charities and major care providers,www oscr org uk. Legal structures for your club,The Scottish FA and other key stakeholders have.
created a document that we hope will give you some. additional information on legal structures available to. your organisation,http scotfa co legalstructure,6 Support directory for clubs. Your Club Your Home Your Community,Asset Transfer, The Community Ownership Support Service Scottish Government. COSS is a Scottish government funded Part 5 of the Community Empowerment Act. project set up to help community based introduces a right for community bodies to make. groups in Scotland to take on land or building requests to all local authorities Scottish Ministers. assets for their community They also support and a wide ranging list of public bodies for any land. local authorities wishing to transfer a building or buildings they feel they could make better use of. or land asset They can request ownership lease or other rights as. www dtascommunityownership org uk they wish The Act requires those public authorities. to transparently assess requests against a specified. Scottish FA Guide to Community Asset list of criteria and to agree the request unless there. Transfer is aimed at football clubs across are reasonable grounds for refusal The Act sets out. Scotland who are either considering or in the the key rights and duties and provides a framework. process of negotiating a change in the way for the asset transfer process Regulations and. they manage and secure facilities in their local Orders set out more detailed arrangements for. community implementing the scheme, http scotfa co CATguide Further information on asset transfer. www gov scot Topics People engage AssetTransfer,Community Asset Transfer guidance for community. Highlands and Islands Enterprise HIE, is an ambitious organisation with a unique remit that.
www gov scot Resource 0051 00513211 pdf,integrates economic and community development. They work in a diverse region which extends from,Shetland to Argyll and from the Outer Hebrides to. www hie co uk,Equality and Diversity,LGBTI Scottish Women in Sport By drawing on their. unique insight they will champion the right of, Leap Sports Scotland Works for greater inclusion every woman and girl in the UK to take part in. for LGBTI people in sport and against homophobia and benefit from sport from the field of play to. biphobia and transphobia in a sports context the boardroom from early years and throughout. www leapsports org her life,www scottishwomeninsport co uk.
Equality Network Works for lesbian gay bisexual, transgender and intersex LGBTI equality and Religion. human rights in Scotland They strive to be, inclusive and open in their work to challenge Interfaith Scotland Provide a forum for. discrimination and to consult involve and inform different religions to dialogue with one another. the individuals and the communities for which they on matters of religious national and civic. work importance, www equality network org www interfaithscotland org. Stonewall Believe we re all stronger united so they Colours of our Scarves Colours of our Scarves. partner with organisations that help them create works with key stakeholders within Scottish. real change for the better Create an environment sport to provide athletes coaches organisers. where LGBT communities can continue to find and volunteers with a support mechanism an. ways to flourish and individuals can reach their full educational tool and an opportunity for self. potential reflection and development with a focus on. www stonewallscotland org uk community impact and improving the learning. and developmental environment for everyone,Race involved Colours of our Scarves works with. educational institutions and students to deliver, BEMIS Scotland Is the national umbrella body equality awareness and sport festivals within.
supporting the development of the Ethnic communities promoting messages of tolerance. Minorities Voluntary Sector in Scotland BEMIS and acceptance of all. promotes the interest of minority ethnic voluntary www supporters direct scot activities colours. organisations develop capacity and support of our scarves.

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