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by industry stakeholders It represents an exciting change for the gas. plumbing and electrical industries which will lead to improved business. In this issue efficiency and better customer service as well as making it easier to. Message from the Technical Regulator 1 demonstrate compliance. Make sure your apprentice is registered with CBS 1. Electronic Certificates of Compliance are now available 1. The eCoC system is fully accessible on a tablet or smartphone and. Create and submit and manage eCoCs 2 has benefits for your business your customers and the OTR as the. Signing an eCoC and licences 2 regulators,Features for contractors 2. Connections to electricity distribution networks 2 Create and submit and manage eCoCs. Paper forms to be discontinued by 1 July 2018 2 The main function of the eCoC system is the creation submission and. Electrical Bulletin 3 management of electronic certificates of compliance This includes an. NECA 2017 Roadshow Seminar Series 3, interface that allows you to complete the details of the owner or operator. New edition of AS NZS 3010 Electrical of the installation the work performed and defects or risks discovered. installations generating sets 3 during the course of the work In addition you also have access to. PV ARRAYS Who can sell or install solar panels 5 a dashboard through the My eCoCs section This dashboard allows. Look up and live 5 searching and ordering of any eCoCs that you have been involved. New grid connected inverter installation standard 6 with whether this be as a contractor a worker or both Once you have. New proclaimed energy products 6 completed an eCoC the system can email it directly to the customer. Electric Shock Report Incidents 7 It will also email you an easily printable pdf copy in case you need to. Gas Bulletin 8 produce a hard copy of the certificate Copies of the eCoC can also be. Extract AS NZS5601 1 2013 8,forwarded by email to others through the system. Expiation fees apply 8, APA Emergency Over Pressure EOP Facts 8 Signing an eCoC and licences. Uncertified Type B appliances 8 The OTR has made an arrangement with Consumer and Business. Adding an extension to your home 8 Services CBS which allows the eCoC system to determine that a. Flueing of commercial baking ovens 9 worker or a contractor is licenced and which industries their licence. Is it time to test your pressure manometer 9 permits them to work in This allows the system to know who can enter. Large meter isolating valves 9 the details of the work and who is signing the certificate as a contractor. Use of long threads running nipples 10, Quiz test your knowledge answers on page 11 10 Features for contractors.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION, The eCoC system has several features that were developed with. Have You Changed Your Address 10,Registration of Gas and Electrical CoC books 10. contractors in mind These include the ability to manage your workers. through the My Workers section as well as the ability to create. Plumbing Bulletin 11 accounts for non licence holders in your business At your option you. Final audits of on site plumbing installations 11 can create accounts for admin staff who receive read only access or. Booking a final audit 11 for your supervisors who can view and sign eCoCs on your behalf as. What s included in an audit 11 your duly authorised agent. Plumbing contractor s obligations for booking audits 11. Quiz answers 11 Connections to electricity distribution networks. Contact list 12 The eCoC system provides an efficient way to certify your work and to. provide a certificate to your customers, When you are connecting or reconnecting an electrical installation to. an electricity distribution network you also need to give a copy to the. network operator, Previously you may have placed the network operator copy of the. certificate behind the meter box so the connections officer could retrieve. it and make the connection, When you use an eCoC you will still need to provide a copy to the.
network operator so make sure you have a way to print the certificate or. use a paper certificate, Copyright All material appearing in this publication is subject to copyright The OTR continues to work with network operators to make sure you. protection For reproduction or use of copyright material written permission must. be sought from the Office of the Technical Regulator unless the use is permitted can get the power connected for your customers as we move towards. by the Copyright Act 1968 That written permission if granted will be subject certifying compliance electronically. to a condition that the copyright owner s name and interest in the material be. acknowledged when the material is reproduced or quoted either in whole or. part No permission to reproduce or use copyright material is to be implied by the. availability of material in this publication,Paper forms to be discontinued by 1 July 2018. Liability Use or reliance on any material contained in this publication is at your To allow industry to adjust their business processes to accommodate. sole risk If you use or rely on any material in this publication you are responsible. for ensuring by independent verification its accuracy currency or completeness. electronic compliance certificates there will be an 18 month transitional. as the Office of the Technical Regulator the Government of South Australia period away from the existing paper certificates of compliance During. their agents instrumentalities officers and employees make no representations. express or implied as to the accuracy of any material in this publication this period which ends 30 June 2018 you may use the existing. The Office of the Technical Regulator the Government of South Australia their. agents instrumentalities officers and employees and all persons involved in the. paper forms or the new eCoC system at your option From 1 July 2018. preparation of this publication expressly deny any liability however arising for onwards the eCoC system must be used. any loss resulting from the use or reliance upon any information data advice. representations statements opinions or conclusions expressed in this publication For further information go to sa gov au otr ecoc or contact the OTR at. otr ecoc sa gov au,Electrical Bulletin, NECA 2017 Roadshow electricians with a greater understanding of each seminar and more information will be. the following topics provided on MIC the fantastic work they. Seminar Series are doing for the construction industry and. NECA on the release of the Technical,Knowledge Base TKB why they need our help. Rexel Australia on their Smart Van Suppliers manufacturers and wholesalers. initiative will be on location with their new products. Calling all Electricians Office of the Technical Regulator on and service displays and NECA SA staff will. NECA SA will be running their 2017 the new AS NZS 3000 Wiring Rules also be on hand to answer your questions. Roadshow Seminar Series across South Connection of generator sets by socket in regard to what NECA can do for you and. Australia in March and April and we and lead and Electronic Certificates of your business. encourage all electrical contractors and Compliance To attend the NECA 2017 Roadshow. workers to attend and find out the latest Thanks to the Office of the Technical Seminar Series please complete the. developments within the industry The Regulator SA Power Networks and Rexel registration form enclosed in this edition. seminars will cover in detail the new AS Australia for their support and involvement of the Regulation Roundup at least 7 days. NZS 3000 Wiring Rules set to be released in this initiative prior to your chosen event and send to. in mid 2017 NECA have once again nominated Mates NECA SA via fax on 08 8373 1528 or. The seminar series is a significant training in Construction to be our charity of choice email neca necasa asn au. resource for our industry The event this for the 2017 Roadshow Seminar Series For further information please phone NECA. year is designed to provide licensed There will be donation tins available at SA on 08 8272 2966 or visit www neca. New edition of AS NZS 3010 Electrical installations generating sets. It is anticipated that a revised edition of A portable supply to electrical installation switchboard will cause the RCD. AS NZS 3010 will be published in June equipment such as power tools and to continually trip as this parallels up the. July of 2017 AS NZS 3010 sets out the Permanently connected or connected neutral and earth conductors between the. minimum safety requirements in relation by socket and lead generator and the electrical installation. to the connection of generating sets to Doing so causes the generator earthing. an electrical installation for the purpose All of these scenarios have been described conductor to carry some of the load current. of supplying electricity at low voltage not in various clauses and figures in the which is not permitted by the Wiring. exceeding 1000 V a c or 1500 V d c standard All you need to do is select the Rules Some generators have the facility to. appropriate clause and figure that suits the disconnect the MEN within the generator. The new edition has been expanded to intended application. include If that is the case it is acceptable to do. Before commencing work on the connection so however disconnecting an RCD that. More information along with many of a generator you must ensure that your comes installed in the generator may void. drawings showing the typical connection customer has not purchased the wrong type its warranty. arrangements for generators more than of generator for the intended application. any previous editions of the standard One of the most common questions is. Explaining to your customer upfront that whether the generator neutral should be. The drawings are in colour to assist with they have purchased the wrong generator. identifying the conductors switched by the changeover device when. is also a lot easier than having to explain to connecting a generator In the new edition. The inclusion of a section that caters them later why it keeps tripping out or why. for the connection of plug in generators you will notice that the neutral switching. their new television does not work anymore has been removed from almost all figures. either for portable electrical equipment, When selecting a generator it is important where the generator has been permanently.
or connection to an electrical installation, to purchase one that is suitable for the connected to an electrical installation The. Prior to purchasing a generator for your intended load reason why neutral switching has been. customer or advising a customer on the removed from those figures is because the. If the generator is to be used to supply, purchase of a generator or when engaged industry like us was confused. electrical equipment such as TVs DVD,to install a generator that has already been. players etc which contain electronics AS NZS 3010 2017 Clause 2 7 2. purchased by your customer the first, such as microprocessors it is essential to Operation will say. consideration is what is the generator to be, use an inverter generator With an inverter c Neutral switching.
generator the AC alternator is connected to, Will it be a rectifier that converts the AC power to DC Where the MEN system of earthing is used. An alternative or supplementary supply The DC power is then inverted back into changeover devices shall not disconnect the. to an electrical installation to be used clean AC power of the desired frequency neutral conductor of the incoming normal. when normal supply the distribution and voltage The result is much purer sine supply at the main switchboard where the. system is not available or waves than is possible with a conventional MEN link is provided. A grid connected co generation generator essentially the same quality of This aligns with the requirements in AS NZS. arrangement or electricity that you typically get from your 3000 2007 which says. A stand alone arrangement where the electrical distribution system Using power Clause 2 3 2 1 1 Alternating current. generator is the principal source of that isn t clean can make these devices systems. supply and the electrical installation malfunction or even damage them. Requirements for isolation of conductors, is not connected to the distribution Generators to be used as an alternative in alternating current systems shall be as. system and or supplementary supply shall not have follows. Used to supply electrical equipment an MEN connection in the generator nor. an RCD Installing an MEN connection b Neutral conductor. such as TVs DVD players phones and, some kitchen appliances which may in the generator along with the required i No switch or circuit breaker shall be. contain sensitive electronics or MEN connection within the electrical inserted in the neutral conductor. A of consumers mains or AS NZS 3010 2017 Clause 2 7 10 1 In The generator supply neutral however. B Where the neutral conductor is used Australia will say shall be switched where the generator is. as a combined protective earthing and Changeover device in the generator being used as an alternative supply and. neutral PEN conductor for protective neutral where the generator connection is made. earthing of any portion of an electrical by a socket and lead Switching out the. In Australia only a changeover device, installation generator supply neutral in the chang. NECA 2017 Roadshow Seminar Series 3 New edition of AS NZS 3010 Electrical installations generating sets 3 PV ARRAYS Who can sell or install solar panels 5 Look up and live 5 New grid connected inverter installation standard 6 New proclaimed energy products 6 Electric Shock Report Incidents 7 Gas Bulletin 8 Extract AS NZS5601 1 2013 8

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