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International Journal of Science Engineering and Technology Research IJSETR Volume 3 Issue 5 May 2014. Operator Human operator who monitors,the SCADA system and performs. II INTERFACING BETWEEN SCADA AND supervisory control functions for the. SUBSTATION CONTROL SYSTEM remote plant operations, A Introduction of SCADA system Human machine interface HMI. Presents data to the operator and provides,SCADA supervisory control and data acquisition. for control inputs in a variety of formats, system refers to the combination of telemetry and data. including graphics schematics windows, acquisition SCADA encompasses the collecting of the.
pull down menus touch screens and so, information via a RTU remote terminal unit transferring. it back to the central site carrying out any necessary. Master terminal unit MTU Equivalent, analysis and control and then displaying that information on. to a master unit in a master slave, a number of operator screens or displays The required. architecture The MTU presents data to the, control actions are then conveyed back to the process. operator through the HMI gathers data, SCADA is a common process automation system It is also.
from the distant site and transmits control,called Energy Management System EMS A SCADA. signals to the remote site The transmission, system gathers data from sensors and instruments located to. rate of data between the MTU and the, remote sides Then it transmits data at a central site for. remote site is relatively low and the control, controller monitoring process SCADA system consists of. method is usually open loop because of, one or more field data interface devices RTUs or PLCs A.
possible time delays or data flow, communication system such as radio telephone cable. interruptions, satellite etc A central host computer sever or severs also. Communications means Communication,called a SCADA center or Master Terminal Unit MTU. method between the MTU and remote, A collection of standard and or custom software Human. controllers Communication can be through,Machine Interface HMI.
the Internet wireless or wired networks or, Critical infrastructure systems include critical physical. the switched public telephone network, processes These processes are controlled by automation. Remote terminal unit RTU Functions,systems which combine humans computers. as a slave in the master slave architecture, communications and procedures Automation systems are. Sends control signals to the device un der, used to increase the efficiency of process control by trading.
control acquires data from these devices, off high personnel costs for low computer system costs. and transmits the data to the MTU An, They also contribute to improve performance by taking. RTU may be a PLC The data rate between, advantage of faster computer control instead of human. the RTU and controlled device is relatively, reaction times These automation system are often referred. high and the control method is usually, to as process control system PCS or supervisory control.
closed loop, and data acquisition SCADA systems and the widespread. use of such systems makes them critical to the safe reliable. and efficient operation of many physical processes. Specific terminology is associated with the components. of SCADA systems These SCADA elements are define as. ISSN 2278 7798,All Rights Reserved 2014 IJSETR, International Journal of Science Engineering and Technology Research IJSETR Volume 3 Issue 5 May 2014. C Interfacing between SCADA and substation,Distribution. stribution system is concerned with hardware,components such as generator transformers. transmission lines and circuit breakers etc SCADA, system has participated with software packages and.
main target is for supervisory control and data,acquisition For this reasons distribution system. components must connect to the various sensing,devices such as CTs PTs for collecting data from. the power lines,There are interfaces to substation intelligent. electronic devices IEDs to acquire data determine,the operation. peration status of each IED and interface to the,energy management system EMS to receive data.
Figure 1 Block diagram,of SCADA system,from the substation integration and automation. system at different periodicities The system must, B Primary substation interface with all of the IEDs in the substation This. It can be performed as a transmission substation and includes polling the IEDs for readings and event. also as a distribution substation As a distribution substation notifications The data from all the IEDs must be. the sub transmission, transmission voltage is reduced for general sent to the utility enterprise to populate the data. distribution throughout the area A substation needs devices warehouse or be sent to an appropriate. appropr location for,such as the following intelligent. igent electronic devices storage of the substation data The system must. Potential transformers PT know the status of all connected IEDs at all times. Current transformers CT Basic information describing the operation state. Main transformers of the power network is passed to the SCADA. Disconnecting switches DS system This information is collected automatically. Circuit breakers CB by the equipment in various substation and devices. and can be categorized as status indication,measured values and energy values The status of.
switching devices and alarm signals are represented. by status indications and these indications are, eady closings connected to digital input boards of. Measured values reflect different time varying, quantities such as voltage current temperature and. tap changer positions which are collected from the. power system They fall into two basic types,typ analog. and digital All analog signals are transformed via an. A D converter to binary format because treated as,momentary value. value that they have to be normalized,before storing in the SCADA database The SCADA.
system is configured around the following standard. functions such as data acquisition monitoring and,event supervising control data storage archiving. and analysis and then reporting However this,Figure 2 Block diagram of a primary substation. paper illustrates monitoring and event supervising of. substation distribution system,ISSN 2278 7798,All Rights Reserved 2014 IJSETR. International Journal of Science Engineering and Technology Research IJSETR Volume 3 Issue 5 May 2014. III MONITORING SYSTEM OF A PRIMARY,SUBSTATION, The monitoring system is a real time supervision system. of the field devices real time status currents voltages. pressures temperatures contacts etc This supervision is. made through digital equipments and special,pecial sensors that are.
installed in the field devices of the substation The data are. collected and processed in a data acquisition and control unit. UAC to thereafter through a communication network, using desirably a protocol standardized internationa. internationally be, sent to a central computer located at the control building of. the substation and later to the operation centers and so. allowing a remote supervision, A Implementation of monitoring system of a primary. substation,The monitoring system of a primary,rimary substation is. shown in fig3 composed of main window and three sub sub Figure 4 Supervision. upervision status of control display,windows where the operator can easily work out.
Figure 3 Flow diagram of monitoring system, The monitoring display of a substation is shown in. fig 4 Supervisory condition can be seen and changed by. three statuses such as no communication closed opened Figure 5 Showing the status of main transformer 1. All button and text name on control screen have already. connected with the field devices or IEDs of and distribution IV CONCLUSION. system Therefore the collecting data from field devices The main purpose of power system. end to their respective button and text archives and then management EMS or SCADA system is to. each button changing condition can vary the storage value generate transmit and distribute electric energy. of the supervision screen If an operator wants to close or efficiently SCADA main function is to supervise. open some line operator can directly open or close the control and manage power networks in an integrated. button or text on the screen, creen as a real time condition Each manner The whole distribution canca be seen on. tag properties on screen can be changed and seen by displayed screen and periodic data changes can be. clicking on desired button acquired automatically,The main advantage of this system is labors. can be trained on computer and their skills can be. improved in short time Future plan can be,ISSN 2278 7798. All Rights Reserved 2014 IJSETR, International Journal of Science Engineering and Technology Research IJSETR Volume 3 Issue 5 May 2014.
simulated with the help of SCADA software Then 5 Mohamed Awad and Awad I Ibrahim PC Based SCADA. Simulator for Distribution System Analysis IEEE,following parameter can be calculated easily. 6 Matthias Seitz Translated by ABB China Co Ltd, Load flow calculation Programmable Controller Application Tutorial M. Short circuit calculation Beijing Beijing Machinery Industry Press 2009. Stability calculation 7 FameView User Manual M Beijing Jiekong Technology. Co Ltd 2009,Transient analysis,8 Wang Huazhong Supervisory Control and Data. Load forecasting Acquisition SCADA System and Its Application M. Protective relay coordination Beijing Electronic Industry Press 2010. At the master station the operator can know the total 9 Sheng Shoulin RMON Principles of Power System M. Beijing China Electric Power Press 1998,load energy production per generator frequency. 10 Weinberger Sharon Powerless in Gaza IEEE Spectrum. overloading at the substation or transformers and losses etc America Dec 2009 84. SCADA or EMS system is immediately necessary for 11 Bailey David and Wright Edwin Practical SCADA for. survival of power utilities in metropolitan cities Effective Industry Newnes 2003 298. 12 Shoarinejad Arash Communication Protocols in, power distribution without SCADA system will be difficult.
Substation Automation and SCADA 15p, 13 Maintenance Management using M SCADA First Iranian. V REFERENCE Maintenance Conference NET 1994, 14 Energy Distribution Management in distribution networks. 1 SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Stuart A Boyer using MSCADA National Conference of Electrical. Isa 2009 Distribution Companies 1993, 2 Wang Huazhong Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA System and Its Application M Beijing Electronic Industry. Press 2010, 3 Sheng Shoulin RMON Principles of Power System M Beijing. 4 Electric Power Press 1998,ISSN 2278 7798,All Rights Reserved 2014 IJSETR.
Design and Implementation of SCADA System Based Power Distribution for Primary Substation Monitoring System equipments operated on the site so as to achieve functions such as data acquisition measurement parameter adjustment and various signal alarms The power distribution monitoring system uses two monitoring hosts one main host and one standby host to call and monitor the load

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