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PAUL LIDGERWOOD,PETER ROPER,peter roper niche com au. Sub editor,This premium content is produced MADELEINE SWAIN. Art director,and published by Marketing KEELY ATKINS. Australia s only dedicated resource Design digital pre press. MONIQUE BLAIR,for professional marketers Advertising enquiries. LUKE HATTY,Tel 613 9948 4978, Marketing Pro members have access luke hatty niche com au.
to a comprehensive toolbox of Subscription enquiries. Tel 1800 804 160,premium content subscriptions niche com au. www marketingmag com au, marketingmag com au pro Marketing is a publication of. Niche Media Pty Ltd,ABN 13 064 613 529,1 Queens Road. Melbourne VIC 3004,Tel 613 9948 4900,Fax 613 9948 4999. This report edited by,MICHELLE DUNNER,Foreword by,ROBERTO VERGANTI.
NICHOLAS DOWER,Many thanks to Roberto Managing director. PAUL LIDGERWOOD, Verganti Carole Bilson and the Commercial director. Design Management Institute JOANNE DAVIES,Content director. David Redhill at Deloitte CHRIS RENNIE,Simon Stacey and Luke van O Financial controller. SONIA JURISTA,at Designworks Doug Nash at Printing.
GRAPHIC IMPRESSIONS,FutureBrand Ted Rubin Timm Accounting software. McVaigh Geoff Brooks Felicity SAPPHIREONE,www sapphireone com. Mitchem at TANK Gerda, Marketing ISSN 1441 7863 2015 Niche Media Pty Ltd All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval. Gemser at RMIT University system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic mechanical photocopying recording internet or otherwise without the prior written. permission of the publishers While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this publication the publishers accept no. responsibility or liability for any errors omissions or resultant consequences including any loss or damage arising from reliance on information in this. Chris Riddell publication The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily endorsed by the editor publisher or Niche Media Pty Ltd. Niche Media Privacy Policy This issue of Marketing may contain offers competitions surveys subscription offers and premiums that if you choose. to participate require you to provide information about yourself If you provide information about yourself to NICHE MEDIA NICHE MEDIA will use. the information to provide you with the products or services you have requested such as subscriptions We may also provide this information to. contractors who provide the products and services on our behalf such as mail houses and suppliers of subscriber premiums and promotional prizes. We do not sell your information to third parties under any circumstances however the suppliers of some of these products and services may retain the. information we provide for future activities of their own including direct marketing NICHE MEDIA will also retain your information and use it to inform. you of other NICHE MEDIA promotions and publications from time to time If you would like to know what information NICHE MEDIA holds about you. please contact The Privacy Officer NICHE MEDIA PTY LTD 142 Dorcas Street SOUTH MELBOURNE VIC 3205. Product code MKATB0003,marketingmag com au pro,3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Executive summary, Fad or fashionable Flaky or To gain full value from design thinking.
fundamental No matter which processes though academics such as RMIT. side you lean towards design University professor of design Gerda Gemser. thinking is undoubtedly a hot topic are more direct saying companies need to. get out of the ivory tower, It s a process that continues to win recognition It s an approach that moves away from. as a core plank of strategy by an ever growing an analytical or evidence based model. list of businesses seeking cut through and and as such can lead to value judgements. differentiation in their crowded markets And about its worth and usefulness particularly. it s not just the preserve of start ups The in industries like financial services. Michelle Dunner interest in design thinking and the role of where data driven evaluation has ruled. report editor designers more broadly has seen a number of unchallenged. major organisations ramp up their capabilities Deloitte just over 10 years ago described. Late last year Wired reported that by BRW as a sick puppy has effectively. IBM was busy building the biggest design reinvented itself by using design thinking. team on the planet while UK banking giant not only as it applies to the firm s burgeoning. Barclays had become the largest employer of digital business but in an integrated strategy. designers in London That significant change that encompasses all of its business units. in mindset came about not only because of a including tax and auditing. renewed focus on the customer experience While the Deloitte marketing team has. but also due to competitive challenges from championed the design thinking process it. untraditional players such as Google s push has been embraced much more widely within. into financial services the organisation s overall strategy There s no. Even Microsoft is said to be employing requirement to be a designer with specific. more designers than engineers now a creative or spatial skills rather the Deloitte. seismic shift in attitude team has been trained by some of the world s. But even with such high profile examples foremost exponents of design thinking. is there underlying resistance to embracing including Stanford s d School and Italian. design thinking especially among larger professor Roberto Verganti to develop a. more traditional and perhaps less agile new mindset. organisations Is it still misunderstood There is a plethora of benefits on offer. undervalued or dismissed as being yet to organisations that embrace and follow. another business buzzword through with the design thinking process. And further questions need to be asked At its very heart is the ability to work at the. Do you need to be a designer to implement or same time on the issues of both the present. drive a design thinking process Does design and the future exploring a range of solutions. thinking sit most naturally with the marketing Its iterative nature can offer solutions to. function within an organisation or elsewhere problems as the process runs potentially. At issue is the very definition of design opening up alternative paths new solutions. thinking and its application beyond its roots in or indeed the ability to redefine the initial. product design and engineering In essence problem, design thinking is a process that harnesses Some see design thinking as the. creativity to resolve problems and create integration of left and right brain disciplines. solutions with the intent of making a product to be a required strategy essential to business. a service or a business better success Others are more blunt they see. Up to now companies that have made the application of the design thinking process. use of design thinking are often of a similar to solve problems or issues especially as. mindset and that is to cultivate a more they relate to customer experience as a. customer centric or human centred culture no brainer. marketingmag com au pro,05 Foreword,Roberto Verganti. 06 Special guest introduction,Design Management Institute. 07 Feature,Why we need design thinking,12 Infographic.
Visualising design thinking the process,13 Infographic. Visualising design thinking Deloitte s model,14 The debate. Topic Design s role in business is unquantifiable,Respondents. Doug Nash FutureBrand,Geoff Brooks Equipsuper,Ted Rubin Brand Innovators. Timm McVaigh Brand Ideas,16 Opinion,Redesigning the bumblebee David Redhill Deloitte.
19 Opinion, What cows can teach us about empathy Felicity Mitchem TANK. 21 Opinion, The new experience paradigm Simon Stacey Designworks. marketingmag com au pro,5 FOREWORD, Design is in its heyday It s spreading to all No meaning no value no innovation. industries Why no business, Because any organisation needs So where does meaning come from The. innovation to compete or simply survive meaning of things comes from design Firms. No innovation no business often assume that meaning exists out there. But there s a lot of confusion about in the market that people have a predefined. what innovation is Innovation is not just purpose a need And they search for new. an improvement in performance We can solutions a new how to serve this existing. improve performance without generating purpose better and better a brighter lamp a. any business results Would it make sense faster robot. Roberto to create a faster car Or a razor with seven But people are not only in search of new. Verganti blades Or photographic cameras with solutions to existing problems They are. professor of billions of pixels also in search for new meanings for new. leadership and Innovation is useful only when it creates whys because their life keeps changing and. innovation value for people because they are delighted by the discovery. Politecnico No value no innovation no business of new directions by an expansion of what. di Milano So where does value come from they can do and feel. Italy author Simple people give value to things that Meaning can be designed and proposed. Design Driven mean something to them And people And when people are offered a new why that. Innovation search for meaning Whenever they do makes more sense they fall in love Families. something in life there is a meaning behind nowadays invest more in candles lasting only. it there is a purpose there is a why And 30 hours rather than in long lasting electric. they use products and services that support bulbs not because they want to illuminate. this search for meaning For example they but to dim the light and perfume a room when. switch on light bulbs because it makes welcoming friends. sense to welcome home friends in a bright Hospitals buy slow robots like the da Vinci. and shiny room They use fast robots in system the leading prostatectomy device not. order to improve the productivity of a to replace doctors and increase productivity. process but to help them during complex operations. But the search for meaning is becoming What makes people really passionate is not a. the core of market dynamics It is now a solution it is the discovery of a new meaning. protagonist in the ordinary life of people to And design is just about this creating. the point of becoming the way we look at new meaningful experiences As Klaus. how people buy and use things This is for Krippendorff says The etymology of design. two reasons First we live in a world full of goes back to the Latin designare and means. opportunities where according to sociologist marking something distinguishing it by a. Zygmunt Bauman The question mark has sign giving it significance designating its. moved from the side of the means to that relation to other things Based on this original. of the ends And second this world keeps meaning one could say design is making. changing so people are constantly in search sense of things. of new meaning Markets are driven by So no design no meaning no value no. meaning innovation no business,marketingmag com au pro.
6 SPECIAL GUEST INTRODUCTION,Special guest introduction. CEOs identify creativity as the top leadership organisation governance communication. competency of the successful enterprise of tools and technologies they employ in the. the future Frank Kern former senior vice service of aligning the internal brand with. president IBM Global Business Services the external brand offer thus designing the. enterprise and its culture for agility and, The Design Management Institute s efficacy by employing creative methods. Design Value Index DVI tracked for the and practices. first time the value of select publicly held Design thinking is a means to. companies and benchmarked the impact that deliver creativity. their investments in design and innovation, Carole Bilson had on stock value over time relative to the The process of design thinking provides. president S P Index The first DVI was completed in a common customer centric language. Design January 2013 built by Motiv Strategies in to discuss the opportunities available to. Management partnership with DMI A new DVI became the organisation Problem framing and. Institute DMI available in April 2015 at dmi org value reframing and the emergent thinking used. Over the last 10 years design led during the exploration of the problem allows. The Design companies have maintained significant stock design and business to develop a common. Management market advantage outperforming the S P by understanding of both the challenge and. Institute DMI is an extraordinary 228 percent possible solutions together. an international Design management has traditionally. organisation that used a design thinking approach to Design thinking is a predictive. connects design develop compelling products and services mechanism. value to business that resonate with customers consistently. society and the producing financial rewards and building With a deep understanding of the external. changing world brand loyalty But beyond customer centric competitive and cultural landscape that is the. through research empathy beyond creative iteration beyond fundamental starting point of design thinking. education and the bias to a maker mentality design thinking the process itself can be a hedge against. Design Thinking Everything a marketer needs to know of the purpose and process of human centred design within organisations TREND BRIEFING The Marketer s Guide To marketingmag com au pro This report edited by MICHELLE DUNNER Foreword by ROBERTO VERGANTI Many thanks to Roberto Verganti Carole Bilson and the Design Management Institute David Redhill at Deloitte Simon Stacey and Luke

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