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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING STUDIES Volume VI Issue 4 AUG 2016. Types of couplings pump etc Due to the inconvenience in transportation. Sleeve coupling of shaft of greater length it becomes necessary to. join two or more shafts by means of coupling The, A sleeve coupling consists of a pipe whose bore is. shafts that are connected by coupling should be easy. finished to the required tolerance based on the shaft. enough to assemble and dismantle for the purpose of. size Based on the usage of the coupling a keyway is. repair and alterations The severe failure due to, made in the bore in order to transmit the torque by. shearing of bolts head key head nuts and other, means of the key Two threaded holes are provided in. projecting parts may cause accidents So it should be. order to lock the coupling in position, covered by giving suitable shape to the flanges or by.
Bush pin Type flange coupling,providing guards The shaft to be connected by the. This is used for slightly imperfect alignment of the coupling may have collinear axes intercepting axes. two shafts or a parallel axes with a small distance in between. them The flange coupling is further classified into. This is modified form of the protected type flange. two types Rigid and Flexible Coupling Rigid flange. coupling This type of coupling has pins and it works. coupling consists of two separate grey cast iron, with coupling bolts The rubber or leather bushes are. flanges One keyed to the driving shaft and the other. used over the pins The coupling has two halves,to the driven shaft by means of nuts and bolts. dissimilar in construction The pins are rigidly, arranged on a circle concentric with the axes of the. fastened by nuts to one of the flange and kept loose. shafts There are two types of rigid flange couplings. on the other flange This coupling is used to connect. Protected and Unprotected rigid flange coupling In a. of shafts which having a small parallel misalignment. protected rigid flange coupling a protective, angular misalignment or axial misalignment In this.
circumferential rim covers the nut and bolt head So. coupling the rubber bushing absorbs shocks and,in any case of failure of bolts during operation. vibration during its operations This type of coupling. broken piece of bolt will dash against this rim and. is mostly used to couple electric motors and,eventually fall down protecting the operator from. any possible injuries In unprotected rigid flange,coupling such protective circumferential rim is. absent So in any case of failure of bolts it may hit. and harm the operator,Coupling maintainance and failure. Coupling maintenance is generally a simple matter,Flange coupling.
requiring a regularly scheduled inspection of each. Coupling is a device used to connect the shafts,coupling It consists of. together for the purpose of transmitting power and. torque Generally couplings are used for connection Performing visual inspections checking for. of shafts unit that are manufactured separately Such signs of wear or fatigue and cleaning couplings. as motor and generator electric motor and centrifugal regularly. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING STUDIES Volume VI Issue 4 AUG 2016. Checking and changing lubricant regularly if the Material And Its Properties. coupling is lubricated This maintenance is Rigid flange is usually manufactured by casting as it. required annually for most couplings and more consists of projection and recess The commonly. frequently for couplings in adverse used material for flange coupling is grey cast iron. environments or in demanding operating which is characterized by graphitic microstructure. conditions causing fracture of the material to have a grey. Documenting the maintenance performed on appearance It is one of the most commonly used. each coupling along with the date form of cast iron and the widely used cast material. based on casting properties Most alloys of,Even with proper maintenance however couplings. Ironcontain2 5 4 carbon 1 3 silicon and the rest, can fail Underlying reasons for failure other than. is iron by weight proportion It has less tensile,maintenance include.
strength and shock resistance as compared to its, compressive strength Its mechanical properties are. Improper installation, controlled by the size and morphology of the graphite. Poor coupling selection,flakes which deflect a passing crack and initiate. Operation beyond design capabilities, counter less new cracks as the material breaks due to. which it has good wear resistance and damping,The only way to improve coupling life is to.
capacity It also experiences less solidification,understand what caused the failure. shrinkage than other cast iron that does not form a. Abnormal noise such as screeching squealing graphitic microstructure during casting process The. or chattering silicon promotes good corrosion resistance and. increase fluidity while casting It also offers good. Excessive vibration or wobble,weldability,Failed seals indicated by lubricant leakage or. Protected type flange coupling,contamination, In this type of coupling the bolts head and nuts are. covered by projecting circumferential rims In case of. Checking the coupling balance, failure of bolts while the machine is being run the. Couplings are normally balanced at the factory prior broken piece will dash against this rim and eventually. to being shipped but they occasionally go out of fall down This protects the operator from injuries. balance in operation Balancing can be difficult and The construction of unprotected and protected flange. expensive and is normally done only when operating coupling is exactly identical except the protective. tolerances are such that the effort and the expense are rim. justified The amount of coupling unbalance that can It has following advantages. be tolerated by any system is dictated by the 1 It can tolerate 0 5 mm of lateral misalignment and. characteristics of the specific connected machines 1 5o of angular misalignment. and can be determined by detailed analysis or 2 Prevents transmission of shock from one shaft to. experience another,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING STUDIES Volume VI Issue 4 AUG 2016.
3 Can transmit high torque other proportions for the marine type flange coupling. 4 Simple in construction easy to assemble and are taken as follows. dismantle Adv are also associated with this like the. cost of flexible coupling is more requires more redial Thickness of flange d 3. distance etc,Taper of bolt 1 in 20 to 1 in 40,Unprotected type flange coupling. Pitch circle diameter of bolts, In an unprotected type flange coupling each shaft is. keyed to the boss of a flange with a counter sunk key. D1 1 6 d Outside diameter of flange,and the flanges are by means of bolts Generally. three four or six bolts are used The keys staggered D2 2 2 d. at right angle along the circumference of the shafts in. order to divide the by keyways Advantages, The usual proportions for an unprotected type cast 1 It is cheap. iron flange couplings are as follows If d is the,2 It is simple in structure.
diameter of the shaft or inner diameter of the hub. then D 2 d,3 More efficiency,Length of hub L 1 5 d Pitch circle diameter of. 4 Maintainance is not required,Disadvantages,Outside diameter of flange D2 D1 D1 D 2. D It cannot be de engaged in motion, Thickness of flange tf 0 5 d Flange coupling cannot transmit power between two. non linear shafts,Number of bolts 3 for d 4 for d upto 100 mm. 6 for d upto 180 mm Introduction to composites,Composite materials have been widely used.
Marine type flange coupling,to improve the performance of various types of. structures Compared to conventional materials the,In a marine type flange coupling the flanges are. main advantages of composites are their superior,forged integral with the shafts. stiffness to mass ratio as well as high strength to. The flanges are held together by means of weight ratio Because of these advantages. tapered headless bolts numbering from four to composites have been increasingly incorporated in. twelve depending upon the diameter of shaft The structural components in various industrial fields. Some examples are helicopter rotor blades aircraft. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING STUDIES Volume VI Issue 4 AUG 2016. wings in aerospace engineering and bridge structures The advantages of composites over the conventional. in civil engineering applications Some of the basic materials are High strength to weight ratio high. concepts of composite materials are discussed in the stiffness to weight ratio high impact resistance. following section to better acquaint ourselves with better fatigue resistance Improved corrosion. the behaviour of composites resistance Good thermal conductivity Low. Basic Concepts of Composite Materials Coefficient of thermal expansion As a result. Composite materials are basically hybrid materials composite structures may exhibit a better. formed of multiple materials in order to utilize their dimensional stability over a wide temperature range. individual structural advantages in a single structural high damping capacity. material The constituents are combined at a Limitations Of Composites. macroscopic level and are not soluble in each other The limitations of composites are Mechanical. characterization of a composite structure is more, Fibres complex than that of a metallic structure the design.
of fiber reinforced structure is difficult compared to a. Fibres are the principal constituent in a fibre, metallic structure mainly due to the difference in. reinforced composite material They occupy the,properties in directions the fabrication cost of. largest volume fraction in a composite laminate and. composites is high rework and repairing are difficult. share the major portion of the load acting on a, they do not have a high combination of strength and. composite structure, fracture toughness as compared to metals and they do. not necessarily give higher performance in all, In a composite material the fibres are surrounded by a.
properties used for material selection, thin layer of matrix material that holds the fibres. Applications of Composite Materials, permanently in the desired orientation and distributes. Aerospace Drive shafts rudders elevators, an applied load among all the fibres The matrix also. bearings landing gear doors panels and, plays a strong role in determining the environmental. floorings of airplanes,stability of the composite article as well as.
payload bay doors remote manipulator arm,mechanical factors such as toughness and shear. high gain antenna antenna ribs and struts,Classification of Composites. Marine Propeller vanes fans blowers,A material composed of 2 or more constituents is. gear cases valves strainers condenser, called composite material Composites consist of two. or more materials or material phases that are,Preparation of aluminum silicon carbide.
combined to produce a material that has superior,Preparation of Aluminium Silicon Carbide. properties to those of its individual constituents The. Composite Casting is probably one of the most, constituents are combined at a macroscopic level and. ancient processes of manufacturing metallic,or not soluble in each other. components The metal matrix composite used in the,Advantages Of Composites. present work is prepared by the stir casting method. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING STUDIES Volume VI Issue 4 AUG 2016.
For the preparation of the Aluminium silicon carbide Flange. composite by using stir casting mass basis ratio of. 100 2 5 100 5 100 7 5 and 100 10 are taken Fig 1,illustrates the raw materials and samples of. Aluminium Silicon Carbide material Aluminium, alloy in the form of ingots is used The metal ingots. are cleaned and melted to the desired super heating. temperature of 750o C in graphite crucibles Fig Shaft. shows schematic set up for stir casting technique,Flange coupling. Introduction to solid works,Solid works mechanical design automation software. is a feature based parametric solid modeling design Finite Element Analysis. tool which advantage of the easy to learn windows Introduction. graphical user interface We can create fully associate Finite Element Analysis FEA is a computer based. 3 D solid models with or without while utilizing numerical technique for calculating the strength and. automatic or user defined relations to capture design behaviour of engineering structures It can be used to. intent calculate deflection stress vibration buckling. Modeling of flange coupling in solidworks behaviour and many other phenomena It also can be. Desining dimensions used to analyze either small or largescale deflection. under loading or applied displacement It uses a, numerical technique called the finite element method.
Basic Concepts of Analysis,The software uses the Finite Element Method FEM. FEM is a numerical technique for analyzing, engineering designs FEM is accepted as the standard. analysis method due to its generality and suitability. for computer implementation FEM divides the,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL. OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING STUDIES Volume VI Issue 4 AUG 2016. DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF FLANGE COUPLING 1CHANDRA SEKHAR KATTA 2KAMANA SRINIVASA RAO 1 Pg Scholar Department of MECH MALLAREDDY ENGINEERING COLLEGE AUTONOMOUS Suraram Quthbullapur Mandal Hyderabad 2 Associate Professor Department of MECH MALLAREDDY ENGINEERING COLLEGE AUTONOMOUS Suraram Quthbullapur Mandal Hyderabad Abstract A coupling is a device used to connect two shafts together

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