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Noor N Abdulsattar Al Khwarizmi Engineering Journal Vol 15 No 2 P P 80 88 2019. energy monitoring etc They require the use of chain report and expecting of accomplishment or. sophisticated automation schemes that must be failure of the system The manufacturing process. able to grant access to production data and field is designed by using SCADA simulator which is. distributed variables at large distances and from WINCC v6 0 the integration between the two. various levels of factory automation field systems was accomplished by OPC server R. control supervision etc 4 Programmable Sharma et al 10 Presented the design of a. Logic Controls PLCs are used for system prototype of automated storage and retrieval. control As the need to monitor and control more system for small loads and to reduce the human. devices in the plant grew the PLCs are distributed effort and manpower This paper includes design. and the systems became more intelligent and and structure analysis of material storage and. smaller in size SCADA and PLC are types of retrieval system with the help of PLC and. control systems Nowadays there are systems that SCADA PLC used DVP DVP 64EH WPLSoft. incorporate all these concepts in one integrated 2 30 is the software dedicated to the PLC for. automation system Totally Integrated Automation programming purpose RS 232 is used for serial. TIA is the foundation to implement industry communication The prototype model of. specific automation solutions that are coordinated automated storage and retrieval system developed. with individual requirements combining consists of the control hardware and software. increased productivity with a high level of SCADA, investment security TIA offers uniform In this work a new method is added to control. automation technology on one single platform for the process and promote the work which is. all applications of process automation starting creating two states for the system and chose any. with input logistics covering production or one of them by selective switch to help the. primary processes as well as secondary processes operator through checking failed parts PLC s7. up to output logistics Many researches have been 1200 is used to control the implemented. discussed this subject like mechanical part and the SCADA system is created. R Kumar et al 5 designed a SCADA by TIA v13 software HMI is accomplished. System for industrial purpose to control and through Wincc v13. monitor the process plant that consists of three,units where the temperature of these units are. variable so the developed automated system 2 Mechanicaland Electronic Parts. collects the temperature data of different cities, and maintains the production according to the The system consists of three main mechanical. consumers demands Where the consumer parts the first one is the heating unit that. demand is varying according to the temperature combines normal water electrical heater 11. N Burali 6 used Delta PLC to control the plated inside by stainless steel to suit food. crane movement s With the use of WPL industry and water proof anti resistant. software SCADA used were current and temperature sensor Ds18b20 placed inside the. temperature of the drives have been observed by tank to measure the syrup temperature The. SCADA system in current instant To achieve the second part is consisted of solenoid valve joined. point of automating and controlling K P Bindu by typical water pipes which served as a gate for. et al 7 Managed an intelligent monitoring passing the syrup after the evaporation step Then. system of hardboard industry with the help of a water flow sensor is placed under the solenoid. PLC Allen Bradley PLC and the entire logic were valve to determine and allow a specific amount of. created in MICROLOGIX Programming software syrup to pass to the third part which consists of a. to control the parameters of required pressure and centrifugal container that has concaved design to. time duration of each period The system created a allow both of mixing and Centrifuging processes. fast real time decision making environment The The outside of the centrifugal container is covered. process is adaptable to any changes in production by a layer of heavy cloth to prevent the escape of. capacity or safety requirements Das 8 Provided sugar crystals during the rotation AC motor of. an analysis of the simulation and components 1600 rpm was used to rotate the centrifugal. required for the implementation of an automated container in addition to measure the humidity. level control system by the help of inside the crystallization unit the humidity. PLC SIMATIC s7 300 Ahmed kh et al 9 gave temperature sensor DHT11 were used On the. a solution to plan application process by using the other hand the system also includes electronic. SCADA system and deal with another system parts three uno arduinos 12 each of them is. ERP v7 0 simulator To record and make supply responsible for one of the sensors and to convert. Noor N Abdulsattar Al Khwarizmi Engineering Journal Vol 15 No 2 P P 80 88 2019. Analog to digital signal ADC Six relays as a analogue and digital outputs from uno arduino. latching relays that were used to convert the DC from the computer by the arduino software. arduinos output signals into appropriate signals to integrated development environment IDE The. enter the PLC as an input Siemens S7 1200 output signals of the PLC are given to the. PLCserves as the major controlling unit of the components that connected to the PLC as. system Based on the ladder logic program the actuators like heater valve and motor for. PLC achieves its decisions and communicated to controlling them specifically. the computer by using PN IE Finally the last part,is the HMI Siemens WINCC V13 TIA that. presents the status of the system Tags were used,to empower connection between the PLC and.
3 Design and Implementation,This section can be divided into. 3 1 Mechanical Design,Laboratory production line as hardware system. has been designed this system consists of three,units heating unit as a tank with capacity of 20L. transferring elements valve flow sensor and, centrifugal unit with dimensions of 60 60 190 Fig 2 The Designed Circuit of the Project. cm for the iron frame D 28cm for the tank and,30 60 cm for the board of electronics The.
system was designed to be used for laboratory 3 3 Production Line Implementation. purposes only Figure 1 Presents the design of the, system The implementation is divided into four steps. a Building the system The production line has,been accomplished and the electric parts were. wired according to the design of hardware and, circuit design Figure 3 Presentsthe final shape of. the laboratory production line,Fig 1 The design of laboratory production line. 3 2 Circuit Design Fig 3 Final Hardware System, The main part of the automated production line b Sensor Positioning Three sensors were used.
machine is the Siemens s7 1200 PLC as shown in in this project temperature sensor mw0 was. Figure2 where the input signals of temperature used to sense the heat inside the heater placed. flow and humidity are given to the PLC as inside the tank flow sensor was used to measure a. Noor N Abdulsattar Al Khwarizmi Engineering Journal Vol 15 No 2 P P 80 88 2019. specific amount of syrup placed inline under the TIA software The symbols used in the ladder are. valve I0 3 and humidity sensor I0 5 fixed in shown in figure 4 in the PLC tags table while Fig. the top of container to measure humidity inside 5 is the ladder program for this experimental. the container during crystallizing process work,c Ladder Programing The ladder. programming of s7 1200 was done by STEP7 of,Fig 4 The PLC tag table. Noor N Abdulsattar Al Khwarizmi Engineering Journal Vol 15 No 2 P P 80 88 2019. Fig 5 The ladder logic program,d HMI Creation The HMI was implemented in. WINCC v13 of TIA software Tags have been,used to create a connection between the PLC with. the HMI Since the system works in two modes,two HMI were created the first one is AUTO for a.
full automatic system and MANUAL one for,operating each component of the system. separately the benefit of these two screens is to, help an operator to fix or check any failure can be. occurred inside the system This method helps in, finding the failed part without operating the whole. system Every action during real process will,appear on this screen Figure 6 a and b shows the. two implemented HMI,Fig 6 a The AUTO mode, Noor N Abdulsattar Al Khwarizmi Engineering Journal Vol 15 No 2 P P 80 88 2019.
Fig 6 b The MANUAL mode,4 Results and Discussions,Scenario of process. The over tank is to be filled with syrup The, heater will automatically be on when the system is. powered The evaporation process inside the tank,is checked always by temperature sensor when. temperature reaches 100 C the PLC indicates the,valve to be open at the same time the flow sensor. starts mounting 1L of syrup to pass to the last,step When flow meter stops the motor starts.
rotating the centrifugal container with the syrup, inside to start crystallization process during this. time the humidity sensor checks the humidity,percentage inside the container Figure 7 shows. the block diagram of the whole process,After several attempts and corrections such as. in the wiring or in the ladder logic and the,software The results for this work are the. 1 Two moods for automatic and manual mode,are created Fig 6 a and b.
2 Trend view to monitor the temperature value in,the same screen is created Fig 8. 3 One analog alarm is created when the,humidity being above 60 inside the container. Fig 9 Fig 7 The block diagram of the system, Noor N Abdulsattar Al Khwarizmi Engineering Journal Vol 15 No 2 P P 80 88 2019. other controller by an application for PC or,Phone This project can be expanded to all other. process variables such as pressure level and,other types of sensors.
6 Abbreviations,SCADA supervisor control and data acquisition. PLC programmable logic controller,HMI human machine interface. 7 References,1 M Iacob G D Andreescu and N Muntean. Fig 8 Trend view for temperature sensor SCADA system for a central heating and. power plant in Proc 5th International,Symposium on Applied Computational. Intelligence and Informatics SACI 2009,Timisoara Romania May 2009 pp 159 164.
2 M P Groover Automation Production,Systems and Computer integrated. Manufacturing 3rd Ed Pearson Education,Inc Prentice Hall 2008. 3 S A Boyer SCADA Supervisory Control and,Data Acquisition 2nd Ed ISA 2004. 4 F Adamo F Attivissimo G Cavone and N,Giaquinto SCADA HMI systems in advanced. educational courses IEEE Transactions on,Instrumentation and Measurement vol 56 no.
1 pp 4 10 Feb 2007,5 R Kumar K Chauhan and M L Dewal. Trends of SCADA in Process Control,Fig 9 Alarm researchgate net DOI. 10 13140 2 1 1365 8400 December 2009,6 Y N Burali PLC Based Industrial Crane. 5 Conclusions Automation Monitoring Int J Eng Sci,vol 1 no 3 pp 01 04 2012. Automated sugar production line is designed 7 K P Bindu N R Jayasree and E. and implemented assisted by predicted model and Sreenivasan Control Automation and. standard values The designed SCADA system Monitoring Of Hardboard Production Process. can control and monitor the production line The Using PLC SCADA System Int J Adv. input parameters are voltages of temperature flow Res Electr Electron Instrum Eng vol 2 no. and humidity V furthermore turn on and off of 7 pp 3281 3286 2013. the heater valve and motor automatically through 8 R Das Automation of Tank Level Using Plc. a computer by using PLC Siemens s7 1200 The and Establishment of Hmi by Scada IOSR J. results of the measured and analysed parameters Electr Electron Eng vol 7 no 2 pp 61 67. have been displayed on GUI 2013, This work has provided the following points 9 Ahmed kh et al E Engineering SMART.
1 Low cost custom built monitoring and SCADA SYSTEM FOR SUGER. controlling PROCESSES Master Thesis Sudan, 2 The project can be customized to suit any other University of Science and Technology. industrial requirements College of Engineering 2015. In the future it is possible to apply AI Connect 10 R Sharma S Navtake and P H P. the system to the Wifi so it can be managed by Chaudhari Automatic Material Storage and. Noor N Abdulsattar Al Khwarizmi Engineering Journal Vol 15 No 2 P P 80 88 2019. Retrieval System using PLC and SCADA 12 S T Hamidi J A Mohammed and L M. vol 13 no 6 pp 1361 1365 2017 Reda Design and Implementation of an. 11 A A Mohammed and R A Abduljabbar Automatic Control for Two Axis Tracking. Enhancement of Hybrid Solar Air System for Applications of Concentrated. Conditioning System using a New Control Solar Thermal Power vol 14 no 4 pp 54. Strategy vol 14 no 4 pp 24 33 2018 63 2018,15 2 2019 88 80. nooranabil94 gmail com,dr faiz kecbu uobaghdad edu iq. dr suhahadi gmail com,SCADA Siemens s7 1200,1214Dc Dc Rly PLC. Design and Implementation of SCADA System for Sugar Production Line designing the HMI creating alarms and trending system The system will have two HMI screens according to the two operating states of system Automatic and Manual the operator can choose between them by a selector switch this method helps the operators when fixing a failure and wanting to check it without operating all

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