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The International Archives of the Photogrammetry Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences Volume XLII 3 W10 2020. International Conference on Geomatics in the Big Data Era ICGBD 15 17 November 2019 Guilin Guangxi China. stronger immersive experience effect so that teaching is no resource information device information 3D model data and. longer flat and boring and it promotes the process of learning trial balloon The user login interface server and model data are. In view of the above shortcomings this paper adopts B S separated into two parts the front end and background. architecture based on three js three dimensional engine management The front end is responsible for browser page. designing online display teaching training assessment development simple and intuitive flexible to use the back end. communication and management in the integration of UAV is responsible for server management development Users. virtual simulation teaching platform to construct a variety of developers and maintenance personnel perform their duties. UAV model integration the scenario solves the problem that without affecting each other simplify system development and. the browser needs to install the plug in to browse and user maintenance improve the flexibility and realize the. interaction with the UAV the unmanned ship through the construction a 3D virtual scene rendering further meeting user. process of implementation verify the validity of the virtual requirements for model visualization in the case of without any. simulation teaching system of UAV It shows that the three plug in installed browse and view the 3D model and perform. dimensional scene of the system interactive and immersive interactive operations such as scaling rotating split. friendly and has high teaching efficiency It can well meet the combination interactions and so on to enhance visual. needs of users and make up for the shortcomings of traditional perception and stimulate learning interest The user only enters. teaching UAV virtual teaching system achieved virtual the system through a browser that supports WebGL issues a. simulation to a large degree making the traditional teaching request instructions at the browser end and the server responds. course into animation with virtual technology and more to the request accordingly Mysql database is installed on the. interactivity and facticity server to store a mount of data The browser can interact with. the database through the Web server ingeniously solving the. 2 SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE 3D interaction problem, 2 1 System Architecture 2 2 System overall framework design and development. Virtual simulation teaching system for UAV based on Through long term exploration and research on the. WebGL uses WebGL technology combined with three js three training market of unmanned system the existing training. dimensional open source framework development The three js institutions in the market failed to form a sound teaching. framework is usually a combination of modules that are system and the traditional teaching mode could not meet the. common to code which is used in many fields Most of the 3D teaching needs With the stable development of the industry it. visualization systems use the C S architecture which requires is urgent to establish a standardized systematic and professional. high software and hardware and is not lightweight enough training system. Therefore the system adopts the B S architecture browser with The design purpose of UAV virtual simulation system is to. WebGL parsing capabilities web server the loading speed is realize equipment cognition human system interaction virtual. fast and the browser can be opened without installing the Flash simulation experiment operation online assessment and. plug in which greatly reduces the development difficulty communication without installing any plug ins based on. System architecture diagram is shown in Figure 1 WebGL technology mastering UAV theoretical knowledge and. practical skills and realizing the integration of learning. User personalized login interface practice and examination Based on these functions the user. Presentation interface is designed by using HMTL5 CSS and Java Script. layer JavaScript HTML5 CSS technology and the display is integrated on the browser side. The whole system uses 3DMAX modeling virtual reality. technology combined with three js framework to build the scene. and the 2D user interface and 3D virtual scene are integrated. Control Web server and released into the web browser to achieve virtual. experiments instead of actual operations The system builds the. environment to apply the centos7 operating system and uses the. Tomcat application server to respond to HTML5 events. User information teaching resource combined with the MySQL database to realize human computer. Data interaction,layer 3D model data test questions library. 3 MODULE DESIGN,equipment information, The design of UAV virtual simulation system is based on. Figure 1 System architecture diagram the principles of verisimilitude practicability openness high. efficiency integrity and reliability to achieve the best effect of. virtual simulation On the theoretical basis the development of. In the system architecture design and development virtual simulation teaching using modular design it is easy to. through the integration of the presentation layer the control develop and expand system The main modules of the system. layer and the data layer the site xml file is parsed to obtain the are online tutorial simulation training online assessment user. data of the entire scene The presentation layer uses JavaScript management and data management. HTML5 CSS programming design and display the user login Online tutorials in the virtual exhibition hall equipment. interface and 3D virtual scene The control layer as the link cognition and animation display Simulation training includes. between the presentation layer and the data layer converting the all kinds of practical training data processing equipment. model data for loading The data layer is responsible for the assembly and actual operation Online assessment is used to. storage of system data and focuses on the interacting with the test learning effectiveness communicate and interact with each. database The database includes user information teaching other share dynamic information promote learning User. This contribution has been peer reviewed, https doi org 10 5194 isprs archives XLII 3 W10 1239 2020 Authors 2020 CC BY 4 0 License 1240. The International Archives of the Photogrammetry Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences Volume XLII 3 W10 2020. International Conference on Geomatics in the Big Data Era ICGBD 15 17 November 2019 Guilin Guangxi China. management changes the Settings of user login role conversion management of resources The overall design of the system is. password etc Data management the management of the data shown in figure 2. stored in the resource repository involves the updating and. Equipment cognitive Basic knowledge,Online tutorials Animated show Data processing.
Virtual Exhibition Hall Equipment assembly,UAV Data processing. Simulation training Unmanned ships Equipment assembly. Three dimensional laser Hands on operation,Random algorithm Different content. Design of UAV virtual Different types,Online assessment. simulation system,Freedom group volume Different devices. User login,User management User role,Administrator.
Question bank resource management,Text update,Data management Delete. Update of simulation experiment,3d animation update. Resource management,Figure 2 System overall framework. the application examples of scanning the two dimensional code. 3 1 Online Teaching Module display the virtual exhibition hall zooming and 720 degree. rotation increasing interest and improving learning efficiency. 3 1 1 Online Course Basics Let students have a certain degree of cognition of the basic. The online course module is an important part of the knowledge of equipment Users can learn relevant knowledge. system Diversified virtual simulation teaching including and applications according to their own needs The Phantom 4. graphic audio and video MG animation virtual simulation PRO knowledge display is shown in Figure 3 Figure 4 shows. experiment detachable mold of 3D printing display and the DJI M600 Pro The QR code is placed and the user can. practical operation containing UAV system unmanned ship scan the code to view the application examples for learning. system data processing combine multiple knowledge points. with applications virtual and real combined with online and. offline teaching to stimulate students interest in learning and. guide students to change their learning concepts The online. courses focus on the learning of basic knowledge of UAV and. cultivate professional ability of the students By restoring the. real environment creating a virtual classroom scene embedding. the device model of the multi source unmanned remote sensing. system accurately and realistically restoring the appearance. structure of the device optimizing the details combining with. This contribution has been peer reviewed, https doi org 10 5194 isprs archives XLII 3 W10 1239 2020 Authors 2020 CC BY 4 0 License 1241. The International Archives of the Photogrammetry Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences Volume XLII 3 W10 2020. International Conference on Geomatics in the Big Data Era ICGBD 15 17 November 2019 Guilin Guangxi China. data preparation,Panorama exhibition hall and,3DMAX modeling equipment model making.
Modeling Loading animation,Output model data,Exhibition Three Js loading. Interactive function implementation,UI interface design. WebGL rendering, Figure 3 Phantom 4 PRO knowledge show Rendering mapping. Integrated publishing,to the web side,Figure 5 Virtual showroom development process. The page of online exhibition hall provides users with an. entrance to the virtual online 3D exhibition hall through which. they can browse different scenes in the virtual exhibition hall. The virtual exhibition hall system displays the virtual teaching. environment and equipment exhibition hall with 720. panoramic technology At the same time a variety of unmanned. remote sensing system devices are presented by online three. dimensional display technology The users can perform three. dimensional viewing of the device through the network. disassemble the device and understand understand the structure. Figure 4 DJI M600 Pro knowledge show of the device The specific process is shown in Figure 5. 3 1 3 animation display, 3 1 2 Virtual Exhibition Hall Disassembling the combined animation display is an.
Compared with traditional teaching the virtual exhibition important part of the immersive experience Because OBJ. hall teaching development has more characteristics and its format supports only static model of storage so through the. simulation and interactive further 3DMax is one of the most editable poly in the 3DMAX UAV paddles batteries and. widely used 3D design software with perfect 3D production fuselage modeling respectively to export in FBX format. and powerful rendering output ability and simple to flexible introduced FBXLoader function and inflate min js plug in. and operate which is the key to the establishment of 3D virtual imports into three js parsing model animations through. reality model Zhang et al 2018 Based on the data and animation to implement disassembly and combination The. pictures collection and modeling on 3DMAX with obj or fbx UAV can be moved rotated and dismantled in 3D environment. as 3D data export format three js load the UAV model into the Firstly the initial frame position and final frame position of the. scene through Load function using WebGL rendering and paddle are set then the interactive program is written for. graphics integration combined the technology of VR panorama control and the disassembly and combination display in the. using JavaScript language to make Web interactive 3D scenes browser perfectly realizes the 3D animation display of the UAV. integrated display in the browser make the teaching and the user can browse and learn the components and details of. environment giving learners an immersive experience bringing the UAV. real fuck the sense as it were is helpful to enrich the teaching. content improve students innovative and practical ability 3 2 Training Simulation Module. Based on the real teaching environment we will create virtual. classrooms embed 3D models and basic knowledge of various 3 2 1 Establishment of 3D model. unmanned remote sensing system devices accurately and The number of 3D models is increasing rapidly along with. objectively restore the appearance and parameters of the actual the development of multimedia animation WebGL 3D MAX. equipment and combine with the data processing application and CAD technologies It is very important that the 3D model is. tutorials at the later stage students can have a preliminary built in the virtual environment The fidelity of the 3D model. cognition of the equipment and work process determines the immersive experience in the 3D scene Due to. the complicated drawing process of HTML5 Canvas tag 3D. MAX software with powerful modeling ability and drawing. capabilities is used to make 3D model of UAV Huang et al. 2013 3DMax is one of the most widely used 3D design. software with perfect 3D modeling and rendering output. development simple and intuitive flexible to use the back end is responsible for server management development Users developers and maintenance personnel perform their duties without affecting each other simplify system development and maintenance improve the flexibility and realize the construction a 3D virtual scene rendering further meeting user requirements for model

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